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A Daughter From Death

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chapter 5 verse 35


you will find these words there. Are we going to talk about this morning a daughter from Death last week. It was focus focus on the family and that same path the description. I will be talking about a daughter from Death. That's Mark chapter 3 chapter 5 verse 35 from the new King James Version. And when you have that, I'm going to read it aloud and whatever version you have. Please reload silently with me the Bible says why you was still speaking some came from the rule of the synagogue's house. You said your daughter is dead why I trouble the teacher. any further

it goes on to say

A second here as soon as verse 36 as soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken. He said to the ruler of the synagogue do not be afraid. Do not be afraid.

only believe

and you permitted no one to follow him verse 37 except Peter James. And John the brother of James. do you and I he says then he came to the house of the ruler of the synagogue. but when you get then he came to the house is a ruler of the synagogue.

And saw it temote and those who wept and wailed loudly when he came in he said to them why I don't make this commotion and Weep the child is not dead but sleeping. first 39

verse 46 and they ridiculed him.

But when he had put them all outside, he took the father and mother of the child and those who were with him and entered where the child was lying. Bible goes on verse 41 and says that he took the child by the hand and said to her talitha Kumi, which is translated little girl. I say to you arise.

Immediately the girl a rose and walked for she was 12 years of age and they were overcome with great amazement.

Finally verse 43 says but he commanded them strictly that no one should know it and said that something should be given her to eat. Thank you God for the reading we ask for a blessing to the hearers and doers of your word again Mark V 35 243 going to talk about a daughter. From Death a daughter from Death. I don't know. If we've ever been confronted in this way. with the inevitability of dying I don't know if it's ever been presented to us in such a vehicle as we are experiencing right here today in our own country here in our country, but not only in our country in the world pandemic is exercising a tremendous toll of death upon the population of the planet. I understand all the comparisons both the seriousness of them and sounds weird emitting dismissing them is as trivial or overblown about the nature of this pandemic. They they're trying to estimate or calculator somehow be able to justify. The number dead is being meaningless. Listen No Death is no loss of life is insignificant. If one person died, it's impacting Ripple has implications in eternity. That's so it's something we don't talk about but we Ponder privately. we work to prevent and we even see it as punitive at times but in the case of the Bible death doesn't necessarily mean a stoppage in breathing or lack of circulation of blood within ability to move or the body being at a permanent state of rest biblically means separation. And although we might not be dying medically from the condition of the covid-19 pandemic. We're all suffering a death of separation. For some of us has an economic that we separated for my means of earning a living there somewhere socially dying who need the presents the connection that the physical proximity of people to sustain themselves. We label these things extrovert or introvert, but people need people with design for community. Not only that. This is the uniqueness of this disease is also shown a separation and family how many heart-wrenching stories have you heard of loved ones stricken with illness relegated to Solitude in hospitals where loved ones in family and friends can't visit. Of the retirement villages and homes of the convalescent homes where people of age and maturity has as the ravages of dementia and Alzheimer's is the medical deterioration of their condition medically now disconnected from family who visited infrequently at best or frequently at its worst. And now they're left on their own staff was overworked overstressed death is a real present danger now, although is not taking any more of a precedent. It is on display and death Roxas to our core. Dad reminds us of the Frailty of Our Lives the finite path that we are on. I will says it's appointed unto man once to die. And as we Embrace this Gospel of Mark and his we look at the times that were in Jesus In this passage of scripture is acquainted with that. He is familiar he came. To be the propitiation the offered sacrifice. He's the death that delivers us. But while he's here on Earth, he still has some lessons to teach some some battles to wage some disciples to Mentor into mature and some lost people to invite into eternal life. And I'm encouraged because today's lesson as we celebrate it from last week's miraculous healing of the woman with the issue of blood as we contemplated G irises approach to Jesus at the c-store. We now see the Calamity of his daughter. And her dying from a condition that she was stricken with. I want us to be clear here. I will never make light of death. I've experienced a loss of life. I understood what it was to be in a state that you were unaware. They free or have your heart. Stop beating to have the breath not feel your lungs, but I don't talk about it much such a intense personal encounter, but my family my sister's my brother and my close friends my wife my children. know that death is a very real certainty and it catches you unaware and I can only imagine the synagogues ruler at the moment where he has reached Jesus and time yet. Now he approaches that time is running out for his daughter. I hope we can look at these few points here these scattered thoughts and I need you to pray mightily this morning that God will order then they give me Clarity and that we'll be able to talk through some of the things I see in this fifth chapter of Mark that that might give us some hope but at least highlight some of the hindrances and didn't even give us Heavenly View of what the power of Jesus is? What would we declare dead? Jesus says I must have the last declaration what we see a separated. Jesus is I have the power the purpose and the presents to bring it back. To reunions, let's talk about a daughter. from death and I just want to deal with a few things as we go through this because I want to stay ordered in in a very ordered way and I thinking Is a couple points I'd love to bring about and I'm hoping you'll be able to join me in this. Is living the gospel. I see a few things first. Don't look at the point 1 hear that. Our daughters the daughters were in distress.

The go back to our text Jesus in his 5th chapter after he has encountered a virus and left his ship leaving the ganesa received the seashore and where you at rendered the man with possessed demon. We had rendered him now in his right mind and close. He's arriving at another crisis situation seems as though every the master eat if he is moving from one Calamity to the other but really it's not at the whim of man, but is that the worship of the father that he is purposely moving along the path God is designated for him. He is not finding himself in unusual circumstances. He was Finding himself just where the father intends to me hear. He encounters you're high risk. It hurts makes the plea come with me. My daughter is in distress before he enlisted Jesus and service. He falls down and worship and Jesus says I will go as he presses through the crowd as he moves to his appointed time and then pointed that's the name. a woman with an issue of blood encounters the Messiah she didn't let the crowd become a deterrent to her. She is undaunted. She wants what Jesus has her motive is pure she's the Bible says she had tried everything and it left her know better, but worse, but now she has seen that Jesus is near and she deliberately pushes through the crowd. Is Jewish woman stricken with this disease that would have left her ceremoniously unclean and a community Exile decided that it's worth it all to risk it all to get all. and more Bible says at the touch of the Hem of Jesus garment she was made whole. Jesus said something to her that he hadn't said before he he turned in this mist of this hectic crowd pushing pressing touching grabbing forcing their way. They're pressing towards Jesus. He turns and asked who touched me in the very ones closest to him. You should have known had no idea disciples look almost indignant if they turn it on. How can we tell who touched you can I pause here is a brother and sister that we are walking close with Jesus as we if we have been enlisted as disciples. Not only is it a duty it better be a determination to always know who is in contact with the Savior. We should always know because we should always be showing others the way to Jesus. They shouldn't touch Jesus hymn by coincidence or by accident. They touches him by appointment. We are the ambassadors that Usher people to the throne of Mercy. To the footstool of service to the the encounter with Jesus we catch him and he connects and he cleans disciples didn't know but Jesus. He's asking rhetorically that means he knew who touched him. He said he felt virtue leave him. He felt power being received and I don't look at it as a weakness. I looked at it as a dispensing. Yeah, he's has an unlimited Supply power, but he does know where each Iota power goes. He knows who touches him with earnestness. He knows who touches him with realness and that's that sister touched him everything wrong with her got right. Everything out of water got into one of everything that was backwards became right facing and forward directing. He called her something. She probably hadn't heard in years. He talked to her interns that endeared her to him. They reminded her that she was more than the issues of her life that she was more than the thing. She was suffering. He called her daughter. In both a very real way and in the symbolic way his Declaration of who she was not only repair the fracture in her medical condition, but healed the position intersocietal place. She moved from a plight to again being a part of family. She stopped being something that the file then she became something that was again capable of delivering now reproductively she could be fruitful again where the society had deemed her by her issues file, and I wondered aren't you glad Jesus put you back to the appropriate place? What song says I once was lost in sin, but Jesus took me in. I'm glad he put me back to the place and position that he promised but only a touch with the right motivation will do that. What celebration can you imagine and that's one daughter that lights? The cycle of life unfolds right in front of us one daughter has been restored and the other daughter has reached in in point. One. It was cured of her disease in the other daughter comes to her disease one position. We watched Jesus do the miraculous in any other situation. It looks like the Savior and the father. are seconds late the Bible says first 35s day. Celebrated as they encountered as they corrected as they started to share with compassion. The woman who have been healed word came to the the ruler of the synagogue that his daughter was dead. Remember that when he started his plight. His daughter has just been stricken with the disease, but now his daughter has to come. When he started his pursuit of Jesus that there was still a little bit of Hope and now all hope is lost. That was declared word. Limo service to stay back while the father search for solution for his dying daughter. I can't even put myself in the position. And I know every parent dreads even thinking about the day where your child Prestige you in death. But you better brace that it's a possibility. And since I can't keep them from beating me to the Grave. I would rather work at having them. Meet me at the throne. I'm going to do my best to manage in and prepare them for life. But I also want to prepare them for the afterlife and I won the Jaguars and thought that I let her know about that. There's another place did I did I share with her that there is a prepared place for prepared people even as a ruler of the synagogue. Sometimes I service makes us miss the moments for those closest to us. Why was sharing the moments with those we responsible for? Jesus here do the writing of Mark in the ocean of the Holy Spirit shares with us that this was a terrible moment of notification. It was hard to hear and I see it right here in the scripture. I see it just wear that there was a daughter in distress, but the news reached turn news reach them and told them that is one daughter is restored. Another one has died.

I don't like that. disturbance are discouraged

It's right there and I are versus we look at verse 36 it says this right here.

As he finally gets the news as they're sharing that something has happened. That it finally has reached the conclusion.

the Bible says while he was speaking. Some came from the ruler of the synagogue house and state. Your daughter is dead bad enough news to the discouragement from the service. Why trouble the teacher any further? And I got a party and talk a minute about discouragement. There is nothing like the presence of discouragement, you know discouragement is so powerful. It can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Describe what usually comes from people who missed their opportunity. Who have failed to capitalize on their chances who miss their appointments who found themselves on the short end of the stick who who have encountered not good fortune, but the worst of life. And then they make it their mission. To make sure that everyone around them is is as miserable as they are. You know somebody like that and if you will be honest this Sunday morning, you might be somebody like that. Boosie's bright burning flames of Hope and quickly moved to douse them with doubt. Who sees the ability of what A promise is lived out in front of people. You see what it means to believe yet. You want to bring the element of unbelief? You watch folk venture out in certainty and you must by any means necessary introduced the element of uncertainty. I hate. Discouragement discouragement takes the wind out of your sails discouragement makes you want to quit on your next attempt. Have you ever been discouraged? It's one thing to be discouraged. It's it's another thing to have discouragement brought to you. Your father is breathing that he has done all he could to bring the only cure he new to the only thing of President of preciousness to him and yet when the news comes not only does it talk about that. His hopes are dashed, but it doesn't stop being a distraction.

You know, I can remember every time when somebody talk me out of something that guy was trying to pull me into. Discouragement comes from the most unlikely of sources at the most inconvenient times with the most distracting elements. He couldn't even grieve for this grotesque display of discouragement. Yes, she's dead. Now, there is nothing Jesus can do. Can I pause his brothers and sisters, whatever you wherever you're listening to me, whatever platform. However you hearing me. I don't care how how terrible the situation I don't care how hopeless the environment if you have made contact with Jesus there is still hope If you are in the presence of the Messiah no matter how miserable the outcome there's still a chance.

Please don't let the discouragement of others become the determination of you. They didn't see a reason to continue to bother him. But Jesus didn't even leave it for jaehaerys to speak up says wow Baywood telling him it was done Jesus turns and so quickly tells the dad do not be afraid.

He said it is only believe can I Retreat here for a second and remind you what we talked about last week. Remember when we went to the seashore enjoying the Harvest there and saw him laying on his face saw him at the feet of Jesus pleading praising worshipping willing for Jesus to come heat enlisted him with an invitation. Is it almost had an air of command to it?

I'm glad that Jesus doesn't just stop with the outward appearance. What is seen to be a Pious approach to us was a a a a a powerful person purpose. All his posture we heard his pronounce words, but Jesus saw the contents of his heart. Tyrus came and fell down and worship because he believed Jesus could fix it. But discouragement makes you doubt what you believed previously. Discouragement sometimes can make you forget your Walking With Jesus and think you're talking to just a man. It ain't you glad to know that when discouragement arrives no matter how it comes the matter who is set it no matter who else doesn't believe Jesus interrupts a discouraging message with the message of encouragement. Do not be afraid. A walk of faith is the walk in the face of fear.

He ain't a friend of Faith but fear and face running the same circles.

See it. this morning There's more in there in that passage of scripture that yeah, they were discouraged. Why would they search Debbie down is here. A couple of reasons why I think they wanted to leave jars devastated when enough that his daughter died. I got to remove any hope from him now. You know what else I see in that same verse. Same place that when jaehaerys was discouraged the Savior made a declaration.

all my brothers and sisters I got an Come back to you in and ask you are you discouraged this morning?

The governor Newsom newsom's pronouncement of longer days and Sheltering in place. Did it take the wind out of yourself?

Did you feel like this might not ever in I might not ever get my job back. I might not ever get back to my family and friends. I might not ever be able to travel on family so far away. This might be the way it is for me. We might not ever get out our home again. Will we ever be able to be free of the worry of this disease? You're letting discourage me be delivered daily, but you are blocking the encouragement that Jesus wants to give by the minute. No, no Jesus. Need a press conference. He can speak to you right there your prayer closet Jesus that need a microphone know he can under his words from eternity into the finite lives of men do not be afraid of my brothers and sisters. I'm at cooling something to you today. Don't be afraid. I don't be foolish get your man grab your wipes. Watch what you touch? Get some distance.

Don't be foolish. Don't don't think you can just run back to church all a hundred and fifty of us and fall back in there hug and Kumbaya. Foolish, but don't be afraid.

Am I rushing back in the middle is this month? No, sir. We're not going to run back business people can't tell us when it's medically better. The government didn't know what God is doing we are to be praying right now. And even when we return will still be practicing safety will make some adjustments will multiply our services but we ain't going to be afraid.

I think it was Churchill says we have nothing to fear but fear itself. fear is

It's just that false evidence appearing real. Fear is internal. There's some danger out there but fear comes from in here fear is a heart State not a handheld. An inability. It's a concept. It says magnifying what we can't control into a place that no power can handle it. Can I offer you this bit of Truth what you are afraid of? Jesus has power over. He says you can contract what you can't control with what you believe do not fear only believe your tires was devastated the Savior made a declaration. Can I see some else here? some else that happened last thing I see is that death had taken his daughter. Sad to say that use that made a statement, but it didn't change the condition of the dog. Jesus had declared that all you had to do was believe but it didn't change the State of Affairs for the little girl. She didn't get the miracle that the woman with the issue of blood got she still has to Bear the weight of death. What did you know? did she have to did Jesus say she was dead or did servants say she was dead. I see something right here in this passage of scripture. XIV even addresses the journey ahead cuz everybody can't go to the place Jesus going now. She first the crowd was coming to Harris was walking. The crowd was pressing on waiting crowd at the house waiting for Jesus to arrive and Jesus let the condition that got into such a place where every looky-loo can travel now. Had to do some things. Where's 37th and he permitted no one. to follow him except eater James and John these three games out of you familiar with you. Jesus had a way of removing the outer on Lookers the inner intimacy down to the trusted 3. These three of the same that joined him on the Mount of transfiguration where Jesus went up and show himself from the inside out. He became bright is a white blind and glowing like the Bible says Elijah and Moses descended from Heaven appeared suddenly and started to come have a conversation with Jesus Peter and his passionate. yet poor timing statement Yeah, he was right but what he said after was so wrong. It's good to be here. Let us build three churches if I was immediately. He was changed back in the voice from Heaven said this is my son. Listen, there are places in your walking life when the declaration has been devastating with discouragement is present when now Faith must find us Focus us and Faith must lead us to the place where faith can be fulfilled. That no doubt can go with you. Call Deanna prophesied that some of us are trying to walk in faith in the company of doubt. Some of us are hanging on to friends who are not holding on to Jesus and yet you are trying to trust in what the father says, but you have people who are constantly question who your daddy is the author be a walk for the believer no matter how tragic the situation where only the most trusted can walk with you not trusting in you but trusting in the same one you trust in. Do I need to be at church? Cuz right now somebody needs to say I can't walk with unbelief. It can't be in me. It can't be with me. He says nobody can follow from this point on downtown. We're not taking anybody questioning. We not taking any ulterior motives for not taking anybody looking for their own thing. You know, somebody will follow you to your place of Miracle just so they can get the miraculous for themselves. You know, some people would walk along beside you and Faith just to distract you with all of those discouraging words. Some people don't want to see you get well, don't forget want to see your situation get better. Some poor guy might be walking just so they can guarantee you don't get ahead of them.

I want to ponder that too much cuz I want to talk about what's present in the text was present at Jesus made a change in the number of people that could go to the place. What faith was looking to be fulfilled? Peter James, John

First 36 as many games in the house of the ruler. How's the ruler of the synagogue in sure enough all hell broke loose? Call Jared had this practice of almost professional mourners visited these designated people would exit from their personal homes and Community drape themselves in in the garments of grief and come to the place where life was exiting and they would grieve openly loudly wailing making spectacles of themselves. Yellowstone poker so intrigued with death It Derry. more agents that celebrate dying than those believers who embrace the joy in life Professional Griefers people who cry on cue who always a morning some loss always sharing and some grief that their date there's that there's some people have been bent so dysfunctional by seeing that celebration doesn't excite them but suffering does, Hey, they did not willing to chill with you when you win, but they are well for you. When you're weary from the weight of death. I see that in the passage of scripture. I see it presented to us by the Messiah death had taken a daughter.

but I also look at they might have been too quick to call her dad. I don't know. If you see that in the text. It's right there right there and verse 36 and it starts to talk about them. Well because we're friends verse 36 37 and since you didn't allow but the three approach but $0.38 and when he came in he said to them why make this commotion and we Some of us stay at the ready to cry some of us love forecasting failure in death. We come in quick few months ago. I noticed very something we've been experiencing so many tragic losses of life so many icons of our time pass it on. Little Richard, I love your in the music but he died. What's the phenomenon where people? Without validation forecast people death. Have you seen that if you ever wake into your social media feed and someone will say something like going so is dead. And we just so quick weave. We read one thing and one place in hundreds of millions of places on the way up and all the sudden. We got a reported that's going through his past away usually NASA if somebody reported that think it was Morgan Freeman that passed away in Twitter handle said from the channel Morgan Freeman people were saying that he still here. Yeah might be a little Larry's but can we talk about The Morbid part of it to win that basketball icon that generational present Kobe Bryant Bryant was involved in a fatal crash on that Sunday at the news swept. Did you see the unbelief in the people around? You know, not Kobe?

Kobe Bryant He was such an iconic figure he had done so many great things. He became a rallying cry for those who championed the cause of Excellence the Mamba mentality. I mean the way he approached the game with tenacity with drive with extreme Focus.

In all of that this belief though The Morbid presence of a reporter or deputy sheriff so quick to take pictures of the crash scene and put them on the web for profit because there are people who live their lives to broadcast death. I got good news for death dealers this morning. Don't be too quick to call for bed. They might be down, but they now. Anybody got hit with a right cross they might be laying face down on the mat. But wherever the Messiah is wait till the last count. Happy tickets yet. Don't throw your hands up into feet get some of us have been counted dead too quick. Raise your hand if somebody ever said I know he didn't make that. Somebody had forecast. I know you're not going to get a degree. You ain't smart enough to finish school. I know you're not going to marry that man. He's too good for you. I know you're not going to land that job. You ain't got no skills. Somebody ought to be able to identify with the presence of people who are willing to report that you ain't going to make it. I just want you to try to him in the all the faith that God give you the not yet. I'm only out when God says I'm out. I'm only done when God says I'm done. You ain't the doctor. Jesus is

You know Physicians don't even have offices, you know what they have practices. Cuz they ain't sure how to work this thing that learning that they're doing. But all we've got a great physician. Never lost a patient in no matter how serious the situation no matter how severe the sickness and here's the point no matter how dead you been declared. You will be what Jesus says you will be.

Tell me I need to turn in somebody in your house. Somebody hear your hands of somebody in your head and said, you ain't dead till Jesus saves you did. You ain't done till Jesus says you done. I got it. Run quickly people live to count people out. People major in the mortality of others. They were too quick to call her dad know what I saw in that they too quick to call her dead.

but I can declare that she was with Jesus said she was She was with Jesus said she was can you see if they're in the text? He says know why you making all this commotion why all this crying while is weeping? The child is not dead. No. You just got off a boat. You just pushed through a crowd you been walking up this dusty road for a bit. We've been here watching her. We've seen her condition get worse. I brought the moist towelettes cold compresses cuz her fever was getting out of control. I was the one preparing food that she wouldn't eat. I really think they not only when they declared her dead what they were saying was if I couldn't help but how can you Any little Jesus is online this morning. Any mini miracle workers? You know you want to come in and be there rescue. I know you can do it. Let me do it. So, you know if you could bring her back she definitely gone. Who are you? I hate the mentality where the creation starts to take the the mindset of the creator. I can't even procreate God design sperm God created ovaries. God designated to biological action. But if God doesn't want burnt I don't care how effective all the equipment is. Nothing will be born. We are what Jesus says we are. If I can move here a minute from interpretive the applicable.

You got to wait for Jesus to tell you what you are and you are not listen to other folks who don't know what they are telling you what you are. They're calling you dead, but they ain't got much life. They're calling you done, but they haven't accomplished anything. They're calling you finished, but they haven't even tried to attempt. The things God has purpose for you know, we are with Jesus says we are That Girl Is Not Dead she is not dead. She is not without hope she has not lost a fight. She is simply sleeping and don't be sad that you can wake up. There are some sleep that only Jesus can awaken us from

Amanda me wake up somebody sleep right now during the broadcast wake up to wake you. Got some polka staring at the screen with ears wide open taking notes trying to pay attention and you know what they're sweet.

UC Sleepwalkers all the time, don't you? Tell me the traffic like looking off into the distance as the light goes on his third cycle. Two people that keep repeating the same steps as they are, although they are walking zombies thinking is going to lead to a different place. It's a focal keep trying to be rescued. Got to run back to Harm's Way There.

You told him a thousand times that ain't going to work but here they are a thousand and one the same thing. They're asleep. You know, there's a phenomenon narcolepsy with people can sleep in a moment's notice. I got a good friend a sister how I wish you knew. What kind of hard nobody tells a story like her but you better be careful to get the talking to you and all of a sudden?

gone full of life animated expressive telling her truth And in two seconds out.

Switch off like a light. Some of us are spiritually narcoleptic. Anytime you hear about righteousness you fall asleep. In time the boy brings up sacrifice you not off as he talked about struggle. You start to yawn.

Wake me when we get to the promised land.

Sleep is the condition for those who want it provided for them? freaky the Comes By Design or from disaster Some of you are taking sleep aids social media is a sleep aid. Politics as a sleep aid

cultural Affairs are sleep aids racial division is a sleep aid wake up.

We got to work while it's day. Light is coming. No, man can work.

My first sermon in the series was Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane and he left those same three. I got seeing a pattern here the same three or phone and faithfulness had failed him a few Sundays ago. I think about praying to be the the sacrifice of the world. He was struggling with the weight of his purpose. He told his friends sit here and pray while I go further. What they do soon as he left the knockdown, that's his problem. That ain't mine. That's his worry. That ain't mine. That's his weight. That ain't mine. I got to stop. I stop I'll be here all day. But some of us will never wake up from the Sleep nothing human can wake you from a spiritual sleep. No doctor can drag you out of that induced spiritual coma. only the master Can a wake you from a spiritual sleep now? You didn't you didn't find Jesus? He opened your eye.

You didn't get to him he woke you up to him. He took off what had you looking away?

He woke you up. I'm about to run now. We got a few more points. And then I'm going to let you get to your Sunday your Sabbath your day of rest, whatever. We doing from living room to bedroom. I have it with journey and today she was with Jesus did. I see something else in this text to Jesus being turned to call her from death. It's right there in the text is here in that fifth chapter of Mark. Right there. When he said she was only sleeping verse what he says and they ridiculed him, but when he had put them on I love this outside. When you put them all outside things you got to do with people who have doubting who don't believe who think you are dead. You got to put him outside a lot of y'all got them. So close if they can't get away from you let them out. Imma walk by faith. I don't need you reminding me of what life office put up. You got to go. You ain't got to do it with malice, but be intentional. Look, I'm trusting God. I can't have anybody with me who doesn't rust. Look I want to see something that only God can do I can't have the spectator lingering around. I can't have the skeptic close to me because I'm only believing that only Jesus could do this. I believe God is willing to get Glory when we get rid of the laissez-faire. Can you put them out? They listen you said you took his father. He took the girl's father the mother of the child and those who were with him. And he enter to where the child was laying into something focus on the family marriage went to Jesus by himself, but there was never a doubt that he wanted to bring the daughter back to both parents. The Jesus is in the business of mending the family. Can't wait to application is some stuff here. You got to see. Play Anywhere the child was laying and he took the child by the hand and he said to her talitha Kumi. Arabic I wish I could get DPR, you know, I've heard some preachers say some deep things. Bring my library said this could be nothing more than Jesus speaking Aramaic and what you preach from for the majority.

of his ministry Jesus was bilingual.

Jesus is all legal. Not a language the Messiah can't speak but he's spoken Arabic here because I believe there's a sense that we think words cause the Wonder.

It does a big movement in America before the pandemic hit few years back songs were written about that passage in Jeremiah 29 11 everybody talking about it. And that's when I know the plan for the other ones enlarge. My territory was The Prayer of Jabez. BGR individuals who write in all these books about you must speak these words and I will enlarge your territory will give you more. Stop. What You think saying what they said then is going to get me what they got now. So you are all amazed that the words used. Can I tell you something Linguistics has nothing to do with the power of God. It's not the etymology. It's the sovereignty of God. It ain't what he say. It's who he is when he says it. It doesn't matter what Jesus is saying his will was going to be done. I think it's a warning for us to not let how things are said keep us from what God is doing. I just I just touched something to me right there because there are moments where I've got offended at things that offered me help cuz they didn't talk to me. The right way fried has a problem with pronunciation. You talk to me right you offer me help right you are to come to me with what I need with the right Spirit. You know what when you're desperate enough to get with only God can give you you don't care how you said you don't care how loud you don't care who listening all I need you to do it like the security and who found you at the fireside. Just say the word out any word.

And I'll get from you with only you can give you say whatever you got to say. You ain't got to come with me just speak.

Oh, I've been caught up on my stuff was saying for too long. Jesus called. That little girl from Death he is worse when I used to. But he removed the mourners I do see that called into parents. Then he called the. What's your notice here? Very deliberately. Jesus uses the term similar to the one he declared to the one with the issue of blood. He's giving us a picture at the two spectrums of life. In daughters that have been desperate. What Jesus can deliver one in her age and years with lost all her resources are hope I'll promise I'll prominence with the issue that she couldn't relieved from herself. Be left destitute by other people's promise of Deliverance. He called her daughter and another who ain't even started Living yet. 12 she's just coming into an age of what the Jewish decided would have considered Womanhood at 12. Just been beginning. Her life is a woman. But he called them both daughter no matter what end. And demographic you fall in Jesus still has the right to assign family position. You might be dirty but you a daughter. You might be disgusting but you're still a daughter you you can be sick and be a sun. His family is open to all who have faith in him. The Daddy had Faith the mama had Faith the three disciples have faith. Jesus didn't need Faith. He had the father one with him the spirit still unified. He was present with the Trinity calling her by her relationship not by her religion. . Awake from you asleep

be called a daughter. And death had to let it go. He called her daughter and sickness had to separate he called her daughter and what others that counted out all of a sudden became world champion. He called her daughter and she answered Bible says he took the child by the hand said talitha Kumi, which is translated little girl. I say to you arise he didn't ask if you want to get up you didn't say you feel like getting up here and ask her. Can she get up? He says I said arise and guess what? She immediately the girl Rose day that's tells me something this gradual life of productivity. You trying to get to stop making gradual what God makes him media.

I'm trying to get better. God still working on me. No, he's not. Salvation is instantaneous whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall eventually be safe. You're saying right now Christianity is Progressive. Righteousness is a pursuit of perfection is a Chase but Salvation. Is immediately. People don't eventually Stop drowning as soon as that pool for the water drowning is not an option any longer.

almost finished

couple of things and I'll let you go.

Bible says which way to she Rose and walked when she was 12 years of age and they will overcome with great amazement. That's how it always is when Jesus comes and declares a live what you call dead it shocks you.

When Jesus comes in and turns around the lost and makes it found again. It shatters your reality. You think he's just some teacher from Nazareth? Just some guy from Galilee. Just some baby born in Bethlehem. It's more than that. He's somebody who can hit straight licks with Crooked Stick. He's somebody who can walk on water and should storms. He's more than you can hope or imagine. He's more than you can ask for Adam and he's more than you think he is. He's more than you thought he was and he's more than you even know about him right now. You think you know what he can do. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Say she walked around and they were amazed overcome with amazement. But he commanded them strictly that no one should know it. He said he'd give her something to eat. You know what it wants. People are recessive dated. They all receive sustenance. What's the Dead come back to life once the sleeping or Waking? It's time to feed him a lot of you trying to feed sleeping Folk.

constantly providing for people who ain't trying to look to be providers constantly opening doors for people in even walking yet constantly making provision for people who ain't looking for a provider you feel like you're being worthy but all you're doing is working in vain cuz until they wake up there's no need of food sleeping folk don't hunger your body's metabolism slows down during REM sleep when you nod off at night everything that's running at high level shut down to low gear You know what spiritual sleep does the same thing? You can't receive Godly moves like you should when you steal spiritual slumbering. You don't hear God's word like you ought to when you're still not enough. In the spiritual realm some of us.

Haven't got our wits about us yet. We almost sleep-walking. That's an application here.

The focus on the family. I see Jesus put back the expectations of a father. I see Jesus catch the woman with the issue of blood exiled in community and he not only did he heal her but he made her hole and I watch Jesus after she touched Jesus she was clean. Cut the power left it. Eating her handling of Jesus could have been suspect because the woman with the issue of blood touch them aside, and he's now on clean the daughter had to file Jesus but these days just to remove all doubt. I'm going to go ahead and touch this day at Lugar. Yes. You did it right? Let me go touch her. Cuz I love the lighting in the things that you have declared dirty. I love using things you throw it away. I love elevating things. You're trying to bury. You don't believe me. I slept right away the stone away the wrappings you're done with him. I'll use him. You finished with her. I got faithfulness for

some of y'all right now. Feel like Jesus is done with you.

if I can make an analogy that

the women in the household of faith have endured a slumber induced. Buy a group of us the masculine have relegated the feminine off the cursor return. But when I read the Bible, especially the gospels just as prevalent as the 12 are so are the daughters.

It suppose that James and John's mom. Put the one that was financially sponsoring the ministry of Jesus known as she got an audience with the Messiah about the position for her son's in the eternal.

notice that it was on his way into Sinners house that a woman stopped him on the trail and broke open in Alabaster Box and poured out expensive ointment on his feet and washed his feet with her tears and ride with her hair was a woman. It was a woman. Mahopac three of them

they make that way to a first day of the week in town. When being robbed grieving the women were about business. And I don't know what yours. Been had double the number of women with the absence of the number of men. Women have been serving when me and was suspicious. Women have been faithful when men with hard to find. God is I got good news for you this morning. The Messiah is here to wake you.

We need you to eat. I need you to regain your your source of strength. And listen. It didn't come from equality. It comes from declaration Jesus provides worth. For the female Community don't find it in the man anymore find it in a man and his name is Jesus.

Jesus is here for Liberation. He's here. For feeding he's here for faithfulness. He's calling all so ever will he's calling somebody right now.

He's asking somebody if they are worthy. If they're ready. Are you ready? Somebody ought to be ready for what Jesus is doing. Somebody be ready for what Jesus has declared.

Somebody ought to be about what the father is about right now.

I'm just wondering. Where are you right now?

I'm wondering if you can hear the sound of my voice right now.

I wonder if anybody has declared some things about you right now.

I wonder if anybody has declared you did.

Buena Vida by his written you off as no hoping Everybody's stated to the oncoming masses that there's no need to rush staying on get better.

You ever been in a position where somebody's told you your case has passed help.

Will your hurt can't be healed? I'm here to tell you this morning. Jesus is in the house. He's arrived just in the nick of time and f****** been counting you out. But Jesus here, you know why he can be here because one Friday he died so you wouldn't have to. What's Friday? He took your cross of your Zeal and do it yourself free for your infirmities and he didn't even let anybody take his life. He laid it down for you. He died on that cross on that Friday, but early Sunday morning. He settled it. He got up. Or maybe you have been declared dead. Maybe you fall into a deep sleep.

Maybe that's what's wrong. You slumbered often worry and fear anxiety and depression. Maybe you're doing the same thing expecting different results that the definition of insanity that can be like a sleep. To be sleepwalking all our lives from one Misfit to one Misfortune from one lack of purpose to one misplaced position or passion what Jesus says have you falling into a deep sleep? I'm here to wake you.

But here's the question you're answering right now. Will you wake? When he calls. Will you get up? When he speaks in a language that only resonates to you, you know what he's saying to you. Somebody hears it right now. You can't describe what you're hearing, but it feels like it's calling you. Feels like it's picking you up from your place of rest. It feels like it's calling you away from