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EGO - Edging God out

  • the object of my worship
  • source of sufficiency and self-worth
  • my audience and judge
  • my source of wisdom

If you ever see a turtle on the top of a pole and he tells you that he got there by himself.;  he is either a liar or he doesn't understand the nature of things.

We can alter our ego.

EGO - Exalting God Only

Realization of the importance of others.  Humility.

Brokenness comes before submission.  I must come to the place that I reakize that I can do nothing significant on my own.

Have I edged God out through pride or fear?

Pride and fear are flip sides of the same problem.  Edging God out.

Bob Russell

Attitude of Christ is one of the most challenging aspects of his leadership.  Our attitude toward people is the most affective dynamic of leadership.

  • Severe stress is one attitude spoiler.  Fruit of the spirit is necessary.  Never see Jesus as hurried or stressed.  Early morning down time.  Or all night sessions in prayer.  Feeding 5000 - there's always a way.
  • Disappointments with people.  50% of my time is focused on the 5% that are critical and appreciative.  We tend to lose the big picture and fail to appreciate the positive mob.
  • Frequent Criticism.  We have trained people to be critics and so we suffer more from it today than ever before.  Jesus was constantly criticized.  Jesus was always the calm in the middle of the storm.
  • A Feeling of Failure or ineffectiveness.  Competitive spirit.  Hard to rejoice with someone who is successful in the same field.  Ego - Saul was content as king until David's success dwarfed his own accomplishments.  John 6  They wanted breakfast after an evening meal.  They walked away from him that day because he told them that he was heaven's bread.
  • Family Problems can take away our ability to focus.  Jesus had them as well.  Always full of grace and truth.  David Novak - replace your divot.

Morphing Your Heart - Phyllis Henry  15 minute presentation on the habit of daily surrender.

Dissonance between our message and our manner.

Cultural Absenteeism.  The blue cross doesn't weather well.  Can't keep the weather out.  The old rugged cross weathers extremely well.  Wind whipped it stands and takes on a timeless relevance.

David Novak - Developing Your Leadership Point of View

Leadership above all else is a sacred privilege.  Going to work with an attitude of gratitude.  Mood elevator - highest point is gratitude and the lowest point is anger.  We make our best decisions when we are at our highest points.  Greater perspective to be gained with height.  Build around values.

Olivia Hurley -

How has your committment to Jesus affected your leadership committment?

"The Blessing" - focus on meeting the needs of others rather than waiting around for others to meet your needs.

Leadership is about influence.  Corporate scandal is about leadership.

Junior Bridgman - Milwaukee Bucks

People are our #1 asset.  About people.

Patrick Lencioni

5 Temptations of a Leader

  1. Status
  2. Popularity
  3. Value Certainty over clarity
  4. Harmony
  5. Invulnerability

Invulnerability - Christ allowed himself to be maligned, insulted, unjustly accused and he refused to defend himself.

Popularity - Holding people accountable for their behaviors.  Ultimately we express love for people in this manner.  "If I were a people-pleaser I would not be God's servant." - Galatians

Bob Reccord -

God has a special and unique calling.  He calls you to himself.  For whom are you working as opposed to "why" are you doing whatever it is that you are doing.  Am I leading this church as though I am the CEO or am I leading as an entrusted steward accountable to God?  I am leading in the area of intersection between the things that please God and the things that please me.  I fear that I am largely ignoring the things that please God but have unpleasant components for myself. 

Lord Jesus please help me to change this area of my life if indeed it is true.


Beware that your plans and your Palm Pilots that they do not blind us to the Father's priorities for this day. 

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