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(08-08-31) Inside-Out Jesus - Romans 12.9-21; Matthew 16.21-8

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Inside-Out Jesus – Romans 12:9-21;

Matthew 16:21-28

·      Eye-spy in the dark

o  camping Holiday – differences to normal life

§  some good

·      time with friends

·      BBQ

§  some bad

·      waking up to find your lilo has deflated

·      mud

§  almost like a different world

o  difficult to adjust to going / coming back

o  starting a new school/university/job

o  most difficult readjustments in thinking, dreaming, believing

§  Jesus and His disciples

§  Paul to the Romans

·      What’s been happening?

o  Jesus has gathered followers around him

o  performed miracles; preached with power, authority, wisdom

o  spoken against the religious authorities

o  Peter has declared Jesus to be the Messiah

§  a climax of faith in the middle of the Gospel

·      The disciples’ thoughts about what lay ahead were running riot

o  literally!

o  political and religious rule – by force?

·      But Jesus’ plan is very different

o  servanthood, humility, sacrifice, obedience, suffering, death

·      Peter interjects

o  same thought/temptation as Jesus faced in the desert

§  Matthew 4:8-10

·      Peter, the rock and firm foundation becomes the stumbling block

o  receives the same rebuke

·      So, what about us?

o  do we ever put our own expectations on Jesus?

o  do we want to put Him in a box and demand that He act and speak in a certain way?

·      ‘Gentle Jesus, meek and mild’

o  but what about the political, moral and spiritual revolutionary?

o  what of Romans 12 and the upside-down world that God, through Paul portrays?

·      Jesus’ calls us in the same way He was called (vv24-6)

o  servanthood

§  of God and one another

o  humility

§  to know who we are in Christ

o  sacrifice

§  to surrender all that is not of God

o  obedience

§  to follow His way

o  suffering

§  for His sake

o  death

§  to sin and our selfish desires

o  resurrection, life, hope, future, holiness

·      Is this what we imagined/imagine the Christian life to be?

o  becoming Christ-like can involve a big surprise

o  what would it mean to follow this call today, tomorrow?

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