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What Has Been Revealed - Hebrews 10:11-39

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It's been there every week even as we have done worship together online the gioi has been there, but there is there's something special about being together, but I do want to just confess. I didn't see the tears in my eyes are not from that you guys may or may not know this but I relied heavily on to get me through Sunday morning. My voice wants to get down the mountain that little shot of adrenaline. But I always slept as we stand in the last hour.

so the worship was wonderful, but the tears are from

As We Gather this morning I want to encourage you whether you're here with us or you're watching on Facebook, I would encourage you to turn to the book we're going to be looking at Hebrews chapter 10 and in chapter 10, we're going to read a logger truck of this text through continuing what we've been doing. About the church talking about the people of God talking about other people and their heads were field deficits in America Christian. We have seen some things that blind spot.

recognize and do something Every bit as we come into this time to run virus and lockdown we recognized as an American treasure we struggle to transcend our filter. We often times as Christ in America is looking more like our culture and this has been brought out we struggle to love one another in our interaction struggled to love one another and how we talk. And how we talk to one another can we have different perspectives with our personal rep American Christians have our personal rights?

By giving up his rights for the good of others that we would clean so tightly do our own. We need to remember Philippians 2 from time to time. Another problem that's been exposed by the lockdown by coronavirus disconnect scriptural truth from our day-to-day lives. I really don't think every year that the American Christianity didn't know. Is it easy to buy was entirely irrelevant to our daily life? We can come in on Sunday to learn a ton of facts we can come in to a Wednesday night bible study. We can learn a lot of information.

Now, what did this mean for heroin? We've struggled to apply what we already know to the lie that we live another dependent on our tradition. instead of on the Holy Spirit Christianity's about 8:45 a.m. Every Sunday then my spiritual life is good Emoji. Take that away all of a sudden. I have no more relationship with God. We kind of depend on these traditions instead of defending our relationship with God through the holy spirit. Is it on Sunday morning? American Christianity has made of the everything comes down to this. Right if the pastor has a good sermon on Sunday the rest of the week where we feel like, it's great to be a dud. I don't know what we're going to do for the next week, right? We can we show up on Sunday morning feed me or I don't know how we'll make it through.

We show up on Sunday morning and they say we need this to be our time of worship. Read this to me the time that it fills our whole black. Instead of morning and evening going to the word of God because of the blood of our relationship with God on Sunday morning Christian.

These are not your problems to allow my culture to dictate my actions instead of cry. Do tuna have this obsession with what do I want rather than what does Christ call me to disconnect when I'm reading the Bible from the life that I live. Depend on Traditions to depend on what I do. Rather than who I am in spirit to get me through to look forward to Sunday morning 6 got to hit it out of the park on Sunday morning. We got to do it right on Sunday morning or we failed at the church.

What I want to say this morning as it dries.

And even if we recognize these we need to understand that these are just symptoms. I have an underlying issue with the root cause reminded me this weekend

God damn I'm taking a page out of your book right hand concerning his morning devotion in our basement group everybody doesn't deserve

didn't last time I am just going for a second. He's just going for that routine thing. The doctor doesn't I'll take this affect the reflexes and he asked was there anything else that you wanted to ask me about why you're here.

Make your body my body is broken.

And if I touch my leg it hurt her.

doctor looked everywhere

doctors in the Americans the situation where he has broken we need to understand that maybe it's not a collection of a

but maybe there's one broken this right at the center of it all that we have to decide what is broken. What is the problem underlying all of these other deficit under my policy?

What's wrong with the American church has been revealed.

Hebrews chapter 10 and I'm going to breed a admittedly long chunk of this text and I didn't even someone else of God's worth.

And every priest Stanley Bailey and a service. dirt bikes never take away But right that offer for all-time a single sacrifice for sins that down at the right hand of God provide a single offering he has perfected for all time those were being sanctified. And the Holy Spirit also Bears witness to us for after saying this is the Covenant that I will make with them after those days to clear the Lord. I will put my laws on their heart and write them on their minds. I will remember their sins and their Lawless Deeds Noble where there is forgiveness if there is no longer.

Therefore Brothers since we have confidence interval, holy places by the blood of Jesus by the New and Living Way that he opened for us through the curtains. Splash Adventure

Let us draw near with True Heart. Speak with our hearts and our bodies washed. Bass the confession of Our Hope without wavering proceed promised is faithful. Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works not neglect to meet together as is the habit of somebody using one another in all the more as you see the day Drawing Near. For if we go on a date. Fire that will consume the after series. Anyone who is set aside the law of Moses dies without Mercy on the evidence of two or three? How much worse punishment? spurned Son of God Ms. Propane the blood of the Covenant by which he was signified and his outrageous. Who said vengeance is mine. I will repay the Lord will judge his people.

Number to call the former days when after you were enlightened you into more. Hard struggle the suffering sometimes being publicly exposed to reproach and affliction and sometimes being partners with those so treated. Joyfully accepted the plundering of your property since you knew that you yourself.

Therefore do not throw away your confidence which has a great reward. You have need of endurance when you have done what is prom for yet a little while in the coming one will come and will not delay, but my righteous one shall live by faith and if he shrinks back, my soul has no pleasure. But we are not those who shrink back cards, but those who have faith and Preserve.

We got a lot less. the reading of his word above

scripture become the tag in the midst of the song.

instead of stores Am I hope as a Christ or the source of the revelation of Jesus Christ to me is the word of God when he's writing to Timothy.

Protege in the ministry and here's the instruction gives her Ministry in the section. We all are.

Do exhortation and the teaching was convicted?

That's on me because it Red Hills. Please give him some attention to exhortation. Did you guys put up with be preaching anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour every Sunday? Teaching and preaching that's a quotation right with the public reading scripture of a larger prop. In the American church and to make it worse Pacific to us.

we have the Church of collectively said everything on the word of God and that is a fantastic sense. Really good on our website. What are we doing?

Let me ask this do we trust the power of the word of God? Do we trust the power of the word of God for what is needed to Red Hills to succeed. We just got to have better communication. Yeah, we just got to get a little bit flicker in our publication. We got to get a little bit more on the ball.

Or do we say chapter 1?

Do we get excited about working together to look at the word of God? the other boy

6 hours of Bible study I will confess because we were not watching it live. I started and stopped. I'll take it and Sean. It's hard for us today. I believe and trust in the power of the word of God hard-pressed to give attention to the public reading of scripture. One of the reasons is that we don't.

The work of God in the power of the spirit.

I think it's also true that are scripture problem is based on the fact that we don't speak.

Too often. I open this book and I say okay. Do you want to tell me about me? You want to tell me about how to have a better life how to have a better marriage how to be a better parent. What do you want to tell me about? And there's that is it? But that's not what it's about. Motorcycle scripture is to reveal to us God in all of his glory. Faded Glory of God

Here's how you are prepare your children.

God gives himself to you today. And if that's not enough scripture never will be God finger you is not enough for you. You don't ever take anything. Because that's what it's all about.

parking structure of scripture Let's be honest.

I mean this one's not this one.

It's a little copy, but this.

66 different books

It's really confusing at times. There's a whole bunch of laws that we look at it. Like I don't know how. We as Christians have this tendency to tell people just read the Bible how to solve all your problems and somebody picks it up at the end of the divinicus new life.

The numbers in your life not seeing it because we failed to teach and he failed to remember.

There's a little complex.

by the creator of the universe fighting a

I like.

I like blue cheese.

Lucci is not something that I want to just calm down right now. I want to be mixed in with other.

They closed down really sad if you just look at that one. Same thing I like sugar. I made some homemade strawberry.

Call the wife the recipe from volcanic with the full sugar recipe there is more sugar.

And I never thought I could do it like Miley made something. That is so sweet. I have to put it on something.

Bring up the scriptures meant to be taken together and it's an overarching picture when we tell me to go to the Bible now answer your questions. We better be walking alongside helping them understand. Created.

By the way, you coming back?

That's the overarching picture Bible scripture problem.

A suspicion from everybody's everybody's a Critic everybody's suspicious of everybody else. Now this is where we start getting back into our text here this morning. I want you to look back at Hebrews chapter 10. Hebrews chapter 10 verse 22 urging us The trust Christ is urging us to trust one another he's urging us to trust the spirit. And what did he do any side of us? He said let us draw here for the True Heart in full Assurance of Faith with our hearts from an evil conscience. our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conch I think the problem is when we come to our lives today too many of us live so much inside our own head so much inside the image of ourselves that we created on social media where we just throw out a statement without a second thought but all the sudden that now has to be incorporated into Who We Are we're not even sure who we really are snow gone overboard

Now instead of being defined by the dock.

Jesus people who are defined by

and now they feel like they've got to defend that with their life. first to admit that my reaction to coronavirus my reaction to the government my reacts add the corn season all of the other day.

I think there been times when I've overreacted against and overreacted to order.

And if I'm not careful. I find myself trying to defend.

I said this question is the back that down a little bit. Right, we have this problem where we created ourselves.

We're no longer content to say Jesus is the only perfect person that ever walked. The face of the earth is dead. We have to pretend like we on. Ripa show up with a smile we have to do all of this.

because people think the wrong thing when I go to the store, I've got to where I'm at. So the people know that I'm carrying and consider. What's the name of the store? I can't wear a mask. Seacrest by the oppressive government We have to start.

You're so you are.

John Chau uark rice ball recipe bunny prove your worth in your volume. You don't have to stand up and impress your buddies. You don't have to impress anybody. Jesus is your brother Jesus is your savior? That's enough.

You don't have to tremble in fear. Jesus

to live is Christ to die is gain. don't

nothing else

I think one of the reasons why we have a tendency to create.

pictures of God look at first the confession of our hope is faithful. Christ follower when you doubt the love of God or men down the command of God.

You are not just doubting one thing you are doubting the very Foundation of reality. You are doubting God himself.


By the way, this isn't the sermon at wanted to preach this morning. I actually load the preacher sermon from Romans 14.

The guy kept pulling me back.

Because what I wanted to do was I wanted to preach a sermon talking about how to respect one another and love one of them.

Enough to do what he says and to the promises he's made. So we're in harmony.

if I am so motivated by the cynicism of my culture that I cannot trust someone who's faithful even when I

there's no way I can live. in harmony with those around

We're suspicious of our self. I'm suspicious of to live for the sake of others and not for myself.

We ought to be like

we have in our churches. Not just a scripture problem that just a suspicion problem. I think we have a structure. We have a structure problem.

Look at versus 24 and works. consider how to stir up one another

and yet if we were riding Hebrews chapter 10 verse 24

It might be like that and the other search committees to go out and find charismatic pastors.

Yesterday was my four year anniversary of being called at the pastor here.

For that anniversary and I freaked it. But I recognize. That we have created a structure. Even after four years of conscientiously talk about this conscientiously trying to avoid it. We have a structure that is still feel way too much. Who is called by a search committee and voted on by the church?

We have a structure problem because we've created.

That one person is a very precarious foundation on which the villagers.

I'm not organized.

I'm not always good at being a cheerleader. I'm terrible at dating. Until I buy an arch tempered reinforced that's truck. I'm saying what's all depends on?

Instead of depending on one another just duricef to encourage.

It's coming out to what's the pastor doing?

We're too dependent on one meeting. where I'm currently looking for 25 do not neglect to meet together as if they have a smell.

Now I have people and I wrestled with I really did people who are choosing not to meet together on Sunday morning with violating this passage.

Dead by not having our worship service every Sunday at 10:45. We were violating the not meeting together. This goes back to that episode that I mentioned earlier. We have placed too much emphasis on Monday morning. This is church. We're not low. This is all churches. We're not. The vision of meeting together is not just here. I believe a vision of one single brake service. Throughout the week.

Instead. I think the point of the the Bruce year.

We ought to be sharing our lives with one another. We Got the Beat continually checking on one another calling one another getting together in our home To the point where the name?

Disney if not, the Pinnacle. is not the standard by which we judge whether or not if you have

all your life never missed a Sunday.

but if that perfect attendance badge

This is what I've seen in coronavirus how dependent we were on Sunday morning. We have to give up because

not much. Sunday morning

We're too dependent on this one meaning to do that when we meet together and encourage one another instead of saying we'd rather Christian walk and relationship with one another throughout the week.

Lennar Homes

or the weather or the hunting where the heights? talking about What you depended on one person? We're too dependent on what?

We're too dependent on Church structures that don't require the Holy Spirit.

Is there anything Red Hills has to Then we can do without the Holy Spirit. If the answer is yes, we need to quit doing that. and rely on the Holy Spirit

if there's anything that we can do one thing the holy spirit that you know, what?

problem at we meeting together to encourage room. Not just one meeting. Not just one person not just on our own but through the power of the spirit living every

Patricia calendar Octonauts to be the measure of our country instead of spirit motivating a day in and day out.

But I don't have to fool you guys all of these problems the scripture problem the structured problem the suspicion problem all of these. I will commit that because we have the same problem. That's the problem really scraped everything away. That's the problem. That's why Everywhere We Touch hurts. That's why we see all of these issues in ourselves in our country and in our fellowship.

You just order. Walter has its roots in.

We've become way too comfortable with our sins recently uncovered.

We have a centromere and every sin is open at Lee. a disordering of our love ultimately ordering of our How many of you woke up yesterday? And he said you know what? I hate you. Tell me whatever I can about my kid. You're just being a kid because I hate.

Make sure my neighbor knows how much I hate got.


I'm going to make sure that my coworker knows how much I hate you. I swear in a release date yet for failing to music.

None of us right now.

And yet what is idolatry?

What is apathy other than putting a love for ourselves ahead of a love for our next? ourselves ahead of a bowl of fruit

We have a love disorder. Which means me address?

Free and it is put is because we put ourselves ahead in the order that got home.

When I graduate from high school, my pastor gave me a little frame right now.

weighted but I imagine you still got about five different little black little sayings on them. Lakers little poem about success or shooting for the stars or

I'm actually giving. You gave me a little frame and it was just a plain black printed piece of paper and says I'm a Flirt. I had to ask him if he said well.

God first others second, I'm Cleary. If when we get that messed up. Did we end up with synonym? remove ourselves ahead of others may end up with send we move ourselves to hand of God we end up with

it doesn't matter how it affects everybody else. I'm going to look out for that's the problem.

We need to order IHOP.

all of this problem parsing problem Mission rdr2 problem

pastors can get together and say Hey, you see these issues come often and then did what? What's the definition of organizational handling? committee our way out

No, we need.

The underlying problem is we are sinners the overarching overriding praise the Lord Glory forever salute. Jesus fixes our scripture probably because Jesus show that all of the scripture all along with poison you towards me.

scripture Jesus shows us the Bible is full of power and

all of the promises of God, the promises of God

Are yes and amen in Christ Jesus praise the Lord?

They're going to give us a solution. We got a suspicion problem. Jesus sets us free. From self-condemnation Jesus sets us free from our death of God's love Jesus necklace free from our suspicions and RC.

Jesus is the answer. Jesus is the answer for a structural problem.

Jesus shows us in action. Just finished all the disciples. You need to go preach the gospel to Every Nation on Earth. inimitable

until the spirit don't go

until you are filled with power

Sumerians if you don't go Jesus knows that no matter how good a plan the apostles came up with it and fail if the spirit was out of town the Jesus show that the solution door Striker problem He showed us the problem with having one person being the key part of any. He says no, that's not how it's supposed to be. Peter tells us in his letter.

Holy nation Asians at the purpose of the pastor of the purpose of your pastors at Red Hills is to equip.

nothing We are Kingdom of priests. Holy nation working together. courage one another And to show the world what really happened? When were transformed by Jesus?

Read the book right now.

What's the topic weed?

But if there is a really really helpful. Deepest for too long. The church has said that the reason we exist is to make people nice.

To make people nice self respect. We want to make people laugh. When we teach our children and Sunday school years David.

We're teaching kids to be nice when we present the Ten Commandments in these things.

But that's not what we don't need any Reformation of our sin. resurrection of Arkansas

you can quit trying to make people laugh. Let Jesus.

But we need Jesus suffer so that we can be comforted Jesus forgives.

Jesus shows his righteousness for the weekend.

Jesus sent the spirit. list Jesus

Never problem everywhere. We touch her I love Jesus.

I would not be surprised if there are many people in our country. the lights

watch a sermon online wine the world side gather with other Christians.

At what you missed me what you meant when we left.

Jesus bottle Jesus Christ Jesus is the answer to our sin problem answer to our fellowship.

Put your trust.

Not in yourself. if you don't have

put your trust in him. 9 solution for the same solution for the for the person who up in shirts at the bank first. I didn't grow up in church since Jesus look for Jesus. Ensure

Let's be like Jesus.

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