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How Big Is Your God

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"How Big Is Your God?" is more than a question.  It is the key to a philosophy about life and one's walk with God.  We, as a people, are prone to limit God and what He is able to do in our lives.  Have you ever prayed for something and believed, as you whispered the "amen", that your prayer would not be answered?  Have you ever thought to pray about a problem or situation and then not done so; for whatever reason?  If we believe, as we profess to, that God is capable of creating the heavens, the earth and everything in and on them, then how can we be so limiting to believe that He cannot be bothered with our problems or that He cannot or will not do anything about them?  If we truly believe the tenets of Christianity we have to accept that God is God and there is nothing beyond his ability - NOTHING!  And shame on us for thinking otherwise.

Karl Ingersoll has been encouraged to write this book for many years; perhaps not enough or it would have been written earlier.   I say that with authority, because I've been encouraging him.  While not privileged with first hand knowledge of the fact, I'm sure he has been encouraged by others as well; likely even by God.  Prologue writers often thank the author for the privilege of being asked to do so.  I can't do that.  I imposed myself on Karl, as I've done for twenty years in our personal relationship, and advised him that I was going to do so, but that he had to, finally, put his writings to print.  I, and possibly many others, believe it is important because we've been privileged with the opportunity to hear and be inspired by Karl's sermons over the years.  We have been blessed by them and, in my case, profoundly affected by their relevance and truth.

HOW BIG IS YOUR GOD is a compilation of some of Karl's writings of the past twenty-five years.  The volume far exceeds what is required to complete this work, so there will hopefully be more.  Time will tell.

As mentioned above, I have been trying to move Karl to write this book for a while.  I was moved to this imposition while listening to him last Sunday morning as he preached his sermon entitled, strangely enough, “How Big is Your God?”  I came away with the confirmation that God is infinite.  His power and authority is without limit.  And His love and compassion for us is deeper and wider than we can begin to imagine.  All of this being so, begs the question:  “Why is He such a small part of our lives?”

As you read this “labour of love” you will be treated to answers to this question that you will find to be almost self evident.  Yet, you will wonder continually, why you hadn’t acknowledged these truths before; or, if you had, why you had permitted them to escape your daily paradigm.

It is time for the imposing prologue writer to get out of Karl’s way.  Consume this book as you see fit, but please do yourself the service of consuming it.   It will not be work; of that I am confident.  The style to which you are about to be treated is comfortable in terms of processing the written word, but will be challenging in terms of how you ought to respond.  If we accept that challenges only assist us in our growth, then eagerly seek out the challenges within these pages.  Do not permit your social standing, your behavioral history, your friends or family, or your church get in the way.  This is not about any of those.  It is about you and God, which is really all that matters.  May these leaves of wisdom be the blessing to you that the spoken words have been to me.

Enjoy and Grow!

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