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Meditation on Psalm 13

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Perception, vv. 1-2

David under stress—not particularly uncommon for him
He begins with the thought that he’s all alone in the battle
“How long” x 4
…will you forget
…will you hide...
…must I take counsel in my soul… (rely on his own wisdom), have sorrow (no joy)
…shall my enemy be exalted over me

Petition, vv. 3-4

Look, answer, give light to my eyes—requesting divine wisdom
Implication that a defeat of David would be seen as a defeat of God himself

Praise, vv. 5-6

He recognized that the battle was bigger than his enemies v. him
This was a matter of God v. evil
Note that he HAS TRUSTED; perfect tense, completed action (word-nerd stuff)
Our messages in Job should have proven out God’s nature and His sovereignty!


Even when we’re overwhelmed
Even when we start thinking God has forgotten us
Even when we think God is not acting quickly enough
Even when... <insert favorite complaint here>
We may ask “how long?”
Question must be with the faith that He will answer
…He will answer with all His wisdom
Point to remember: He has dealt bountifully with me!
Pattern to remember with David
Overwhelmed by the problem
Recognized the power of God
Praised God for His being and blessing
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