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As you relax over a cup of coffee anticipating the aromas, tastes and textures of your next meal, take a moment to reflect on the message contained herein. Most people can read an article like this one, but how many understand what the author intended to convey?

In order for communication to work people actually have to listen, to take the time and effort to think about what is being expressed. Now, the sad reality is that if you actually comprehend what I’m trying to say, you still don’t get it unless we have common ground. Put another way, you must have some modicum of experience in the given area in order to grasp the full meaning intended. I could talk ad nauseam about flying jets, but if you’ve never been in a jet cockpit you won’t get the meaning of my message even if you understand every word I use. In learning Greek, the first thing a person must do is learn the alphabet and the sounds and syllabification of the symbols and words. Once you’ve mastered these simple things you can correctly read any Greek text. You won’t have a clue what any of it means, but you can read it.

In the local paper there has been an ongoing battle between Bible believers and science believers. I find the whole thing interesting on many levels, but one of the most fascinating things to me is how much space has been devoted to God, in a secular paper, directly due to the opinions published by people who say they want God out of the public view.

Another aspect of the continuing clash of world views is the fact that non-believers assume they represent the scientific, rational, educated and intelligent side of the argument. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Physical science insists that nothing is created from nothing and yet we have a universe full of something. Explain how physical science can rationally and intelligently answer the question, “Where did the space, time and matter of the universe come from?” Ultimately, the only possible answer is that our universe came from a place where physical laws do not constrain creation. We call that realm the metaphysical because it is beyond the natural, it is the supernatural and that place (that isn’t a place at all) is the domain of our Creator who is outside of space-time and yet also permeates every molecule of our universe.

Human words do not do justice to the concepts, but rest assured they are the facts scientifically. You may say its all hokum and witchcraft; a belief in the supernatural. I ask, what requires more faith, a belief in science that is incapable of answering any of the really important questions or a belief that is wholly compatible with science that agrees that there are no physical answers to these questions?

Now, back to the original diatribe about understanding, if you have no experience with God you can’t comprehend this message. I can tell you that the Creator of space, time and matter and of the physical laws that govern them, also created you specifically. I can tell you that a creator like that is pure existence and has no beginning or end and that He does not change therefore He lacks nothing. That means He created you, not for His need, but to share Himself with you. I can tell you that there is nothing that you as a finite human becoming can ever do to gain the favor of such a Being. I can tell you that God doesn’t owe you a thing. I can go on to say that in spite of our selfish nature God has selflessly given what was most precious to Him in order to provide a path to Him in love. Finally, I come to the part where I can say that if you refuse God’s priceless, but free, gift you have sealed your own fate. But then I remember that if you get it you’ve probably already got it and if you don’t get it you may as well enjoy the meal because it won’t get any better than that. If you’re thinking, “I wish I hadn’t read this thing,” at least I got you thinking and it is my prayer that God blesses you with His Truth.

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