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(08-10-05) Parable of the Sower - Luke 8.4-15

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Parable of the Sower – Luke 8:4-15

·      No gardener

o  certainly no farmer!

§  growing water-cress in school!

§  looking after Anna’s vegetable patch / herb garden!

o  but I know you need good seed and good soil / dw i’n gwybod bod angen had a pridd da

o  ideally, good weather as well, but you take what you’re given and make the most of it!

·      Jesus’ parable about “the secrets of the kingdom of God”

o  good seed

§  “The seed is the word of God” (v11)

·      well, no problems there, then

o  good soil

§  four possible types of soil

·      Seed on the path (v5b)

o  blackberry picking on the coastal path

§  doedd dim ar y llwybr / none on the path; all to the side – obviously!

o  trampled; eaten by birds

§  the Word is taken from them by the deceiver (v12)

·      deceived about the truth of the Gospel

·      simply unwilling to believe Jesus’ claims about Himself

·      Seed on rock (v6)

o  no moisture; withered

§  no root; fall away after testing (v13)

·      the Gospel turns our world upside down / mae’r Efengyl yn troi ein byd ar ei ben

·      only strong roots can handle that

o  recent strong winds

o  not just the strongest roots, but the firmest ground

o  but roots, nonetheless

·      willing to root ourselves in Christ

o  not the peripherals of faith – the heart of it

·      Seed among thorns (v7)

o  choked by them

§  worries, riches, pleasure; no maturity (v14)

·      part of the upside-down world is simplicity of life

·      rydym yn cofio, adeg y cynhaeaf, fod Duw yn cyflenwi ein anghenion / at harvest we remember that God provides all our needs

§  Dewi Roberts → Mother Theresa: “You don’t know Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you’ve got”

·      Good soil (v8)

o  yields a crop

§  hear, retain and persevere (v15)

o  soil free from the threat of being trampled; not too shallow and rocky to root into and without thorns to choke us

§  yet perseverance is required

§  faith needs to be active


·      Remind us always of the truth of the Gospel

·      Help us to be rooted in Jesus, Your Word

·      Free us from the thorns of worry about riches and pleasure

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