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(08-08-07) That they may be one - John 17.18-end

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“That they may be one” – John 17:18-end

·       “I’m/We’re praying for you...”

o  lovely to hear

o  lots of cards

o  prayer chains

·      Who is Jesus praying for?

o  you and me specifically, explicitly

o  and for all who believe in Him

·      Always praying for us (Hebrews 7:25)

o  a specific record of Jesus praying for you and for me

§  as individuals and collectively

·      What is He praying for?

o  holiness & unity

·      Why does He pray this?

o  that we would know the Father’s love

§  a love which is naturally shared

·      Holiness

o  justified – “just as if I’d...”

§  completed on the Cross

o  sanctified/holified!

§  begun on the Cross

§  made the process possible

·      access to holiness itself – the Father

o  people who radiate holiness...

o  why is it important?

§  paradox of now and not yet – 98% holiness is not enough

·      don’t have to live a perfect, sinless life to get into heaven

·      but are being changed by God’s Holy Spirit within us

·      Unity

o  fields, walls and wheat

§  growing together

o  united in Christ

§  following our captain – KP!

o  that the world may believe

§  “This is how all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for each other” (13:35)

§  “ let the world know that you have loved them...”

§  loving as family; loving as God loves

·      sanctification

o  seeing the world with new eyes – one another with new eyes

§  glasses

§  the eyes of the Gospel

·      being one in Christ

o  a quick caveat...

§  what we believe and how we behave it is still important!

o  what would the Church look like?

§  a single structure / common leadership?

§  uniformity of worship, liturgy and theology?

§  a group of people who love one another?

·      Knowing the Father’s love

o  “Righteous Father...”

§  love of Father and Son within us

§  Jesus within us

·      having a love from before creation within us

o  comes partly from loving one another

§  caring for one another shows the Father’s care

o  many people find accepting love difficult

§  sanctified/unconditional love

·      “Righteous Father...”

§  perfect love breaks down barriers

·      Jesus’ prayer for unity begins with holiness and ends with love

o  both are evident throughout

o  may God help us to let Him work those within us

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