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Be Ready For Every Good Work

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Well, good morning.

I'm glad to be here with you folks today. I'll tell you a couple months ago. Todd asked me if I was interested in speaking again this year because the last time I did that just happen to be Mother's Day. It was a year ago today that that I was here and I found my notes. I remember that because I found my notes yesterday while I was looking for something else that this happened. Well, I'm happy to be here because as the process of Todd asking whether I was interested in doing it. My first reaction was I got to be honest way. There was a lot of fun in there like yeah, I'll do that sure thing. Why not sounds like a lot of fun. I do that a lot with things and then reality sets in that it is going to require some work. Which in the long run is a very good thing for me and I'm always grateful when Todd ass because in my own life in my preparing my heart and working on growing deeper each and every day maybe a little bit picking away at it my picking away at it. It's pretty slim if I read the verse of the day, I got to check mark But if I read it out loud and it's even a little bit better if I spend some time frame. Maybe if I ask God to help me out each morning, gets a little deeper when Todd asked us to do something like this. What really happens is that you realized after the first glance of sure. I'll go out and do that whole thing sounds great is that there's going to be some work involved and the work is good work and that's what this is called. You ready for every good work and I wasn't actually ready because for one eye flippantly said, yes without considering whether I was ready to talk to you about this this morning to I didn't get to choose what it was going to be about. And I didn't even look at it until I came to church that morning one morning and try to send the email and I have famously don't answer emails. And so I show up at church. Todd connection went in and I went. Oh, no, I better tell him yes, and I was like, oh how I wonder what it was you wanted me to talk about sign look up Titus 3, I got school. You know what it's it's to versus how hard could this be that we be done here in about 6 minutes, you know, if I took an explanation how many words are there anyways and then I read what it said. Oh, no, not really Titus 3:1 remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities. Come on an 31 North, Idaho. Nobody submissive Danny thing about anything up. So I thought well, maybe that's going to be a little more difficult than I thought. I got to be honest with you. It's kind of funny how these things work because this one pot asked me this was pretty covid-19 free Coronavirus.

And that whole business happen is happening. It's going on and it's adjust we're adjusting the way we live but there was a period of time where we weren't meeting in this room, so I couldn't have come in here and said to you it's really good to see you today because it is But actually I thought I was going to get away with something because I thought maybe you might most my wife would be here or just be empty and I'd be speaking to an empty room and I won't have to look you in the eye and you wouldn't have to know if I fumbled with my paper if the little microphone thing came off at 5 to put my glasses on or off to read I think I made the font big enough so I don't have to but you know, I kind of felt like I was getting it felt like I was getting away with something there for a while and then they came out said Church's back on. I don't know. I'm really going to have to put some stuff together here. What are things I want to tell you about this and please don't be offended when I tell you about this what we're going to talk about here in Titus 3 1 and 2 is because at there was a time in my life was this did not apply to me. And if you're not a Believer, if you don't have Jesus in your heart if you haven't confessed your sins to him if you are 100% certain if you haven't declared that Jesus is Lord, and that you're going to you're not going to go to heaven afterwards. You're not a Believer. So this message does not apply to you. Just like at one point in my life. It didn't apply to me either.

Because like everybody every single one of us there was a time where I hadn't turn my life over to Jesus. And this message here actually. Is a letter. written from a church starter Who at one time himself was not a believer? at one time in his own life persecuted Christians He met Jesus on the road and knocked off his horse. Jesus said to him. Why are you persecuting me? So, you know, I was no different than Paul at one point in my life.

But those that time of my life has changed so this message isn't for you if you don't believe but hang in there till the end because I have like a bonus for you at the very end. Okay, so please listen, please please pay attention or for all of us who do believe listen carefully because there's a lot here. And like I said, there was a point in my life where I really didn't believe and I think and I know for a fact that it was difficult for my parents. My dad's a pastor but as a missionary, my mother is an incredible Christian woman.

She can be a lot of fun to be around because she's quite snide in a very nice quiet Christian lady way, but we have a lot of fun over there because she she likes to throw his fingers out there and we didn't even realize where it all came from, to where adults were like it was mom has really got that from but my mother prayed for me and my father prayed for me every day when I can't believe they still do now. But it was through their prayers. And through trusting God that turned my heart. So he was external. It was a good work. So you please pray with me? Heavenly Father Please help us today to hear these. 2 vs

They're actually one sentence with 6 commas and three absolutes. I pray that you will take these words that Paul wrote to Titus. That you inspired in him to write to Titus and that you will help us to see it for what it is. To see it. As your words Sinking Deep into our hearts so that we might be ready for every good work ask in Jesus name. Amen.

So what what did Paul write and if you look it up in Titus 3 1 and 2 in the ESV? It says remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities. to be obedient be ready for every good work. Speak evil of no one. to avoid Coraline to be gentle and to show perfect courtesy toward all people. like I said It's one sentence. How many things did Paul Walker get in one possibly in one sentence. He could have put salvation in there. You could have put persecution. You could put a whole bunch more stuff cuz he obviously can put a lot of thought into one sentence. Like I said six, has six thoughts three of them three things that I see in there are absolutes and I'm sure my English teacher wife could pick out all kinds of other perfect participle and other things that are in the sentence that I couldn't do. but I like it because it starts out. Talking to the folks who are in Crete. And Crete was a place Paul had been before and you left Titus there and this is stuff that pot is POTUS in the last couple weeks as we talked about Titus. So he leaves Titus there. He goes off to do something else. There's a little bit in history. That's hard to understand what what exactly was going on with him, but he leaves Titus there to finish up some work. And part of it was as tight as told us that they started the church planted a bunch of places. The coastline is quite big there, but they really didn't have a structure built. There were no elders. There weren't the folks who were going to be there to solve some of the problems and basically things are starting to get a little loose in the churches there. There were folks in the churches there who are teaching things that were not the truth. There are folks that were taking things from the local culture. And they're also Jews who are trying to restore the lot. It's what they knew. And so they were pricing that back on the Christian folk that were there. So there was some dissension that was going on in their Paul wrote this part in the sentence before to be really really strong and to make sure that people understood exactly what he was saying. There's a very forceful way when you read this in one respect, but before I get to that what was Crete like in their day,

It is still is physically geographically it's a hundred and sixty miles from east to west, turned a little bit like this a hundred sixty miles. It's an island from one end to the other. It was 37 miles at its widest point since not real big. It's a nice size Island, but at its narrowest it's only seven and a half miles wide as a mountain range right through the middle. The top is highest peak up. There is about 8000 ft. So just it's very dry. It's. It was a sin their day was the sea trading Port many ports along the way both on the North side in the south side of the island that one of his trips like he's getting dragged back to speak up for For something he had done was put on a ship and was taken down the southern coast and they they went at the wrong time of year and had a really hard time getting to where they were going resulted in a shipwreck all kinds of people on board with a lot of drama. You can read about it in one of the other books is pretty cool story. Actually. I like it. That's what the deal is. The island itself is about 99 miles south of Greece. So it just sits just south of there heavy Greek influence. The island of Crete actually in the beginning has the first recorded human civilization structured civilization on it. The Minoans were there they fell out of favor, you know, how it happens all kinds of people have come and gone and by this time the Greeks have been there then the Romans had come rolling through so 69 BC to about sixty nine years before Christ time the Romans took over. This is probably in the first 20 or 30 years after that's we're talking about 9200 years since the Romans have taken over Crete. So it's not like it's a new thing. They're used to it. Things have settled down. It was very prosperous there. Things were going well. It was a very prosperous time. No conflict. Nothing special going on. So these people were living in a prosperous country. Maybe not under their own rule, but things are going well.

So what were the cretans like themselves? What were the people like and I I I had you did a lot of daydreaming about what would it be like to live in their time? And what would the power of the people act how would we interact with him? And there's two things that you can look at that. Describe it and I'm going to kind of steal a little bit of the next verse. I know I'm only doing Titus 3 1 and 2, but if you go to three Paul says something to him. He says to him. Look at what was just read it then.

I know.

He says to them.

I'm sorry wrong one in Titus 3:3. okay for we ourselves and he's trying to describe to the people in Crete with the what you were once like for we ourselves were once foolish. Disobedient let astray slaves to various passions and Pleasures passing her days in Malice and envy hated by others and hating one another.

So he's saying you were once like this. Like these people say I guess it paints a picture of who the cretans were. if you follow me here in a second, you'll see that like Todd said their gods wear a heavy influence on them or they were heavy influence on there. Because they invented him and basically it was a reflection of who they were one of the things that I talked about up on this list is it says living in Malice and envy And I had a herd of hastur when we're living in Hawaii that talked about envy and it wasn't I'd never heard this explanation before but I thought it was a great bottom line issued. Do you know the difference between jealousy and envy? And he explained it this way that if I'm jealous of someone I'm jealous of what they have or what they do or what how they are if I'm envious of someone I'm jealous. I want what they have and I don't want them to have it. If you put that up here with the cretans think about that. I want you what you have and I don't want you to have it has a little extra Firebird Fuel thrown on that fire. So this is the creep this is probably paint a really good picture of what they were dealing with in the people in their society. And why was that if we move long will see that they believed in their Greek gods These are God's at they invented. These are God's really strangely enough. There are people who still worship them who want that Society to come back who want things to be this way. They yearn for the way it used to be back in the old days and they're still trying to worship them. I've seen a video of it and I was like, wow that those days are gone. But Jesus was their number one God. He was actually according to their Legend. He was born in a cave there on Crete. He's god of sky weather fate Law & Justice. I'm not going to try and pronounce in Excel his name. He's a hero in the god of Medicine. Hermes was a hit. This guy is one of my favorites cuz you have a lot of jobs going on. He's the god of trade thieves Travelers Sports border crossings. Apparently you needed a God cuz all things haven't changed a guide to the underworld and he was notoriously cunning they worship that they love that and Apollo Inn in mythology. He can be very cruel and destructive. He Zeus's son probably got it there. Dionysius year was the god of the grape Harvest wine ritual Magic Madness some religious ecstasy and theater. I don't think I want to know what that was about to put it up there because that's what the internet said was going on with the guy now want to give you a complete picture of what was going on with Dinosaurs. but these are the people that they worship and like I said, these are the Dodge that they created one of the odd things about it is that

they didn't believe that the gods these Gods controlled them. They believed. They could be like that themselves. It was something that they aspired to themselves, but they didn't think the gods actually controlled them that they that they didn't give their hearts to him and it wasn't the same way that we believe in our God. At the bottom there, I guess I did. I've got a following there also.

So if we could go to the next slide, please.

before chapter 3 verses 1 and 2 we're said Todd finished last Sunday with chapter 2 verse 15 and I'm pretty sure that when Titus got this letter from Paul, it wasn't broken down into chapters and verses like ours is it was just a letter in the sentence before this one that I read to you in Titus 2:15 says You must teach these things and encourage the Believers to do them. He tells him you have authority to correct them when necessary so don't let anyone disregard what you say. That's what they heard just before the verse that word that we talked about one thing you have to understand was there was a problem with false teaching in their Church. There were Customs. Like I said and religions that were starting to seep into the church some we're focusing on religious law. And if you look ahead password Todd's going to be going in the next couple of weeks here to Titus 3:10. Paul tells them what to do with these people if they want real it. If they won't relent he says tell him twice. If you tell them twice and they won't change have nothing to do with them. This included people who were quarreling not just about false teaching. So he was pretty adamant. I thought when I read that I was like I was being pretty hard core.

So the next sorry, I'm just kind of fumbling along here. But now we get to the what we were talking about in our versus in chapter 3 verse 1 in the first thing that Paul says is to remind the Believers. I'm what I gather from that and what I've read from that is that he says it's because of this isn't the first time they've heard it. When he was there he established this. But they falling away from it. So he's at telling Titus to go back and remind them understand this. Also this letter wasn't just the Titus Titus was to take this letter and to read it out loud to the congregation. So they're hearing Paul's words as he says remind them to do these things.

So he hasn't caused in a reason to remind them and submitting to government officers may seem like an odd thing to throw in here because he was talking previously about how men and women and Hall we are all supposed to live in the community. But if you add in submitting to the government officers, it really changes things quite a bit cuz it moves from the personal to our relationship with everybody else around us are Civic duties that are around that we have around us and to be honest with you in the Bible. if you read in Romans 13:1

It says let every person be subject to the governing authorities for there is no Authority except from God and those that exist have been instituted by God. So is there their and they're in a story then they've been placed there by God. I know this is a difficult thing. Press to put rapper brain around we watch the news. Is there anybody here that agrees with everything that they see in the news? Is it difficult to watch the news? Is it difficult to know what the truth is when you watch the news or listen to the news? That's very very difficult and I can tell you there have my ups and downs was it just the same but the point of the matter is like it says in this verse there's no Authority except from God and those that exist have been instituted by him. It's a matter of faith and matter of trust of what we as Christians need need to instill in our hearts if we are to do every good work, Peter also says in chapter 2 verse 13 for the Lord's sake submit to human authority where the king of the head of state or officials. He has appointed Peters play here. I really like it. I like the first couple words that says for the Lord's sake I think it helps us it helps me when I hear that because if I was to do it for my own sake I will come up with a probably a totally different way of doing this the future reminds us. This is for God's sake that you're doing it so I can because of that I can set that aside.

You know, it can be difficult for us to see this from God's perspective.

You know because I think because we're Americans and at one point in our history. We are taxed without representation. So we got mad we went on board. Somebody's private property dressed like Native Americans it send it on those poor guys. We took their Key Resort in the harbor and we said no, sorry. We're not going to be dealing with this our way of rebelling against it and because of that I think from that point on there really isn't anybody that's going to tell us what to do or is there we may have had some inspirational leaders, but at the core of it each one of us has an individual and that's kind of the center of how we look at things in America in the big picture. So this is a difficult thing and I understand that But I I tell you back in Isaiah 55. God verses 8-9. God gives us a really nice way. I'm talking to us and telling us that we truly don't see things from his perspective because he says my thoughts are nothing like your thoughts. Says the Lord in my ways are far beyond anything you could even imagine. Or just as the heavens are higher than the earth. So my ways are higher than your ways and my higher thoughts are higher than your thoughts.

So for the Lord's sake Trust him that he knows what's going on in the big picture? Trust him that regardless of how we read what's going on today? He sees things from his perspective and that we can put our faith in him. You know, there are others who have done this in the Bible and I want to use it two of them as an example for you. This happened. Both of them were involved in something that happened about six hundred years before this and Israel. And I'm speaking about both Daniel and Nehemiah and six hundred or so years before this time that's going on with Paul writing this letter to the Romans really hadn't even gotten a foothold anywhere yet. It was their time was yet to come but never connects her and the Babylonians were raging through the area prior that is real that had a relationship with a Siria next door had to pay some tribute. They're basically paying people offer protection back in the day as what was happening Babylonians came through knock the Assyrians out. Well that meant that you had to align yourself with somebody. So the Israelites at the time just Israelite King said align themselves with the Egyptians because Egyptians really powerful man think that Williams aren't going to get the Egyptians. Resting got closer in the Babylonians got closer.

The Israelites change their allegiance at the last second. We're going with Babylon on this one problem was Egypt the first time and lost horribly. So the Israelites went back there with the Egyptians and started paying those guys instead for protection problem with Babylonians came back a second time fully loaded guns this time and one seeing that that was about to happen. The Israelites change their allegiance once more But the Babylonians were unhappy with the Israelites. Yellow switching back and forth and kind of made a mad. I'm sure they weren't paying their. Fair share according to what the Babylonians thought. So what they did was they went and said we're going to go ahead and take your time and Tru slim here and we're going to take everything in it because we don't think your Perry paying a fair amount. Silver quartz or two or three times Nebuchadnezzar in the battle onions sacked Jerusalem, and the very last time they knocked all the walls down Beatdown all the houses of the people the rich folks the of the folks who ran the town the city and went to the temple and they took every one of the artifacts out. So if you're not going to pay enough for going to take everything and we'll by the way will take Queen ten and twenty thousand of your best citizens. We left all the poor sick lame and lazy folks back. I'm in is really don't care for those all we want are the good ones. I'm serious. That's all they did business back in the day so I can wear them and I took them all back to Babylon. weirdly enough God knew what he was doing because his thoughts are not like their thoughts and his ways are not like their ways. So a number of his true believers were taken back to Babylon. We're introduced to the king's court. And we're talking about Daniel Shadrach Meshach in a Bendigo at the first part. And what I want to share with you about both Daniel and Nehemiah is that they show a pattern that we can use today. As a young person in that Court, they were told that they had to eat the King's food and drink the King's Wine because they wanted to fatten them up because they thought it would help him think they'll be good thinkers it be strong young vital young guys. Daniel didn't want to be defiled by drinking and eating this food. So we actually asked the chief of staff. The first thing he did was be polite. He asked the chief of staff to deviate from the set food regimen, you know, they thought that this guy's pretty wise to give him a chance after 10 days. They look stronger than everybody else around in the guy said hey, how bad could this be? So he allowed Daniel do it. So Daniel complied with with the King wanted but at the same time he didn't just just honor God and what he was doing he and his three three teammates. They're all found favor Nebuchadnezzar's Court. And God gifted Daniel.

With wisdom and the ability to discern the meaning of dreams because God knew what was going to happen.

Nebuchadnezzar Had a dream. He went to all his magicians and all his advisers and said tell me he knew that if he told him what the dream was that they'd all come up with some kind of meaning of what it was. And so I make things a little bit tougher on all of them. What we did was he didn't tell him what the dream was? So you got to tell me what the dream is and what the meaning is. Can you imagine getting call in the carpet for that? They basically, I'm sorry. There's nobody in your whole kingdom here or Nebuchadnezzar that can do this for you. So he said Okay. Good guys are making me mad. I'm turning you all limb from limb every one of your Dharma get a new set. We're talking about hundreds of these advisors, right so that decent Panic by the King's Guard showed up at Daniel's house and told him what was going on. I guess it was just time and Daniel said, can you give me a minute? We're going to work on this and this is one thing that I really like about Daniel. Here's the next thing that you did. He went to his fellows Shadrach Meshach in a Bendigo and he said ask the god of Heaven pray and ask the god of Heaven to show him his Mercy. Please let God show us your mercy and tell us what's going on. The first thing they did was turn to God didn't try to figure it out on their own.

No, God gave them the answer gave Daniel the answer. Not only did he tell them the dream, but he told me what the meaning was. My ways are so much higher than your ways.

As soon as Daniel had the answer before you even talk to Nebuchadnezzar. The first thing Daniel said was praise the name of God forever and ever. He asked God when he got what he wanted when he got what he needed. He thanks God.

Nebuchadnezzar responded after Daniel told him what the dream was and told him what the meaning was Nebuchadnezzar responded with praise. Truly. Your God is the greatest of God's the Lord / Kings Daniels influence here. Has touched another person's soul. Basically the leader of the world at that time. God's plans are so much higher than our plans and his thoughts are so much higher than our thoughts.

later They go through a couple different Emperor's later. There's a fella by the name of Darius the mede who's now running the show Nebuchadnezzar's gone. There's been a few others that have come in between. It's really a good store. You got to read Daniel. I love that. and um Darius gets influenced by some of the other folks and said you need to put up a statue over here of yourself and everybody needs to pray to you. They are saying it purposely because they wanted Daniel out. He gained so much favor gets so much power that in their ways like the cretans here. They're going to use every means possible to get rid of them. So they put up a big statue. Daniel and his heart said I can't do that can't dishonor. So they went to Daniel's house caught him praying to God. And asking for strength and wisdom of what to do and God's answer was a little weird. Because there's no way that you could get out of this. There was no way that he was going to escape their little plan that they accept their great plan that they had set up for him. He's a goner.

God had other thoughts to me cuz they went to Darius and they said she look we caught Daniel your advisor this guy doing this there's there's nothing you could do. He'd sealed it with his own seal. He couldn't back out of it. It's one of the rules that they had that once you sealed something you had to live with it.

So he orders take Daniel to the Lions Den throw them in their cover it up. If you read the stories fantastic who's the leader of the whole world at the time couldn't sleep couldn't eat. Theme party didn't do anything. He sat in his Chambers and worried all night long about what was going on with Daniel. Tell me the Lord is it powerful? Tell me he doesn't. Influence People when he wants them influence the next morning a king ran from his Palace to where Daniel was.

An ordered that the stones be removed.

I can just see it leans down into the hole and yells Daniel. servant of the Living God

tell me you're still alive. What was darius's response? Serving of tofu. Really? Wow, that's something. But this is some guy could have just written off here. Lots of others advisers. They don't Shadrach Meshach. Abednego could still be around there pretty smart guys. But this is this is how we felt about him. And this is the first thing that came to his mind was Daniel servant of the Living God. Look at how Daniel in his obedience. Daniel in his ability to not dishonor God found himself influencing the ruler of the world at the time

Also Nehemiah was one of those people who was taken from Israel to Babylon. And this is I don't know if you'd even been there done about 70 years. So who knows whether Nehemiah was actually born in Babylon or if he was dragged over as young kid now, he's a really old guy that I don't know enough about it, but me and my himself was there at He's a contemporary of Daniel or later just a little bit later on and they've been there 70 years and me and Maya was. Heartbroken about the fact that they're still living in Babylon. so


In fasted and prayed to the god of Heaven.

adverse action was the humble himself and to talk to God

He also confessed his sins in the sins of Israel.

But it didn't really solve anything right away. He really wanted the Israelites to go back. He wanted the city to be built rebuilt the temple to be rebuilt. But here he is stuck in Babylon. All the way over there and can't get out. His job ironically was the cupbearer for the king. So he would bring the King's Wine in and he had to take a sip to prove that it wasn't poisoned and I guess the check to see if it was good wine or not. What's wrong with 50/50 job there? Right? I mean, I don't think I would mind the cupcakes you unless it was really bad one. You know, I mean how bad could that job be wine tasting professionally. Have you pretty good job, although if there's a little bit of poison in there. I could be a problem for you. The deal was though because you had that job. You were very close to the king and one thing the canning would never put up with. Is sad people in his court? I guess that was a no no. But you might can help himself. He was overcome with grief. And he was walking his bobblehead would say down in the mouth. He's walking along having a tough day and the King notices and calls him on it says they need my what's going on here. Tough time for the king doesn't want you around.

Before he even answered the first thing Nehemiah did was say a short prayer to the god of Heaven, please help me. Called out to God told King artaxerxes what the problem was and says, how can I be happy artaxerxes king of everything that people over here. We're all trapped. Our country is in Ruins. We can't be happy.

And God had a plan timing was right. I was there. She says basically in the short. The book at the Fantastic book also, okay, take a bunch of people. Take some extra gold. I'll send some soldiers along to protect you guys get on back there and get things started again. God's ways are so much higher than our ways just thoughts are so much higher than our thoughts. On the way near my went through a lot of problems. It wasn't easy, but every single time in that book when something bad happened me and my first before he did anything took it to God. And every time God answered him me and my said Thank You Lord. I'd say that these two. Men ball sack God With Open Hearts, both worked with government officers under difficult circumstances, but never dishonor God. Got both did exactly what God directed them. So how do we deal with that? So that was great Dan 600 years before Paul even wrote this letter. That's fantastic This Is 2020. You don't understand things to change because the internet we have television. Radio. Are we supposed to deal with this whole thing? Well, I'm glad you asked first of all ask God for wisdom like Daniel Nehemiah did James wrote this

He says if you need Wisdom ask our generous God. You'll give it to you and you won't rebuke you for asking. Secondly, I'll tell you put your faith in God alone.

Because if you read the next verse in James it says but when you ask him be sure that your faith is in God alone don't waiver for a person with divided loyalty is as unsettled as the wave on the sea that is blown and tossed by the wind.

Thirdly to hear his answer. You must read his word with your hearts open to his answer. How he talks to us?

Fourthly trust God to have your best interest at heart.

I know that he cares about you. In Jeremiah 29. It says for I know the plans I have for you says the Lord are for good and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope and the days when you pray, I will listen if you look for me wholeheartedly you will find me.

I think it's a wonderful promise that we can all lean on. The next words in the in the verse up here just say obey you obedient.

It doesn't say you'll be deviant to what but it is tied right between obeying officers in your civic duty. And where he next talks about how to treat the people around you. So I think it can be either side of those. Our obedience is a visible sign of our love for God not this world. Like it says in 1st John 2 3 through 5 and we can be sure that we know him if we obey his Commandments if someone claims I know God but doesn't obey God Commandment that person is a liar and not living in the truth. But those who obey God's word truly show how completely they love him. That's how we know we are living in him.

Are obedient also pleases God and as it says up here in Deuteronomy understand therefore that the Lord your God is indeed God. He is Faith. He is the faithful guy who keeps his unfailing Covenant for a thousand generations and lavishes his unfailing love on those who love him and obey his commands.

The whole point of this is to be ready to do some good work. Have to add up to something. And what God really wants us to do is to listen to what Paul has said throughout this whole letter to Titus and pretty much every other letter that came after that the Titus Road or the pot scuse me that Paul wrote they sent all the churches.

There's a fella by the name of Todd load me some books to do some reading on that are pretty thick. Where's the time at there was one night at dinner where I had to actually tell Julian date in that there were two words in one sentence that I didn't even understand where to look them up Aiden. Look them up told me what they meant. Only the words. Government and officers does not have the word and in their needs two words describe the meaning of what happens when you don't have the word and in their I can't I can't pronounce him. So we'll just leave him alone.

But Andreas kostenberger wrote in his book called the biblical theology for Christian Proclamation. It says it creates Goodwill. a conducive environment for spreading the gospel

if you read James 3:13 and I believe it's up here. Also, it says if you're wise and understand God's ways prove it. By living an honorable life doing good works with the humility that comes from wisdom.

Next section of the verse also gets into how our relationship is supposed to be with those who are around us both those of us in the church year and those of us in the greater commute those in the Greater Community, you know, it says in there don't slander avoid coraleen instead be gentle show True humility to everyone.

It's Jesus's way.

And if you see Matthew 11:29.

Does take my yoke upon you? Let me teach you because I am humble and gentle at heart. And you will find rest for your souls. I think that's the bonus for us. We live peacefully and we'll have rest for our souls. If we take the time not to slander. avoid quarreling be gentle Joe true humility to others. It also repeats Paul's desire and Titus 2:8 that Todd read for us before it says those who oppose us will be ashamed and have nothing bad to say about us. By living an honorable and humble life.

This is really in contrast how things were about the cretans. Remember what I read to you how they acted. This is in contrast to those folks. But is our society any different Are We As Americans are we any different?

So getting towards the end of this and tying things up. One of the other books that Todd loanme is by a fella named Philip Towner. He says at the very end of his whole section in the book in his commentary says this is us Christian Life in this world is to present a vivid contrast to the criticized cretan image. In the Civic Arena Christians are to be as responsible as the best citizens. We're Believers more generally come into contact with other people. They are to embody the highest ideals of human virtue as they imitate the pattern behavior and Body by Christ himself. He's asking us please do what Jesus did. Please show the folks out there you're visible sign of your Christianity and your belief in Jesus and that you've changed because but what is the source of life? How is it possible to live this way? That's how we ended that commentary because I was like, oh, where do I go now or very nice. Thank you there mister Towner for asking the question. So now that the questions been asked I want to give you an analogy. There are few steps that we can do. Seven of them actually. Think about a garden this being spring. I know the youngers are doing some gardening or fixing to write. I know plenty of others in this room are also hazard. two mothers over here Julie and her mom Jan are working on their massive Garden that requires a lot of resources and time and energy. But you know what? You can't have all that fruit. Can you if you don't do the work? You don't put the work into your garden. you don't get but you hope that you're going to get from it and it's very much the same way second point you can't become what God desires of you without purposely working on it. You have to tend to your garden. You have to tend to your heart. You have to tend to your soul. I'll say you have to tend to your spirit. It's yours and someday you're going to be confronted face-to-face with the god that made you. And I hope on that day what he tells you is good job. Good and faithful servant. You know to do this though, I can't do it on your own you have to go directly to him. You can't do it alone.

One of the things he does though cuz he does speak to us tonight. There was a time in my life where I wanted to be Paul. I want Jesus just to talk to me like you did the Paul then I realized really what happened. Was he knocked him off his horse? Threatened them accuse them put things like scales across his eyes blinded them sent him on a big adventure that really ended up with him having apparently got his head lopped off. I mean that's what happened to Paul and Jen from what they tell us. There is probably a moment where I really wanted Jesus to talk to me that way and I thought well maybe there's a simpler way that we can do this the best way that God talks to us as if we read his word. Take it out every single day. You have two minutes. Look it up on your phone. It's so refreshing. It's so nice to know it.

Here's what he says about his word in Isaiah. Rain and snow come down from Heaven's and stay on the ground to water the Earth. They cause the green to grow producing seed for the farmer and bread for the hungry. It's the same with my word. I send it out and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I wanted to do and it will prosper every where I send it. you you me will live. Enjoy in. Peace And there's just like a little tagline is put on you into that because we live in North Idaho. I think he says this just for us the mountains in the hills were versing the song and the Trees of the field will clap their hands. What has that got to do with anything? I don't know but I sure do like it if it's nice out.

Xpoint is his word will fill you up. So there's no room for Darkness.

I really quick story that relates to this in 1980 to December of 1982. There was a airline by the name of their Florida that doesn't exist anymore. It went out of business.

And at the time Ronald Reagan was a president of our country. So it was just Washington Metropolitan Airport wasn't Ronald Reagan Airport like it is now. He was the president as they got this airplane where you go. It's been a huge snowstorm that day 6 and 1/2 inches of snow is hugin DC. I don't know if you get like an inch and a half everything stops there. So if you've been there you understand six and a half is like the end of the world. Air traffic is stopped for some time.

And it took a while for flights to get going again afterwards. So the planes are stacked up waiting to land planes are stacked up on the ground waiting to go out and the folks that were flying air, Florida Flight 93 made a huge mistake. Because they've had their playing the iced. And then they tried some tricks. Cuz I ain't want to stop and delay things more and they're under pressure cuz they were told there was a plane two and a half miles out and they need to get going and they have been in line to get out it been 45 minutes since they were the iced and when they backed away from the gate a little tractor the bushes and back didn't have chains on they can't get away from the gate. So in the meantime while they're trying to get another tractor with change on to give back to the gate to Pilots try to trick that's specifically said do not ever do this to reverse the engines and tried to back to playing up away from the gate with engines in Reverse, but they really did was through a bunch of more snow and ice up on on the wings of the plane. So they last cuz they tried to go was the plane that was taken off in front of them. They got as close as they could behind him thinking what will happen. Is that guy?

Is a really bad decision. And I see they're 79 people on that airplane 5 camera crew members the other set the other 74 passengers. Plane took off too much ice. On the ice and also included some of the instruments in the engines that recorded how much power they were applying the applied the wrong amount of power. You're playing made it a whopping 325 feet into the air on pretty quick probably at that time. If you listen to the Coptic voice recordings this tragic thing in there in trouble there was nothing they could do they already left the ground. They could have backed out anytime before that and they did. Airplane crashes Pizza 14th Street Bridge, which is actually the 395 and DC skipped across the top hits a bunch of cars kill seven more people on the ground plane goes into the water. Nose-first wings break is called the rivers full of ice Potomac is a bad situation.

What happened was everybody tried to jump in a few if you remember if you're old enough to remember that you can go check the videos out there still there. It was chaos, and it wasn't really anything that people on Shore could do water was full of fuel for one thing jp-5 was in the water. Nothing you could do is burning their eyes. There's four or five or six people on the back that from the tail of the plane. They were clinging to debris in chunks of ice on the water and that very famously National Park Service helicopter came along and dragged some ropes along and tried to pull people to shore. There was one fellow though that every time the Rope came he handed it to someone else. It turned out he was actually seatbelt it in his seat. He couldn't get out but if you grab the wine and maybe been able to pull it out that I'm selfish that he handed that lined everybody else in his name was Harland Williams.

He died. And a number of other people that handle the Rope 2 lived.

So 11 years later, then ex President Ronald Reagan towards the end of his speaking career because he he kind of lost his ability to speak but he was a beautiful speech writer and he was great at delivery speech. He was addressing the graduating class at the Citadel where Arland Williams had previously graduated himself. Military Academy in South Carolina, and Ronald Reagan was speaking to them about Arlen Williams and about what made the difference between Arland Williams and everybody else that day. You know, it was a tragic thing that happened quickly. He talks about previous to this part that I'm going to read you. He talks about planting things in your heart little by little building your character little by little instead of waiting till the moments upon you that's a good with arlyn Williams. He talks about things like often times when the voice of conscience was at war with the voice of Temptation Whispering the lie that it doesn't really matter. You don't need to read your Bible. I'm having to run the Reagan.

It's been determined by all the day-to-day decisions made when life seemed easy and Christ the same far away the decisions that piece by piece bit by bit develop habits of discipline or of laziness. habits of self sacrifice or self-indulgence habits of Duty and honor And integrity or dishonor and shame. And then the next thing I really love what he says in this paragraph.

because when life does get tough and the crisis is undeniably at hand. When we must in an instant look inward for the strength of characters. He is through

We will find nothing inside of us that we haven't already put there. Put God's word in your heart. He'll talk to you. Is all design for one reason.

Wait a minute had a couple more dinner all designed to produce good works.

So God wants for us. What are the good works?

The good works are saving others. Play Carlin William pass online to somebody else. Bring them along with back and help those around you.


You do these things, but I asked last but not least. It's never forget to give God the glory.

Help others along but I always remind yourself and those around you where it came from.

I asked you or I said in the beginning that if you're if you don't believe in your heart if you haven't accepted Christ as your savior.

If you hear me today, then this probably makes no sense to you or very little since May the Reagan part did cuz that's in the news that's good stuff. But you do have an opportunity.

Do every one of us to do believe in God. We believe that this is all to be true. All the things I said today are his words.

And we can all rest confidently in but if you don't know him. If you don't trust him. I ask that you do. And that you live with the same confident hope that he's given each and every one of us here today.

Heavenly Father Thank you for your day.

Thank you for your promises. And thanks for giving us a hope. Thanks for giving us a job.

I pray that you will strengthen each and every one of us. That you will speak strongly through your word to our hearts. Please help us each and everyone of us to be ready for every good work in Jesus name. Amen.

You know Christian Living in this world can be tough. But in the final analysis good has already won.

John 1:5 says Play I really like doing John when toddlers doing the Book of John those first 5 verses are incredible and I like the paint pictures and I wish I could paint this picture. I have it in my head that I can't make my make myself do it. I can't figure out how to do it yet, but I will says the light shines in the darkness and the Darkness can never overcome it. I just like those words. Thanks.

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