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Home – The Place You Keep

Leaving the door open – both ways

If it is locked from the inside then it is locked on the outside.

Dead Bolts

Security Systems

Lack of money brought him home??

Lack of money would have kept him home.

Father was in no way obligated to give him what he was asking for.

People who love greatly hold things loosely.

If I say that I love my children I will act in their best interests

He never stopped looking

Home was a better offer.

If you love something set it free.

It was his hunger that drove him back to his Father, hoping only for a way to make a living.

Significant phrases

Ø      Give me my share of the estate – 1/3

Ø      Not long after that – didn’t leave right away – no ultimatum

Ø      He wound up working for another – non-benevolent master

Ø      He coveted the food of pigs

Ø      He was not given anything to help

Ø      When he came to his senses

Ø      I’d be better off working for someone who loves me

Ø      Father saw him when he was a long way off

Ø      Had compassion on him

Ø      Ran to his son

Ø      Embraced him

Ø      No languishing

Ø      No lecture

Ø      Father went out and pleaded with the older son

Ø      Everything I have is yours

Ø      We had to celebrate and be glad

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