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(08-09-28) Being on the Team - Philippians 2.1-13; Matthew 21.23-32

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Being on the Team – Philippians 2:1-13;

Matthew 21:23-32

·      Coming to Wales unintentionally

o  starting to discover a culture that was right on my doorstep

§  one of the hardest things to come to terms with: rugby

o  but also the sense of commonality/community

§  being a team (hard to separate the nation from the rugby!)

·      not just nationalism; family


·      Working together as a team (Phil 2:1-4)

o  on the same side, with the same aim

§  loving one another, living as one body, one household

o  the natural result of being united in Christ

§  all who have received His forgiveness; chosen to follow Him

§  selfishness and vanity have no place in the Church

§  mutual love and placing the other person before yourself

·      the last biscuit!

·      The great example of humility (vv5-11)

o  knowing who we are and who we are not

§  easy to take our eye off the ball and look at the players

§  people doing great things

§  living good lives

o  John the Baptist knew who he was...

§  could have ‘achieved’ so much

§  had a strong following

§  perhaps a denomination

o  but his job was to point to Jesus

§  and we have the same job

§  done by looking to others’ interests as well as our own (v4)

·      John the Baptist featured in Jesus’ challenging parable

o  the Pharisees, who looked like they were doing the right things

§  had had their authority questioned by Jesus in the Temple

§  no-one overruled the High Priest other than the Messiah

·      and here was someone acting like that was him

o  Jesus both answers and doesn’t answer their question

§  in the sidestep is the answer

·      ‘Yes, I am the Messiah’

·      confirmed as John baptised Him

·      Being God’s people; following Jesus; being in the team...

o  is it just outward appearance?

§  do we wear the replica shirt, but never step on the pitch?

o  knowing the right words to say; even saying them

§  but our lives show no sign of being changed

o  being outwardly religious, but inwardly empty

§  “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35)

o  this isn’t becoming a Christian club, not dealing with people outside of it

§  but being part of a household, a family, which first relates well to one another and then to the rest of the world

·      So we pile up the images

o  a team

o  a people/nation

o  a household/family

·      And we hear Jesus challenge to live a different way of life

o  which puts others needs alongside or above our own

o  to avoid being in the Church for what we get from it

o  but to see the Messiah, the Christ, the Saviour; Jesus

§  and to follow His example for the rest of our days

·      Phil 2:5-11

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