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Is Your Faith Built on UNSHAKABLES?

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If the present is showing us anything, it is showing us that there is very little in our lives that is solid. Shakable is a term used in Scripture to describe something that lacks foundation, that is insecure, or temporary, something that disrupts the “normal.” We have been in this pandemic long enough to know that everything in this world is shakable. Which raises the question: How do we respond when the shakables are shaken? Are we prepared to deal with crisis? How do we adjust? Most of us would feel there is no adjusting. We're waiting it out. But in the meantime—? Go to the Bible, and discover the UNshakables. God, and His plan, and His Word are all UNshakable. Everything that has been shaken is only temporary anyway, and will soon be gone. What should we do? Find out what is unshakable, attach ourselves to the things that cannot be shaken, the things that will remain. Stay with us as we investigate this timely, critical, life-steadying topic.

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