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MAY 15,2005

  1. A Personal Mission Statement will help me serve the Lord more effectively by keeping me focused on my life goals.

  1. My passion(s) are ____________    ____________  _____________

  1. I have seen God use me in the past to  ____________  _____________

  1. My greatest disappointment(s) in life have been  _____________  ____________

  1. My greatest strengths are  ___________  ____________ ____________

  1. My greatest weaknesses are  ____________  ____________  _____________

  1. My greatest lifetime accomplishments have been  ______________  ____________

  1. ______________________ has given me the most satisfaction.

  1. My two closest personal friends tell me I am most proficient in _______________________________________________________

  1. My talents are in the area of  __________________  _________________

  1. My personality is  _______________   _________________   ______________

  1. In the remaining years of my life I would like to accomplish:

q       __________________________

q       __________________________

q       __________________________


Read your answers over carefully and see if you wish to change anything.  Pray about it. 

Repetition in your answers may be pointing you towards something.

The most exciting things above are  __________________________________________

The least exciting things above are  __________________________________________

From your thoughts above, you have the background to begin writing phrases that capture the most important ideas.  Try writing a few phrases. 


Next Steps:  (Very important}

Using the phrases, begin to write a paragraph with no more than three or four sentences that captures the thoughts you wrote in the phrases.  Remember, your first try will help you get the hang of writing a Mission Statement.  It will take several tries to get your statement in the form you want it in.  After you get that first draft done, try to look at your mission statement frequently.  Revise it as necessary. 

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