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The Nicodemus Problem!

Let Your Light Shine, The Gospel of John Devotions  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  12:59
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Hello and welcome back to our devotions through the Gospel of John. Last time we learned the importance of focusing on the spiritual side of life, and focusing on God rather than the physical things. Today we will build on that as we look into the concept of being reborn through the Son of Man Jesus Christ. We will spend at least two lessons in this passage.

A Change of a heart is needed!

Knowing Christ was not enough, see Nicodemus admitted that Christ could only have come from God seeing his miracles. What he was not ready to do is leave the name he had made for himself in order to truly follow Christ. He wanted to know more from Christ but was not ready to accept the way of Christ.

You must be born again!

Christ begins to point out the spiritual need of Nicodemus and as he is doing so Nicodemus gets stuck on the physical side again. Rather than seeing his need of accepting Christ for his sin he saw that he could not climb back into his mothers womb. He missed that the Lamb of God was there that could give a new and clean life.
Nicodemus was a scholar of religion and yet his eyes were blind to the need and the why of the Messiah.

Some ending thoughts.

I know this lesson was shorter but want to leave you with some important thought to think about. Do you trust in you own scholarly ability over what God has revealed?
See Nicodemus had a great need and yet because he didnt feel it met his study he was mising his greatest need. Friend i would like to share the thought that you can not outthink, outsmart or out know God. What he says is and what he has declared is.
If you have not been born again, accepted Christs life changing power it is your greatest need. If you have grown to not trust God doing things his way you need to check your knowledge and remember he is trying to give you what is best for you. This physical birth was temporary but the greater birth the spiritual birth is eternal.
If you want to know more about this you can go to our discipleship link on and watch the salvation videos, our you can reach out to me at This is the most important decision we can make.
Christian Christ didnt just want you to trust him for salvation but has so much more for you in this life. We can only see what God has for us by getting into his word and furthering our discipleship. I would encourage you to get with your local pastor if your not part of Lighthouse Baptist Church, but if you are please email me or use our links to sign up for our thursday Bible Study.
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