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BBBI - 2020.01.22 - PM - The Seven Sagas of Exodus, Part 2 (Ex. 6-15)

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The Lord moves on behalf of his people against those who would oppress them.

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Where in Exodus I want to draw your attention to chapter number 5? Chapter number 5 at the end and the reason I do so is because where we left off last time now for those who are are enrolled in The Institute and you'd like to work on the book of Exodus poor credit. Let me warn you there are seven sagas. I do not know how long it will take me to get through Exodus. So I'm breaking it down into smaller chunks. And so I'm going to have one and I won major outline for all seven sections of Exodus that I'm going to expose it with it will take some time to get through that so I don't want you to feel like you have to get your project done by the end of the first the first segment of Exodus but I do have a course outline forthcoming and if you want to start wrapping your mind around a possible project to do when I'm going to ask you to do as students in the Institute is the number one outline the book and you'll have all seven segments to be able to complete that in the sooner you get it in. Record your grave that kind of thing. So don't push it off till segment 7 and then be like all I have to do this. It might be three years from now. I don't know but the other project that you need to focus on would be similar to what you did with Genesis. I'm going to ask you to look in depth at the Mosaic Covenant just like you looked at the abrahamic Covenant for those who ask that you do the same thing for the Mosaic Covenant for Exodus and Bilby seven sections that would be provided in your course outline for that. And again, you got plenty of time to work on these projects take diligent notes as we go through verse by verse that will count as your lecture materials. You can show me those and then also they'll be some scripture Memory. I'm going to give it to you to memorize some verses throughout the book, but I'm looking forward to it and exodus really excites me as been good pouring over and pouring over and pouring over it now. I don't know that I'll ever feel that I'm ready to preach it. But here we go. So Exodus chapter 5 look with me beginning at Birth number 20, and you see where I left off last time with you looking at these hard questions that Moses has or Jehovah. Now, you know, the backdrop Israel is in Dire Straits in Egypt. They are under the heavy hand the oppressive hand of pharaoh. We can see the backdrop of how they got there. But I read with you these words and I want you to send the heart of Moses that I want you to try to feel what he's feeling Jehovah asks and will continue right over into chapter number 6 24th from pharaoh. Okay, so what happened and they said unto them the Lord look upon you and judge because you have made our saver. How does it save or to be abhorred in the eyes of pharaoh and in the eyes of his service to put a sword in their hair? And you're going to stand for this is your doing you're the one who stirred up Pharaoh against them that's their heart verse 22 and Moses return unto the Lord and said, I do not not Jehovah. Lord wear for has Val. So why is it that has sent me? Why are you stirring all this up? For since I came to pharaoh to speak in thy name, you're the one that wanted me to come and do this. He has done evil to this people. He's neither has delivered people. Don't wait a minute. I thought you said that you were going to bring them out Lord. What's going on here? Do you see these are questions? For Jehovah our questions for Adam and I I should say cuz he said then the Lord said unto Moses.

Okay house has been Fallout explanation is your colon in the verse after the word Pharaoh full with a strong hand shot. He let them go in God speaking to Moses. And said unto him I am the Lord Jehovah, but by my name Jehovah. Was I not known him to them and I will also establish my Covenant with them.

The land of their pilgrimage where and they were strangers and I have also heard the groaning of the children of Israel and I have remembered my Covenant wear for sending the children of Israel. I am the Lord Jehovah. And I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptian and I will reach out of their bondage and I will redeem and I will take you to me for a people and I will be to you a God and you shall know that I am the Lord your God out from under the burdens of the Egyptians and I will bring unto the land concerning the which I did swear to give it to Abraham Isaac and I will give you four and Heritage. I am the Lord. Heavenly father. I pray that you'll help us as we consider this yet second Saga that Moses as recorded of your deliverance of your people from Egypt Lord as we approach book of Exodus we do so with humility with our hearts for Jesus Christ Our Saviour are delivering that delivered us from the oppression of sin and statement has set us free ship blood on Calvary bless our time in your world tonight make it profitable unto eternity and for the growth of the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ in Jesus name, I pray amen. We broke the book of Exodus into two major has the first half of Exodus dealing with Redemption, which is where we find the sagas that we're looking at together. I hear can can you turn on Wasaga number to tonight just to review Saga Number One I'll do this quickly. So I've been number one opens up and we understand understand the question. Of the Egyptians upon the name pharaoh. And we also noted the Providence of them out of the way in the back of their bond and after they went down with Jacob and they prospered and this provoked to see them as a threat and he began to make policies of progressive. They're there their they're born babies their young children and midwives that we mention that the Lord blessed because of their fearing God over pharaoh and looking after the protection of Life interesting. We celebrate the words of our president today as we consider those midwives praise the Lord for the Lord.

We see this beginning of chapter number to Moses. We see his early years of providential protection and the irony of infancy and he's going to use that against payroll to bring his people out. We see his birth. We see his name in that his mother was moved directions to commit and then that Pharaoh's daughter out of the Providence of God in him being able to be nurse by his own mother again for months after that and see the next encounter with Moses and he's the murderous mediator. He's trying to help his people but he whines up killing an Egyptian and burying him in the sand the next time he goes out.

Say what are you going to bury me in the same like you did that Egyptian the other day. No wonder when so Moses will stay on the backside of the Desert Hill me to Jethro the air and Mary want to chat throws daughter have a family there in median and that takes us through chapter 2 in the end of chapter 2 the Lord begins to come back into the life of Moses and he appears to have in a burning bush and chapter number 3, and you see Moses is called Lord. I'm not ready to go. I can't believe the second excuses will when I go I don't know your name. What's your name? And then we see the Resurgence of Jehovah the I am and then also

You said that's not enough when I go They're not going to listen to validate is called and we know that he needed a mouthpiece because most has felt like you could have talked. So God raised up Aaron. Yes. I love that part. Moses gets ready to return to Egypt. Any heads back he does so was Jethro's but remember we talked about him getting Jethro's bless. The Lord guides him every step of the way chapter 4 closes down with the verse 23 with that then on the way back and sit over there Moses wife has to intervene to make sure that they're following the walls of circumcision a bloody husband now are to me she says by the time it's all said and done and then after that's taken care of and they don't have to worry about angels. Lord, maurepas are violated the Covenant of circumcision night. We see this brotherly reunions in Chapter 4 verses 27 to 29 alongside a national reception at the conclusion of chapter 4 now open. Moses and Aaron now confronts pharaoh and they go in for this first confrontation and they goes well just like the Lord said it was because Pharaoh rejected them. Who is this Jehovah that I should obey him? Who is this Lord that you mention of who is the Lord chapter 5 verses 1 through 9, then we mentioned how Pharaoh is then moved to make their burdens even heavier because he thinks they want time to go play three days journey into the Wilderness to go Worship the Lord. Will they have too much time on their hands and the idleness becomes the Pharaohs playground really stinks. Doesn't it chapter 5 they said they're at they still have to produce as many bricks as they did before but this time without the proper materials to do it and it's just burned some Grievous. Turn that brings us to where we begin reading tonight. These hard questions that Moses has for Jehovah. It's not working out. Like I thought it was going to I thought you said these things were going to occur. What seems like things are getting worse and worse and worse. So this OpenSnow II Saga II narrative Us and how we see Israel will be liberated from Pharaoh's bondage before the answer can come we are lost before we can never be safe. And so Israel has gone down there an oppressive bondage and they need Deliverance. They need salvation. And so they're going to be liberated from Pharaoh's hard bondage on them Versa 2 chapter 6 opens up and we see the beginning The end of their bondage in Egypt and I just titled this one the straw that breaks the Pharaohs back one straw too much Exodus chapter 6 verse 2 all the way down to chapter left. We're going to see how this unfolds Moses is going to receive some reassurance from the Lord. I read much of that to you. But if we count as I did seven I will statements from Jehovah. I will I will I will I will I will I will I will 7 * he says I will do this and 7 is a number of completion 7 I Wills of the Lord's Deliverance. These are that well chapter 6 verse 14 on Chelsea's about the Levites. The sons of Levi and Moses if you know his lineage would try to see it from their history when we come to this section. But Exodus is where the Levites Jacob in Genesis 49 you remember they weren't they weren't given an inheritance, but that's what they're not priests until here. They receive their commission as the Priestly tribe when they go into the land but you see the narrator stop to see who the Levites will become their going to be dispersed among the Nations. So we need this genealogy. We need these names that are listed here because they're going to come into play as the Michael priesthood comes to fruition. These are Pharaoh's God and His Prophet chapter 6 verse 20 in the Moses in the land of Egypt at the house of pharaoh hearken unto me.

The question and received Pharaoh's God and the prophet of Pharaoh's God by the name of the man Moses. That's the first confrontation II confrontation open stop swaddling service chapter 7 versus chapter 7 verse 11 the signs of the Lord's supremacist the signs of the Lord Supremacy alongside the size of the Sinners anguish side of the Sinners anguish when I say that because we're approaching the plagues that will come upon pharaoh and you'll see these Sinners sign in all the anguish all the Heartbreak. What are these signs? What are these play? God will give to demonstrate his power to demonstrate over pharaoh. Well begins with the blood River in chapter 7 verse 14 to 25. What are my favorite songs I used to hear it. Pensacola was one more night with the frogs. I don't know if that's the case. Then we have the life's lessons in chapter 8 verse 16 to 19. This is the Finger of God, the Finger of God. The light comes after that the fourth play. He's the Lord of the Flies and the Flies all come and chapter 8 verse 22 32 in the hand of the Lord brings a heavy past pestilence and some of these I've just taken right out of the verses of scripture is The Kettle Moraine m u r r a i n. It's a it's a disease on their cattle and it's a plague upon their livestock and their livelihood if you will chapter 9 opens up with that. The sixth plague is those bothersome boils and Blaine and interesting at the end of that chapter or at the verses 8 through 12 you find out they couldn't stand the priests of afero couldn't stand the magician's of pharaoh couldn't stand before Moses. They just couldn't stand the seventh plague is the fear of the word of the Lord it hails from the heavens like never before the god since this hell down one of these you redo these plates. You know, what happens if a rope says, yeah, you can go and then you can't go you can go. No, you can't go you can't go. No, you can't say that every time you turn around payroll is pulling them back and raining them in and squeezing them harder. Because he's exerting himself against God and the seventh sign was the fear of the word of the Lord the hell it came from the heavens like never before and then we'll give them stories to tell their grandchildren to their children. What the Lord did the land of Egypt and devouring everything that wasn't taken out everything that I mean what could be left not much. But now you have these devouring Locust Locust in chapter 10 verses 1 to 20 and then chapter 10 verse 21 shows us that Darkness the plague of Darkness that came over the land of Egypt of Darkness. It describes that you can actually feel I've been in Dark Places spelunking and doing k And I always have that part on the tour where the guy takes you to this chamber takes you into this room, right you been in there and says alright it right turn your headlamps off turn all your flashlights off anything that glows covered it up and he goes over the switch and shut the switch off and it's so dark in there. You can't even see your hand in front of your face and it's just an eerie darkness and you sitting there for a few minutes and then you're really thank you for the light like that kind of this was a darkness that was even more penetrating with Ben that this was a darkness that you can feel. I wonder what it was like when our Saviour hung but suspended Between Heaven and Earth when he's being crucified in there was Darkness on the land for the span of 3 hours. I wonder if that was a Darkness similar to this darkness in Egypt the darkness that you can feel a darkness. That just is is looming on UI darkness which may be felt. And then the Lord save the worst for last for Pharaoh saving the worst for last all the firstborn of Egypt shall die.

We'll deal with that when we come to it. But if you think about the firstborn of Egypt, why would the Lord do something like this? Keep in mind that it didn't begin here? This is the Lord's or retribution. This is the wrath of God's judgement on a man who decided he could determine which firstborn would live in which firstborn wouldn't And there was always an opportunity for salvation. There was no egyptian household that had to suffer the loss of their first born if they would have just come under the blood. Just like his real they would have been spared from that plague of death on their firstborn. So before we throw rocks at God and say what are you doing? We need to remember there's more to the story than meets the eye and God save the worst for last all the firstborn of Egypt should die. This opens up the narrative concerning the Passover. Remember we're still in Saga number to The Narrative of the Passover begins in Chapter 2 chapters 12 and chapter 13. We are beginning a chapter 12 a celebration of redemption in a home that has that blood on the doorpost will be spared from the angel of the firstborn of that house. But there were very specific things they had to do to make sure that that would happen new life is found through the lamb. There's a piece of remembrance that's given in observance of an ordinance that God.

And those that are Orthodox in their face to this day still observe this Passover this later if you will we had we had a dear brother come and he did a Seder demonstration for us for one of our communion times that we had in our afternoon Services. Remember when he came through did that and it's interesting to see all the pictures of Jesus Christ. That's even in a Seder ceremony is Cedric remembrance that are Jewish friends observed in Passover observance of that ordinances 16 in chapter 12 verses 14 to 28 after we move into the midnight March time to head out out of Egypt.

So they make that midnight March and they did as the Lord commanded in chapter 12 verse 43 251. You see that they receive further instructions on leaving Egypt and we're going to learn the secret of living in unleavened life in Chapter 13 is Exodus chapter 13 opens verses 1 to 16 going to help us understand what redemption mean and we're going to be the song impression the new redeemed how I love to Proclaim it and then I've got a special message for you that I'm working on and getting prettied up for that even a donkey has to come through the lamb. Amen. Has Georgia for you even the donkey has to come through the lamb and even the donkey if you want to see where I'm headed with Exodus chapter 13 verses 12 to 15. You'll see what I mean. Even a donkey has to come through the lamp. Did the third major section of this Saga the first being the beginning of the end final straw that breaks the Pharaohs Back II being the Passover when I see the blood I'll pass over the third section of this second sagas The Exodus itself the Passover and now the Exodus the way out is through the sand in the sea. And as Israel makes this journey chapter 13 verse 17 continues this second Saga and we find Israel in the edge of the wilderness. The edge of the Wilderness and they're going to move from Egypt to Ethan and then at Ethan Ferro is going to have a change of heart. He's going to begin to pursue them and press them into being between a rock and a hard place if you will and we're going to see how God gave them a great escape and they're going to be preserved by the Lord safe Passage through the Red Sea chapter 14 verses 10 through 31 show staff in chapters 15 seconds. Opens up with Moses is salvation song. I will sing unto the Lord. For he is good. I will sing unto the Lord and it's interesting when you look at chapter 15, there's two major things that I see going on here. The first is a verses 1 through 18. You have Moses in the man singing By the Sea and then Miriam takes up her timbrels and she leads the women of the women join in the women are singing By the Sea verses 19 to 21. And that really closes Saga number to Saga Number Three will open up as a Proving Grounds for Israel as they begin to be tested by Jehovah. And so they've gone from Sand and the Sea now, they're going to move from the sea to Mount Sinai and the remainder of the book of Exodus has them at Sinai just prior to them going into the Wilderness wanderings due to unbelief and they're going to receive the law of Lord at Sinai that Mosaic Covenant that I mentioned for our students bird's-eye view of this second. Saga has helped you connect some of the bigger Parts some of the bigger moving pieces of this story of Exodus this truth of how God historically brought his people out of Egypt. What an amazing God we serve and he is able as we sang as we open he is able to liberate us from bondage and through Jesus Christ. We can be set free. Jesus can be our deliverer just like Moses was in the physical deliver for Egypt for Israel out of Egypt bondage. But oh, well, let's learn lessons. Not only from Moses's faith and for menstrual suppression and their Deliverance in from how God moved on Saint let's also learned how to say Ro withstood the hand of God and met his doom and all that. Would that would try to rear up against with the Lord would do will meet the same fate in the end because God is supremely Sovereign over all and yet he's a loving benevolent God and he loves us so much that he sent his only begotten son. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and it will come by faith through him will learn who the real I am is and we will learn that Jesus Christ is that I am that even before Abraham was he said I am and he's the one I believe this spoke to Moses in that burning bush. I am that I am. Jesus can be seen through these Pages as the deliverer of the nation of Israel. And so when we have these encounters, let's make sure we're on the Lord side a man who is on the Lord's Side.

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