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all right well I am going to I'm going to run the risk of being known as the preacher that that cried heavy lifting I feel like I'm always saying pray for me watch out this morning it's it's it's some heavy scripture that we need to dive into and and and and parts through I can only just trust the Holy Spirit to delete this through it it it it is some good heavy stuff so let's again enjoy some time in prayer here real quick Got the authority of not just you know, each each printed word in the English language. We acknowledge that we thank you for that. But but there's there's deeper language is underneath the English and there's even deeper truths underneath that and and that is the truth that I am praying that you would help us to tap into there is some truth about your heart and your character in your nature that I want to be highlighted. If you want something different though. I'm a guy to have your way with this Pulpit. This is yours not mine is not live oaks Bible churches Pulpit. It's your Pulpit that you have your place here. So Holy Spirit, please speak as as I as I pray often speak through me if you will speak around me if you must but please speak and give us two ears to hear your name. We pray I'm in so continuing in our journey. Let's review our four themes just a for reoccurring themes that will continue to to come to the fore. I'm as we work through the Book of Jonah. See number one God's absolute sovereignty over all things. Number to God's Mighty compassion toward the dramatically undeserving number three Gods unwavering commitment to his own plan and number for the purpose and power and promise result of repentance for that. I'm getting to be able to say that last one without getting all tongue-tied the purpose and power and promised result of repentance. So where we left off last week was in Jonah the end of Jonah chapter 2 verses 7 through 10. This is the the closing of Jonah's prayer. He says when my life was fainting away, I remember the Lord in my prayer came to you into your Holy Temple those who pay regard to Vain Idols forsake their hope of steadfast love but I with the voice of Thanksgiving will sacrifice to you what I have vowed. I will pay salvation Belongs to the Lord. This is a prayer that he's praying in the sea in the water being swallowed up by the water just convinced of his own demise and he's in he's crying out to God who brings to him salvation in a very unexpected form being swallowed by a fish.

Universe 10 in the Lord spoke to the fish and it vomited Jonah out upon the dry land if you had a mind like mine. I don't know. I mean, he's on the Sea on the shore. And then what what is the whale do you know by Jonah? Hope you find interval?

That's the way I see it. I wish you could join me in my head. What's the last moment of levity? You're going to get this morning? I hope you enjoyed it. Is where I felt lead where I felt got it where I felt the scriptures led me could honestly I think you could get me in trouble.

That's exciting, right?

Where I think the truth takes us is a dangerous place and it's dangerous to our ideas of the nature of God of right and wrong and especially a sense of fairness. I think our scriptures going to kind of tread all over that so just fair warning. fair warning Jonah chapter 3 Sterling verse 1

then the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time saying arise go to Nineveh that great City and call out against it the message that I tell you. This is very familiar. This is very similar right very similar to Jonah 1 verses 1 through 2. Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the son of amittai saying arise go to Nineveh that great City and call out against it for their evil has come up before me. So right there. We see the determination of God to see his will come of his unwavering commitment to God's Own plan. After all of that, we're back to square one as far as Joan is concerned and we're back. Back where we started? Okay, the word of the Lord coming to Jonah and saying go to Nineveh and speak out against that great City. Their evil has come up before me.

God has never had a plan for anything. He has a plan for everything.

This is not God like calling an audible. because how Jonah messed it up and got the guide this was supposed to go so much, but you insisted, but I guess now if I hold on let me just

This might work Johnny going to have to give me a minute. I mean, this is on you you messed it up. Okay. Now I now I think that I think that if you go back to plan A I think we might still be able to pull this off. God has never had a plan for anything. He has a plan for everything and that's work now and that's what that's the kind of dangerous path. We're starting to walk down here, but for right now in this moment, I hope you see what I see which is like the the the the the amazing encouragement of like this white sheet start over reset that Jonah gets would it would have seems to me that the most fair thing would have been for God to let Jonah drown and then call another prophet.

That seems more fair to me, but that seems more right but yet we are watching the plan of God unfold this is not the part where God.

Fix it. This is just the continuing journey of God's plan. This is awesomely encouraging to me. Cuz when I look back at singular moments in episode chapters of my life, I see a whole lot of mess. I see a whole lot of rebellion. I see a whole lot of saying I see a whole lot of missteps, I think false starts and stumbled Finish Lines. And a whole lot of murky Middle where I just didn't quite nail it. Right eye. I see episodes of a dude is just not good at Administration. I see episodes of a guy that if he just would have woken up that Saturday morning and got into that Men's breakfast, right? I see all of these evidences of my failures.

but when I look at the hole and I see where I am now.

How do I change a thing?

I'm seeing a plan unfold. I'm not seeing my plans and God's plans in a wrestling match and who's going to win and I'm seeing a plan of God unfold. and for Jonah specifically I

I pray he feels

something similar I pray that Jonah fills.

The awesome encouragement of knowing that this is on God. And that God graciously has in his plan for Jonah. Not to see him drowned. But to see him continue in God's calling you. You can read in Romans 11 verse 29 for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.

The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. Now the immediate context of this passage was Paul speaking speaking about Israel and it's a beautiful greater contacts. You want to go to the 11th chapter of Romans. It's hard to start in. Rome is letting you really kind of start and Romans wanted to really understand Romans. You have to Regenesis. So go read all of Genesis and then stopped in the gospels and then read Romans 13:11. You can better understand what's going on with Paul specific song by Israel. Okay, but it isn't it is not inappropriate for us to apply the same to ourselves and to Jonah right now. The God has a plan for Jonah. Still God has a plan for me. Still God has a plan for you still. And it's not even a plan in spite of your failure. It's not going to plan in spite of my failure. Who you can even be a part of the plant. I whispered that part because it's more dangerous.

A failures can even be a part of the plan but the encouragement is that God's gifts and his calling are irrevocable.

God is unwaveringly committed to his own plan and no Petty selfish fearful bitter or face the faceless failure or even Rebellion on our part will separate God from his free willed plan for persons or even a people God has a plan for the ninevites. He has a plan for Jonah. We're watching that plan. What we are about to see is that Jonas Rebellion against God's plan for Jonah and Nineveh. A God's plan for Jennifer Jonah and Nineveh are going to dance to steps. They didn't even know that they knew now. That sounds like

Banana pants talk like what would you guys like musicals? Like I I I have a a loving admiration for them. But my enjoyment of musicals it is always robbed by my mind going. How did these strangers on the street know this choreography?

How I just do do it like, you know what to do to the gallon the musical there in the daytime and then cut a pretty impressive GIF that pretty impressive person. But how did it happen? They just sing the songs impromptu like with repeating my intellect just cannot it won't the suspension of disbelief to enjoy them fully is just not quite developed enough or something like that. How do people who don't know the steps dance to choreography. Kay show extended analogy there Jonah ninevites whale storm Sailors they're all dancing, but they didn't get together and plan the choreography ahead of time. How is this possible? How how how is this is it just it seems to me that it would require a lot of I don't know planning ahead of time. Some for planning some predetermination some some some kind we'll get there maybe. Jonas 3 1 through 4 Then the word of the Lord never remember it's not just words. John is not just a fax machine or if you know any mail server or you know, or it just an ographer, you know court reporter kind of thing. It's the word of the Lord meaning there's so much more behind it that there's there's intention and purpose and plan and and and Harton and character and in in nature and there's in there's music and there's Warfare and there's love there's so much behind the word word of the Lord is not just Bob Papa. John is not just a ventriloquist. But the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time saying arise go to Nineveh that great City and call out against it the message that I tell you. So Jonah A Rose went to Nineveh according to the word of the Lord for the word of the Lord is going to give him. Yes the words but the word of the Lord is going to travel with an Through Jonah as God's prophet. Now I'm a little a little note here in the narrative at this point. We don't yet know the full extent of what's going on in Jonah's heart. We know that Jonas will and his choices are there they're looking up. It's positive that you can see some genuine repentance in Jonah's prayer. And you can see in his actions that okay. He is relenting to the to the greater will of God. So yay. I got some positive signs, but we can't Infer really what's going on in Jonah's heart. We don't know what kind of heart change has taken place in and we'll see more of that next week.

God's work in Jonah is not yet complete. I'll see where we now know was an exceedingly great City threes three days journey in Brett's I studied all of the Bible commentaries in the archaeology of it all. It is not referring to the immediate Walden city was that fast? I did some math. That would be like 10 times larger than Manhattan and one time my dad and I walked from the bottom of Central Park down to Battery Park and then back up if you know anything about Manhattan, that's that's a goodly chunk of it, but not all of it and the next day I couldn't walk my legs were inop. I just I rolled out of bed like a block to the bathroom like my click couldn't do it. This is a vast City, but it's talking about the the like we would call it the metropolitan area like Tampa. I live in Oldsmar, but who knows where that is right live in Tampa, right? We live in Tampa, right? So none of it. So think the same thing that's Nineveh and right. None of it was an exceedingly. Great City three days journey in Brett's Jonah began to go into the city going a Day's Journey. So he's towards the center of the city or towards the center of the metropolitan area Jonah began to go into the city going a Day's Journey and he called out yet forty days and none of us shall be overthrown. In an hour common language 40 days from now this city is going to be destroyed.

Yep, 40 days in Nineveh shall be overthrown. and Vinny says

and then the rest of the sermon goes. And then he told this really funny story that captured everybody's imaginations and then he then he did an extended analogy about musicals and people were super.

That's his message.

40 days God's going to turn this place into a glass. That's it. That's the message.

That's something. I mean that I'd certainly a strategy. It might not be the one that that we would choose.

Doesn't seem very wise as a stranger to waltz into a to a city and declare its destruction. That didn't seem like you'd be welcomed

and it seems rather implausible to Does it not? 40 days. I mean, it's a great City. I need you if you look in your if you have a study Bible look in its got Maps everything might have a schismatic. I know that USB Study Bible does I mean it's a powerful City with some really fast walls and really strong Gates and it's a jewel of the Assyrian Empire like things didn't I mean there's you know, we didn't have any like you know moab's are cruise missiles or hydrogen bombs or anything like they're being nothing in the ancient world that would indicate that 40 days from now this great City could be no more doesn't sound wise doesn't sound even plausible.

Get here in 1st Corinthians chapter 2 verses 4 and 5. We read this. This is Paul speaking. My speech and my message were not implausible words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the spirit and of power so that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

Jonah is putting the power of God on display by simply saying 40 days from now. God is going to destroy this city.

I can't see it going well. But if you I don't know keep reading the Bible. You'll find in the next verse Jonas 3:5 and the people of Nineveh believed God. They called for a fast and put on sackcloth from the greatest of them to the least of them.

That's that's amazing. From the greatest to the least. They believe God they called for a fast put on sackcloth from the greatest to the least.

There's a lot of there that is there. In in that one verse in that singular immediate response that they have. They believe the god in the Hebrew the very first word in the sentence is believed. It's like the author in Hebrew just had to cut straight to the point and tell him mediate. None of his response was immediate belief. And then you see repentance you see morning immediately.

In this one message. Now you can think okay. I mean, you know The destruction thing. I mean that that's scary and in that too heavy and And maybe if somebody came to us and said the same thing maybe we would take heat as well. I don't know. I mean how many people do you drive by with signs on the side of the street and dismissed them is absolutely crazy.

Problems here in in our understanding of this response is maybe the city maybe the maybe you're visualizing destruction. And because it's very right that we imagine like Sodom and Gomorrah fire from heaven coming down in and consuming the great City. What we might miss though and being concerned about that disaster. There's about to befall Navarro or will or would befall none of it. That disaster remember? That the word disaster word evil the same.

How about our own sin? How about the sin of the city of my heart? Would God do what will God do in my heart if I don't repent? Would god what would God do with this church if we as a people? rebelled and become became idolatrous and what we got right Lee do what? Could God rightly do the problem is we fail to see our own sin as a disaster?

On the same scale as that of Nineveh.

And yet look how quickly look how immediately the ninevites believed and repented and change. That's amazing. In that one verse your ears, just the three things. I don't want us to miss. First was that immediate response. The immediacy of their responses is incredible second that they called for a fast and they put on sackcloth. What is calling for a fast fasting means you don't eat? What is your body want to do? All the time by cries out your feed me Seymour and and you do all the time fasting means shush it flesh. You're not getting your way right now. You are not the boss of me flesh. That's what a fast is. Okay. We went about fasting later. It's it's fascinating.

Not like I said, it was the last Model Eva D. I just I'm broke my homework and I couldn't keep it. They call Professor put on sackcloth. What's a cloth sack cloth is closing made from from black goat hair. It's scratchy it's fake doesn't breathe. Play it's uncomfortable, but it gets the job done. Took their fasting from the inside of their flesh there fasting on the outside of their flesh their fasting from their flesh is is there immediate they didn't they didn't call a quorum. They didn't take up, you know didn't send out a survey. How can we best respond to this call? They just they immediately that instinctively they they fasted.

He borned the grieved. Then the third observation that one verse from the greatest to the least. Who does that include? Everybody who does it exclude nobody from the greatest to the least. They faster they put on sackcloth been mourned.

Jonah 3 starting verse 6 the word reach the king of Nineveh and he arose from his throne removed his robe covered himself with sackcloth satin ashes. Any issue the proclamation and published through Nineveh by the decree of the king and his Nobles let neither man nor Beast heard nor flock taste anything. They even Force the animals to fast.

Show me the Bible says from the least to the greatest. That's everybody. an earth saying Let them not feed or drink water, but let man and bees be covered in sack cloth and let them call out mightily to God let everyone turn from his evil way as repentance stats textbook repentance turn from your evil way from the violence that is in its hands. Who knows the king says who knows God may turn and relent and turn from his Fierce anger so that we may not perish.

This is awesome because Jonah's message wasn't. Unless you immediately believe and fast and born and repent from your evil. God will destroy the city in 40 days. That was not his message. His message was. You have 40 days.

So it so they weren't entering into the only agreement that made sense logically. well

I don't wanna be turned into glass. Do you know?

According to Jonah we going to put on some goat hair and not eat anything. It looks good idea, unless anybody else but nobody has a better idea. I don't have to do that do that. They weren't told the game plan, right? They just knew it the king just knew it and he's not like the emperor of the Assyrian Empire the king means like that the mayor the leader in in the Nobles of that City. This is what we must do maybe. Maybe God might relent Maybe.

Many times the gospel. What we call the gospel is presented in these terms. Hell is terrible and forever who wants to go? NeverEnding personal physical tournament for all eternity who wants to go to hell who wants to be consumed by fire but never die forever. Anybody anybody anybody know? Then pray this prayer.

I said it before and I'll say it a thousand and five more times. Heaven is not full of those who are afraid of hell heaven is full of those whose love Jesus.

Is judgement and destruction coming to the Earth. Yes is judgement and destruction coming to Sinners who do not repent and embrace Christ. Yes.

We are calling as Christians living on this side of the Cross. We are calling people to Christ not Away From Hell.

Right now these pagans. These faults god-worshipping pagans just like the men on the ship.

They're overwhelmed by the true powerful proclamation of the word of God, and their response is morning repentance fasting.

Maybe God might relax, Maybe. Let everyone turn from his evil way from the violence that is in his hands Maybe.

And they did they turned the changed. It's unreal.

I'm with this story this narrative this account. I'm with it right. I've I've logically I'm not confused by it. So many times Mary and I are watching TV. I just have to pause it and I have to go who's McClintock. Is that a always the last name of the guy? I'm not confused about the logic of this narrative, but it but it's still can't quite at maybe it's because I'm a preacher we preachers we label or Louis. We labor over our words and then Here Comes

Captain value pants by post fish vomit like 40 days and then the entire city comes forward. Do the altar call? Can you understand something but not get it. Can you understand something, but still have a hard time wrapping your mind around it. But you go back to Paul you go back to 1st Corinthians 2:4 and 5 my speech in my message were not implausible words of wisdom. But in demonstration of the spirit and of power and then there's the purpose there's the white so that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God notice the ninevites did not fall at Jonas feet and beg him for mercy. There was no confusion.

From whom this message came. There's no confusion about the power. What was it a powerful message or a powerful messenger? we've already labored over how weak the messenger is have Shifty the messenger is

the power of the message because of who is delivering it through Jonah.

This is just the power of God on display. It's the bottom line to power of God, but what if I told you? The power of God on display here goes even deeper than that goes even deeper than we know. What is the power of God on display here is even more powerful than maybe even the ninevites understand. I'm going to confuse some of you all of you. It may be myself here for a minute. Just I just please.

Follow me if you can try we'll get there.

Maybe the ninevites didn't even understand understand why they were responding to this message as clearly as immediately as they did. Maybe they didn't understand or or maybe they did either way God's power is beyond our comprehension. So what am what am I black about being a little intentionally kg here for a moment and I don't expect you to follow me perfectly. But either the ninevites are responding to the power of God with eyes dim not understanding why this message from this Prophet lands with such an indispensable immediacy or the ninevites are responding to the power of God with eyes wide open because Of the particular profit through whom the message flows. Let me share with you a little nugget. This will help write this will help based on the last 90 seconds on the bad preacher. This will help.

ancient Assyrians and Babylonians worship a false god by the name of Dagon

Sports God names go to pretty good one. Who is Dagon Dagon was part-man? Parts fish And their belief in space in this God Dagon was probably just a demon.

Digging would come up out of the sea. and digging would teach them language in and science and art geometry how to build houses how to build temples Dayton would teach them law would teach them about plants and seeds and growing crops and and harvesting them basically everything that made their civilization possible and flourish was brought to them by gagan this part man part fish God And here comes Jonah. A man who lived in the belly of a fish for three days and then the fish spot them out on the land to go and deliver a message. to Nineveh

It's just God saying. So, Nava. You worship a fish man. Here's a man. I preserved inside of a fish. And I command them folks. I'm Sovereign over them both the man and the fish.

the Sea and the land upon which your city rests

I'm in charge of them all. Remember how in the accounting of the story in Exodus Moses Let My People Go know that we could go no, no, no, no, no Charlton Heston, right and the plagues. The 10 plagues were an exact rebuttal and exact shushing an open hand shame slapping of all the Egyptian false gods. Here's a quick survey. They had they had happy sure. You didn't pronounce it that way but I like to h a p. I may be happy the Egyptian god of the Nile was a water Bearer. And what was the play water turn to blood? Take it the Egyptian goddess of fertility water renewal. Had the head of a frog. What was the plague frogs coming from the Nile or Deb Egyptian god of the Earth was over the dust of the earth. What was the plague lice that crawled from the dust of the Earth? Aura khepri Egyptian god of creation movement of the Sun rebirth he had the head of a fly. What was the plague swarms of flies or Jesus or the Egyptian goddess of love and protection had the head of a cow. And what was the plague death of all the cattle or Isis Egyptian goddess of medicine and peace. What was the plague Ashes to turn into boils and sores? The guy that got nuts. I think that's that's that's an oozing to me. Did Gyptian goddess of the sky? And what was the plague hail raining down in the form of fire? And there was Seth Egyptian god of storms in disorder in the plague was Locust sent from the sky or raw the sun god. And what was the plague three days of complete darkness? And Pharaoh, let's not forget Pharaoh. The ultimate power in Egypt the firstborn son of raw. And what was the final plague? death of every first born

this is God saying these little tiny demonic powers that have set themselves up as gods in Egypt and in Assyria in Nineveh.

They are nothing. compared to me

So did the ninevites know Jonah story? The scriptures don't tell us. The scriptures don't say it is I Jonah. From the belly of the whale you need to listen to what I say. Could there have been witnesses to the whale Jonah a miracle man? Where are you going? I'm going to Nineveh and they fall they may be like disciples. It's plausible I suppose but the scripture doesn't say so we don't know. Did they believe the word of God because of Jonah and from where he came and what he came through? We don't know that. We don't know if the ninevites knew that this Prophet was a walking mockery of their faults Fishman. But we know that the man was saved through the fish by the hand and will of God that makes open mockery of demons and the Demonic that set themselves up as Gods we know. We know the full weight and measure of what's Happening Here. We know that by the power and grace of God those to whom he grants repentance will weep and wail and worship the true God who not only destroy but shows us. What is true? And here's the real dangerous part. Here's the part that could give me in trouble. First what I want to do is when I'm going to throw out a little Bowie, so if you if you need to jump ship here in the moment, it did not come with me. I am giving you something to grab onto. It's a it's a burst at that should guide all of us in Romans 6:1 through to in terms of dealing with temptation and sin. This is what Paul says what shall we say, then are we to continue in sin that Grace May abound because there's some Clown Kart Christians talking about hate. Let's send some more. So God will have to be more gracious to us. And the more that God is gracious to us. The more Glory he gets for being gracious.

No by no means how can we who died to sin still live in it? Okay, that's that's the buoy. I just tossed it overboard. It's waiting for you in the water. If you can't come with us, there's that I am I am not saying that we are to send for the glory of God understood. I'm not saying that we send for the glory of God OK and write whether or not Jonah the prophet was a better and more powerful Prophet after Jonah's Rebellion.

Jonah was a more powerful Prophet after his Rebellion, which is just a nicer way of saying sin.

Jonas sin Made him a better profit will put more accurately put more truthfully. God working through jonasson made him a better profit but requires more times because I just said that God work through the sense of

I can't work through sin.

Jonah's rebellion was used directly by God to make him a better for pre-prepared vessel and conduit to the people of Assyria to the people of men. Because his sinner Rebellion because of its in a rebellion got brought a storm. It goes overboard you pointing at the fish residing in the fish spitting them up on dry land. It was all a result of Jonas sin. He remember we said that's where we where we started today. Is it Joe is back where he started?

The sovereignty of God could have just kept him from rebelling and hop it on the ship to tarshish. You never would have had you no more time before the imminent destruction. But yet. It used and purposed. Jonasson and Rebellion to make him uniquely positioned uniquely experienced. To be the prophet to Nineveh. Does that bother you cuz it bothers me? It doesn't it bothers me, but then it then it comforts me. Then it confuses me. Benedict sites me.

Has been ninevites proof immediate repentance and obedience is always the best the most honoring the most righteous response. Immediate repentance is always the right response.

Don't try to I have I have counseled couples in crisis in their marriage and and they look at me in the face and they say but I know that Jesus will forgive us both.

Doesn't he want us to be happy and it'll be a wonderful story to tell about God's grace and forgiveness. It can be a wonderful story to tell it is a wonderful story to tell but not if you go into it that way.

Johnny didn't go into his Rebellion going. Oh God is going to do amazing things through this Rebellion. I'm just I'm just I'm just bitching him a little meatball here that just knock out of the park.

Get here is God. Not only not flummoxed by Jonas Rebellion, but using Jonas Rebellion for his own Glory. How can God use sin for his own glory and our own Joy? And even more dangerous a thought how can God have in his holy perfect Morley Incorruptible plan the sins of men how can the sins of men be part of God's plan?

Christ on the cross

Christ on the cross

Was that not sinful? Was that not like heaven shaking sin? in unimaginable Rebellion on man's part

is it not sinful to murder God?

AAA his flesh to to mock him and crown him with thorns and nail him to a cross and Pierce through his side. Is that not sinful?

but Christian

are you saying that that was just a happy accident on God's part?

When Jesus breathed his last did God the father go. It worked. I was hoping it would go this way.

This is admittedly difficult and dangerous.

This is hard.

But we know that it was always the purpose and plan for God the Father to sacrifice Jesus the son on the cross. always part of the plan It was not a happy accident. If God can only react to the sins of men and has no sovereignty over them. Then the crucifixion of Jesus is the happiest of all accidents and at the moment Jesus cried out his last we see God sighing in relief.

We have a god that is not just Sovereign over the good right and holy he is Sovereign even over The Bad and The Wicked and the sinful God is either Sovereign over all things or he is not sovereign.

John Piper in his book spectacular sins and their Global purposed in the glory of Christ sounds like a real page-turner done. It just jumps right up the Shelf at you spectacular sins and their Global purpose in the glory of Christ. He writes this God did not just overcome evil at the cross. He made evil serve the overcoming of evil he made evil commits suicide in doing its worst evil.

maps of sovereign God

now I don't have an answer to every yeah, but that is now like hovering over your head like a bunch of

hovers buzzards, I couldn't come up with a single bird.

I don't have an answer to all of the yeah buts and there are thousands of them because that is really difficult. Welcome to the struggle. We have an eternity to really understand how it all shakes out, but I don't right now have an answer for all of it. But this is what I do know. I would rather God have an active and specific purpose and plan for my sin then have a god. It was a subject and a by standard to it.

I have hope in a God that can even purpose and plan my own sin and Rebellion for his glory in my joy. That is a God I can help in because I'm powerless to stop him in his plan to bring him glory and us joy, there is nothing I can do to stop it on my worst day. I can't stop it and neither. Can you I am just a vessel of his grace clearly as a part of his plan for me. Why?

I don't know why he chose me for Grace.

But that was his purpose and plan.


got this is difficult. This is hard how you are perfect in your holy you have never done wrong. You've never thought wrong. It never been a moment where you were done righteous and then repented of it there. There's never been a moment where you step near.

Wrongdoing or evil or sin? But yet you are. So powerful. You can purpose in flan sin and Rebellion for your own glory and for the joy of the people that you call.

Thank you that I am one.

When you called. And I pray that you would call each and every person this morning right now listening or tomorrow or next year or 7 years from now when I forgot that this video was posted online and someone stumbles across it even then.

Make a call then. To weep and mourn put on sackcloth and Ashes.

To repent of their sin in embrace the grace that you so freely offer. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Sovereign Lord, Jesus. In your name we pray amen. Now as every week, we have an opportunity continuing Worship in the giving of his ties and our offerings here in person or online. We welcome the next opportunity. We have together weather in person or online to gathering in fellowship and worship and pray and learn again, but until then be God's people represent him well and just bask in the glory of his goodness and his name I'll min.

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