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05 03 2020 Our Good Shepherd, Part 2 (Sermon Only)

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Unified Service for a unified Good Shepherd. "They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer"

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And this is delivered to us by the Holy Spirit as he comes to us repeatedly as we encounter his word. Whenever we encounter God's word. The spirit is bringing us Jesus. Whenever we encounter God's word. The spirit is bringing us Jesus. Who is God's love in the flesh. That's what we are here to do on Sunday mornings. And that's what we are now a part doing on Sunday morning. This is Spirit still working God still doing his thing. The love of God is still being poured into us. This also happens on a daily basis as we open up the Bible as we have our devotional time with God as we spend our time with God God's love is being poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit who brings us Jesus. And it is by this love of God by this presence of God in our lives and in our hearts and in our minds that we have become a holy priesthood. a holy nation a royal priesthood in the words of Peter God's Own people God's Own people and therefore because we are God's Own people a royal priesthood a holy nation. We therefore have within us because he put it there to overcome my preferences.

Whatever they may be.

and to love him

and to love each other

and to love our neighbor

because he first loved us.

God grant us this as we Forge our way forward and as we listen to where our Good Shepherd is leaving our Good Shepherd.


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