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WCC 2020-05-17 Service 10:30

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Well a good Sunday morning to your family on this 17th day of May. It's hard to believe this is the May long weekend. I don't know about you, but we don't have hardly even a sign of a butt on our trees and we were driving over through town and it's just incredible how empty it is for this normally very very busy weekend. So to all of you good morning those far and near and we will Begin by updating a few things that we have done it to church family. First of all, we have some pictures from the drive-by that we did with Grace Williams 80th birthday and you'll see some of the pictures here that Richard has put up as we drove by and honked horns in a course all the Neighbors on the street wondered what was going on and then they were all standing out started to cheer for grace and also Rick having his birthday couple weeks ago and There's Rick looking at at all of us as we drove by and saw it was a it was a very fun day. And we also then went over to Vanessa's house and we wished her a happy birthday as well. So as I mentioned that last week if you have a special birthday or a special event that you would like us to drive by and visit and horns and everything. Feel free. Also just a reminder Jane and I are doing driveway visits Carl. One of our elders was out doing driveway visits the same day and we passed each other and talk and so we're certainly enjoying seeing all of you. We have the daily bread devotional books for June and when we come to your house will be happy to give you those. So if you want to book a time, we let us know or we can make arrangements to come by and see you. I also want to mention something else. As you know, I am doing this YouTube presentation and as you can appreciate that the building is empty and so I'm I'm preaching to you while I feel like Romper Room empty of sorry Richard Richards here and and James here where the Three Musketeers but I feel like they can I see norm and May and Bob and Gina. Anyway, what I'm asking is would you please feel free to give me feedback last week after I preached in the YouTube with set out an entire week. I only heard from one person. So I'd appreciate feedback if you don't like the sermon tell me, but I would really like it because we're not interacting after service as we normally do and so, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Also want to know give you the birthdays for this upcoming week one of his Carla very happy birthday for the 21st and also for armed guard a very happy birthday to you. And then Richard is put in a slide here called yippee for Veggie Tales and things it's different types of programs for children. And so he is quite impressed with that end. So if you have grandchildren are children that you would like to maybe introduce them to these things then give Richard a call or email him and he'll be happy to give you more information. I want to give you now our prayer and praise for this upcoming week offers while I want to just know to David is again, very thankful for everybody and staying healthy. I think it's incredible that in our town of nearly 23,000. We've only had 11 cases with one death and call me what I believe. It's at 14 cases. And so we're very fortunate in the health level of our community and so keep praying for each other and for everyone because Not simply the virus but people are dealing with a number of different things and you'll notice this in our prayer needs. We've got and monsac has the numbness in her arm from shoulder to fingertips. Most likely a nerve issue and thank you for continue to pray for Jean. She has some ability back in her arm. So also there's a number of folks including in that are having MRIs and they're waiting to be scheduled and there's a number of folks that are waiting for surgeries. And so we want to continue to trust that the Lord will make a way so that people can get their surgeries Shaun Of course is ready to start the American sign language course on Mondays and I think there's around 12 of our congregation of signed up and so she's asking for wisdom and and obviously prayer as she is she shares and that'll be over the next few weeks. Bob Raeford, of course. I was visiting with him and he was telling me he got horrific pain in his elbow. It turns out his infection and now he's on an antibiotic and Viv course continue to be concerned about her sister Abby and there's still no issues for have you personally from covid-19?

Heavenly father on this day of the 17th of May here. We are in the midst of the long weekend. We just father want to say thank you for your great creative genius as we have seen flowers blossom in Grass turn green and buds slowly coming out on trees. It's incredible at your order in the midst of all, the disorder of the human race is against so noticeable. Thank you every morning. Your mercies are new and every day the sun rises and every evening the sun sets. And so Lord as always our eyes are on you. And I agree with David. I'm very thankful for all that you have done for each one of us. And so many ways you protected and helped us and people have had answers to prayer and it's been marvelous we pray now for those who have specific needs. We think of an and Jane with these nerve issues in their arms Lord that your family would be quick for them. We also pray for a Vivitar concerned about her daughter and her sister and Lord many of us are concerned about family members. And so we just lift up our family to you at this time. We pray with Bob that the antibiotics would bring healing to his arm and give him back his Mobility. We also just would ask that your power would be flowing now through Margaret and that she would have a great piece because I'm sure she's very nervous. Wondering what is going on and waiting for the doctors to give a final assessment for and so are we reminded that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and so would you continue to bring healing to each one? And would you continue to bring strength and energy for those that are homeschooling and those that are doing so many more things in the home because of all the restrictions those that are working out of their homes and and and those that are feeling very close being in their homes. Those that are feeling very lonely and Lord may we have opportunities to show your love to one another and practical ways. Thank you for all those who bring food to folks and who make phone calls for do drive-bys all of these things may not really be seen as important now, but in hindsight, they will be at the stream of parts. And so Lord as I lift up this family to you today. I pray your blessing and your power in your strength be upon each and everyone of us and trust that Lord soon will be able to meet together and worship you as a family. Thank you Lord in your name. We pray. Amen. I'd like to share with you today. And my sermon title is what do the stones mean? What do the stones mean? The other night after work day of dizziness and I've been doing a lots of things around the house outside things especially and when the day was over we had our supper I sat down and I watched Charlotte's Web it was on television, but I haven't seen that movie for years. I mean who can ever forget the sacrament farm and talking animals and Fern and that beloved Pig Wilbur and of course, Charlotte, And as I watched the movie and I don't know how your final but but throughout these last days many memories have been springing up in my mind shows and things and activities and then and then I haven't gone to television a lot. But but every now and then I I slip on the television and I watch some of the Retro Sports than the Retro hockey games the Retro baseball games and the United for a few minutes. I watch the 1978 Leafs and they were playing a game I think was against Boston and then there was a 1988 Oilers vs Calgary Flames. And then the 2007 Blue Jays as I watched the team skate up and down the ice and I saw a player slice a home run ball out of the park is filled with emotions from yesterday days past. Wayne Gretzky Mark Messier Curry borje salming Rick vaive Frank Thomas John Oliver route Greg's on the memories just seem to flood in as I've had time to do some thinking. Menu morning. I awakened and I'm thinking about the memories of days passed and end in moments with people. And I don't know how you're finding this time, but I'm actually having opportunities to have uninterrupted thought. And often it is reflective moments. And it's not that I'm pining for the past per se but rather I see my life and it's whole context the past but also the present. I don't know about you. But before this pandemic everything was on to the next thing on to the next thing on the next thing keep going keep going and now I'm actually having moments to think well where we been what has been happening and end. So what I'm seeing in this times in these times of reflection is God's Direction and his love and his protection and even his discipline throughout my entire life. You know what? It reminds me of a story from the Old Testament and you remember Israel they went into Egypt because of a worldwide famine and after 40 years there about 2 after leaving Egypt. They are about to cross the Jordan River. It's it's the land that God promised them. And you remember we're nearly talking 500 years total from the time that Jacob took his family of 70 down to Egypt Jacob of of Joseph course, it's already there through divine intervention of those a very hard time for him. And so they were in Egypt for about 430 years. And then after that time Moses LED them out of Egypt and this was a time of it have been horrific bondage at the end people were glad in a sense the event and so after 40 years though of of different issues. They find me are going to cross into their land of of heritage. Joseph Moses Moses has died. And now we've got Joshua who is in charge of leading them into the Promised Land. And so we get this story in Joshua chapter 3 and I want to read verses 11 to 13 and verses 17 behold the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord of all the Earth is crossing over ahead of you in the Jordan. Now then take for yourselves 12 men from the tribes of Israel one man for each tribe. And it shall come about when the soles of the feet of the priests who carry the Ark of the Lord the Lord of all the Earth shall rest of the Waters of the Jordan the Waters of the Jordan shall be cut off and the waters which are flowing down from above Still Standing Heap. And the priests to carry the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord stood firm on dry ground in the middle of the Jordan River while all Israel crossed on dry land or dry ground until all the nation had finished crossing the Jordan so twice now the nation of Israel had crossed on dry land through a mighty body of water. and then a Joshua Ford says now it came about when all the nation had finished crossing the Jordan the Lord spoke to Joshua saying Take for yourselves 12 men from the people one man from each tried and command them saying take up for yourselves 12 Stones from here out of the middle of the Jordan from the place where the priest feet are standing firmly carry them over with you and lay them down in the lodging place where you will lodge tonight.

So Joshua called the 12 men whom he had appointed from the sons of Israel one man for me to try and Joshua said to them cross over to the Ark of the Lord your God in the middle of the Jordan and each of you take up a stone on his shoulder. According to the number of tribes of the sons of God of Israel. Let this be a sign among you so that when your children ask you later saying, what do these Stones mean to you? Then you shall say to them because the Waters of the Jordan were cut off from the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord when it cross the Jordan the Waters of the Jordan were cut off. So these Stone shall become a memorial to the sons of Israel forever.

And that's the sons of his real dad has Joshua commanded and they took up the 12 Stones from the middle of the Jordan just as the Lord spoke to Joshua according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Israel and they carry them over with them to the lodging place and put them down there. The Joshua set up 12 Stones in the middle of the Jordan at the place where the feet of the priest who carried the Ark of the Covenant we're standing and they are there to this day.

Joshua said to the sons of Israel now in verse 21 or chapter 4 when your God asks your their fathers in time to come saying what are the stones? You shall inform them form your children saying Israel cross this Jordan on dry ground. For the Lord your God dried up the Waters of the Jordan before you until you would cross just as the Lord your God had done to the Red Sea what she dried up before us until we had crossed that all the peoples of the earth may know that the hand of the Lord is mighty so that you may fear the lord your God. forever

amazing memory to be shared for dinner generations to come what mean these don't.

insult This is what I'm starting to ponder in my personal reflection.

I'm thinking back to memories and thinking about situations insane one of these Stones mean in my life and I've almost forgotten about them. The Lord has done great things. And again, he's working in the midst of every type of Life circumstance from the past and in the present and I think Jeremiah, what's it supposed to play when it comes to the idea of the present what eat when he talks of God in this way in Lamentations chapter 3 verses 21 to 26. And Jeremiah in the midst of all his own agony. He was going through a very very hard time. I suggest you read the first three chapters of of limitations get a sense of what your alliance talking about. But this is what he says. This I recall to my mind. therefore I have hope the Lord's loving kindness has indeed never cease his compassions never fail. They are what new every morning great is thy faithfulness? The Lord is my portion says my soul therefore I have hope in him. The Lord is good to those who wait for him to the person who seeks him. It is good that he wait silently for the Salvation of the Lord. So my point is this this morning? it's not simply about God's tender compassion's or his Mercy or his loving-kindness has it's it's not simply about a memorial Cairn of stones stones that show God's miraculous power in the past. this life everyday This life everyday is about our heavenly father talking and walking with a sweat every day. It's him interacting with you and I personally everyday It's his presence dwelling in US permanently is 1st Corinthians 3:16 sets. That is everyday. Are you getting the picture? This is not about simply God in our memories or a pasado. I think it's good to reflect. I think we need to take time as I've been blessed in the reflections of the past the good the bad the ugly God has been there. But now it's about a god who's with us right now. We need to understand that because it's easy. I think in the loneliness of Our Lives. We don't have people all around us to almost forget that God is really with us everyday. He's here with us. So enjoy the relationship with your heavenly father today. and tomorrow and the next day Now you may feel you're on a roller coaster. But I want you to turn your head and I want you to see who's sitting right beside you. Take a look. Who's right beside you. If you look you'll see it's God and you're able you're free to say to him father. I I'm really scared. I don't know what's going on. I don't know if I'm coming or going and I'm lonely and everything. You can tell him that and I think his reply will be something like the following. Hang on. I'm right beside you. I've got you.

now since his compassion in his mercy and his loving-kindness are new. What is is Jeremiah said every morning that I want to propose to you in the midst of the roller coaster ride, either enjoy the ride or enjoy the ride, but in either case as you look back on your life in the years to come and the Next Generation Ask you what do these Stones mean? You can confidently say the Lord is mighty and he was with me during those days of 2021 and close is maybe you need to make Cairn of stones. Whatever that looks like a memory so that you won't forget how God was with you now and it will serve as a reminder in years to come how God has been with you. And so the reality is in all that we're going through blessed be the name of the Lord. father these days still are not easier easy and is as these days go by people in some ways are are feeling more concerned more antsy and in so maybe Lord what all of us need to do is just pause. Rest in you. And let it be even a time for reflection. How you have helped us in days fast when we were children when we were teens when we're young adults when we were with young families or we were growing up and was up with businesses may be middle-aged maybe in older age and retirement. It's good to be reminded of the past. And then maybe we need to take time and say to ourselves. What do these Stones mean? And then as we think of our present scenario, we need to remind ourselves the new Every Morning are your mercies your loving kindness has your compassion. They don't fail you are faithful. And so Lord as we move into this week my prayer is that we'll have a great sense that you're with us every day. today tomorrow the day after that enlarging time has time brings out hindsight moments. That we will be able to say the folks down. The road Our God was mighty and working through those roller coaster days of 2020. Blessed be the name. of the Lord and so may he bless you and keep you this day and may his face continue to shine upon you and be gracious unto you and may he lift up the light of his countenance upon you and of course give you his. Peace. amen

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