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Desire More (Holy Spirit)

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Amen. Amen. Amen this morning. I'm excited about starting this brand new series with you called desire more the life of the Holy Spirit. Somebody say, holy spirit this morning that will take us into a better understanding of the Holy Spirit and how he truly relates to outlive both as individual Christians and collectively as Kingdom Minded citizens in the church church with one voice at church with one purpose all for the simple advancement of God simple understanding of what is it that I'm here for. Why am I? Why am I still here after I gave my life to Christ? What is my purpose? What is my design? And what is God's desire for me? And so when we're dealing with the homie? Spirit a lot of time we get to a place where he becomes this obsolete thing and I like this obsolete presents. Then I like that we only rely on when we're in trouble. We only rely on when we're going through situations, but how many people understand that the holy spirit is that voice inside of us this voice that connects us with the true and God that's God the father and God the son. There is the holy spirit that connects us but this begins with us this this inventory should begin with us. We should be in a mindset of taking a spiritual inventory and examining ourselves to make sure the voice coming from the church sounds pleasing in God's sight. So this morning I want to talk from the subject and the topic the voice of the church the voice of the church this this voice that is coming from Trump's does the father God the father that is related to cop the Sun but it's now presented himself in the earth and each and every last one of our lives. I'm up we're going to get this winter in a very short second, but I need you to understand the groundwork that we're laying when it comes to dealing with the holy spirit. So I asked you this morning. What sound is coming from your church? What sound is coming from who you are? Cuz it's cuz the Bible says that we are we are the church before we even get to the house of God, So what sound is coming from your church? Some of you may save it's a sound of praise or some may say it's a sound of Deliverance for some and maybe a sound of the prophetic but this morning I'm here ask you this the sound match the voice of the Holy Spirit. Does that sound that you're saying that's dead that entity that you're portraying in this thing that you've been in a place with does it match the true voice of the Holy Spirit ask yourself. This is your praise selfless or for sure. I'm coming down somebody Street this morning is your delivering about me for helping someone get set free is so prophetic prophetic word. You're ordering wrapped in the Holy Spirit or have you given yourself over to the voice of Belle? Yeah, I'm I'm I'm really going to deal with some stuff this morning this morning.

You about the sound of the church. Somebody say the sound of the church decided for feel good message this morning. But before you turn away, I need you to realize everything in your life should be lived and guided by the Holy Spirit. There should be nothing in your life hidden from him and give it to him to operate in your life. Just speak through you in the way that is fixed Without Limits to other fantasy actuality is this you should be operating and so much freedom in your life because it is because it is no longer you'll even yourself but the spirit of God dwells on the inside of you so ask yourself this am I listening to his voice? So you might say what why should I be listening to the voice of God at all times I've ever gotten to a certain age where I'm grown. I can make my own decisions. I can make my own choices, but there was a moment when you came to the Cross there was a moment when you came into the presence of God that you simply had to realize God I can't do it myself anymore this voice that's on the inside of me has caused me to get in trouble. Google Voice that's operating on the inside of me has caused me to be out of place plenty of times in my life that has caused me to be out of understanding and right relationship plenty of times. It calls me to give you know, how you saw the old cartoons back in the day. We're on one shoulder. There was an angel in the other shoulder. There was a little devils and that image look just like you that's what I'm talkin about that new voice that's been in your head is that we brushed off the angel because the angel didn't offer The Party The Angel didn't offer the live like the angel did not offer a good quick fix real quick. The angel did not offer that the angel said, what are you supposed to be doing? But that little devil on this side says we can do whatever we want anybody ever have to listen to that voice of that little devil in their life. That's that caused you to be out of the will of God in your life. So this morning I want to look at scripture we going to open up and Morning, if you open up your Bibles real quick by the right before you even open about by what if you lift up your Bible so we can make out Bible decoration Bible cell phone. Whatever you may have and repeat after me Lord. I Thank you that I have a Bible. It is my personal copy of God's purpose. Plan and God's design for my life. Therefore. I am a believer and not a dollar. I'm not just a hearer, but I'm also would do her and my life has been better after hearing the word of the Living God there for my mind is alert. My heart is receptive. I will not be distracted but I will hear what they say of the Lord and as a result of what I hit a day. I'm going to leave here better than I have in Jesus name. Amen.

Actually John 14 chapter off. We got a couple of different scriptures this morning and we're going to start at the 15th verse John the 14 chapter looking at the 15th verse. Imma, give you a second to grab and give you a second to share with somebody. You know, I read from The New American Standard Bible and we're going to read this scripture and it's entirely amen John the 15th to the 14th chapter looking at the 15th verse a man and it's on your screen right now and it says this if you love me you will keep my Commandments.

I will ask the father and he will give you another helper that he may be with you forever. Birth number 17 says this that is the spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive because it does not see him or know him, but you know him because he abides with you and will be in you then. If you jump down to the 26 verse it says this but the helper somebody say helper the Holy Spirit whom the father will send you in my name. He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that. I said to you first number 27 says this peace I leave with you my peace. I give to you not as the world gives to you. Do I give to you do not let your heart be what troubled nor Let It Be fearful father God in the name of Jesus. Thank you God for this time for this opportunity to stand before your people got

Route me to buy me and also speak to me. So that lasts to be changed so it can be delivered that you can get the glory and the praise and then lie at all the honor not hot me behind your cross. Oh God, Jesus name. I pray a man the voice of the church and Desiring water the life of the holy spirit in the life that God has given us this life that we are supposed to be letting him operate for as a as a kingdom building citizen as a kid as a child of God. You should not want to direct your own life. You should not want to be in charge of your own way. You should not watch. To be without him moving daily in your life. You should want the power of the Holy Spirit. You should want the power of God. You should want his advice. Why because there are certain things that we must realize this morning about the Holy Spirit and see the first and foremost thing that we have two real about realize about the the Holy Spirit as we look at John 14:26. The first part of the Bible says about the advocate the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name. So now we got to get to a place of identifying the Holy Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit? What is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit have so much Authority and I like what? Why are we supposed to just lend herself over and you are so in this place? Why what why ask yourself this why am I giving myself over to the Holy Spirit? Will the first point that I want to make to you today? And we had a couple of different things that I want to stand on you which is that the Holy Spirit he is God the Holy Spirit. He is God. I know when we talk about the Trinity a lot of times we we we love God the Father. We love God the son and we say God the Holy Spirit, but when the reality comes weeks we talked about the Creator who was what God the Father we talked about the one who sacrificed his life for us as God the son Jesus Christ coming to the world and personified in the fleshy was the word. He was the word made flesh eating. A lot of time we can get excited about that. We get excited about God because he created us in His image for a human bodily form. But when we talk about the Holy Spirit a lot of time we say we want the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling of the Holy Spirit. Over here because he's because we don't see the tangible things that he's done for us and I like what I came to tell you this morning that the holy spirit is very intricate in every facet of Life. The Bible says in Genesis that the spirit of God hovered upon the face of the Earth the face of Darkness he was here in the beginning. So what we must understand is that the Holy Spirit created all things The holy spirit. Is that part of God. This is this true when God destroying nature that when God said let there be light. Let us make man in our own image that the Holy Spirit was active and involved in that thing. Somebody say that he created all things. He created my life. He created you he created when you look at the flowers he created when you look at the earth when you can see all of the spirit of God, which covered the face of darkness which Hobbit the face of the Earth with her all of these things. He was here and he was interested in every facet of Allah in every facet of creation and every facet of our of what it takes to be who we are right now. If you're a child of God, the holy spirit is very interested in that make up an internet design it. So now we got to realize why do I need to desire more because if you're allowing the Holy Spirit to lie dormant in your life you're not Paneer to the power and the authority that God has given you because he's created all things and then also not that because he sustains all things. The holy spirit's is strange you be we call it premonition. We call it woman's intuition you call it's not my my my mind has given me these thoughts about the Holy Spirit is that thing that sustains your lights the Bible says that in the beginning when God created Adam he created he formed them out of the Dust of the ground and what did he do to keep blue into him the Breath of Life. What is the breath of life that Holy Spirit blue into him his spirits just Spirit gave him life and spirit gave him to sustain him to get up and walk you called them to be true. He was supposed to be without the spirit of God could not have been with God called him to me. He could not have operated the way that God called him to operate. so now we understand that he is God he's also created all things but now he sustains all things he sustains life he sustained your mind I can park right there he sustains your mind mind gets out of order but we talkin about it's only talk about all these the one that is sustaining you is the holy spirit yes we need that there are a lot of people who need counseling when dealing with mental illness do you know even the desire to know that you counseling comes from the holy spirit is the desire to know that there is something wrong with you comes from the holy spirit that desire to say God what is it that's going on in my life is through the revelation of the holy spirit in your life see he's been living behind the scenes that he's been functioning and operated but there comes a point where he's saying when will you honor me the way that you should order me when will you realize that I am the one that sustaining you I'm the one that's keeping you just Jesus when he died for you he gave his life for you big he went back to the father and he's going to return one day but he said I'll send you a helper I don't know about anybody else but I need a helper in my life I can't do it all By myself, I can't act all the right ways. When I want to I can't understand what everything means because he has been here from the beginning. He understands all things. He understands understand his tactic understands his mission. So now when the Holy Spirit begins to working operate in you he can sustain you the way that you're supposed to be somebody say the Holy Spirit sustains all things that we really got to get to this place of knowing That he's not less than God. He's not that person that second string. He's not sitting on the bench waiting for the Colts to say get in the game. He's been in the game since the beginning. He didn't just show up on the scene when Jesus went to heaven matter of fact, like I said, he created the model of somebody who found the company that see that that founder of a company plays a lot of different roles. When he first forms a company. He's the following represents God officer out of himself to make sure that like that that the company stands and if you think about that that's Jesus right there to Jesus was our sacrifices keep paid the price so that we could have life and have it more abundantly. So they God the father that Zico. Cheese's who's the CFO Chief Financial Officer, but didn't you have got the spirit who sustains and run the daily operations of the company. What is the company your life is that runs the daily operation of the church that runs the daily operations. He's the chief executive officer knows everything on a daily basis to those the father. That's the founder of Gotham. There's got the sun who's the Chief Financial Officer this but the chief executive officer that puts out the Mandate the SOP of how to operate is the holy spirits and when he operates your life, he has put out a blueprint and a mandate to say this is what I need from you is if you can do is I'm going to place myself in your life so that I can direct it because if you need to know and understand some things there is no there's an executive officer who said you're not capable of What is funny you allowed me to operation? If you allow me to give you the plan of action that we do or what we need then I can be everything that you need in your life. I can produce the things that you need. I can change your deposition to a positive so I can change your lights cost for when you're going bankrupt to becoming who I called you to beat you die. If you allow me to direct your path, then you can see so much more. Should you get if you desire more out of your life get into a relationship with me. Somebody say, holy spirit Holy Spirit Holy Spirit and feed not only that if he created all things, he also sustained all things, but there is more than that with the role of the Holy Spirit. Somebody say he's more than just that. See the Holy Spirit does something else for us? He has a Define role in your life in the voice. You hear from him should cause change in your life is the voice that you're hearing causing change. Why because God the father created and got the spirit leaves Comforts and befriends you once again, he got a beauty comfort you he befriends you his role in our lives and the life of the corporate Church continues dealing with when the church operates both individually and corporately we must see and I'll allow the Holy Spirit to lead us and always in this pajama queer when we get ready to come out of this to Dimock the church has to come out with the with the understanding of the mission at hand. We got to understand that we have to step out of the four walls and stop being so comfortable with our Pulpit stand being so comfortable with mega churches in being so comfortable with just wanting people to come see us know we have to go visit people in the Bible says and I'm and I'm getting ahead of myself because Pentecost Sunday we going to talk about how he descended from heaven, but the Bible says that the Holy Spirit descended from Heaven down into the place where they were on one Accord, but we got to realize that as the We have to descend down into the people not just expecting people to ascend to us. Somebody just miss what I just said we as the Step out and go to the people should stop expecting the people to Simply come to us. So we got to understand the holy spirit's role in our life. What else is the holy spirit's role. The holy spirit's role is simply this he does what God does. I know it sounds easy to say he does what God does what God does and what is that? He drools and unites us with the father and the son. We know that God the father is in heaven. We know that God the son is at the right hand positioning him. We we we on our behalf, but there has to be a Connecting Point of all three something that connects us back with the voice of God with the plan of God what the purpose of God with the one who sacrificed his life for us that we we understand the plan that God had for my life, but we got to realize and understand that the Holy Spirit here is here for us and with us and in us to draw us and unite us with the father and the Y if you look at John 14 and 26 and says this he will teach you all things and we'll remind you of everything I have said to you.

People teach you all things. Somebody say all things. It will remind you of everything I have sent to you. How can the Holy Spirit remind you if he had not been there? How did the Holy Spirit teach you all things? If he not get this had not been there from the beginning if the holy spirit that is a living breathing person had not been there from the beginning. He would not be able to teach us all things. You would not also be able to unite us with himself. It's just like having a cell phone plan a family plan where you all are connected on the same family plan using the same minutes using the same plan and getting in contact with one another. I may be dating myself a little bit. But but some of you all remember where you had to share minutes you had to share minutes with everybody that was in the house. You have to share minutes without between for 5 phones because they all were connected on the same place they met Different numbers but they were all connected the same way. They all use the same minute you waited till late at night when you had the free minutes at night because your phone was free after 8, but they still and you did not want to use Mama's minutes or you didn't want to use your dad's minute. So you had to make sure that when you got a phone call, you say call me back after 8. My phone will be free after 8. I might be dating myself a little bit. I know that we got all these unlimited plans and we got all these camera phones and things like that, but there was a time where we were all connected and the house just like when you had a house phone so people don't even know what the house phone is right. Now. You can have a house phone in the kitchen and you can be the one that house phone in the kitchen. That is somebody picked up the house phone in the bedroom. They were connected on the same call that you had somebody that's what I just said, you know, when dealing with the mind and the understanding of who the who Spirit is the Holy Spirit you nice and draws us so that we can cook neck. No. Contact you when we're in our spirit. Will we be? Brave Lord Bible said that he could mess us up together brings up on one Accord. So when I pick up the phone and I say holy spirit. Goddamnit, what I say? Holy spirit. I need I need repentance. I need to talk to the son. Holy Spirit. He says you know what? I'm in you so you already have a communication is established with them. You weren't ready to begin to open up your mouth. Shut if he gets in the clear some things you already are in a place where if you begin to humble yourself to me, I will teach you all things and remind you of everything I have said who said Jesus the son. He said I will teach you all things the holy spirit will bring it back to your remembrance. Have you ever been in a place? We don't like, what is that scripture come from a car how I remember that this because he knew what you needed at this time. And at this moment to draw you back from the places that you've been when you say God you are my head is not myself you heard that so much but if he gets to establish power when you tap into the Holy Spirit give me gifts to establish Authority when you begin to say God you are my friend. You are my joy and you are my peace. So now I'm submitting myself to you. Somebody say he draws and unites us with the father. Only does he draw and unite us with the father. He because he has knowledge of all things. He also unites us. He also unites us as his children. He drove us and unites us together. He begins to show us that we are his children. He draws and unites us to one another he draws and unites us to each other. The Bible said he would teach you all things so I can see all day and remind you of everything I have said to you and so not only does he do that. He now draws and unites us to each other drawers and unites us to each other. We're having a little technical difficulties. So it has not shown up yet, but he will draw and unite us to each other somebody say each other. And so since he's drawing and uniting us to each other with his word and his purpose and his plan then we have to get into a relationship of its spot in the in the spirit and the father and the son are united. Why wouldn't they want the body United as well?

I'm an adult with just a little bit on Thursday on Wednesday night that we spent so much time with different voices that we have forgotten that the first church was on one Accord with one voice get this even though they were different types of people and languages they heard the same voice. So again, what sound do you hear coming from the church? If they were all on one Accord, it was the those who have come from the the ones who had come from farther lands. They had all different languages, but they were all hearing the same voice so often do we get into this place of not hearing the same voice not hearing what God is saying not understanding what God is doing with us not understanding that the power of God and the anointing of God is causing us to be in a different place. So now we see that he is drawing us and uniting us to each other. Somebody say ignite United us to each other. Why is that so important? Because right now we're we're in this for Dimock. There has to be one voice coming from the church. We can't hear this voice over here saying this we can't it is not feasible and is not correct. If we aren't all hearing the voice of the holy spirit that supposed to lead and got it because you guys one Church saying this you got one shirts and do that. You got one Church saying this and we get to a place where we're now relying on emotional attachments instead of listening to the holy spirit that supposed to lie guide and direct us and I like what what what are we establishing in the Earth right. Now? What are we saying in the earth? What are we trying to do when it comes to God the Father? Where are we doing right now? And how are we able to see what God is saying to us? Amen? so now he draws us to each other.

The sound of the church should be in unity. The sound of the church to be in a place where we're grabbing from the Holy Spirit each and every day. We're relying on him to be God and be God in my life, but not only that we have to realize what the role of God the father or the holy spirit is in our life. We got the spirit is the role is in our life. We have to see the holy spirit's role in your life. What is he in your life? What is he doing? How is he active in your life? Because if we if we say we're Christian we say we submit to God we say we submit to his will to his purpose and his plan. But are you submitted to him leading you and indirect or are you just saying it because it sounds good on Sunday. Are we saying it because it it feels good while we're in church on Sundays to Simply say God. I'm going to live by your will your purpose in your plans, but when we walk away from church, the first thing that we allowed to direct us is our own mind. I'm I'm I'm working out this door and I want to do this. Well, you just came from hearing a word about Sin. But God, you know my heart. So I'm not going I can't right now God. I'm a I'm a I'm a work-in-progress. We are the work in progress, but there are some things that we have to give over to the to being led by the Holy Spirit about directing our life God. I'm I want to be here but you know God I have this this desire that I'm working on. But when have you given that desire over to the Holy Spirit whatever you said? Holy spirit. This is what I struggle with. This is what I deal with. I need you to leave me and guide me and bring to my remembrance all things not just what I want to feel about it. But what does your word say about leave me and bring bring a change in my life because there's some work that I need to do God and I'm being held back because I haven't been able to be who you called me to meet them because I did with send in this way because I deal with my flesh in this way. I know it's a stumbling. What is the name of the given over what Holy Spirit? I need you to come in and take charge. I need your power from on high. I need to be able to tap into it because I can't do it myself no more. I've been trying to do it. What song is coming from you because you are the church and if the church is supposed to be led by the spirit. When are you going to allow yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit. Just saying that on Sunday though. The church looks good. The church shops. The best the church has Deliverance Ministries from where is the church in you? Where are you? Just I'm seeing her get delivered from all that stuff that she did but where is the church in you? Because when we bring individual churches together and then have corporate shirt should be a great power. That is that that manifest inside the building but we bring our church have church that has been in a prayer life now church that has had a worship lights off shirt that has had a time of interception a time of reading this work. What are we bringing that shirt into the church so that Deliverance can take place properly She's Not Just Ulcer in your life in those areas that you struggle with.

What sound is there on Monday coming from your church or the doors are your church clothes? I just spoke that to somebody Sunday you opened up your church doors so that you can

wind blowing through but where is your church now? Or did you lock up and see a lot of people may be thinking I'm just talkin about the physical church that you go to or even you watching this online service right now that when you get off of this service, are you closing the doors to your church? Are you closing the doors to your ministry? I'm not talking about I'm talking about you the ministry that's on the inside of you because of you are the church. Jesus said what I go and I go to prepare a place but he said while I'm gone you'll be able to do Greater Works get that donkey into the world and Make Disciples of all men. He didn't just leave that mandates to the apostles. But if we are followers and Disciples of Christ, our church mandates is to go into the world and Make Disciples of all men so I can I ask what are you doing with your church doors?

After service today, who do you become? Does your church shut the door? What does your do you go like this guy? A great word. And it goes like this it closes up. Why you remaining the church open to being led by the holy spirit this week? What are you doing to understand the life of the holy spirit in your life?

First number John 14:27 says this peace I leave with you my peace. I give to you I do not give to you as the world gives you do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. the role of the holy spirit in your life is this He is at work. He is at work. He wakes up while he doesn't sleep on. Do you know why you sleep your whole the spirit of God that works on the inside of you was fighting on your behalf. Do you know the spiritual attacks that you deal with every night? Do you know what you go through while you're sleeping and the Holy Spirit is protecting you from when the Bible says that he protects us from danger seen and unseen those unseen danger. So serious those those things that that that is keeping off of you that he's fighting on your behalf, you know that you have dominion and authority over angels and Legions of Angels the war on your behalf. But do you know that when you're sleep that the that the Holy Spirit begins to release those angels on your behalf to communicate and say you know, what works for you in the fight for cabbage. There's a fight for Veronica. That's not fight for Antoine. The Holy Spirit has begin toward on your behalf. He begins to speak and community. While you're sleeping to say no, we're not going to allow the instantaneous to come about right now. We're going to dispatch Legions of angels to fight on your behalf because he is at work. He never sleeps nor Slumbers. He's never taken off. God is always there. But are you listening to him? Are you connected with them? The holy spirit's role in my life is that he's at work, but not only is he at work he has done he is done at work through me. He's gone at work through me. That means I have a responsibility. That means there is something that I got to do. I can't just this one who simply sits back allows everybody else to handle them to handle the war that were in the handle all the other stuff that goes on and then I just sit back and say, oh I'll let them do it and then I'll come I'll come along last I'll be the support. We know you have an active role in assignments as a disciple of Christ as a soldier that don't disown song said, I'm a soldier in the army of the Lord. I'm a soldier on the battlefield. Doesn't mean that I sit back and watch everybody else died protecting me. I got to get up and I got to take my weapon. What are our weapons? The weapons of our Warfare are not carnal But Mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. I got to put on my arm. I got to put on the breastplate of righteousness the helmet of salvation. I got a shot my feet with the gospel of peace. I got to go to myself. I got a grab the word with I got to be gentle War. So now if the holy spirit is leading me and Dynamics and he's active in my life hell participating with him and I'm letting him we'd invite me know I can begin toward the right way. I can get your step out on faith. I can believe I think that I'm a warrior. I can believe that imma give you that even if I sound the trumpets that the construction is going to come to the enemy may not even have to fight about physically with my hands. I can just open up my mouth and begin to declare the word of the Lord greater is he that's in me than he that is in the world begin to declare the word of the Lord over my children is that they show me virtuous I can begin to the clan the word over mine over the all over my family that I've never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread. I can we get to the crib chilling doing this for Dimitri's that no hair. She'll come near my family. Thank God that you are a Healer that you are a balm in Gilead that you are Jehovah. Jireh my provider stocking me just to the power of the Holy Spirit to begin to let him work begin to let him speak through me I can shut my mouth heavy gets a lot of the holy spirit is always that no man can hear is that no man can understand that he would hit me just to speak to the father to take things begin to shift in my life somebody saying I got to let them speak voice of the shirt. I got a loud voice to recognize me Ripley reflective and resembles just what the spirit of God says. What will be your voice when we come out of this time? What will be your voice when we come out of this for dinner? The voice is telling you should have grown because you have been able to worship alone. You should not have had to worry about who was next to you and who was going to judge you. you have more me and his word and not on Amazon.

You have more time to be in his work and not just scrolling through Facebook. Seeing what had Watching watching a movie short movies on Facebook. You have more time to get into a real relationship with him. Have you been listening to his voice more with less distractions? Have you taught your kids about Christ? What part of God have you been watched over the last 60 days? We can we can find on Netflix series to binge watch from sunup to Down Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 season 4 but what about this watching the season that God is watching the season that he's declaring over your life. What season of God are you watching right now? Are you at the first season where you're just coming into a relationship with them? So I'm about to freeze this thing right now. Are you in a first relationship? But you're just coming in and all the accolades in all the cast is being set for your life. There's God the Father who is sitting on the first character of the son who came and died on calvary's Cross for you is understanding is that about a month ago when he was there at the cross at the cross where you first saw your lights in the burdens of your heart going away, but now in the first episode of all I'm coming down somebody Street there's a present. Wait for me inside of you. His name is the holy spirit on the scene right now. I'm the executive producer of your life. I set the standards. I write the script. I'm here from the beginning to me so that I can make your life brand new so that I can leave you so that I can be a friend to the mother to the motherless. Listen to what I say. So now I want the third episode of your life. I'm actually on the third season of your life because the first season was understanding that he created you and season was understand that his son. But you can put the fun season is coming up right now and it's my relationship and living my life through him. So now I'm in the third season of my life, and I'm ready. Ben's watch this season and see how it plays out because greater is he that's in me than he that's in the world for greater. Is he that operates my life? Then he doesn't know I can sit back with my coat because I'm not leaving your God in my life anymore. I was letting the Holy Spirit rain in full directions over my life, and I'm ready. I need somebody to understand what town is coming from your church. What sound is coming from your church? He said Peace I leave with you. We already know that that's a peace that surpasses all understanding. He said my peace. What is the peace of God the Peace of Christ apiece that while he was being beat. He never opened up his mouth. Jesus piece that when he was left. He never said a word and he still loved them when they came back up. He's that says I'm I'm dying for you and yet I'm at peace that I'm dying. I'm at peace because I know I'm going to be with my father. There's a piece. and when you gone to the Grave Did you know you're coming out with him? Then why your shelter in place? Let you know that you're coming out with him. We've been shelter-in-place for 60 days. Headed to bout time we come out. It'll be 90 days. I'm about to play also words 3 divided by 9 divided by 3 is 30. We go to the router that 30 is what 3 God the Father God the son God the holy spirit. So now I'm in that third phase of what I'm getting ready to come out with and the Bible said that the Holy Spirit raised. Is the holy spirit of Praise. She says he can show them raise up your life if the Holy Spirit allowed part of him to die so that you can have life and have it more abundantly. He's raising you up. What are you willing to do? Are you willing to accept it? Because we don't have to wait till Pentecost Sunday to accept the Holy Spirit and I like the Bible said the things that they remained in place until they had more power more power to do what more powerful Ministry more power to direct my family's life more power to direct my children's life more power to direct my own life came from on high power to watch situationship power to change the environment in the atmosphere. It should be know where you go. That is the spirit of the Lord is operating inside of you that should remain dark when you walk in the place today. Should be a presence about you is that since the holy spirit's Den may not understand the terminology. But what they will say is you act different in something different about you. You should not go in and confirm and beat the same way that they are when you walk into the atmosphere something s*** s*** because of who's on the inside of you because the operating for what does not mess with the operating force of the world. Is there an apple and there's Android with Apple products do not communicate with Android and it's the same thing with the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit should not communicate with Satan's the Holy Spirit shall be at Birth to anything of Satan's the Holy Spirit should be able to identify what the virus is in your life and be gentle get rid of a virus protection down. The holy spirit is that person that lives on the inside of you actively working on your behalf because he's at work and you and he works through Somebody say I might allow him to work through me.

The last part of this is very simple. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. Too many people right now have operated in a spirit of spirit of fear. fear of the unknown fear of what year fear of I'm not capable fear of what happens when is over what happens coming out of this? There's a song that I'm going to play.

And this song Simply says Blessed assurance. Jesus is mine. I'm an old baptist boy.

He says Blessed assurance. Jesus is mine. Oh, what a foretaste of Glory Divine at this place that we are right now.

the Blessed Assurance of Christ

Did the first person watching and waiting?

I'm in a place where?

I don't know what tomorrow brings but I'm blessed assured that you were mine. There's a mindset that I have to have. But I'm bored of your spirit and watched in your blood. What are because this is my story. This is my church. This is my opportunity to bring my shirts back to you. To let you operate in weed my church. Jesus you are the head of the church. I have operated separate from allowing you to leave properly, but now I have to give it back to you. Because Blessed assurance Jesus Is Mine.

if all hearts and Minds Bothell

Barbie doll in the name of Jesus. We thank you for this time of worship. We thank you for opening up our eyes and releasing us into a place right now where we're identifying.

Who's living on the inside of us?

got so many of myself out loud in to remain dormant in a

What do the word sit? But you would send them to us to lead and goddess. So, this morning we act right now for forgiveness for those of us who are not allowed him to believe in God.

To bring to our numbers all things that you have said all the things that you have done all things.

So come. Right now we just thank you for your word. We are at work. That this word befall about signs Miracles and wonders in the lines of your believers. Change mindset bring renewal bring restoration. Bring understanding. Bring wholeness. Zillow Hartselle Al mind Spirit right now with your Holy Spirit

so that you can have your way. It is in Jesus name I pray. Amen. Amen right now. Is that moment of the service with? If you were here, I would ask you to stand to your feet and I would just hate seeing you about your relationship with God. This morning. I'm going to offer you five quick things and we not going to hold you to Long. buckwheat things so don't don't don't turn away. I need your undivided attention right now.

because your undivided attention is this place in this understanding Deborah in the first thing that I want to offer you. Put someone that made me listening is your relationship with God.

You heard church you listen to church you you might even try to pray but you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and your life. You bet you've never accepted him as your lord and savior, but at this moment you need a new power source. you're tired of Being disconnected you're tired of being in this place that you've been. And the Bible says if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is doing that. You shall be safe. So right now I am get a stand with you in agreement with you. Going to help you walk this road this road in this journey. The journey may not be easy all the time. The journey may not be It may not look like it's beneficial. You going to get attacked? You're going to get persecuted. You going to get laughed at you will go through a whole lot.

What Jesus said I can't? That you might have life and have it more abundantly, but it went through it. And because I went through it. I know you'll go through but I've overcome it so you have the authority and the ability to overcome it. And because you have the authority and ability to overcome it, that should be a great place to Rejoice because you've been through life you overcome adversity you overcome situation, but have you been free from those things? In the Bible says what whom the son sets free is truly free indeed. So the first thing I want to offer you is a relationship with Jesus Christ. The second thing I'm going to offer you is to someone who has been in a backslidden state. You love God, you don't got is but you step back and did your own thing. You didn't feel like you were being led. You didn't feel like you were you were capable of doing the things, you know who he is and he's simply saying I want to do what you got to a place in you realize that.

Simply working for your father was better than eating pig slop. I said this so I said this so many times before that. We have gotten to a place where we have confused pig slop for steak and lobster.

We have learned how to season pig slop. With artificial seasoning to say it tastes like steak and lobster. But God said if you simply want back. I'll be standing here with the arms open wide. I'll have your robe of colors. I'll have your ring declaring that you're part of the family. I'll even give you a feast steak and lobster we celebrate because you came back. Are you ready for your celebration?

Or you going to keep eating pics?


Did Usain pastor this Holy Spirit day? What what is it? What is it? How do I how do I receive it? Every Christian has the Holy Spirit. Every Christian may not be filled with the Holy. It's like placing a picture in your stomach. That's empty. Yeah, you can say I got a picture of lemonade but they can't help but there's no lemonade there. There's just a picture that has the label on it lemonade. And now you need to fill that picture up. The Bible says that he will come in and dwell in you and with you. Leech bite. And you're like God I want that. I want to be filled up. Irene got to wait till 10:00 Sunday to be filled up. You want to be filled up so that you can have power from on high?

The full thing is healing. Healing from your mind your spirit your heart healing from your past past relationships past failures even past success because it's too many of us lived in our past success and Miss what God is trying to do with us right now.

And the last thing if you would like to connect yourself with Liberty. Pastor I've been watching online. I've been I've been dabbling. I've seen churches out. I've done all of that, but I need to connect myself with the body. Yes, we're going up to Dimmitt. Yes, we're shelter. And yes here in the state of Maryland and in Prince George's County and Charles County and Montgomery County and DC and Virginia. They still have the shelter at home. But when we come out of this you want to be connected with somebody not even when we come out of this, but if you want to get connected right now where you have a church family that loves you a pastor that important to you all that I am I will pour into you all that God has called me to be I will pour into you. That doesn't mean I'm not going to correct you. That means I'm going to Portland to you with the word of God says. We're going to love you and we're going to walk together and I'm going to pray for you very quick. Thank you. God for this time. We thank you God for the closing out of the service, but not the closing out of the church doors when I close got to wear open 24/7 open to hear from your word. Hoping to hear from your spirit open to hear of your purpose. You're planning your design for I like that each one of these things that I've offered your people eye on the people listening and I asked that you meet them right now in the place that they're at. Online at their home in their car at work wherever they may be at God, whatever is that they're seeking after whatever it is that they're Desiring. God have a supernatural visitation with them right now. God we thank you for what you're doing. We're calling it finish right now. We believe by faith that the activation of your spirit in their lives is taking place right now. We believe by faith that world of inform. We believe by faith that laws are being changed. We believe by faith that relationships are being established. We believe by faith that lies are being given unto you We Believe by step healing is taking place. We wouldn't need my face that your will your purpose in your plan is moving forward. So God have your way and this moment at this time at this hour? Regardless we close out. We have got that you do not depart yourself from us that you'd be close to us that you be with us. Then you be near us. And, as we leave this place go with us. B r a c i e r b a heart be a comforter go before says I should go behind. This is our protector go to the left of us as I got to go to the right Rider versus on teacher. If we give you glory we give you honor it is in Jesus name we pray. Amen, and it's always live on purpose live for purpose but most importantly live in God's purpose and where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty and we love you with the love. No games. No gimmicks just Be blessed and have a wonderful day today.

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