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(08-08-17) The Plan of Salvation - Isaiah 56.1, 6-8; Romans 11.1-2a, 29-32; Matthew 15.10-28

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The Plan of Salvation – Isaiah 56:1, 6-8;

Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32; Matthew 15:10-28

·      Discovering existence of the lectionary!

o  sometimes makes life difficult

o  sometimes brings great clarity

§  these passages together →the chronology of salvation

·      The intent (Isaiah); the method (Matthew); the waiting (Romans)

·      Isaiah (the intent)

o  God’s promise of love was for His people, Israel

§  they were His

o  the Law was there to show Israel how to worship God

§  how to be holy

§  but they were to be a sign to the nations of God’s holiness

§  calling all nations to worship the one true God

o  God’s desire was for all people to worship Him in holiness

§  the Cross was plan A, not plan B!

·      Matthew (the method)

o  the Messiah, then, was God’s promised One

§  promised to His people

o  Jesus’ mission was, chronologically at least, ‘first for the Jew, then for the Gentile’ (Romans 1:16)

§  He came as a Jew to the Jews

o  today’s passage

§  what comes out of your mouth (from your heart and mind) is what makes you ‘unclean’ or shows that you are ‘clean’

·      the Pharisees (and others) claimed religious practices were, in part, what marked Israel out from other peoples

·      Jesus claims the heart is more important (1 Sam 16:7)

§  then His strange encounter with the Canaanite woman

·      is Jesus denying healing to this woman’s daughter?

§  woman’s request in anticipation of fullness of the promise

·      this was the future breaking into the present

o  celebrating before crossing the line?

·      Jesus’ mission was to bring the Kingdom

o  here was the Kingdom come, now!

·      Romans (the waiting)

o  gestation and Crewe Station

o  Paul getting a bit confusing!

o  What does the Cross and the Gospel mean for Israel?

§  it shows us God’s patience with all of us

·      disobedience the key word

·      each of us, gone our own way, in need of a Saviour

·      God’s Saviour comes through His chosen people

o  patience with all humanity

·      that Saviour opens God’s kingdom to all

o  difficult for Israel to hear and receive

o  set in opposition to others

o  patience with Israel

·      The intent

o  God’s plan was salvation for all people

·      The method

o  Jesus came to Israel, to fulfil the Law (opening salvation to all)

·      The waiting

o  for all who will hear and receive this message to do so

·      Pray for the Kingdom come – now

o  for all to hear of Jesus and accept Him

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