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Living Among The Tombs

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Good morning, everybody in Facebook land beautiful day out there going to get some more rain today, but it's beautiful in this room lamps and air conditioning. So I'm not complaining. It's wonderful to gather together to pretty exciting day for us. If you're following on her Facebook page, you'll notice yesterday. Mike and Leah work hard to put a video together to kind of walk folks through our procedures for how will be gathering together gathering together again, and that's happening tonight at 6 p.m. So if you're able to come out and want to hang out with just going to do worship. I think it's been maybe six or seven songs were playing to do we will go to the folks on stage. You'll be wearing masks trying to do my best to socially distance. I want to be respectful of those the baby are at risk, but still would like the opportunity to come out. So if you're free, please come and join us. We're really excited for a chance to gather together again, it's been I think might mention the video 9 weeks. 9 weeks since we've been actually gathered in one place. So it's exciting for us to Bill do that. But I also want to make it very clear that if you're uncomfortable being out if you're unsure about your risk for covid-19.

The video that just kind of walked your facility. We've made some changes to keep things prepper social distancing and maybe a little bit of changes about how we do our normal and I'll get gathering together all very minor. But if you're curious by all means check it out and then also feel free to ask questions. Obviously. We are more than happy to to chat with you and answer any questions. You may have you can send us a message on Facebook. You can send us an email at office at Calvary Heights. Org. All right. Today. We're going to be in Mark V. I've been moving our way through Mark over the last several weeks. We took some breaks with covid-19, but we weren't really been back into the thick of it. Just moving through Mark and amazing book very exciting book and I think it's been really challenging maybe some of the stories we've heard thunder. What time is Believers Mi maybe other people hear it for the first time in and really kind of just Blowin Minds about what what Jesus was up to in the way that he was doing things and that doesn't change its remove today and tomorrow at 5. So Definitely excited to be sharing with you with that. Let's go ahead and Jump On In to Mark 5:1. You got a Bible great. We use the ESV here. If not, you feel free to read it here on the screen Mark V will start of March 5 at the top of the book. They came to the other side of the sea to the country of the gerasenes images had stepped out of the boat immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean Spirit. He lived among the tombs and no one could bind him anymore. Not even with a chain for he had often been bound with shackles and chains but he rents the change of heart and he broke the shackles and pieces. No one had the strength to subdue him night and day among the tombs and on the mountains, he was always crying out and cutting himself with stones and when he saw Jesus from afar he ran and fell down before him and crying out with a loud voice. He said what have you to do with me Jesus Son of the most high God I assure you by God do not torment me, but he was saying to him come out of the man you unclean spirit and Jesus asked him. What is your name? He replied my name is Legion for we are many. And he begged him earnestly not to send him out of the country. Now a great herd of pigs was feeding there on the hillside and They begged him sang Send us to the pigs. Let us enter them. So we gave them permission and the unclean spirits came out in enter the Pigs and The Herd numbering about 2,000 rushed down the Steep Bank into the sea and drowned in the sea the herdsmen fled and totaled in the city and in the country and people came to see what it was. It happened and they came to Jesus and saw the demon-possessed man. The one who had had the legion sitting there clothes and in his right mind and they were afraid. And those who had seen it describe to them what happened to the demon-possessed man into the pigs and they begin to beg Jesus to depart from their region. As he was getting into the boat the man who have been possessed with demons begged him that he might be with him and he did not permit him but said to him go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you. And now he has had mercy on you and you went away and began to Proclaim in the decapolis. How much do you have done for him and everyone Marvel? osprey Emily father's we read the story the Navy we've heard countless times before the help us to read it with the new eyes and an open mind and a receptive Heart Lord, you've done great things through these accounts have been reading them are just absolutely astounding things and you continue to do great things Orton As We Gather here today and we study your word know we do so not so that we can learn about it an ancient man. Who did something is the thousands of years ago and was it was very intriguing or interesting or charismatic Laura, but because we want to know more about our living savior is right now sitting at the right hand of the father who's overseeing this world and everything about it created it and we'll be there at the end to redeem it. So thank you Lord for this opportunity to study. Thank you for this interesting season in our lives where where we have seen in some regards you able to flourish and a and then maybe another times we feel may be distanced Lord, but We know that you're in control. When is B look at the situation to what you were able to overcome when you were here on this Earth Lord help us to really trust and rely on you to overcome everything that we need to overcoming in our lives in your son's am I pregnant? Alright living among the tombs is what I decided to go with for the title of this sermon seemed apropos as we move through here in Mark 5 another day another demon. We're starting to see what I would say is the true power of Jesus really starting to manifest on Earth make make no mistake. This isn't the first time here in my 500 you seen Jesus exert power or do something incredible is a matter of time matter fact, we seen him heal the sick. He's commanded demons before this is how all of this began last week, but we talked about we just spoke about our small groups to meet with Jesus because Jesus command to see and it obeyed and he was seeing new twist not just one demon or even a couple of demons. But it a challenger appears. So Jesus foot if we look at the story Jesus put barely touches the soil. It says he's Stepside just stepped out of the boat and inadvertently close the the tab has using for the Bible and I like to make reference. This will be with me.

And when Jesus had stepped out of the boat immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit. So this is there's no time wasted that Jesus isn't isn't that the unloading things and suddenly this person shows up. Like I told Jesus he this is wonderful. He is runs to him he gets as soon as he sees him this man who lives in the tombs comes running to him. He was demon-possessed but the different series by a legion of demons and that's not a word that we use necessarily in in the in our our kind of everyday vernacular perhaps the Allegiant of something it would have meant something in the Roman times. The only orders about six thousand soldiers would have comprised deleted. So when we here at this sort of number. I like to think of it as thousands of them not one or two or five or what-have-you, but you're literally at Allegiant so much the perhaps without without knowing that it was a legion. You would not be able to count them quickly. Albert Tsai same as got this man and it's so who is this guy? Jesus touchdown guy comes running. He was very very strong. There's no question about that. I think this could choose abundantly clear the townspeople had attempted to bind him in the past and he broke every shackle verse for that ends with no one had the strength to subdue him. No one. So here's somebody that is demon possessed whether they realize that the townspeople realize that or not doesn't doesn't really matter. They clearly know that this person is not in his right mind something is wrong. Let's just say leave it at that and they seem perhaps that he's exceptionally strong and through that could be exceptionally destructive and they found him up tried to bite him up in the past. And I think clearly is not works right those stories very clear here. He had often been Bangla shackles and chains but a trench the change of heart and broke the shackles and pieces. No one had the strength to subdue him. I think it's safe to say that the people were afraid of him or whether they understood what was going on or not, whether it was clear to them. Yeah, it was a demon-possessed was he just wasn't just crazy was he evil was he trying to run into town? Either way? They they had tried to find him. I'd given up on that now he just lives among the tomb.

This might be a serious challenge write a 6000 demons person that can break shackles. No, simply not Jesus commands and the demons obey. No different than what we saw and every other demon interaction the demons would try to expose Christ as the Son of God and he would tell them to be quiet. We saw that earlier. Have you tried to can kind of control the manner in which people may are made aware of who he is knowing that eventually the whole world will know every knee will bow. There's a method to Jesus's that Ministry said man is clearly it's not Madness but there's a method for Jesus to decide. So in this case here, he comes across what might seem like a formidable demonic opponent Legion of demons and having a man with super human strength table of breaking shackles who lives in Tunes

And we see no difference at all. He runs over. What what have you to do with me Jesus they beg for mercy right, please even by God do not torment me, which is very interesting that the demons are appealing in God's name for Mercy from God.

And so they beg for mercy it says the even beg for mercy. Supposed to say they wipe my own slides and another type of but I don't think it be a a normal Chris sermon if there wasn't some type on the side that I would walk there is no fight and there is no difficulty in this encounter whatsoever. We don't get a feeling it stands in stark contrast to what we seen from the townspeople trying to control this individual. Jesus isn't putting shock goes on in that he's breaking free oven and Italy and eluding him in this that the other and there's no there's no test Allure struggle or you know protocol here. It says Jesus, Jesus says go in there and he goes, it's no difficulty. You don't get to feeling here that Jesus look like mopping is Brower like hey guys with us and we're going to have to really, you know hunker down on this because that's a lot of demons in there. Jesus commands and the demons obey the demons beg not to be cast out of the country. It's interesting. If you look here. I did attend.

10th Mark 5:10, and he begged him earnestly not to send them out of the country. I want to leave the country. Maybe they're stationed there to work. Not really sure why they don't want to go what that means. But clearly they've inhabited this man. They like it here whatever. The demons are focusing on this is this is clearly where they want to be based on their back of their begging not to go and Jesus appliances that but why It's a good question. I think I believe it's a it's a fair question the very least but it's not really clear why Jesus doesn't just immediately destroy them. I want it. Whatever else right? That's it. That's it. It's not clear biblically. I believe that it shows precisely what the demons desire death to God's creation what Jesus is doing here is allowing the demons to demonstrate to those around them what their purpose is and their purpose isn't to make people strong and have them achieve great things or you know, the notion of like a party scene in hell where everything you know, it's it's just a big Rave all the time or something like that and then you know, Satan Satan wants to see people successful but just without God it's not true. It's not true in at 7 to hear. We have six thousand demons that are possessing a man who's constantly cutting himself and seeing his crazy and lives among the Dead. And then once they asked or are allowed to leave and in Jesus that they beg to go into the pigs, right?

Jesus supplies it is. So the question is why not just destroy them completely. I just a question that I asked a lot of Jesus could have been snapped his fingers in those demons ceased to be not just he had to cast them somewhere or whatever else write the that's his power in a God can make demons go away. To be fair. That day is coming in. Jesus knows that truth. I put a bullet here because in my life, this is a tough one to remember sometimes we just in our small group we do we do if all the sermon study if you if you're looking for a small group setting with more debt that we'd love to have you join us, but we don't get in we Dig Inn on the sermon from the week prior to try to maybe do just some more depth or understanding and talked about maybe some of the specific meaning or or maybe even just intricacies of some of these scriptures. And we we talked about in in Mark 4 during the sermon them that might just reach which was the the calming of the storm. We talked about you know, the nervousness the cowardice the fear that the disciples had on the boat when the storm is Raging shows that they they forgot they they don't really have faith in the bigger plan that they going to send him with Jesus and I think when we read a story like this and we say why didn't he destroy those demons right? Then he should have just made them cease to be it's a similar reaction that I know better that I know what's going to happen. I know the right thing to do is to destroy those demons as they said they only seek to kill and destroy. So I tolerate this at all. I'm in much like the storm. You know, they actually accuse Jesus of why didn't you why you just going to sit there while we while we die don't you even care that might be easy to read a passage like this but Jesus knows that this How This Ends and it's all part of a plan that God has that these demons were allowed to possess this man, and then we're allowed to possess those pigs and all of it makes for wonderful. Narrative that we have here in the story right that the truth of the story in the way that it's totaled paints for us a picture of what these demons are all about. Jesus chose to allow the demons to demonstrate their true goals. He didn't have to but he chose to the demons know they can't win the war. So I think it's pretty clear. When you hear these demons address Jesus. They know who he is. They're aware of the rank-and-file of the kingdom of God. There's no question. They not saying who are you and we don't believe you and you're not so tough for any of that. There's absolute reference paid to Christ and his rank. That said they don't follow him. They don't believe and they don't they they they don't seek salvation through him. They know they stand outside of him and what Mercy shown from him. They know they can't win the war even the battle, but they do desire to harm God's creation. that's a similar perhaps to this notion of you know you with you you've been If you you took a test and you failed it are you you were judges do you you went to court and you lost the case but on the way out you you smash a glass. It doesn't change the Judgment only brings more guilt on you right now, you're adding adding effectively bad behavior on top of now convicted that behavior but I didn't raise your anger to just harm those who hold you in judgement people lash out like that. That's really no difference here. Right all of the different hear that all the demons everybody that we see engaging Christ over and over and over again, or if they know how this ends they know how the judgment is going to play out. They realize that they can't stop God. There's no hope of that but yet they still continue trying to harm God's creation. Jesus keep turning their evil deeds and opportunities to teach what we talked about this notion. We talked about the storm. We saw some interesting things in the stronger. Jesus was rebuking the storm. It indicates the situation of a sinful World filled with with with creation at the yearning for a redemption in through that we see storms and natural disasters to do harm and bring death and we see demons doing the same things. You know, I thought in the service of Satan and all of this every bit of this is all is all leading us into a place of

Why who's in charge of what's going on? Sometimes the apostles the disciples they felt it. We feel it and hear what we see is you saying not not this time. Look at what these demons want to do. You want to go into the pigs? Yeah, that sounds good. Let's go to the pig go to the pigs and put them with the what a receipt at. They just immediately Drive the pigs into the water in the pigs drown. That said this is a good reminder for us. Even someone beset by six thousand demons is only one command from Jesus away from being free one command. There's no battle. There's no struggle. There is no timeline. There's no minimum safe distance. There's no none of that comes into play here at all. We do not see where Jesus says. Well, I'm going to start a process today, but it'll take it, you know 6 weeks for you to be free of these demons because there's so many of them you got so much sin in your life so much baggage that we're just going to take us forever to unpack all that's not true. Jesus commands and demons obey We don't need to live among the tombs. This this guy was living among the tombs. Some of this sounds a bit weird, like living in a graveyard. We don't really have a parallel for that. We don't see necessarily people today. That would maybe have some sort of mental instability that would gravitate to it to live in a graveyard granted. This person wasn't just your mentally unstable. They didn't have some sort of disability or a mental issue or an In-N-Out in a balanced or anything like that. They were demon possessed and it's vastly different but we see is the demons moving them over in Jewish culture touching Graves made you the unclean that a measurement for what would deem somebody mentally unfit and it was much more rudimentary and obviously and in many regards not very scientific today, but one of those things was living and sleeping in Graco. If you did that you were out with a check mark in the you're not sane column. So what we see here is the demons are drawing this man in and living in a place where he's perpetually kept unclean Living with the dead an indicator of insanity and then they tried to handle him in the past and it couldn't be done. He broke through every shackles who was just left to live among the tombs. And that the interesting parallel there is there's plenty of times in our lives and people around us that you know, we try really really hard to maybe shackle up. Somebody's Saint or bad behavior. Demon possession is summer drives maybe and they break free of all those and we just don't know what to do what to do. This guy. Didn't know what to do. He wasn't in control the county but couldn't contain him that couldn't Channel him. They couldn't further his growth or help him at all and they just kind of left them to his to his desire. You're going to go live among the tombs fine. Go ahead and we tried we did everything we could But clearly everything wasn't good enough, right Jesus shows up one command. It's over. The battle is Fred. There's no chains to break that. I just I can't stress this enough. There wasn't a long arduous process of Jesus saving this individual. That's not to say and what we see moving forward is it doesn't just immediately change everything right there still some struggles, but this man was changed immediately. He was saved immediately as a commander Jesus. And we no longer was forced to live among the tombs. You'd think he was a man that everybody in the town probably do about the guy that lived in the Tomb super strong broke shackles. Seeing this man should really rally the town around Jesus here somebody that overcame something extraordinary you think so, but you'd be wrong as usual right, but never cease to maybe the Amazed by some of the behavior of these Believers in the Bible are these and unbelievers in the Bible what they can see with their own eyes. The herdsmen who see him move, you know, he transfers the spirit with permission. It says it's very very clear and Mark 5:13. So Mr. 512 They begged him saying send us to the pigs 13. So he gave them permission and the unclean spirits came out into the Pigs and The Herd number in about 2,000 Rush down the Steep Bank into the sea and drowned in the sea. If this isn't the well they slip through his grasp. Jesus said fine. You'll be allowed to go into the pigs and they of course of all, the pig's Head Down The Purge men would have been running over seeing his herd of pigs. They going to tell the city what happened and here come the folks they come out and they see Jesus sitting here with this former demoniac that they would have known that brother. They knew it was a demoniac Renata's is largely irrelevant, but they would have been aware of his prior State whatever that entailed. Is clothed and in his right mind. So remember he was would have been unclean. It was cut badly. He was probably the clothes that he was in had to have been added if there was much closing at all. And if we see that says back at the Inn 5455 night and day among the tombs and on the mountain was always crying out and cutting himself with stones. Prophesy to cut yourself with stones. You're probably cutting through the fabric that was above your skin if there was anything there at all, but he received that he closed and he's saying again he's covered. He's acting normal. He's in his right mind and their reaction is fear. It may seem interesting. Excitement not. rejoicing but fear as an interesting aside. We just talked about fear in our small group. It's interesting how these always seem to coincide crisp and I guess it's Mark and then mark But at the end of Mark for we see the Ford fear use two times and there is a fear that would be baby in some regards translated to cowardice that they're afraid in Jesus's. Why are you so cowardly? Why are you so afraid of the storm and then he calms the storm and then it says that the disciples were filled with great fear. And that fear is much more of a reverent fear understanding of the power of God. And two different words are used for the word fear that were translated in this case. The word fear here is the reverent fear abeo. Right? But that fear of God that understanding who Jesus is in his true power. They see what Jesus has done and they are in all of the fact that this man is standing or sitting there in his right mind closed when they couldn't even contain him a shackles.

What exactly are they afraid of Jesus commands Demons by the legion? 6000 demons go over there. They go. The specific reason for their fear isn't explain but it's a combination of two things that I think led to the sphere. One they feel they saw that the Jesus was capable of doing this but also they cared a lot more for their pigs than they did for this guy. So understanding and being afraid that Jesus has the ability to remove demons from this man. I can command them around their reaction isn't to see come save us right when we look here in a We looked at here in. 517 and they began to beg Jesus to depart from their region. Before that we said those who had seen it described them when it happened to the demon-possessed man into the pigs and they began to beg Jesus to depart from their region. They see Jesus the words of the the word fear here that there was chosen is a is a reference fear of who Jesus is what he's capable of doing and then they asked him to leave. So their fear of Jesus while perhaps interesting that they saw that he was a God that he's great very very powerful Campbell of doing an incredible things. They wanted to go they don't want that power around here because look at what you did to these pics 2000 pics of Christ entire Point here. The second bullet is Jesus care a lot more for this man than their pics. They would have been happy to have this man possessed by six thousand demons living in the tombs. As long as they're pigs were, okay. here's a man saved his life traded for the life of 2,000 pigs and their reaction is not pleased those other people in our time that could use this knowledge could you bring them good news is there anything we can do for them for the sick for other demon possessed people it's please go please go I mean this guy saved okay that's great and improbable that you did that but it's also terrifying because how much more of our life is going to be at stake if you keep doing the will of the father

easy to forget the demoniac in the story after he's free he doesn't he does not forget he knows what Jesus has done for him He knows what the town thinks of them. It's very clear now. Wow. Christ saved you but what about her pics?

That's good. That's good. Too. Bad. You're better at the pigs. Piano wood. Would you just go Jesus? Could you just go cuz we cannot suffer another loss of 2006. Nice to see you too, right? So, of course as you might imagine he wants to go with Jesus he wants to serve the man who saved him. That probably doesn't have much love lost for the town that clearly doesn't value his life over that of a bunch of pigs. Jesus has other plans this is very interesting. I think. Go home to your friends and tell him these Pig Farmers don't care, but the people who love you will. either the sending this man back to people he has connections with However, the majority of folks here clearly, whatever they just tried to detain you that didn't work. So there's the door but there are people in your life for your friends that are going to be excited to see you're going to be blown away that you're back to your old self or what have you and you going to start this year. I said if you've ever tried to talk to your friend about Jesus, it's not a picnic. It could be very very difficult to talk to people that you care about about their salvation. But what we see here isn't saying Jesus doesn't say hey, I want you to go and explain to them the intricacies of Salvation into the the the notion there, you know, the complexities of you know, the Ordo salutis of the way in which you were saved. That's not what Jesus commands him to do here. He says Jesus Mark 5:19 go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you and how he has had mercy on you. That is easy. It is so easy to talk to people about how much the Lord has done for me and how he has had mercy on me or countless examples, of course that might lead them into conversations more in depth about who Jesus is and what he did but it hears a man that was possessed by demons is now no longer possessed by Demon Six thousand demons gone. This man came and spoke to me. He said a word to the demons they let they went into the pigs the pigs under the sea and drama those demons want to destroy that And now I'm free of it because of this man who chose to do that. And now I'm here talking to you clothes no longer cutting myself no longer living in the tombs. I've been saved. There's been great Mercy Shawn on the he didn't have to send those demons out of me. But he did he showed mercy on me. He's safe. That's his testimony. That's what he's going to go. Tell us France. But this guy heads out and began to Proclaim and everybody marbles marbles marbles. They may play been playing marbles, but they marveled at the store. Just that the story it says here in 520. He went away and began to Proclaim in the capless how much Jesus have done for him and everyone marveled? Here's an example of somebody who blocked people probably knew what was going on his life. And now we see him trying out right on his head. Yes, I do. Remember me. I was the guy in the tombs not anymore because Jesus had mercy on me and save me you sent the demons away. He has such an amazing power. I've never seen anything like it. How marvelous what a marvelous Tale.

So, what about you? What about me? What about us? I just saved by Jesus. Are you possessed by six thousand demons. My guess is you fall somewhere on that Spectrum. It's a safe. Guess there's probably and maybe some has slightly more than six thousand demons, right but somewhere between possessed by 6000 demons and saved by Jesus we find ourselves in that Spectrum.

If you don't know who Jesus is. Today is the day Jesus is ready Heaven awaits. We want to pray with you. Please reach out. You can send us a Facebook message. You can send us an email will be at the church tonight 6 p.m. You do not need to live among the tombs. I don't care what your life has led how your life has been LED The Spar where you find yourself at several people tried to help you and and all you do is break out of those chains and and you've been exiled from lives of people that you care about a great deal and you feel disconnected from him and they don't want to even have the give you the time of day anymore and you burned all those bridges. I don't know. But here's a man who is possessed by six thousand demons who literally lived in the tombs and screamed and cut himself day in and day out in the town of given up on them and Jesus showed up and saved him with one word One command. Do not need to live among the tombs. Today's the day. If you know Jesus, but you're longing for a community. Today is the day we will we will be meeting tonight at 6 p.m. At the church will be a little different than that, maybe our traditional Church Gathering but will be there and we'd love to see you. We want to play with you. I'd love to meet you if you're watching it online and you've never set foot in the in our our church building or can I be a great night to do that? It's just going to be a time of worshiping and kind of getting together to be honest and reminding ourselves of how nice it is to be in the presence of one another and God.

If you know Jesus in your member of our church, pray for this city, let's pray for Martinsville today specifically as things are opening up as a lot of road construction out there things are kind of stressful in the town in general because of that and any minute anyways, things are just for kind of running High about the covid-19 and school letting out and all these things are just so different so many unknowns. Tell your friends about What the Lord Has Done pray for Martinsville. When you see people, you know talk about what the Lord has done just like this guy has he saved you where it where you felt the presence of the Lord. Have you been able to to to see his sovereignty through this process? Maybe it's something that seems very small tea, but it could be huge if somebody else is struggling with the same kind of an idea just like this demoniac to take that come in the Christ came to him go home your friends. Tell him how much the Lord has done for you and how he has had mercy on you. If you don't know anything beyond that you probably know that and you can tell people that and then if you like another question, so, you know, I don't have all the answers but looks wide love you for you meet some people at our church that maybe do you to check out some of these things? And once again, we love to engage and let them Marvel at God's greatness. Let people scratch their heads about wipe credible baby. Why don't I have that kind of Mercy in my life. What hasn't got done that for me? Those are great questions and the answer is but let's get into word and find out always afford to find out.

That said that scene of a message today. I'd like to pray one more time for us. I hope you found yourself somewhere in the Spectrum today and that were able to Baby You Know Glee and some some some real power from the word of God, which is filled with power wonder-working power as they say, let's pray together and then I will be done with our sermon time and look forward to seeing everybody tonight at 6 p.m. At the church. Heavenly father. Thank you for this day. Thank you for the opportunity to gather. We thank you for that opportunity a lot Lord, and it's because we're very thankful for that Lord. There are places in this world where they can't gather it all under fear break the law and order to do so and that they still do it because of the commands to do so Lord Then There Are Places that during a time like a Copa 19 or we have to be may be hyper-vigilant about our loved ones and caring for one another so that we don't spread a disease that at this point it is still Taking Lives worth

Companies don't have the luxury to even Gather in n and share the word of God on a platform like Facebook live the Lord. We are thankful for this opportunity together. No matter how it looks with thankful Elvis remain everything for that learn. Thank you for today's scripture passage. That's a challenging the scripture passage sometimes or the maybe we feel is that the situation we can't relate to I've never been possessed by 6000 demon size apply to me Lori. What we see is the grace the bercy that you showed this demon-possessed man all these years ago you continue to show all of us today regardless of how many demons are possessing us or if it's just saying that's over running our lives or our own selves that keep getting in the way Lord. You still can continue to show Mercy you still continue to show Grace and the work that you did on that cross takes care of everything for all times. There's nobody that has drifted so far away are possessed by so many demon or has such a a laundry list of bad behavior that you cannot redeem the Lord and be clean to that promise and we are thankful that we serve a living Risen Savior who has incredible power just in the word alone or there's no daunting challenge to to you saving us you speak and it occurs and lore. We are thankful for that. Thanks again for this time today. Please be with everybody that within earshot of the sermon and those that ate at maybe you're not even hearing this sermon Lords that are that are sick and are trying to get well, I would love to get out and visit but maybe aren't feeling up to the task or know that we are praying for them that we care for them. We look forward to getting to see everybody Lord. We look forward to getting to meet in person as soon as it's feasible orbit. I pray that we will all be very steadfast in our caution and under Standing Nevada, the wheat. We need to be caring for one another as best we can and it being respectful and responsible citizens at a time like this story. Thank you for all the blessings in our livestream son's name. I pray amen. But I'll do it for me today will see everybody tonight. That's up to making it and if not, we will be back here next Sunday to do another a Facebook live sermon. Hope everybody has a great day. I'll see you soon.

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