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A Mother's Prayer - Matthew 15:21-28

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Hello and welcome to messages from the mount the expository Bible teaching and preaching Ministry of the Mount Olive Baptist Church. As always. We thank you for joining us in worship today. Join us. Now as he begins the service. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning and happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and all the mother figures want to welcome you again to the Mount Olive Baptist Church. We praise God for you. Praise God for all of our Mother's Day indispensable natural resource, if you will for all of humanity, and today we want to again just take the time to praise God and and we can be truthful about it. Actually every day is actually Mother's Day. Amen. Because we recognize that where we be without our mothers. They have contributed so much that helped us to be who we are. They hadn't cried most they were our first cheerleaders. They are the face that we look for whenever we are some place. We always looking for our mothers. In fact of the first person that we look for it no matter how famous we become as we look out if we waved. Hi Mom. That's the most important person in my life, but we do know that moms. I like they like God so certain extent. They're always there to help us. They're always there to Dependable faithful. Their courageous in many ways a few moments. What we want to do today is we want to talk about mothers if you will. Turn to Matthew chapter 15 verses 21 to 28 and Jesus went this and departed into the coast of Tyre and sidon. Behold a woman of Canaan came out of the same codes and Cried unto him saying have mercy on me. Oh Lord thou son of David. My daughter is grievously that's with a devil. But yes or not. His disciples came in beside him saying send her away for she cries after us. Answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Then came she and worshiped him saying Lord help me, but he answered her. Excuse me, but he answered and said it is not meet to take the children's bread to dogs. She said truth Lord get the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their master's table. Then Jesus answered and said unto her a woman great is thy faith be it unto thee even as thou Wilt and her daughter. Was made home from that very hour. Let us pray Father in heaven. We thank you o God for your goodness to us today. We thank you for waking us up this morning. We think it'll help me Father for what you going to do in this day and we pray God your choicest blessings upon all of us. We pray father for those today who are experiencing for the first time of the loss of their mothers or the loss of their mothers it all God. We pray for those person today. We pray also, Send over this text and father you like your Holy Spirit to infuse. Myself also in allowed to be in couraging words. My mother's today Father. We ask you to The Only Name qualified in the name of Jesus the flower Fades, but the word of our God will last forever in Jesus name. Amen. This is a very very interesting text it in the sense that it's speaking specifically of something that happens with mothers often. And that is we're talking about a mother's prayer mother so important important. Mother's is there prayer the prayer in and of itself.

It is in the character of at the context in which this prayer is giving it. things that we really need to character of this prayer if you will let you know anything about the Book of Matthew it isn't primarily a book that speaks about Jesus being The King and I talked about it talk about Jesus. Is there a list of snow that from 42 Generations that Jesus was born in a manger on to marry and it lets us know if the Jew is faithful and tracking his genealogy. He can see that Jesus Christ is the Messiah to which has been prophesied according to Isaiah chapter 7 verse 14 Genesis chapter 49 10 and Jesus. You didn't see that Jesus is in fact in the side. That is he is the king. It's so as a king he is. Even though people don't acknowledge it. They they still hear that that just King is often being back in to do things in some cases. They believe Before Time.

characteristics of this prayer What's the thing that we see here? Is that the prayer that she has here was Personal Jesus went there? the coast of Tyre and sidon the tiny spiders important because this is a secular if you will it is a gentile or a country that is is not isn't what it says here that when Jesus retired, he would give Steven Titus when he departed to the coast which is about 33 miles From Galilee and so he retired there because he's teaching and what not for a minute.

Woman of training came out of the same coast and quieted him saying have mercy on me. Oh Lord about son of David. My daughter is grevious. Lyrics with the devil that what you gotta do something here about this this mother this mother knew who Jesus was Jesus wasn't it appears that no matter where Jesus been even though he retired Away From Galilee. He still when he got to the coast of tires or if you will still knew who he was and she knew what you need to know Jesus and you need to know when you can get the text shows that she went out to meet him where he was at. My sister's my the mothers in the house if you will. Go where Jesus is if you will. Might be your friend closet that might be your prayer room that might be on the side of your bed. That might be the place of of where you have your devotion or whatever it is. You need to go where you know, you can find Jesus because that's what the mother did Fred was Prussia. Jesus was the son of David. And it has significant importance because she knew that Jesus was the one who was able to heal the sick raise the dead to cast out demons if you will. But secondly, we also see something here. It was persistent of what's Happening. Back and forth because of her particular relationship. In fact, the text says that she is a woman of Canaanite descent but we're known you're also is also known as what they call a syrophoenician woman Syria Phoenician origin, which meant that she was not a Jew she was considered a gentile the testicles. But but but but he answered her not a word and disciples came out in Basalt him saying send her away for she quiet after that. Is This Woman This is non Jewish woman is coming after she's consistently. She's constantly that she's always coming after us to ask us about you. 24th, but he answered her and said I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel and then came she is. Saying Lord help me. I want you to know something here. Richfield number things happening first of all She was persistent meaning that she had to overcome some obstacles.

She overcame that she kept right on coming. She was not only a woman who who was obtained tonight origin, which is also what they called, which means that she was not even supposed to be able to come into the present those individuals. You choose look down upon this woman. If you will, in fact, in fact a fact we know this is true because because of talk to her he says here he say, It's not I'm not sick but unto the lost sheep of House of Israel and he goes and if he does not meet for me to take the children's bread and to cast of the durrell's in Sophie's making some historical cultural to let her know that I don't have to respond to you that it would appear. What he does is that he's putting her off. What are you really doing here? Is generating the genuineness of her faith? because sometimes people are asking for things they really

she's constantly for assistant chief. She overcomes the fact that she is it is not at you. She is to go with him. If you will she overcome the fact that she was away. Even the disciples are against her make her go away. What are the move away from Huskies because this woman here if you will and in Jesus response to her that he never answered her at least twice. He never answered her and then what you just done and so hurt. He lets us don't look I'm not obligated to address you. Then you can say if she could say it has Langston Hughes that life for me ain't been no crystal stair that's been bored. They've been taxes have been placed that event. But you just keep on climbing you keep on pressing. I couldn't say it like Maya Angelou. She said you may write me down in history with your bitter Twisted lies. You may try me in the very dirt but still like dust I Rise she could have been all but she didn't she kept right on coming despite what was happening. She was consistent. She was persistent. She wouldn't stop. She didn't allow anything to get in between her and the answer to our prayers and from her to the person. She know that the name with it. Yes.

Hello and Jesus speak to her and he says but I have not sent but not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel to the Jews. Scripture says in Romans chapter 1 verse 16 pulse is this way for I'm not ashamed of the Gospel is the power unto salvation. Did you Stow first and then also the break it out of words that the conduit binds to which you and I receive salvation would be through the Jew and then to those of us who are not even Jews. Images of talking to the woman at the well as in John chapter 4 verse 24, he says you don't know what you were supposed salvation is of the Jews he erases out over and over again my first Commitment if you will, but that didn't stop her and then when she came back again, he said it's not me to take the children's bread. Tempted to dog that watch this to his another play on words here because we talked about children he's talking about. Who is origin? How do you say she said the cast of the donkey talk about those who don't know even watch this who are not used to Jesus even intimated to her. What is you are the Gentile dogs? I have no obligation to you. Glad you received that he's calling her door. But what are you really talking about? Is he saying you're not in the you not in the Covenant of the Beloved you if you're not one of us.

But she still with persistent and watch how he does this watch. How she pivots and still be persistent without being disrespectful? She said that she said the truth the dogs watch this to pet dogs. If you will eat the crumbs, which fall from their master's table sugar was just you right I recognized that I don't have the right to call you to say. I'm not going to do.

Troy Stewart to take care money because you're the only one that can do it. she was she knew he was a son of David. Who was the assistant she didn't let anything get between her and the answer to my prayer? But if I leave the Texas Rangers here, lets us know that she was powerful. powerful powerful powerful Is this a she said she got the dogs eat the crumbs which fall from the tape master table? Then Jesus watch this determine contemporaneous. Just showing that this result after all of her Great Is Thy Faithfulness Washington educational success is your professional florist didn't say greatest. Greatest. You know what? The Bible says this way it says, but without faith it isn't possible. I know it's difficult right now impossible hard. No, it is possible. No interest without faith. It is impossible to please God we must come to God. That we must have space. And I praise God for many mothers, but they had faith in God. But everything seems lost.

Today she was this woman was praying this woman was praying she was pregnant and that she was continuing to pray and pray and the sister. She was praying to Allah. Begging him because of her persistent. Jesus said and said it to her own woman praised be done to even

and her daughter What's the mean? from that very hour I want you to know some things that the two characteristics about this we talked about the fact it was personal assistant and we talked about the powerful thing that comes out of this is that this woman is to the non-believers that is not responsible.

All you got to do is say the word and here we have another lady here or a gentile woman. If you will who says you can keep her so persistent that the Is here and her daughter was made home from that very hour. You know, I think today that is this prayer. This prayer that was persisted today. We I think if this was a woman that today would be a different type of print and it would have the same characteristics and I believe it still has the same character, but I think that is is is different in the Senate today that that were focusing on other issue. Is that the demons if you will this is just young lady was vest with. social issues and I still dealing with him when I think about it. It's just recently taken place with Armand are there you would think that after we had dinner with Emmett Till after we had dealt with Trayvon Martin after we dealt with Alton Sterling after you're done with Freddie gray after we are done with Eric Garner. I mean, I can't breathe. You look like a parent who's praying because if I'm not a young man and Young Thug Young Man healed African Inside of his house a young African-American man driving a nice car. He just purchased that young man. Today is the Optics of many African Americans Mother's Prayer today Lord. Please help my son get from point A to point B.

Not only is it a personal thing Lord Jesus. Come on. I'm still praying even as my son leave. But it's powerful.

because even though

The Arc of justice is long The moral universe is long as steel. That is Justice till they are still goes toward Justice. today there many mothers Who having that prayer today? Because I was taking place in our world.

Do it again without mother's today. Is that We can find resolution.

We can find action. all these particular issues so that our son's can come home safely. Como se for the even if they just walk out in the street. And that those who perpetrated these crimes that somebody can do something about them and bring them to the fullest Justice of the law. This Mother's Prayer. Call Jesus to pay immediate attention to her. To call Sutter rise to level to be persistent. But I'm only that even in the midst of her doing all this she becomes too powerful witness to what people can do when they asked the Lord Jesus to help them today. I want to challenge you if you were here today and you and you and you are out in the audience somewhere and you listening to me. If you don't know the Lord Jesus that this is the time for you. Call on the only one qualified to save you. Jesus has this way I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father, but by me. Any means that? There's no other way that anyone can be saved. Play Romans chapter 10 verse 13 is very very simple. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Who's all accomplished on the cross when Jesus Christ came as Matthew declares that he came down through 42 Generations if you will. Can you play just like any other boy that he taught like ask Ali taught as if no one else has ever talked and this same Jesus did was bought before kangaroo court and he was crucified on a cross between two things one, which was an insurrection. How do we know that this thing was one of great Injustice as we like to say as often as we do say that the greatest Injustice ever took place took place in the Crosman in the mist of this Injustice and it helped you and I receive salvation for eternity and all we need to do is proclaiming. Jesus steal this Victory with his resurrection from the dead. They kept him in the Tomb for 3 days. But on the third day Jesus got up with all power in his head. Because of that now he's just at the right hand of the father making intercession for your sins in meissen. All we need to do is just say Lord. Jesus saved me. So you say that today Lord Jesus. I am a sinner coming to my heart. Give me my sin make me the person you want me to be if you say that pray today. You today?

well What say you?

I say to all the mothers. Keep on praying.

I would say to all the mothers keep on praying keep on being persistent.

Came on because you'll see me God act in Supernatural ways ways that you're not even able to Define. That we needed a more prayer. Somebody said no prayer. No power much prayer much power. What is thank you today for being with us?

Again asked look forward to you being with us on next week. Until next time may God richly bless you my beloved for those of you who are members of Mount Olive Baptist Church, remember to support your church through the only means that we would hear that is by tithes and offerings. Let's pray father. We thank you. Oh God for this day. We thank you for your goodness to us. And we asked you today Father be with mothers everywhere. But usually those mothers who are grieving for their son's we think of they are very family. We asked you dearly father to be with them. We pray father that you allowed that your Justice rolls down like a mighty River. We asked dear God that you was holding you can father would have addressed these issues that's taking place in our country father. We ask for God that you would be with the hearts of mothers with ribbing everywhere. We asking God for you to be with the hearts of daughters and sons who are missing their mothers at this time Lord God that you would come for that house and bring back to them to sweet memories that they spent with their mothers following we give you praise honor and glory for them Father for the great investment that they have made in our lives to make us the people that you called us to be. Father may you continue to bless them? Used in greatly father. We ask in the matchless name of Jesus Amen.

the next week

very very poignant words Thank you for joining us today. If you happen to be in the Washington DC area. Feel free to join us at the Mount Olive Baptist Church 11 46th Street Northeast, Washington, DC 20002. Again, thanks for listening. God bless you, richly and have a great week.

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