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A Day of Good News

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song and search as to the book of 2nd Kings a short narrative there in second Kings chapter 7 verse 16

Chapter 7 I just want to really talk about some things. I've noticed in this room by ursine variety of words right thing that happens. We we as humans get really weird mish-mash of the to let me know we're talking about the situation. Other word unprecedented keeps getting thrown out there and Dimock emergency complicated. These are words that have been used in this time of and then we tend to gravitate to words that have these negative. Right? We talked about the situation in about a pandemic and there's nothing good about that. Talk about hoax conspiracy complicated emergency. words that have any proof positive about the situation is negative regarding Nazi opportunity for what God might be I've heard any sort of positive thing. That might come out. It's right that will say every cloud has a silver lining right? This is where we can start looking for that.

Right there. There's a better start giving stop contributing to anxiety and start offering.

Great love is matter fact, we talk about what we're talking about. I just finished reading a book this week. I actually highly recommend this book anyone.

And in the definition of gospel and good news is that it should call.

uncontainable at the proclamation But as I was reflecting on my response. Start thinking about this moment in time. I thought how have my words been marked by. Have I been a bearer of the Gospel vision of the world where nothing is never wrong?

But at the same time, what is the good news this situation? Where is the where are the Avenues for us the people of Hope the negativity?

I've been told to move just a little bit. Sorry.

Alright in second Kings chapter 7. I want to get some background and the divided Kingdom of Israel split.

the southern Kingdom of Judah at Citigroup What's the temperature in Superior or less faithful to you? And you reject me then? I will bring trouble upon and that happens and the Prophet Elijah is his ministering at this time if he had for playing. Well, the trouble comes in the form of the king of Syria, then he dead coming against Israel and he's against the capital of

That was the only way I really have for an army to capture an NPC preventing supplies from getting into the City and meaning this what would happen is open. So that's what happens in in second Kings chapter 6. We see the Army, the city of Samaria and it's band comes in and it's interesting as you read living things rather. You see the what happened has really bad to the point that a donkey's head. You selling for what is essentially about $400 in today's currency to cut of beef for about $25. So you have an option that you can order from you could order donkey set for $400 or dust them for $25. Aladdin could do that. A lot of people couldn't or wouldn't do that. But what they did with claiming the same child, but this is a terrible situation for children. The city doesn't have enough men. They don't have enough. They don't have an army fit to go out and attack their stuff inside the city walls and it is a situation. If it's in the king says, you know what this all the lights just doesn't he doesn't say it's because we were jacking you always this is because we were ejected Our God. He said no go find him and kill him for the messenger comes to collect Elijah taken back for his judgment and Elijah makes a product prediction. He said it was going to happen in the future. You're going to be able to buy all the food you want for pennies on no more donkey tips for $400.

So, how's that going to come pick up? The story is in second Kings chapter 7 and look with me and verse 3. Now there were four men who were lepers at the entrance to the gate and they said to one another. Why are we sitting here until we die we sit here. We die also. So here's the background.

So these four guys are sitting at the gate if they're not allowed.

Lepers are rejected outside of the city. Well situation between a city that starving on the inside and armies attacking on the outside and they have no record of sitting there eating this rock and a hard place. What are they going to do? They run some calculations in their head that they sell yours all I'll say, you know where where is really an unwinnable situation? Let's just goes to render, you know, and if they don't kill us break if they do kill it. We're just getting to what was inevitable. Good situation. Did they find her something but they're making the best decision that they can so there was no one there for the Lord had made the Army the syrians hear the sound of Chariots and horses and the kings of Egypt come against this

This is really best case scenario. You're from the city of Sumerian god without did happen to raise a sword ride the Army off Army the Syrian Army. Constantly hear what sounds like a great trust by these armies were coming to help the situation inside the walls of spank have no idea that the Army was it hard to blame for their servation. They have no idea.

But these letters are said what would they come into When They carried off the silver and gold and clothing and went and hid them and they came back.

Right. We've been stuck in a hard place.

moment of Plenty Everything Party Time

and they just think today is our lucky.

Listen to one another without doing right.

I love this turn up. My baby recognize what we're doing is not right.

This is the day of the music. Let's go by and let's tell me to call the gay people as they work out.

This can't be good. This just can't be as simple as a syrians fleeing in the night. Cheerleader waiting to take advantage of one of the servants. Did you in the first 13? Let them men has been fantastic The Siege is over the family has lifted. If it's not true those people died and we'll just a little slower. That's what they say the Army the series saying go and see.

Syrian to throw away in their face and The Messengers retarded told the game so they have not just left their tents on occupied. There's a string of detritus left behind them. If they're heading back no back home. They have left everything behind and plundered the campus.

So what do we have here? What do we do with this? This is this is one of those moments where I'm afraid our Christianity interesting story, you know, maybe somebody should make a movie of it. Someday. We wouldn't have to do with us as followers of Christ to crust make everything in the Old Testament is written down as a lesson for us and showing us the nature of the line that we ought to live in life.

Through this especially in the midst of coronavirus in the midst of a lockdown situation in the midst of now coming out of that and moving back into regular lights that look like for us a metaphor that teaches us lessons. I want to understand is that just like Samaria Humanity today? Is it war with the Great?

Just likes to Mary was at war with Syria. If we are at war with a great and powerful and anyone that we cannot overcome on our own and want you to understand. I'm not talking about.

I'm not talking about the government. I'm not talking about the meat yet. All of these things. I've seen being proclaimed as the Enemy by Price called saying this is the problem problem. This is the problem is the problem. That's not a cube and Humanities enemy.

Humanities enemy

as a pool as a collective Humanity has God written. Now some of you are shaking your head saying wall that can. But we're told Dad in the word of God. Look at Romans 5.

We were reconciled.

while we were enemies Esau sounds

say from poverty is God grant that is wrong. That is not what salvation is about. We are not. We are not staying from ourselves. Right some people want to make the gospel just to self help me write what you just need to overcome your fears your doubts your answer. primary and secondary problems

our primary problem is it left to our own devices in our own since we continue in the state of Our maker. That's the problem. The problem is our sin. The problem is Dick who had God as our Creator God as our friend rejected him and said no. Thanks will do this on our own.

If you rebelled against me if you reject me, you will surely. I don't know what else I see in the world except Humanity rejecting God.

Whether it's from a virus or a heart attack or a caramel.

Whether it's from fried or green. hate violence Madonna exactly what God Said. What happened? God is our enemy not because he wanted to be good because we chose to have him. We chose to lock ourselves up in the city and say God we've got this we don't need you. Leave us alone. he says point if you cut yourself off from me you cut yourself off from if you cut yourself off from me you cut yourself off from Hope and so this war than his religion has come about because of our

Bellingham Brings us into the state of Tennessee.

What's he going to do about? Well, he could just start over he could have just wiped us off the face of the Earth. Let's try again, but no. Yes plan in response to our sin his intention from before the foundation of the world. to reconcile us

and here's the thing SUV. We don't want that. By and large, we don't want to be reconciled. Is the freedom from the effects of our Rebellion?

stuff that comes with that

we just want to deal with the symptoms.

God said he'll take the punishment. He'll be your representative.

Trump again trust him and all will be well.

very you respond The Christ color that's you. That's where you are. Like the leper at the Gate of Samaria you recognize I can't live.

this relationship

But I know that.

the we go out of the we go out to surrender ourselves to god of what we fly.

There's no sword. There's no day Christ died the death that we could not buy Prices rose again showing at the kind of life that we and we get to the camper. We find them all of these good things. 4 Johnson Pier Half Moon by my grace is gone to Grace is here and now we're invited into feet. To see the goodness of God instead of the raft. We come out of the city. We were jet Rebellion we submit to God through.

The one we thought was our enemy, in fact, we come out to the king.

in prison

read this is the gospel. God created

God promised Jesus came and we believe I talk with my kids. What is the God God created God promises salvation? Jesus came

and me

to submit ourselves to get you to trust God and not just what we need.

Are made available to us?

And that's the problem.

We're like those we experience.

Did the food that we need is available to us? And that's where we stop. In three years, that's where the church has stopped. Same look at how good God is great. I feel so fulfilled. I feel so I just blessed. Oh my goodness the worship. Oh my goodness the word thousand. Fellowship of the Saints I know we miss that's a great thing. Those are awesome.

but instead of like lepers We just sat there in Europe. We just sat there looking things. Content to keep them.

we look at our world right now what we see our people desperately in need of desperately in need of Grace desperately AB something to freeze weight of loneliness and anxiety and fear in sickness and death something people who are desperate for something Beyond.

There's something to look at the virus and say that's it. Everything's going down there. Someone say because of her.

And instead of being like leprosy.

When we doing we're not doing right now, we just go back to the city and we jump right back into the discussion.

Can you delete?

Can you believe it?

Can you believe what they're charging for a dog's head? Can you believe Amazon not doing 2 day shipping? We go back. We just complain about all the rules complaining about.

We've been set free from all of them. Sorry about those things. So why do we didn't go back into the world in surrendering to God and it's going to open the gate and go to?

Why do we make politics?

Why do we make the media the enemy? Why do we complain about these things without coins?

Can the government be better?

Could the media via a little bit more?

any of those things matter if we're not declaring Christ of no

And yes, too many Christ follower. Not as those were people declaring hope in the midst of hopelessness.

We're just like this is a day of good.

Church God has given like I said a couple weeks ago.

God has given us a chance as soon as people to no longer continuing to shift our Focus away from this world and she recognized the only way the problem was resolved. The Christ is King. Going to make this world better is Jesus. Not my political views. The problem is not the Democrats the problems not the Republicans of problems not coronavirus the problems that the media the problem to send.

The problem is you and me. Not sharing the gospel. Peter talks about the world He talks in in his letter talks about the situation the people of God. Trials tribulations, but don't worry about that.

All the other days we live. Jesus is coming back what sort of people ought we to be waiting for in Hastings, Florida. Church of our hope is not in the pharmaceutical industry.

Anybody know that to listen to our conversation or social media?

He found the answer to the family that we ain't found.

Anybody know? The old saying her whole story rather.

for being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict?

Price people are those to make disciples. John has handed us an opportunity to say God has given us this opportunity to change our heritage to quit worrying about making America great again and start worrying about making Jesus king forever.

What are we going to give ourselves?

Go to these people starving for Grace starving for Holden. Let's declare hold demonstrate love of this world.

The one who will one day set everything.


42 long we let these things to find and Define us. I say that after this after coronavirus and we start dating again as we move forward in it.

Next be defined by one thing and one thing only. Jesus Christ and him crucified Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ and him living

that's what we should be sharing.

Price is Right.

All Beggars were all broken.

Be serious. Do you really truly want men and women and children to come with Christ? Do you really want to see me? Do you really want a problem with this world to be fit? Do you really?

read take a backseat Sherry. Do you really want to see peace? how to set up


we've been shut up in our home you can shut up in our cities. We've been told lockdown. Amazing would it be?


When do the doors open? If not just a rush back to life is for Melissa rest Christ. There are new faces here. your Witness glory of God in Christ we have baptism

and now I know

Church of the kind of world that results when we

we we share.

Do something bad?

father I asked

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