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01001,1 Chronicles 16.23-31,The Good Life In Christ,07/27/72,STAUN

01002,1 Chronicles 21.1-8, 2 Samuel,Watch!,11/25/73,STJ

01003,1 Chronicles 7.14,Searching For Unity,11/11/73,STJ

01005,1 Corinthians 1.10-17,The Word Became Flesh,12/24/97,h,Christmas

01006,1 Corinthians 1.1-19,,,,Funeral

01008,1 Corinthians 1.18-31,What Are You Waiting For?,,STJ

01009,1 Corinthians 1.1-9,,04/16/84,P,Funeral

01011,1 Corinthians 1.21-23,Filled With The Spirit,06/07/74,AMLIN

01013,1 Corinthians 1.21-31,How Did We Get Here,05/23/99,h

01012,1 Corinthians 1.3-9,Trouble Everywhere,06/07/74,AMLIN

01014,1 Corinthians 10.1-13,Who Are The Saints of God?,11/06/94,A

01015,1 Corinthians 10.13a,Devotional - The Littlest Angel,,,Topical - The Littlest Angel

02001,1 Corinthians 10.14b,Do I See Jesus,01/04/87,SJ

02002,1 Corinthians 10.16-17,,04/09/85,SJ,Topical - LWML Rally

02003,1 Corinthians 12.1-11,Can You Keep A Secret,01/27/74,STJ

02004,1 Corinthians 12.1-11,Let Down Your Nets,07/14/74,AMLIN

02005,1 Corinthians 12.12-13, 24b-25,,03/06/74,AMLIN

02006,1 Corinthians 12.12-21, 26-27,,03/13/77,GW

02007,1 Corinthians 13.4-6,It Is Finished,04/14/76,GW,Lent

02008,1 Corinthians 13.4-7,Listening,06/22/97,H,Laity Sunday

02009,1 Corinthians 13.4-7,What Do You Want?,02/27/77,GW

02010,1 Corinthians 15.1-4,The Lord's Supper - What Does It Mean?,03/20/74,,Maundy Thursday

02011,1 Corinthians 15.20,Happy Birthday,05/26/96,A

02012,1 Corinthians 15.20-28,When You Hear The Sound of The Lord,05/18/76,GW,High School Graduation

02013,1 Corinthians 15.35-37,Praying People,09/03/00,h

02014,1 Corinthians 15.54b-57,Ladies First,05/11/75,GW,Christian Family Living

02015,1 Corinthians 16.1-2,Jesus Loves Me,08/03/75,GW

03001,1 Corinthians 2.12,What About Our Chuch?,04/20/75,GW,First Sermon

03002,1 Corinthians 2.1-5,What Do You Need?

06001,1 Corinthians 3.10-15,,09/14/75,GW

03003,1 Corinthians 6.11 Jn 13.14,,04/04/76,GW,Lent

03004,1 Corinthians 7.17-24,Thanks For What You've Given

03005,1 Corinthians 9.16,Our Savior's One Lutheran Church

03007,1 John 1.5,The Mission of A Servant,01/07/96,A

03008,1 John 2.1-6,A Man Names Zacchaeus

03009,1 John 3, 4, 5,The Winner

03013,1 John 3.1-3,Waiting With Watchfulness,11/29/92,A,Advent

03014,1 John 3.1-8,Why Me?,11/19/78,JAX

04006,1 John 3.18-24,Restored To Fellowship

04007,1 John 3.18-24,Jesus Wept

04008,1 John 4.10-11,,04/13/75,GW,Initial Sermon

04009,1 John 4.1-11,The Way To The Father,04/27/75,GW

04010,1 John 4.11-16,,08/05/82,PV,Funeral

04011,1 John 4.1-6,,06/02/96,A,Trinity Sunday

04012,1 John 4.18,Why Are You Here?,06/01/75,GW

04013,1 John 4.7-12,Pentecost,,,Confirmation

04014,1 John 4.9,,06/18/00,h,Trinity Sunday

04015,1 John 5.1-6,How Does Your Garden Grow?,06/22/75,GW

05005,1 John 5.1-6,,08/11/97,H,Funeral - Karl Bilgrin

05001,1 Kings 18.17-39, Luke 9.57-62,,06/29/75,GW

05006,1 Kings 19.4,,,,Wedding

05007,1 Peter 1.10-12,,07/18/93,A

05008,1 Peter 1.3-9,,08/29/90,A

05009,1 Peter 1.3-9,,08/17/75,GW

05010,1 Peter 1.3-9,,11/15/92,A

05011,1 Peter 1.3-9,,09/01/02,Hop,Labor Day

05012,1 Peter 2.4-10,,01/01/84,,Funeral

05013,1 Peter 2.4-10,,09/10/81,PV,Funeral

05014,1 Peter 2.9,,10/12/75,GW,LWML Sunday

05015,1 Peter 3.15-18,,02/16/92,A

06002,1 Peter 5.6-10,,10/05/76,GW

06003,1 Peter 5.6-11,No Lasting City,09/19/98,h,Funeral

06004,1 Samuel 12.23-24,,10/19/75,GW

06005,1 Thessalonians 1.1-5a,,11/09/75,GW

06006,1 Thessalonians 1.1-5a,Not With Persuasive Words,02/09/97,H

06007,1 Thessalonians 2.8,I Believe In Forgiveness,02/24/91,A

06008,1 Thessalonians 4.13-18,The Joy of Christmas,12/24/89,A,Christmas

06009,1 Timothy 1.12,,12/04/96,A,Advent

06010,1 Timothy 1.12-17,Housecleaning Time,12/02/92,A,Advent

06011,1 Timothy 2.4-7,,,GW,Funeral

06012,2 Corinthians,,11/16/75,GW

06013,2 Corinthians 1.18-22,,11/30/75,GW

06014,2 Corinthians 11.30, 12.7-9,,12/25/97,h

06015,2 Corinthians 13.14,,12/07/75,GW

07001,2 Corinthians 3.12-4.02,We Thank God For ...,11/21/90,A,Thanksgiving

07002,2 Corinthians 3.12-4.2,The God Who Doesn't Lie,12/16/92,A,Advent

07003,2 Corinthians 5.1,Tired of Waiting?,12/09/92,A,Advent

07004,2 Corinthians 5.17,Suppose There Were No Christmas?,12/25/89,A,Christmas

07008,2 Corinthians 5.17,Abide With Us,12/31/89,A,New Year's Eve

07006,2 Corinthians 5.20-6.2,King - Savior - Lord,11/22/92,A

07006,2 Corinthians 5.6-10,,09/21/81,P,Funeral

07007,2 Corinthians 8 & 9,,02/01/76,GW

07009,2 Corinthians 8.1-2,Come And See,01/19/97,A,Evangelism

07010,2 Kings 2.1-12a,Water - Water - Everywhere,01/11/76,GW

07011,2 Kings 22.19-20,,01/18/76,GW

07012,2 Kings 5.1-15,,02/18/79,JAX

07013,2 Kings 7.9,,02/21/96,A,Lent

07014,2 Peter 1.16-21,,09/21/97,h,Aging

07015,2 Peter 2.17-19,,03/11/78,JAX

08001,2 Peter 3.8-14,,02/15/76,GW

08002,2 Samuel 12.1-10, 13,,02/08/76,GW

08003,2 Samuel 12.23,,02/29/76,GW

08004,2 Samuel 15.24,,03/10/76,GW

08005,2 Thessalonians 3.6-13,,03/17/76,GW

08006,2 Timothy 3.14-15,,03/21/76,GW

08007,Acts 1.11,,10/15/81,P,Funeral

08008,Acts 1.1-11,,03/28/76,GW

08009,Acts 1.6-8,,03/24/76,GW

08010,Acts 1.8,,04/11/76,GW

08011,Acts 10.34-38,,03/31/76,GW

08012,Acts 11&13,Rolling Away The Stones,03/30/86,P,Easter

08013,Acts 13.1-3,,04/15/76,GW

08014,Acts 13.15-16, 26-33,,05/02/76,GW

08015,Acts 14.8-18,Eagle or Chicken?,09/29/91,A

09001,Acts 15.1-2, 22-29,,07/26/81,JAX

09002,Acts 16.9-10,Shalom,04/30/00,h

09003,Acts 2.1-21,,06/06/76,GW

09004,Acts 2.4,,09/25/77,ALEX,Mission Festival

09005,Acts 2.41-47,Power Up With Jesus,05/31/87,SJ

09006,Acts 2.42-47,Church Membership: Convenience or Covenant,09/17/95,A

09007,Acts 2.4a,,05/16/76,GW

11001,Acts 27.25,,11/14/76,GW,Stewardship

09008,Acts 3.1-11,,05/23/76,GW

09009,Acts 4.1-12,If My People,07/07/91,A,God & Country

09010,Acts 5.27-32,,07/18/76,GW

09011,Acts 5.34-42,,07/11/76,GW

09012,Acts 5.42,,07/25/76,GW

09013,Acts 8.1,4,,08/01/76,GW

09014,Acts 9.1-20,Our Need of God,05/05/96,A

09015,Colossians 1.9-14,Forgiveness,08/22/76,GW

10001,Colossians 1.13-20,Who Is On The Lord's Side,09/12/76,GW

10002,Colossians 1.21-28,Called By Name,07/20/97,H,Baptism

10003,Colossians 2.6-15,God Opens Doors,07/15/79,JAX

10004,Colossians 2.8-19,Being More Loving,05/15/83,P

10005,Colossians 3.1-4,,09/05/76,GW

10006,Colossians 4.17,,10/10/76,GW

10007,Daniel 5.27,,09/17/00,h

10008,Deuteronomy 11.18-21, 26-28,Are You Afraid of God?,05/29/94,A

10009,Deuteronomy 18.9-13,,10/17/76,GW

10010,Deuteronomy 26.1-11,,10/25/92,A

10011,Deuteronomy 30.9-14,,12/06/92,A,Advent

10012,Ecclesiastes 2.17-26,,11/24/76,GW,Thanksgiving

10013,Ecclesiastes 7.1,,12/05/76,GW

10014,Ecclesiates 1.2 2.18-26,Between Two Advents,12/04/91,A,Advent

10015,Ephesians 1.11-23,,11/21/76,GW

11002,Ephesians 1.15-23,Three Advents,12/02/98,h,Advent

11003,Ephesians 1.20-22,Waiting With Hope,12/19/84,A,Advent

11004,Ephesians 1.3-14,What Do You Mean - Merry Christmas,12/16/98,h,Advent

11005,Ephesians 1.3-6,Born of The Virgin Mary,12/09/98,h,Advent

11006,Ephesians 1.3-6,With God Into A New Year,12/31/86,SJ,New Year's Eve

11007,Ephesians 2.11-22,Topical - Death & Dying,11/07/76,GW,Topical - Death & Dying

11008,Ephesians 2.19-22,The Right Time,12/25/87,SJ,Christmas

11009,Ephesians 2.4-10,,12/25/76,GW,Christmas

11010,Ephesians 3.17b-19,,01/02/77,GW,Epiphany

11011,Ephesians 3.20-21,Is It Practical?,12/27/98,h

11012,Ephesians 3.8 (TEV),,05/04/82,P,Funeral

11013,Ephesians 4.15-16,,01/26/92,A

11014,Ephesians 4.1-6,,01/23/77,GW

11015,Ephesians 4.1-7,,02/13/77,GW

12001,Ephesians 4.26-32,,09/27/81,P,Funeral

12002,Ephesians 4.30-5.2,We Can't Do Without You,02/02/86,SJ

12003,Ephesians 4.32,,02/06/77,GW,Epiphany

12004,Ephesians 4.7-16,What Does The Bible Teach About Heaven,01/30/77,GW,Topical - Heaven

12005,Ephesians 5.1-2,,03/06/77,GW,Confirmation

12006,Ephesians 5.21-31,,02/20/77,GW

12010,Ephesians 5.21-33,What Are You Worth?,04/05/98,h,Palm Sunday

12011,Ephesians 5.8-14,,03/29/77,JAX

12012,Ephesians 6.10-17,Live A Life of Worship,05/08/77,JAX,Worship

12013,Ephesians 6.1-4,Can You Be Certain?,04/17/94,A

12014,Exodus 12.1-12,,05/22/76,JAX

12015,Exodus 12.1-14, 29-34,Restored Communication,05/18/86,SJ,Pentecost

13001,Exodus 15.1-18,Our Triune God - Creator - Redeemer - Sanctifier,05/30/99,h,Trinity Sunday

13002,Exodus 17.3-7,,06/19/77,JAX

13003,Exodus 20.7,One Gospel and Only One Gospel,10/31/96,A

13004,Exodus 24.4-18,You Are That Man,06/15/86,SJ

13005,Exodus 3.1-15,Either...Or,08/03/86,SJ

13006,Exodus 32.1, 7-14 Lk 15.1-10,,07/17/77,JAX

13007,Exodus 32.26,By Faith Alone,07/09/95,A

13008,Exodus 32.7-14,,08/27/77,JAX,Christian Education

13009,Exodus 33.17-23,,01/16/94,A

13010,Exodus 34.29-35,Our Extravagant God,06/15/97,H

13011,Ezekiel 36.25-27,,10/18/92,A

13012,Ezekiel 37.1-14,Christ In You - The Hope of Glory,07/20/86,SJ

13013,Ezekiel 37.1-14,,10/19/77,JAX,Missions

13014,Galatians 1.1-10,,10/16/77,GW

13015,Galatians 1.1-10,Our Adorable God,,A,Thanksgiving

14001,Galatians 3.26-29,,11/20/77,JAX,Stewardship

14002,Galatians 3.26-29,,11/26/95,A,Advent

14003,Galatians 4.1-7,Where Do You Live?,10/28/90,A

14004,Galatians 4.4-5,,,JAX,Stewardship

14005,Galatians 5.13-25,What Is A Woman?,10/04/92,A,LWML Sunday

14006,Galatians 6.1-10, 14-16,,12/24/92,A,Christmas

14007,Genesis 1.24-31,What's In A Name?,01/01/89,SJ,New Year's Day

14008,Genesis 11.1-9 Acts 2.1-21,,12/04/77,JAX

14009,Genesis 12.1-4a,Grace To Go All The Way,,PETJN,Pastoral Conference

14010,Genesis 15.12, 17, 18,Patience,12/15/93,A,Advent

14011,Genesis 15.1-6,Don't Miss The Point,03/01/92,A,Transfiguration

14012,Genesis 18.1-14,,01/08/78,JAX,Epiphany

14013,Genesis 18.20-32,,01/22/78,JAX

14014,Genesis 2.18-24,,01/22/83,P,Evangelism

14015,Genesis 2.4b-9, 15-17, 25 3.7,,02/12/78,JAX

15001,Genesis 2.7-9, 15-17, 3.1-7,,02/26/78,JAX

15002,Genesis 22.1-18,The Cross For The Faultfinder,03/05/97,H,Lent - Series

15003,Genesis 22.12,The Cross For The Crushed,02/19/97,H,Lent - Series

15004,Genesis 28.16,,02/19/78,JAX

15005,Genesis 3.1-19,,02/08/78,JAX

15006,Genesis 3.17a, 19,,03/12/78,JAX

15007,Genesis 3.8-9,,03/05/78,JAX

15008,Genesis 44.7,If Jesus Came To Augusta,03/24/02,pad,Palm Sunday

15009,Genesis 45.3-11, 15,The Cross For The Alienated,02/26/97,H,Lent - Series

15010,Hebrews 10.19-25,The Cross For The Traditionalist,03/19/97,H,Lent - Series

15011,Hebrews 11.1,8-10,13-16 (KJV),The Cross For The Skeptic,03/12/97,H,Lent - Series

15012,Hebrews 11.1-3, 8-16,Dry Bones,03/12/89,SJ

15013,Hebrews 11.24-27,The Lord's Passover,03/27/97,H,Maundy Thursday

15014,Hebrews 11.6,Because of The Resurrection,03/31/02,pad,Easter

15015,Hebrews 12.1-13,,03/24/78,JAX,Good Friday

16001,Hebrews 13.13-15,,05/07/78,JAX

16002,Hebrews 13.14,Peripheral Pifflle Or God's Business,05/24/87,SJ

16003,Hebrews 13.5,,05/21/94,A,Pentecost

16004,Hebrews 2.14-15,A Strong Faith,09/03/89,A

16005,Hebrews 4.1-13,Choose Christ - Choose Life,06/27/93,A

16006,Hebrews 4.14-5.10,Little Jack Horner Christianity,08/03/93,A

16007,Hebrews 8.8,,04/23/78,JAX

16008,Hebrews 8.8-9,Blessings - Appreciation - Thanksgiving,07/05/98,h,God & Country

16009,Hosea 9.7-14 (RSV),,06/25/78,JAX

16010,I Peter 5.7,What's God's Word,08/27/89,A

16011,Isaiah 1:10-20,Jesus - The Judge,07/25/99,h

16012,Isaiah 12,God's Plan,08/15/93,A

16013,Isaiah 25.8-9,,08/07/94,A

16014,Isaiah 28.23-29,,09/03/78,A

16015,Isaiah 40.1-8,What's Our Line?,09/06/92,A

17001,Isaiah 40.9,Everything Works For Good?,08/01/99,h

17002,Isaiah 42.1-7,,11/13/94,A

17003,Isaiah 42.5-7,If This Were The Last Sermon You Hear,05/26/02,c

17004,Isaiah 43.1-3,,09/01/91,A

17005,Isaiah 43.1-7,,10/09/94,A

17006,Isaiah 43.2,,11/12/78,JAX

17007,Isaiah 49.1-6,Christ Is King,11/21/99,h,Christ The King Sunday

17008,Isaiah 52.12b,,11/18/90,A

17009,Isaiah 53.4-6,Lifelong Thanksgiving,11/22/89,A,Thanksgiving

17010,Isaiah 53.6,In Him Was Life,12/24/96,A,Christmas Eve

17011,Isaiah 54.1-10,,12/31/78,JAX

17012,Isaiah 55.1-11,Where Are You Living? In The Dark? In The Light?,12/14/84,SJ,Advent

17013,Isaiah 55.6-11,Give God The Glory,12/24/94,A,Christmas

17014,Isaiah 56.1-8,Begin By Remembering,12/05/93,A,Advent

17015,Isaiah 6,Ready or Not - He's Coming,12/08/93,A,Advent

18015,Isaiah 6.1-8,,02/25/79,JAX

18014,Isaiah 6.1-8,,03/18/79,JAX

18013,Isaiah 60.1-3,,03/25/79,JAX

18012,Isaiah 62.1-5,,03/04/79,JAX

18011,Isaiah 63.16b-17 64:1-8,A Continuing Ministry,01/09/00,h, New Year

18001,Isaiah 9.2-7,,01/21/79,JAX

18003,Isaiah 9.6-7,,01/09/93,A

18006,James 1.17,The Healing Touch of Jesus,01/16/97,A

18008,James 2.10-17,,02/11/79,JAX

08009,James 2.13-20,What's It All About?

19001,James 2.1-5,,04/01/79,JAX

19002,James 5.13-20,A New Birth - A Living Hope,04/11/93,A

19003,James 5.7-10,Our Father Who Art In Heaven,02/24/93,A,Lent - Series

19003,Jeremiah 1.4-10,Hallowed Be Thy Name,03/03/93,A,Lent - Series

19004,Jeremiah 17.5-10,Thy Kingdom Come,03/10/93,A,Lent - Series

19005,Jeremiah 17.7,Thy Will Be Done,03/17/93,A,Lent - Series

19006,Jeremiah 20.7-12,Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread,03/24/93,A,Lent - Series

19007,Jeremiah 31.31-34, Rom3, Jn8,Forgive Us Our Trespasses,03/31/93,A,Lent - Series

19008,Job 1.21,Lead Us Not Into Temptation,04/08/93,A,Lent - Series

19009,Job 13.15,But Deliver Us From Evil,04/09/93,A,Lent - Series

19010,John 1.11-12,Love God - Love God's Children,04/06/97,H

19011,John 1.11-12,,05/07/79,PEJEA,Pastoral Conference

19013,John 1.1-14,,04/26/79,ALEX,LWML Rally

19014,John 1.1-18,,05/08/79,PEJEA,Pastoral Conference

19015,John 1.14,Don't Sin - But If You Do Sin...,04/13/97,H

20001,John 1.1-8,The Faithful Witness And Our Witness,05/28/00,h

20002,John 1.2-41,,09/02/90,A

21001,John 1.29-41,You Will Be My Witnesses,01/26/86,SJ,Evangelism

20003,John 1.29-41,Traveling Light,08/14/83,P

20004,John 1.4,A Practical Faith,06/07/98,h

20005,John 1.43-51,Needed - Reformation Today,05/21/00,h,Pentecost

20006,John 1.43-51,Testing The Spirits,05/05/91,A

20007,John 1.43-51,Christians In Judgment,03/02/97,H

20008,John 1.4-5,,05/04/97,H,Marriage

20009,John 1.6-6, 19-28,,09/25/94,A,Worship

20010,John 1.6-8, 19-28,Weighed On The Scales of God,10/11/92,A

20011,John 10.18,,08/19/79,JAX

20012,John 10.22-30,Our Ministry of Education,08/29/82,P,Christian Education

20013,John 11,The Resurrection-Collection Connection,05/07/00,h,Stewardship

20014,John 11.1-53,,07/30/95,A

20015,John 11.21-27,Thankful For What?,11/27/97,h,Thanksgiving

21002,John 11.25-26,Needed - Reformation Today,10/31/93,A,Reformation

21003,John 11.35,Healing Damaged Emotions,06/09/91,A,Emotions Series

21004,John 11.41-53,Temptation,06/25/00,h,Emotions Series

21005,John 12.20-21,The Way of Escape,07/02/00,h,Emotions Series

21006,John 12.20-33,A Man And His Possessions,11/05/00,h,Emotions Series

21007,John 12.44-46,,07/21/91,A,Emotions Series

21008,John 12.46,Fear,07/09/00,h,Emotions Series

21009,John 13.1-17,,,,Funeral - Suicide

21010,John 13.1-17,Waiting With Patience,12/03/97,h,Advent - Series

21011,John 13.3-5,Waiting With Joy,12/10/97,h,Advent - Series

21012,John 14.1-2,,12/16/79,JAX,Advent

21013,John 14.1-6,Have You Received Christ,12/11/96,A,Advent

21014,John 14.1-6,What's The Good Word?,12/31/00,h,New Year's Eve

21015,John 14.1-7,The Real Meaning of Christmas,12/24/99,h,Christmas

22001,John 14.2-3,An Advent Attitude,12/01/91,A,Advent

22002,John 14.23-29,God's Plan,12/11/91,A,Advent

22003,John 14.2-7,,01/27/80,JAX,Evangelism

22004,John 14.5-9a,,07/11/93,A

22009,John 14.6,,01/20/80,JAX

22010,John 15.1-16,Who Needs A King?,11/25/01,pad,Christ The King Sunday

22011,John 15.16,No One Excluded,03/04/92,A,Ash Wednesday

22012,John 15.5,,03/28/99,h

22013,John 16.12-15,The Question That Never Dies,04/01/92,A

22014,John 16.23-34,Great Faith,05/28/89,SJ

22015,John 17.1-5,,02/17/80,JAX

23001,John 18.15-17,The Forgiveness That Doesn't Stop,03/11/92,A,Lent - Series

23002,John 18.1-6,The Power That Doesn't Fail,03/18/92,A,Lent - Series

23003,John 18.17, 25-27,The Concern That Never Ceases,03/25/92,A,Lent - Series

23004,John 18.22-30,The Nature That Doesn't Change,04/08/92,A,Lent - Series

23005,John 18.33-37,,03/29/92,A

23006,John 18.36-38,,03/22/92,A

23007,John 18.46-59,,02/03/89,JAX

23008,John 19.13,,04/05/92,A

23009,John 19.17,,03/15/92,A

23010,John 19.26-27,The Trust That Isn't Misplaced,04/17/92,A,Lent - Series

23011,John 19.26-27,The Ending That Doesn't End,04/16/92,A,Lent - Series

23012,John 19.28,,04/06/80,JAX

23013,John 19.28,Asking The Right Questions,03/29/98,h

23014,John 19.30,Christ The Center,04/19/98,h

23015,John 19.30,Singing Heaven's Song Now,04/26/98,h

24002,John 2.1-12,And There Was No Longer Any Sea,05/10/98,h

24003,John 2.1-2,The City of Hope,05/17/98,h

24004,John 20.1-18,The Unfortunate Brush Work,05/24/98,h

24005,John 20.1-18,The Importance of The Home,06/21/92,A,Christian Home Series

24006,John 20.1-18,The Enemies of The Home,06/28/92,A,Christian Home Series

24007,John 20.1-2, 11-18,The High Calling of Christian Parenthood,08/02/92,A,Christian Home Series

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29011,Mark 3.5,,02/14/82,P

29012,Mark 4.1-32,,02/01/82,P,KFUO Radio Address

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30003,Mark 4.35-41,Keeping Lent,03/20/88,SJ

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30005,Mark 5.35-36,,04/25/82,,LWML Rally

30006,Mark 6.1-6,Where 'Ya Going?,06/16/96,A

30007,Mark 6.1-6,,06/13/82,P,Missions - Evangelism

30008,Mark 6.7-13,,,,Grade School Graduation

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30010,Mark 6.7-13,Believing Beyond Our Moods,08/16/98,h

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30014,Mark 9.2-9,Understaning The Will of God,10/05/86,SJ

30015,Mark 9.2-9,,,P,Funeral

30001,Mark 9.50a,,02/01/82,P,KFUO Radio Address

30002,Matthew 1.18-25,,03/28/82,P

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31006,Matthew 10.8b

31007,Matthew 11.25-30

31008,Matthew 11.25-30

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32002,Matthew 14.17,,10/02/91,A,Funeral

32003,Matthew 14.22-33,The Search For Freedom,07/05/92,A,God & Country

32004,Matthew 14.22-33,The Pilgrimages of Life,04/25/00,h,Funeral

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32006,Matthew 16.13-28,,,P,Wedding

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32009,Matthew 16.21-26,,10/11/95,A,Funeral

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32014,Matthew 18.21-22,,08/07/90,A,Funeral

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33004,Matthew 2.16-18,,03/08/92,A,Evangelism

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33006,Matthew 2.6,Drowning The Old Man,03/06/88,SJ,Baptism

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33008,Matthew 20.17-28,,02/01/84,P,Funeral

33010,Matthew 20.17-28,,03/10/84,P,Funeral

33011,Matthew 21.15-21,She Has Done A Beautiful Thing,04/15/84,P

33013,Matthew 21.1-9,Everything New,07/01/98,h,Funeral - Coy

33014,Matthew 21.28-31,,03/08/84,P

33015,Matthew 21.28-32,,03/14/84,P

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34002,Matthew 22.1-14,,,,Maundy Thursday

34003,Matthew 22.15-21,Daybreak Over An Empty Tomb,03/26/89,SJ,Easter

34005,Matthew 22.15-21,,11/24/99,h,Funeral - Gerri Gaddis

34006,Matthew 23.34-39,,02/10/99,h,Funeral - Hilda Crawford

34007,Matthew 24.37-44,The Everlasting City,09/02/97,h

34008,Matthew 24.42,,01/26/86,SJ,Funeral

34009,Matthew 24.44,,05/16/86,SJ,Funeral

34010,Matthew 24.44,The Danger of Playing Games With God,02/04/96,A

34011,Matthew 25.1-13,,07/19/84,P,Funeral

34012,Matthew 25.1-13,Memories,12/30/90,A

34013,Matthew 25.1-13,Just Follow The Signs,01/06/90,A,Epiphany

34014,Matthew 25.14-15, 19-25,Jesus Knows Everything! Jesus Is God!,01/19/00,A

34015,Matthew 25.14-30,Butterflies And Jesus,02/10/91,A

35001,Matthew 25.31-46,Gentleness From The Passion of Christ,02/25/98,h,Lent - Series

35002,Matthew 25.31-46,Patience From The Passion of Christ,03/04/98,h,Lent - Series

35003,Matthew 25.36-39, 45-46,Faithfulness From The Passion of Christ,03/11/98,h,Lent - Series

35004,Matthew 26.1-5, 14-25,Goodness From The Passion of Christ,03/18/98,h,Lent - Series

35005,Matthew 26.26-29,Self-Control From The Passion of Christ,03/25/98,h,Lent - Series

35010,Matthew 26.3-5,Kindness From The Passion of Christ,04/09/98,h,Lent - Series

35011,Matthew 26.35, 39,Our Lord - The Betrayer - And Us,04/03/85,SJ,City Lenten Service

35012,Matthew 26.36-46,Peace From The Passion of Christ,04/01/98,h,Lent - Series

35013,Matthew 26.36-46,Sowing To The Flesh,03/28/93,A

35014,Matthew 26.41,On Being Like God,04/20/97,H

35015,Matthew 26.47-50,,02/01/98,h,Topical - Abortion

35006,Matthew 26.47-56,What Does It Mean To Believe?,03/03/85,SJ

35007,Matthew 26.53-56,Pardon For Sin,03/19/00,h

35008,Matthew 26.54-56,No Condemnation,03/21/93,A

35009,Matthew 26.57-68,Christ - My Light,10/08/97,h

36015,Matthew 26.6-16,The Needed Conditioning,12/02/91,A,Advent

36001,Matthew 26.63-66,Don't Let Your Conscience Be Your Only Guide,04/27/97,H

36002,Matthew 26.69-75,Partners In The Impossible,07/27/97,H

36003,Matthew 27.11-24,Heal The Sick - Cast Out The Demons,08/06/00,h

36004,Matthew 27.15-18, 20-21,The Healing Community,06/29/97,H

36005,Matthew 27.22-26,That Carpenter Is God,07/30/00,h

36006,Matthew 27.46,One Flesh,08/13/00,h,Marriage

36007,Matthew 27.46,Total Commitment,10/02/94,A

36008,Matthew 28.11-15,Religion In Focus,09/14/97,h

36009,Matthew 28.16-20,The Mystery of His Presence,08/03/97,H

36010,Matthew 28.16-20,Give Me Jesus!,10/01/00,Hop

36011,Matthew 28.18-20,Our Guardian Angels,09/20/92,A

36012,Matthew 28.5-6,Preparation As Promised,12/06/00,h,Advent

36013,Matthew 28.5-7,The Season For Amazement,12/13/00,h,Advent

36014,Matthew 28.8-10,Believe It - And Grow!,12/20/00,h,Advent

37001,Matthew 29.16-20,The Words That Rang Like Song,12/24/91,A,Christmas

37002,Matthew 3.1-10,Too Much Fuss of Not Enough?,12/25/91,A,Christmas

37003,Matthew 3.1-11,The Unity of Spiritual Gifts,01/28/90,A

37004,Matthew 3.13-17,Missing - An Essential Ingredient,02/09/86,SJ

37005,Matthew 3.17,Faithful In Spite of Everything,02/16/86,SJ

38014,Matthew 4,You Must Be Born Again,09/13/87,SJ

37006,Matthew 4.1-11,A Faithful Martyr,02/23/86,SJ

37007,Matthew 4.1-11,The Enemy Within,03/02/86,SJ

37008,Matthew 4.12-23,A Nominal Faith,03/09/86,SJ

37009,Matthew 4.12-23,The Opportunity of An Open Door,03/16/86,SJ

37010,Matthew 4.1-5, 13-17,Lukewarm Christians,03/23/86,SJ

37011,Matthew 4.18-22,Remembring And Giving Thanks,06/22/86,WIN,Haskell Anniversary

37012,Matthew 47.23,The Stepfather of God,12/20/98,h,Advent

37013,Matthew 5.1-12,Put This To Work,11/15/98,h

37014,Matthew 5.1-12,The Day Is Near,11/11/01,PAD

37015,Matthew 5.1-12,Good News And Bad News,12/05/93,A

38001,Matthew 5.1-16,A Christian Mentality,09/16/90,A

38002,Matthew 5.13-16,Getting To Know Him,10/01/89,A

38003,Matthew 5.20,Sex Outside of Marriage,07/01/90,A

38004,Matthew 5.20,The Days of Punishment,08/23/98,h

38005,Matthew 5.20-37,Homosexuality - A Time To Speak,07/15/91,A

38006,Matthew 5.20-37,What Did You Do With My Money?,11/14/90,A

38007,Matthew 6.12,Sight To The Blind,03/07/99,h

38008,Matthew 6.13b,The Slaughter of The Innocents,07/22/90,A,Abortion

38009,Matthew 6.13b,To Drink - Or Not,07/20/90,A,Topical - Drinking

38010,Matthew 6.1-6, 16-18,God's Plan For Your Life,10/04/90,A,Topical

38011,Matthew 7.24-27,Recognize Your Wildnerness,02/21/99,h

38012,Matthew 7.24-29,Seize The Opportunity,06/27/99,h,Witness

38013,Matthew 8.14-16,The Keys To The Kingdom,09/20/87,SJ

38015,Matthew 9.1-6,Glorify Your Son,05/16/99,h

39015,Matthew 9.9-13,The Goal of Your Life,07/10/94,A

39014,Micah 5.2-4,Love Yourself,01/31/88,SJ

39013,Micah 5.2-5a,He Will - If He Can,02/13/00,h

39012,Nehemiah 8.1-3, 5-6, 8-10,Keep My Commandments,05/09/99,h

39011,Nehemiah 8.2-10,Alternative To Destruction,12/07/97,h,Advent

39010,Numbers 10.10,The Battle Begins,12/31/89,A

39009,Numbers 22.4-9,Lord Of All Or Not Lord At All,01/07/00,h

39008,Philippians 1.1-11, 19-27,You Do It,11/08/92,A

39007,Philippians 2.1-11,I Did It My Way,08/30/98,h

39006,Philippians 2.12-13,To Know Him And To Make Him Known,10/04/98,h,Evangelism

39005,Philippians 2.1-5,What If This Were The World's Last Day?,12/03/89,A

39004,Philippians 2.5-11,The Ministry of John the Baptist in The Old Testament,12/10/89,A

39003,Philippians 3.12-14,Blessed Are Those Who Mourn,11/05/89,A

39002,Philippians 3.17-4.1,Who Gets The Vineyard?,10/03/99,h

39001,Philippians 3.7-14,Do You Have Trouble Being A Christian?,11/11/90,A

40001,Philippians 3.7-14,Were You There?,04/16/00,h

40002,Philippians 4.13,Beware of Little Compromises,05/14/00,h

40003,Proverbs 16.31,The Church That Changed The World,06/11/00,h

40004,Proverbs 3.16,The Devil Made Me Do It,10/31/91,A

40005,Proverbs 5.1-23,The Bread of Life,08/10/97,H

40006,Provrebs 3.9-10,The Double Grip,05/06/90,A

40007,Psalm 102.27-28,Are You Going To Heaven?,05/20/90,A

40008,Psalm 116.12-14, 17-18,,08/20/88,22,Wedding

40009,Psalm 121,Renewing Your Marriage,09/13/92,22

40010,Psalm 139.1-19,This Is The Day,10/23/88,22,LWML Rally

40011,Psalm 145,The Occult - Why Settle For A Counterfeit?,09/22/90,A

40012,Psalm 20.7,A Servant Church,,,LWML Sunday

40013,Psalm 23,Of God - Or Of Satan?,06/01/97,h

40014,Psalm 23.4,Who Are The Ministers?,09/24/00,h

40015,Psalm 23.4,Open Our Eyes - Lord,10/15/00,h

41001,Psalm 31.5,The Raising of Lazarus,04/25/99,h

41002,Psalm 31.5,Christ And The March of Faith,12/31/88,a

41003,Psalm 33.18-22,When Is Communion Not Communion?,11/19/89,a

41004,Psalm 34.4,Three Kinds of Faith,01/30/94,a

41005,Psalm 37.5-7,Names - Not Numbers,03/26/00,h

41006,Psalm 51.1-12,A Covenant Sealed By A Sacrifice,02/19/89,a

41007,Psalm 61.1-3,The Power To Defy Evil,02/26/89,a

41008,Psalm 70.1-2,The Secret of Survival,03/22/98,h

41009,Psalm 73.23-27,The Same Jesus,05/07/89,SJ

41011,Psalm 77,God Is About To Strike,09/27/92,A

41012,Psalm 77 (RSV),The Mystery of God's Mercy,04/10/94,A

41013,Psalm 8.3-6,Counterfeit Faith,05/23/92,A

41015,Revelation 1.4-18,God's Chosen Stewards Bear Fruit,,,Stewardship

42001,Revelation 1.4b-8,Chosen To Bear The Fruit of Witness,,,Witnessing

42002,Revelation 11.15,Chosen To Bear The Fruit of Forgiveness/Fellowhip

42003,Revelation 12,Chosen To Bear The Fruit of Service

42004,Revelation 14.6-7,Chosen To Bear The Fruit of Worship

42005,Revelation 19.6,The Truth Will Set You Free

42006,Revelation 2.10,Chosen To Bear The Fruit of Celebrating The Sacraments

42007,Revelation 2.12-17,God's Chosen Stewards Bear The Fruit of Giving

42008,Revelation 2.1-7,Trivial Pursuit,08/20/95,A

42009,Revelation 2.18-29,Out Came This Calf!,09/13/98,h

42010,Revelation 2.8-11,Dives and Lazarus,11/11/98,h

42011,Revelation 21.10-14,Where Are The Nine?,10/08/89,A

42012,Revelation 21.1-5,Keep Praying - Don't Lose Heart,11/01/98,h

42013,Revelation 21.5,The Pharisee and The Tax Collector,10/22/89,A

42014,Revelation 22.12-17, 20,The Embrace of God,11/18/01,pad

42015,Revelation 3.14-22,Jesus' Ministry - Our Ministry,03/28/90,A,Chaplain's Aux. Devotion

43001,Revelation 3.1-6,,,,Brad & Lynne's Wedding

43002,Revelation 3.7-13,Making Disciples,10/19/97,h

43003,Revelation 5.11-12,The Call To Discipleship,11/02/97,h

43004,Revelation 5.11-14,Obedience In Discipleship,11/09/97,h

43005,Revelation 7.2-17,The Word and The Disciple,11/16/97,h

43006,Revelation 7.9-17,The Foundation of Our Easter Faith,04/15/90,A,Easter

43007,Romans 1.14-17,God Bless America,07/01/90,A,God & Country

43008,Romans 1.17,Listen To The Word,08/02/98,h

43009,Romans 10.8-13,Mary & Joseph,12/09/90,A,Topical - Advent

43010,Romans 10.8b-13,Ready or Not - Here I Come,12/21/97,h,Advent

43011,Romans 12.1-2 (Phillips),Why Bethlehem?,12/02/01,pad,Advent

43012,Romans 12.1-5,A God Pleasing Savior and A God Pleasing People,01/11/98,h

43013,Romans 12.1-8,He Came - He Saw - He Captivated,01/25/98,h

43014,Romans 12.2,Even The Demons Believe!,01/30/00,h

43015,Romans 13.11-4,The Plot That Failed,,A,Easter - Sunrise

44015,Romans 15.13,Questions,01/24/99,h

44014,Romans 16.25-27,A Second-Place Finish,01/17/99,h

44013,Romans 4.1-5, 13-17,Mary Christmas,12/20/92,A,Advent

44012,Romans 4.18-25,Withering Flowers In The Garden of Hope,04/12/98,h,Easter - Sunrise

44011,Romans 5.12, 17-19,Jesus In Your Business,02/08/98,h

44010,Romans 5.19,Healing The Brokenhearted,02/02/92,A

44009,Romans 5.5,Water Into Wine - Even Today?,01/18/98,h

44007,Romans 5.6-11,The Feast of Tabernacles,10/22/00,h,Topical

44006,Romans 5.6-11,God's Purpose or His Permission,10/08/00,h

44005,Romans 5.6-11,Prayer Is Poweful,09/22/91,A

44004,Romans 6.1-11,What Good Is It?,09/07/97,H

44003,Romans 6.1-11,Dealing With Differences,07/23/00,h

44002,Romans 8.1-10,God Hates Sin - But Loves The Sinner,06/02/91,A

44001,Romans 8.11-19,An Empty Cross,04/04/99,h,Easter

45015,Romans 8.18,Source of Light And Life,12/12/99,h,Advent

45014,Romans 8.28,Whatever He Says To You - Do It,10/10/99,h

45013,Romans 8.28-30,Get In The Wheelbarrow,05/02/99,h

45012,Romans 8.33.-39,Do This And You Shall Proper,09/08/02,Hop,Topical - Meditation

45011,Romans 8.9-11,Give To Caesar,10/24/93,A

45010,Romans 812-17,Preparation Without A Deadline,11/28/93,A

45009,Ruth 1.16b, 17,Remembering And Giving Thanks,11/26/98,h,Thanksgiving

45008,Songs 8.6,Who Do You Say I Am?,09/05/93,A


45006,The Littlest Angel - Topical,The Saving Link,02/28/99,h

45005,Titus 2.11-14,Echoes From Eden,02/28/93,A

45004,Titus 2.11-14,Coming Back Down,02/14/99,h

45003,Topical,For Your Part,02/14/95,A

45002,Topical,A Remarkable Grace,03/14/93,A



41010,Topical,Not For Heroes,04/21/96,A

41014,Topical,No Gray Area,04/28/96,A

51013,Topical,Stop Being Afraid,06/30/96,A

51014,Topical,Welcoming Christ,07/04/99,h

51015,Topical,What Shall I Do With Jesus,,A,Lent - 1996

52001,Topical,The Promising Invitation,07/11/99,h

52002,Topical,The Spreading Word,07/14/02,c

52003,Topical,Prayer and Compassion Fatigue,08/08/99,h

52004,Topical,Why Not Walk on What Jesus Walked When He Walked on Water,08/15/99,h

52005,Topical,Adam - Where Are You?,11/10/96,A

52006,Topical - Children's Christmas,Are You Busy?,09/27/98,h

52007,Topical - Lord's Prayer,What Do You Think of Yourself?,09/20/98,h

52008,Topical - Lord's Prayer,A New Outlook For Life,10/27/96,A,Reformation

52009,Topical - Lord's Prayer,Remodeled For Ministry,10/06/96,A,LWML Sunday

52010,Topical - Lord's Prayer,Rejoicing In Clean Water,09/29/96,A

52011,Topical - Lord's Prayer,Getting Out of Our Way,09/05/99,h

52012,Topical - Lord's Prayer,The One Thing That Would Make The Biggest Difference,09/15/96,A

52013,Topical - Lord's Prayer,Be Ready,11/14/99,h

52014,Topical - Lord's Prayer,Where Am I Going?,11/07/99,h

52015,Topical - Moral Commitment,All Our Wants and Needs Supplying,11/27/96,A,Thanksgiving

53001,Zephaniah 3.14-20,Ready or Not - He Comes,12/01/96,A,Advent

53002,,Have You Heard The Good News?,12/05/99,h,Advent

53003,,We Need A Little Christmas,12/22/96,A,Advent

53004,,Love Is Stronger Than Death,08/10/99,h,Funeral - Jovce Schlicthing

53005,,God Is Down To Earth,01/03/98,h

53006,,Hate Evil,03/09/97,H

53007,,Which Way To Jesus?,04/09/00,H

53008,,Easter Confusion,03/30/97,H,Easter

53009,,Remembrance and Response,10/12/97,h,Church Anniversary

53010,,A Call To Repentance,10/26/97,h,Reformation

53011,,Will We Ever Learn To Stop Worrying,06/14/98,h,Laity Sunday

53012,,For Life,,,Life Sunday

53013,,Hope For When Darkness Attractive,,,Life Sunday

53014,,That They May Have Light,,,Life Sunday

53015,,Hope For Rachel,,,Life Sunday

54001,,Mysteries,,,Advent Series

54002,,Angels - Fact or Fiction,10/18/98,H

54003,,,01/27/02,c,Hospice Memorial Service

54004,,What's Your Righteousness Level,02/07/99,h

54005,,,,h,Lenten Series - 1998

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