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13 - Obedient Children are Blessed

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Going to work, but it's not so you can control the slides if you want to but in 1st Peter chapter 3 and verse 9 or verse 8 actually. He says finally be you all of one mind having compassion. One of Another Love as brethren and be pitiful be courteous . Dear heavenly Father. We thank you so much for your word this morning. We thank you so much for this message this morning. We hope that it encourages us to even during this pandemic, even though we seem like persecution is happening to us that dear heavenly father. We could still have we could still have joy and contentment into our lives. We can still represent you to our fullest help us to live living sacrifices to be obedient unto which you tell us writing to Rome as Paul said which is our reasonable service and let us not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our mind that we made for us in our bodies a Living Sacrifice. In your name we pray, Amen.

As we will look at this passage of scripture this morning and we kinda break it down. I want to look at real quickly is the first thing that we see here in verse 8 as we find five different phrases that Paul uses of cultivating Christianity and basically what this has to do with you notice here that he says finally Finally be you all of One mind. Who's he talkin to? He's talkin to Christians. We laid that out in 1st Peter chapter 1 and we saw that slaves that are mistreated. You're still if you are a Christian, you are still to love that Master, you're still to respect that Master. We saw husbands and wives that are Christians that even if their spouse is not a Christian, they're still to submit to them they're still to honor them and lift them up. We see that we as Christians are still to honor our government to the best of our ability to lift them up. Even though persecution comes and even though when persecution happens , we still have these things that I've read a lot of different thoughts when Peter says finally if you looked at Peter, there's two more chapters after this So this is not his final conclusion. He's not concluding his message as we well know but he's concluding this thought these concluding this idea that finally Even though as Christians that we may suffer Unjustly, even though we are commanded to be subject to powers that are above us to the to the layout that God has designed for us. He says, Guess what we can still be happy. There's still some things that we can do. And so we need the first of all Begin by cultivating our Christianity. What do I mean by that we're talking about submission. The Bible is very clear in the Bible is very plain when it tells us that as Christian as Brothers and Sisters in Christ that we are to submit one to another we are to submit ourselves. In other words. We place ourselves under the authority of others. Jesus Christ is the head of the church He has given the pastor and then we have deacons and then we have teachers and leaders and each other and we are to submit to one another we are to submit to that Authority in life . Ephesians Chapter 5 and verse 18 says and be not drunk with wine wherein is excess, but be filled with the spirit and notice what happens when you are filled with the spirit. He says speaking to yourselves in Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord sounds kind of like happiness and joy, doesn't it kind of sounds like a good life doesn't it . when your say when you're happy and you're content notice he goes on in verse 20 giving thanks always for all things unto God and the father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. And then look at the next thing that you says when we are submitted to the Holy Spirit when we were controlled by the Holy Spirit, he says submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of the Lord and so submission is a part of it that recognizing The Authority in each other's life. Every one of you that is here every one of you that claims the name of Jesus Christ has a contribution to make to other Christian. We are here for each other as a matter of fact, all right into the church of Corinth refers to the church as a body of individual as body parts that come together to make up the whole . We as individuals come here at Kentucky Missionary Baptist Church, which is a local New Testament Church and it takes all of us in order to give a full representation of Jesus Christ and we have to contribute to each other we have to help each other out. We have to edify each other encouraged each other lift each other out and so Peter here mentions five different ways that we cultivate Christianity. First of all noticed. He says we do it through cooperation through cooperation. Look at what he says there in verse 8 be ye all of One mind be of one.

To be, like minded to be one minded minding the same thing and so as Christian's we need to be cooperative it results in this one mindedness Harmon Unity within the body of Jesus Christ. Now, I want you to understand that as Christians. We need to be United by a common interest and Outlook. What is our common interests and Outlook Jesus Christ and him crucified our goal and our purpose is to lift Jesus Christ up and he said if I will be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me and so our job is to lift Jesus Christ up to glorify the name of Jesus Christ so that he will draw sinners to him that they may be saved that they may and return lift up Jesus Christ. That is our goal. That is our purpose as Christians as Kentucky Missionary Baptist Church. Amen. That's what we are supposed to be doing. And so we have to be in in harmony about this. Now there's all kinds of things that have caused problems with Harmony in Christianity. We can we all read our Bible. We all study we all have different ideas about different things. We are not going to agree on everything in the word of God. We're not going to agree about end time events. We're not going to agree on Prophecy. We're not going to agree necessarily on on some ordinances or other thing. But listen, we need to find a commonality that we can agree on. Yes doctrines are important. Yes, we have to uphold hold them and its doctrines that help separate us, but we need to make sure that we are being separated because of doctrines and not because of secondary issues of preference and privilege and interpretation. There's a lot of things that I interpret one way that someone else may interpret it differently. It's the holy spirit's job to guide us into all truth. So we need to be Cooperative it is sad when we hear so many churches that have split over ridiculous things not of things that has to do with doctrin or lifting up Jesus Christ. Seeing people saved but over colors in the Church of a meeting times of service times of what service to have not to have . I've been listening to other preachers and praise God. I have not got all of this and I praise you for it, but then there's been church members and stuff that no matter what the pastor decides to do. We can't have business meeting right now. We can't get all on the phone can't we can't do it. It just won't work out and so I've been having to make some decisions on when we have service is how we do Services what we do trying to do the very best that I can and I'm getting other pastors the people complain and gripe because it doesn't matter. It's either too early. It's too late is too this or to that or they don't like this so they don't like that or whatever. We're just trying to lift up Jesus Christ and hold bones together a man. I am just trying to do my best. I am swimming without a paddle in a life jacket right now, but well folks I praise you because of the cooperation We have when does the media is not work when Facebook is crashed at my house when the internet's not working and you're sitting there on facebook live. Everybody has been so cooperative and helpful. Just when I get down and discourage somebody would shoot me a text. Hang in there. So when so-called today and they've heard your messages and it touched them or it did this. It's giving me the ability to keep going and so we need to understand that we are all in this together. We are to be one minded we are to be cooperating with each other in this notice. Not only are we to have cooperation but notice the next phrase. He says having compassion one for another what is compassion? compassion comes with the idea of understanding of empathizing with someone else. It has the idea of being sympathetic. We were to have a a sense of feelings and experience of others literally this words means fellow feelings Christians are to be compassionate we are to share the feelings of others whether they are joyful or whether they are sorrowful we need to understand that not everyone in our congregation is doing good through this. We have people that are are suffering physically. We have people that are are suffering economically. We have people in our congregation that are suffering mentally and we can't lock ourselves in our box and look at life and try to make everybody feel the same way that we feel kind of pissed at first Wednesday night just to kind of take the Pulse of the church when we opened up church on Wednesday night. I didn't know what would turn up. I didn't know if we would have one or we would have 200 because it was going to show me how many people are really fearful of this I'm about to the point to where I am past fear. Fear is not going to control me or dominate me but I'm also healthy. I'm also in the age bracket that scientifically is statistically. Dr. Eric fans been doing videos this last week and he said there is a greater chance according to the population of a coconut falling out of a tree and killing me than me dying of coronavirus and he is a medical doctor and this is statistics he got it off of the CDC of the number of people that die because coconuts hit them on the head every single year. I didn't even know there was a problem with that. We don't have coconut trees around here. So but my percentage goes way up, but you see what I'm saying? But yet I also have to sympathize because there are some that really do have a fear. There's some that lived in high-risk third son likes Amber this going into the hospitals and placing their selves at high-risk situations. In order to minister in order to meet the needs of people and so listen you know I've read christians' comments on Facebook and stuff and we need to be compassionate. We need to sympathize with each other. We need to understand somebody , a friend of mine put A Deal on there and it had three different deals in a overlapping Circle and it says it's okay to have all of these feeling is it one time. You know, it's okay to be fearful. It's okay to be cautious. It's okay to be just go on about your business. It's okay to do all three and I'm kind of somewhere in the middle of all of that that that there's a time to be safe for the time to be careful. But one thing that I am quickly learning and I'll say it I'm on Facebook live. They have this they can put it it they'll have it in their documents and they can bring it to me to get to be later on but the government's is not their responsibility to take care of us. It's my responsibility to take care of me and my family it's my responsibility to watch out whether that means working whether that means distancing ourself or whatever. I have to make decisions not only for me and my family but I have to make decisions for my church and my church family because I'm going to stand before God and I'm going to have to give an answer for what I do and how I did it. So you got all of these different things that are weighing and all of these things that are doing another doctor mentioned today on one of the doctor fans videos this week that he called a buddy of his that went to school He said there are more people dying right now because they are too afraid to go to the hospital of natural causes diseases of diabetes and heart problems of all of that than anywhere near close to what's dying with the coronavirus. Folks we just got to be reasonable and sensible about this.

as our tests are going up, we are taking 4 times more testes in the state of Arkansas, but yet the numbers are rising in the single digit number and we're afraid to doing anything because we are controlled because everybody wants to look at the negative side of the this and not look at the positive side of this. We are still in America. We have more deaths in children and Senior adult with influenza every single fall and winter than what we have had with the coronavirus this year. It's just another virus. I'm saddened by it and I don't want to see anybody suffer anybody dying. This comes with our compassion but folks we have to understand it is appointed unto man once to die. There's nothing that the government or anybody else is going to be able to do to help us or save us. We got to be smart. We got to do ourselves, but what's happened in this is why we are forcing people to that enjoy sitting around doing nothing. Watching Netflix all day long , receiving an unemployment check that's more than what they were making while we go in and deal because we're afraid to get out of work and do anything. And so what happened we watched as our society is turned instead of being a pioneering Nation. Where we go out and we're innovative and Start businesses that we find things to do. We have become a nation now that relies on the government to solve all of our problems to take care of all of our needs and do everything while we sit back and say we can't do anything We're frightfully we're afraid. We have to stand up and do we have to cooperate we have to have compassion but notice the next phrase that he mentions here. He says love is reverent We have to be cherishing of each other and I'm talking about Christian to Christian. Then we have to love each other and that word there is not the agape love it is the phileo love his just love each other's like brothers and sisters, you know, if my parents would have called and said Donnie I need you to come and take care of this or help this. Guess what? I love them and I'm going to go do it. I'm going to bring them whatever I'm going to do. I'm gonna do Whatever I can I'm not going to be worried about a virus or anything else by because I love them. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ also, and that's why these doctors and nurses and everybody else are still going and doing their business is still doing what they do because they are in a career that is there to help people Folks we as christans need to love each other. We need to help each other out. We need to make sure that we treat each other at least as family as least as loved ones 1st Peter 1:22, seeing that you have purified your souls and obeying the truth through the spirit unto unfeigned love of the Brethren see that you love one another with a pure heart fervently He goes on later in chapter 4 when we get there and he says this and verse 8 and above all things have fervent charity among yourselves for charity shall cover a multitude of sins and folks instead of tearing ourselves apart as Christians. We need to be covering up sins we need to be loving each other. None of us are perfect. None of us make the right decision what I'm seeing as a pastor right now. What I'm reading in the statistics, you want to hear my side of it and where I fall on this deal. I have more people that are staying away from church that are getting addicted to pornography because they have more time on TV more opportunities to watch it that are becoming more addicted to alcohol and drugs and they have depression rates are skyrocketing. This is the stuff is that that I believe is based upon spiritual things that spiritual controls a lot of these things and this is what I have to deal with in my profession and guess what if we can assemble if we can't come together we can encourage and help each other out. It's going to get worse and we're already seeing in our country suicide rates and everything else Rising because of these underlying problems. What we got to get a handle on things and we've got to make sure that we love each other. Hang in there. Hang in there love each other as Christ loved us Paul wrote to Timothy in 1st Timothy Chapter 1 Verse 5 and he said now the end of the Commandment is Charity out of a pure heart and have a good conscience and a faith unfeigned you at the judgement seat of Christ. We will not only have to give an account for our doctrines that we have held but also for our attitudes and Missionary Baptist or very good about dealing with doctrines right where we're going to stand on them doctrines but folks we really bad. We really stink when it comes to our attitudes that we have one for another and so there's cooperation. There's compassion. There's cherishing look at the next phrase that he says there. He says finally love as brethren and be pitiful be pitiful when I read that I'm like what in the world because pitiful to me is it is kind of sad it down and kind of like eor right, you know, that's what I think of when I hear the word pitiful and so I said I know that's not what he's talking about because we've got a lot of Christians that are pitiful amen. And so this is one of them words that intrigued me and so I began to study and I began to look it up and in the Greek language in 1611 when the King James came out what pitiful meant was kind-hearted it means that they were kind hearted towards somebody that they are pitiful towards somebody another word. Is a sensitivity to others and their problems. Amen? we need to be sensitive to other people but especially our Christian Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We need to be sensitive I have watched preachers that have destroyed each other in different deals because this one opens up because this one don't open up because this one hasn't had service is this one kept having service at everything that's been done is in a spotlight and being judged not by the world, but by Christians and folks we need to have sensitivity to other people A. Christian is not to have a cold heart heart with a heart that is joyful. That's understand sympathetic towards the feelings of others matter fact tenderheartedness often comes as one has suffered much in his experience. That's why a lot of times a person who has suffered through the years usually makes a better counselor then someone just starting out because you can relate but it's amazing at how my Ministry has changed over the last 30 years because guess what I've suffered in more areas. I can now relate to people a lot better and so man we have to sympathize with each other you may not have experience yet. But hang on if you live long enough, you will one of these days you're going to lose your parents your grandparents. You're going to lose a job. You're going to get that call of cancer or some incurable disease or some problem. And so guys, we need to be kind-hearted each other. We need to understand and be better with each other.

That's why so many times older men make such better pastors than younger men because they've been through a lot more they've seen a lot more and so we need to understand that and then operation compassion cherish and consider it in the last one that he mentions there is to be courteous courteous courteous means to be humble minded in other words. If you're courteous, then guess what to be courteous. You're not going to step in the way of somebody and cut them off right? You're not going to slam a door in somebody's face is so what courteous means is to be humble mind. It is a humble spirit and having a modest opinion of yourself a modest. Meaning of yourself true humility is not weakness true humility is meekness. It's the idea of that stallion that is under the control of that writer that that stallion can do whatever he wants to do picking book that guy off and he can run he can still be wild, but guess what eventually if you stay after it long enough you begin to meet him where he takes his energy and his power to submit. That Rider and then that Rider can tell it to go left right for backup. It's amazing to watch them well-trained horses. And how did they are controlled you ever been to Oaklawn first ad or watch it on TV or anything? You see these little video jockeys, right and they control these great big old. Amazing why because them thoroughbreds they could get rid of that jockey anytime they wanted to but they submit to that Authority and that's what we are to be we are to be courteous to each other. We are to get an understanding of our sale in a good jockey and a good horse works together when they trust each other when they know when to give and when to pull back when they help each other when they're so good with each other that there is not what they want or desire, but they know what's in the heart of the other one and then when you get a jockey and you get a horse that farts are melted together in a courteous. submitted in there It is amazing what they can do together and that's what he's talkin about is Christian. So if we just need to be courteous with each other to notice cultivation of Christians did he goes on in verse 9 and running out of time this morning? Look at verse 9, he says not rendering evil for evil really for really but country-wise blessing knowing that you are their own to call that you should inherit a blessing. So this is how we cultivate Christian. We've looked at verse 8 is how we deal with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ verse 9 is how we deal with cantankerous Christian a man. There's no resume Christian's that you know of Paul put this first in the Bible of all the verses it's been written. This one was written for Donnie Haines. As best as possible live peaceably with all men. Amen, or just some people that I just cannot live peaceably with but I try there's cantankerous Christians. There's those that out there that wants to do that are going to be negative that are going to not encourage you that are not going to be courteous just the same way. He talked about with the government and our relationship and the master in a slave in a husband and a wife It's just sad to say but not all husbands are loving husbands like me. Amen. Some husbands are bad some up my wife. She's smiling under that may I see it? right is she started cantankerous people in the world until there's cantankerous Christian. So how do we deal with them? Look at what he says there. He says not rendering evil for evil countering corruption when somebody does evil to you. You don't return evil. You don't get back at him. You don't you know, it's just the old saying that we had in school was do unto others before they do unto you write the others as they do unto you but that's not what it is. If they do evil to you. We're not supposed to be evil back as a matter of fact Jesus Christ in the sermon of the mount in Matthew chapter 5 verse 38 said you have heard that it has been said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but I say unto you that you resist not evil, but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek turn to him the other also. He also Paul Road in 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 see that none render evil for evil under any man, but ever follow that which is good both among yourselves and the all men and so when you have criticism You need to make sure that you don't lash back with criticism. Don't be an ass back and corruption with corruption. I noticed that brother spent doctor spend but a deal out Friday night is medical updated and it was very controversial in man. He got a lot of negative feedback and everything. And so now he's going to fixing to do three Deals of taking comments and how he replied to him because he said Christ is teaching him how not to render evil for evil and it's amazing that were he not did not fit personally address anybody or anyting the personal attacks that he has had upon him and his family just over in the rudeness of people that is there and so me and we are to to counter corruption we're not to do it would be nice when somebody renders evil where to turn the other cheek with somebody asked us to go and go to miles. That's what Jesus Christ told us as Christians because remember we're living as pilgrims in this world. This world is not my home. I am an obedient child child of God that has been bought with the Therefore I glorify him in my body and we want people to see our good works and glorify the Father in heaven. We also have to counter criticism notice. He says are really for real when another Christian make stinging sharp remarks that may leave a deep wound. The Christian is not to speak back in an evil way. He's not to follow the example of Christ. He's not to just give up and quit coming to church. It's amazing how many people won't come to church anymore use it as an excuse because some Christian was evil or said something bad or something evil about them both. We've got to counter that we got the Keel criticism with kindness notice the Commendation that he gives us. He says but contrariwise blessing blessing when people are corrupt and evil when people criticize us and rail against us, we are to bless them man. If you ever learn and one of the things that the pastor When you have to you have to learn to pray for your enemies is one of the greatest things that God has done in my life is when you pray blessings on those that are out to you, you know, I got church members that I still have to pray that God blesses them even though sometimes I get like Mark and John the sons of thunder right Dodges bring down fire and Destroy them right just get rid of them. God judge them show them. May the May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpit, right you you better thoughts like this. Amen. But that's not what God wants me to do. God says I am still to pray as your pastor no matter whether you're here. You're not here no matter your in God will not in God's will whether you like me or you don't like me. I still have to pray for you. I still pray God's blessings upon your life you start praying and countering all evil and corruption with blessings. It'll change your life will change your life and soak man Commendation knowing that you they're onto or called that what you shall inherit a blessing seat. When we give blessings. We inherit blessings. How do you get blessings? You know, we talked about that and brother Philip saying that song this morning, I put the words on every single slide count your blessings name them one by one when we think about that listen. we get blessings as a the only way that we can inherit blessing just by giving Blessings by being a blessing and so we have so many Christians today that are not being blessed so many Christians that don't take very long to Count Their Blessings because they're evil their wicked their cantankerous. They're not living the way that they're supposed to be there not showing Christ the way that they are God may have called the Christian to suffer. But yet also in the sovereignty he called us to inherit a blessing. There's nothing better than doing hair at blessings while you are suffering now so many Christians are suffering because of their own sin and their own doing I want to make a note right here. I'm not talking about that be sure your sins will find you out whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap but we're talkin about is when you suffer unjustly when you get the call me at Sand the railing and the evil speaking in the charting and and everything else against something against you and everything else. But yet you still blessed them. You still show up with a She'll have loved as your attitude then guess what God says, you will inherit blessings God ultimately is going to give you a happy life notice the very last thing he goes on in verse 10 and 11 any quotes from Psalms chapter 34 verse 12 through 16, and he says for her life and see good days. Let him refrain his tongue from evil and his lips they speak. No God, let him a shoe evil and do good. Let him seek peace and suet for the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous and his ears are open to the prayers with the face of the Lord is against them that do evil. How many of your love life? How many of you want to see good days how many of you want to be blessed III? Do I want to love life even during this pandemic? I have tried to focus on my family. I've tried to focus on spending more time with them in the available owns all these times and nights and years and months that I couldn't be there with my family cuz I'm out Ministry in and do another thing. I've tried to take advantage of that. I've tried to spend time and enjoy.

Experience a good life. I want to have a good life. I want to see good days. I know this is only temporary. It's not going to continue. It's not going to last. The idea here of loving life is to Delight in it to Relish in it. When was the last time you was excited to get up in the morning? You know how many times it was? I all know another day. I can't do this. I can't do that. You know we came and we need to love life. We need to look forward to the sun rises in the morning. How do we do that? How do we find good days in a good life notice. He says six person sees person refrained your tongue from evil. And then he says She's Crafty Miss and your lips from speaking. Guile James said if we could ever learn to control our tongue. Man, we can control our whole body and sister Doris as many of you know, she's usually said what was on her mind and and whether you wanted to hear it or not, it was going to come out and and so for the five years that I passed your sister door. She was always saying I need duct tape. I need some way to control my tongue because I can't control every time I see duct tape for full duct tape out I think of sister door, but me and if it would be amazing if we can control our tongue what we could get accomplished write a lot of times we have bad days and we have bad live because our tongues get us in trouble, right? You know, we make that comment if we say that I put that post on Facebook that we really didn't mean or do we just did it didn't think about her pray about before we put there and so matter-of-fact Solomon Road in Proverbs. 6:16 six things does the Lord hate seven. Abomination unto him a proud look a lying tongue hands that shed innocent blood a heart that deviseth Wicked imaginations feet that are Swift in running to Mischief the false witness that speaketh lies and he that soweth Discord among the Brethren. Look at how many of them deal with our mind and our tongue. And that relationship that is there but not only that we are also to contemn corruption Continuum is a part of that. I looked it up and it because I don't want you to get it confused with couldn't them not with a d and I use that word specifically what it means to treat or regard with disdain scorn or contempt and other words. We need to start Hammond certain things. We need to look at this world is dark shining it. I was telling sister Kay Wednesday night that I've been watching preachers and trying to find them on Netflix a decent show or something to watch and I've been seeing Christians and what they posted that they're watching and what's good and sad thing is is I've started six different shows and could not get five minutes into it because of the language or nudity or something. They're posting this publicly that they're watching in that they enjoy that they recommend We need to have this name for that. We need to see seeing is seeing and how ugly and how awful that it is a matter of fact Paul right of the church at this alone for the rest of the night in Chapter 5 Verse 22 says of stain from all appearances of evil any appearance stay away from it. And so man. We need to we need to check Chase concerts conciliation Chase.

How many of you are pursuing peace? Do you know I find the more that I'm in peaceful and more that I pursue peace the better my life tends to get amen when I try to get I had a preacher the other day and he made a comment. We got a private ABA thing that only Missionary Baptist preachers can get on and post and it's supposed to be private and personal and we can't share stuff and all the other but both he made the comment the first five words as I guess. I will be the one who kicked the Hornet's Nest. And I like wow right off the get-go and what his comments was great. His comments was wonderful. They were needed. But guess what? What did he do already right off to get Joey start up anger and contention rather than making his car or omissions The Hornet's Nest. So everybody goes into reading it with what are you talking about me or you referring to what I've done right? And so we need to seek. Peace. We need to pursue it. When did to chase after it? I found out early in my Ministry, and I've had a lot of things that I've had to confess in a lot of things that I've had to ask forgiveness for but one thing that I have learned the most in my Ministry that since I've got off of dealing with a lot of controversial and political and and stuff France in my messages and everything and going to preach in Jesus Christ and him crucified, I've had a lot less problems. When you seek peace in Jesus Christ as the king of peace and pursue it and guess what you don't have a better life. You know something just ask yourself. Is it really worth commenting on is it really worth anything on Facebook? Because you put anything on Facebook you're going to get five time. You get pause? And got done trying to piece. I don't have time to Pastor. Everybody else's church. I have enough for problems trying to pass the Kentucky church. I don't have time worrying about everybody else's problems. And I have enough problems in my own family in my own life that I'm trying to work out. If you see what I want peace. I want us all to be a place. You know, the sad thing is if people are not missing Church, they're getting comfortable watched it on Facebook and everything else because why I'm in the safety of my living room, I don't get any negative comments. on Facebook live Because I choose if I want to watch read the comments or not. I choose if I want to listen to it, right, but sometimes that church we can't refuse that we can't exclude people. We can't walk around people right? And so we need to just see peas. We need to have this as a refuge from all of the world and all of the chaos a place where we can come together and love each other and know that guess what any courage is me when I see you sitting here. Yes, I see you check in on Facebook, but I also know guess what as quick as you checked in. You can check out right and that I know when you get up and walk when you get up and go to the bathroom. I know when you're asleep in the auditorium, right? I know when you're connecting and when you're not you can't do that over Facebook. I love you, but I love church services. I love hate being here the folks. We need to let a lot of this stuff is going to work itself out. It's going to take care of what we need to do is help lift each other up encourage each other. We need to start getting out there and calling and checking on our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We need to start sympathizing with some of them. I know some of them today would love to be in church, but they just cannot because of the risk factor because of kids because of other things that that's out of their control and their deal with their doing it for it. But sometimes we look bad if on them because they're not I hope we need to encourage them. We need to find out ways that we can help and ways that we can Minister noticed. He says for the eyes of the Lord are over. The righteous everything that we do and do not do God Is Watching God Is Watching and those of us that behave like Christ and submit ourselves humble ourselves and become submissive to this world for the sake of Jesus Christ. Look at what he says. He says his and his ears are open to your prayers. His eyes of the Lord are over the righteous and his ears are open under their prayers, but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil. I would much rather have the eyes of the Lord watching over me. Then the face of the Lord staring me down. But guess what the Bible says. It is appointed unto man once to die and after that the Judgment one of these days we're going to stand before God and man. I get excited when we stand up and we fight for doctor but hopes, it breaks my heart to see churches split and Christians that can't get a loan over stupid things things that does not matter seems there's not going to matter tomorrow or 20 years from now. All of this is going to shake out we're going to come back to a new Norm that we're going to we're going to look back at this time and with all the things going on and we're going to say wow. Can you believe we did that? Can you believe she lived through the Scarlet?

scarlet fever that came out the Spanish Flu. Yeah, she live through the Spanish flu, and now she's lived through the coronavirus and talk to her and see if she knows

I bet she does cuz you could just see it in her eyes and her deal.

Are you happy? Are you happy? Are you being a blessing? And being blessed. Are you a cantankerous Christian and God's face is turned against you. It's easy to throw a pity party for herself in our suffering but a lot of our suffering is brought on by ourselves a lot of our suffering a self-inflicted. It's not because we're serving God or doing things for God. It's because we do things irrationally we say things irrationally, so I want to be blessed. I want good days ahead. I want good days for Kentucky Baptist Church, and I know God is going to continue to bless us. He already has blessed us tremendously. He's going to keep blessing us and you know Arkansas is one of six states that did not shut down. And may God is just blessed us through the whole thing. He's guarded us. He's protected us. I forget how many and counties in Arkansas has not even had one single case of coronavirus. You got to look at all this stuff it in relationship to everything else and so be smart. Be wise. right But don't get caught up in all of the hype and everything else just keep serving Jesus Christ and lifted him up so that he will draw all people in the hymn as we stand we have aversive invitation cuz we seen this person.

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