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5/17/2020 Sunday Service

Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  52:37
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“Let’s Go Fishing” Acts 3:1-20; Acts 4:1-4 Pastor Erik J. Ferguson Sermon Idea: Seekers are drawn to the Christian faith for many reasons, but interest alone never saves anyone. Body: I. Peter’s miracle lured the crowd (Acts 3:1-11). II. Peter cast his net (Acts 3:12-20; Acts 4:1-2). III. The result: Peter hauled in a large catch of souls (Acts 4:3-4). Personal Application: Am I like Peter, always looking for opportunities to witness for Christ? How good am I at reading the water? Do I cast my net wherever God sends me? Ron Hutchcraft’s Personal Evangelism Advice: (1) Pray for openings. (2) Pray for boldness. (3) Pray for God to soften their hearts. (4) Pray for the words to say. (5) Pray for their salvation.
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