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26 Apr Easter 3: Three P's - Pandemic, Personal & Prophecy

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Good morning, Reverend Chris downstairs Victor St. Marks Church in the same house as well as looking to be with worshipping with you this morning. I like to have a moment of silence together.

Holy Spirit, we praise you come now speak to us fill our hearts and our minds Come Holy Spirit.

Hallelujah Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. They call it prayer for this Sunday the third Sunday of Easter. Let's say it together. Almighty father who in your great Mercy gladdens the disciples with the signs of the Risen Lord Give us knowledge of his presence with us that we may be strengthened and sustained by his reason why I'm serve you continually in righteousness and Truth through Jesus Christ Our Lord who is alive and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit one God now and forever Armon. Let's have a time off confession. Now why we say sorry to God in our heart for all the things that we do wrong. We say together. Lord God we have sinned against you we have done evil in your sight. We are sorry and repentance. Have mercy on us according to your love washes away our wrongdoing and cleanse us from our sin. Renew a right Spirit within us Aristo Rose to the joy of your salvation through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Almighty, God forgives all who truly repents have mercy upon you. Todd and I'll deliver you from all your sins confirm and strengthen you in all goodness and keep you in life eternal through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Well, the election reading this morning is actually from the Gospel of Luke Jesus meeting to his followers on the road to Emmaus are we will not find the toll book. I want us to think it's that on this passage from Ecclesiastes chapter 3. I'm your no baby. You'll know they deposit 12 to every season turn it. How is something summarized. So I'm going to read these words now if you want to join in please all of the work on the screen. For everything there is a season and a time for every Master on the heaven a time to be born and a time to die a time to look up what is planted. A Time to Kill I'm a time to heal a time to break down on a time to build up. A time to weep and a time to live a time to mourn and a time to dance. A time to Cast Away stones and a time to gather Stones together a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing. A time to speak and a time to lose a time to keep I'm a time to Cast Away a time to time and a time to sow. A time to keep silence and a time to speak. A time to love and a time to hate a time for war and a Time For Peace.

This is the word of the Lord. Thanks be to God.

Well bucket stops of the year. I make some plans for the sermon series on this was all way before the lockdown was on the horizon for this particular song by April 26th. I had in mind at all that I have a three piece on the top. So it was all about I don't know if you remember I talked about it quite a few times since so I hope it does ring some Bells but in this current contacts, it just doesn't feel right to talk about strategy and vision while many of those are trying to cope with possibly the most serious situation since second world war. How do we make sense of this is Christian's so I thought I would talk instead about different 3-piece. Endemic personal and prophecy a reflection on the pandemic on my personal experience in response to it. I looked at prophecy in particular the end times of the coming of Christ in the world might feel a bit apocalyptic to you right now, but we have no need to fear. Jesus is our Rock and I was sure foundation. So the first of the three piece is pandemic. Latest figures are shocking. Really I'm very upsetting the tofu UK cases that we officially know about stopping the currently 148377. I'm a total deaths in the UK, officially off 20319. The total known Global cases across the whole world just under 2898000 of 82 people. How to talk to the virus the total unknown Global that's thumbs-up 203000 and 24 people to 3,000 people have died cuz of these a truly terrible statistics is a huge wave of grief and loss as people lose Family and Friends Mavis work colleagues. Is horrendous as they says it's on a smaller scale than the global influenza epidemic of 1918 one official estimate calculated the 50 million people around the world died. 50 million people died in 1918 people felt symptoms in the morning and they would that by Nightfall. Bodies were picked up from front porches to be counted the way to Graves took by bulldozers. One man was shot for not wearing a mask. closed ministers spoke of Armageddon

We don't know how long this will last. the current academic young dogs are in the lockdown on following government Health advice on looking after the vulnerable. We have no control over these Global events, but we can do our best time to talk about the season. Are we are encouraged to do in Ecclesiastes? The season for everything and a time for every month. So I'm going to happen. So it's helpful for us to be able to accept a dumpster quickly that we are in the music you like them both as individuals and as Church. Hopefully is an individual you're managing to do that to adapt to the new reality. How can we do as a church to this new environment is a church. Well, I mean this service is not that we don't normally obviously hold out services in this way. This is one way that we've tried to adopt a different. How come you talk to this new environment what I did have you got I'll be really interested in your idea. Let's just text or email. Please get in touch with me. Do you want to get involved with our technological response? Can you help and Steve and Debbie and I withhold loading content to the website or so YouTube because next Sunday with thinking about running a different type of service a pre-recorded video with me on top some others reading some pussy some things about needs to be together tonight at 8 on put on YouTube. Can you help with that? Maybe you want to help us with our website which is getting more visits since they lockdown. All top secret off the phone support the members of the congregation who need access to that technology. What changes will we make a little bit? Let's think about all these things. How could we change of the church? Pray? Pray and pray? What does God want us to do at this time? And listen to what he saying, please let the holy spirit guide you I like that creates of an experimental I would offer these guidelines only don't believe so in Folsom that makes you want to see me 2 is Bentley Crown this I'm not surprised to be Spirit-filled over from not let's just get creative and shake things up break some rules plastic out from repeat traditions on highway. This is an opportunity to rethink how we how we behave as accommodations church. So let's move on to the second pay having thoughts about pandemic personal. Embracing this new season on a personal level. What is your experience? Like of this pandemic? Everyone is having their own lockdown experiment. Soundly, I received a letter for the NHS last week telling me that they have identified me as someone at risk of severe illness if I kept covid-19 on the line Health connective tissue disease virus on more likely to be admitted to hospital. So I can call to stay at home and avoid old face to face comes back 12 weeks with takes me to mid-july. Are some of the symptoms of covid-19 difficulty breathing but no fever and actually I think these symptoms of hayfever rather than covid-19. Call so many others in a similar situation and ion, I'm extremely thankful for what I have personally the company of mine with his family and a nice home for the garden. By God's grace on a Minecraft bow. That's why I've been thinking about our Gregg's book how to pray that we did. Most of the time this virus is the natural result of a combination of factors in the Chinese wet Market international travel millions of people living in close proximity.

pozole explainable. What was the laws of the universe? so we trying to adopt and embrace this new season like you I'm upset by all the loss and suffering like you I'm inspired by the amazing reaction of the majority of people look out for the vulnerable to organize response to put their lives at risk to care for the sick in some cases. On the positive side. I'm excited by the changes being brought about by this. So Charles Church is swinging into social action response to the line. And those people are more aware of the fragility of life. That seems to be a new openness to God and people who previously ignored him or didn't believe in him. Catholic Church in a parish things of August week ground to a halt old face-to-face meetings been counseled on this gives me another clergy and lay leadership more space and I'll die in the evenings when a lots of me to take place. I'm still very busy. Meetings while Courtney sings when things got doing out. My plans are made tasks are set time frames agreed. We build a future for our meetings. For now things are on tour. Beside marks on the pirate ship. Well, how late is PCC meeting was postponed the archdeacon and I have your team with you to talk to us about the changes are APC. I'm looking for Spokane Valley with you two times together last year is church business and look forward to the coming year. I'll promise to get ready for this the Parish of Saint Mark's stoled phenom. My hunch is from what I have colleagues on reading in the Press. They sell Malaga that churches will be allowed to hold Services before September at the earliest. In the meantime, we take inspiration from Ecclesiastes 3 and I embrace this new season with a museum and skill. So what about the third prophecy? Don't be surprised if your thoughts haven't turned to the end times the second coming of Jesus with all this stuff going on the world felt puppets apocalypse before the coronavirus outbreak. What were the rules when the international tensions persecutions of Christians from insects extra. So I thought we look a little bit out what the Bible has to say on these things. I'm using these three books of resources to God. I was thinking by TC Hammond and cold and understanding to be math notebook AI Howard Marshall Co Christian beliefs On a book by Simon pumpkin beer contemporary also called and the lamb wins, which is all about eschatology good solid explanation of the end times.

So he's made with these his death and Resurrection The Following on the following pulling out of the Holy Spirit a new era arrived and I'm the special events on the day of Pentecost for the Fulfillment of this Old Testament Prophecy from Joel. They shall come to pass afterwards. I will pour out my spirit on All Flesh of your sons and daughters will prophesy your old men dream dreams. Your young men will see Visions. This age is a kind of. Of transition. We all would era theme Jude I'm feeling to end of the new era has already come on, So the Christians who live in the old are are already members. The new era era God has provided the sensible before he makes a final end to the old era. So the old men and women can hear the gospel that have the opportunity of becoming citizens the new era. Who sells spoke clearly about his second coming as a rule on the Georgia Bowl people will be preceded by various events on Jesus that I will be the saviors loss of fall Saviers. That will be the prosecution of some of these people MLB in increasing human wickedness this bus from 2 Timothy and beat all who desire to live a Godly life in Christ. Jesus will be persecuted while evil people on imposters Will Go On from Doc to us this evening. I'm being deceived. Nobody can calculate the date of the second coming only the father knows. No one knows the time of the day March 13th. No one knows not even the angels can have another source. Only the father. That was Jesus speaking New Testament shows that the second coming of Christ will be preceded by the final effort of evil to overcome a god before the end of world history. Satan will make his last attempt to overthrow crime all states of us. Take me to call Don t cry already at work in the world to see Christ is coming. So now many ounce price to come there for we know that this is the last hour. The last book of the Bible Revelation there's a description of the punch bowl between God and Satan in chapter 19 and fun see what the precise meaning of these promises isn't really clear to us. So, how should we respond to these end times that were in? Well, we've got this wonderful Help of Christians. Are we are we have the presence of the Kingdom the kingdom of God before Jesus send it to his father. He promised to send the spirit on The Same Spirit. He would be with Jesus will now be pulled out on All Flesh fulfillment office summary. From Joel the last days are already here. So this is what we read in Ox chapter 2 on the day of Pentecost. This is what was through the prophet Joel and in the last days so they thought the class or I will pour out my spirit on All Flesh without foreign give a spirit on those gathered that empowered them for mission on Edisto for us today in the power of the spirit is Jesus's followers. We bear witness to me. We continued his mission we engage in conflict with the powers of this present age. This bus from a season 6 for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against the rulers of powers over this present Darkness the spiritual forces of evil in the Heavenly places that will take up the whole armor of God that you can withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand. I'm as we do that we helped to bring about the date when dogs go to office is where we finally come to you and I are bounce. Dr. Person in the world through the permanent presence of price and I'll make sure the presence of the Spirit dwelling give you an old Believers the power of the age to come and coaches on the present. We are set free from the domination of say I'm a sting of death as being drawn life is lived in the power of the resurrection of the people of golf experience freedom in Christ. What we're on a pilgrimage through this life only we still live in mortal flesh. We are subject weakness Mall open to Temptation Hebrews. 13 says we have no lasting City, but we seek the city that is to come.

People still live in an environment which is on the Hostile Dominion of evil. Lakes of my witness even to the point of Mazda 2 Cosmic opposition to the kingdom is still manifest in a variety of personal and public forms when the New Testament writes his believe that this opposition will become more and more dominant aggressive as a combination of God's purpose extraordinary evil will be personified in caricatures of good. Lots of consequence will arise before position is concentrated in one futile effort. Books about all of this you and I are as follows of Jesus stand on the rock or solid ground of Jesus The Living Word of God.

There is no Rock like our God what's up with you experience in this lockdown? I pray that you will find strength from our Rock the Lord Jesus Christ to this season with M fusing Anthem skill on passion. May the Holy Spirit help you to know and understand that we are in the end times and in between era where we see the power of the kingdom of work, but we also know that evil is at Large. We are God's people called the kingdom of priests. We are his agents for reconciliation love and power election results for reading today's from Luke 24 the story of Jesus on the road to Emmaus. Jesus revealed himself to his to follow his eyes were opened and they were awfully excited. Our calling is to imitate Jesus in this way to reveal him to those around us so that they can be properly excited to pray for people when you are with them and see what he might heal them. He might give you a word of inside or prophecy for them. He will definitely do something and not person to show them that he looks like it might leave them with a sense of peace out of being loved by the heavenly father. If nothing else. We have a very special resource. So helpful in this in-between are I don't wish the holy spirit. So let's pray as often as we can remember Come Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit

reflects on that package from 1 Samuel There is no law Rock like an hour ago.

We're going to a foot in mouth face. Now with the Nicene Creed. It's a response to surgeon. So please say the words and yellow. We believe in one God the father of the old Mighty Baker of having dinner of all that is seen and unseen. We believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only son of God eternally begotten of the Father God from God light from light true God from true God. Because I'm not made of one being with the father salvation. He came down from heaven was in, from the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary and was made mom. For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate. He suffered death and was buried On the third day, he rose again in accordance with the scriptures. He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the father. You will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead and his kingdom will have no end. We believe in the Holy Spirit the Lord forgive of Life who perceives from the father of my son with the father and the son he is worshipped unglorified. He has spoken through the prophets. We believe in one Holy Catholic and Apostolic church with knowledge one baptism for the Forgiveness of sins. We look for the resurrection of the dead. I'm a lot of the worlds armor.

Let's have a time of prayer together. Now. I'm going to begin with a prayer for those affected by coronavirus that say these words together. Cheapest good Lord, Under The Shadow of Your Mercy sustain and support the anxious be with those who care for the sick and list of all who are brought low. That we may find comfort knowing that nothing can separate us from your love in Christ. Jesus our lord armor.

Just take a few moments now to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

When I say more than your messy, please respond with hair out prayer. All the way up to you this morning. I'm we lift up to you all those who we have read about in this country. You have beef stock to buy coronavirus those through all who are Elf in hospital those who have lost loved ones.

We listen to you. Lord in your mercy

father we pray to you for those in power in this country those who are in charge of governments to government response to this situation. We pray that you would give them strength and wisdom on a grade scale. We pray they would work well with agencies in the private and public services.

Lord in your mercy are outcry Father we pray for those world leaders who have responsibility for not just leaving their own company quotes and gave him with other countries different around we pray that you would Inspire them to work for peace and justice.

Lord and your mercy hear our prayer

father we pray for ourselves a family

we come to you I would rock.

Lord in your mercy

Finally thought we pray for everyone who has a new invest in you those were curious those who are faithful people who asked me if you don't normally come to you we pray that you would reveal yourself to them like you reveal yourself to the followers on the road to Alliance. Price for that you use in the power of your spirit give us courage to pray for people one way with them. Sweet Sue's by your spirit if I'm words. Lord in your mercy, I'll cry. I'm bringing out fries together in the prayer that Jesus gave us as our savior talk to so we pray Our Father in heaven Hallowed Be Your Name Your Kingdom Come your will be done on Earth as in heaven. Give us the day our daily bread forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us lead us not into temptation, but Deliver Us from Evil for the kingdom the power and the glory are yours now and forever,

celebrity worship with you this morning to look out on the WhatsApp group are the website because next time they may help to bring you a link with a YouTube video like I mentioned earlier but beyond that we looking also at the possibilities of an interactive service using something like Zoom. So in the meantime, if you can take a look at zoo the Wilds multi-person conferencing video conferencing we going to find think about whether we can hold this evening. So that allows adult supposed to pick together in a live II But in the meantime, I pray that the God of Peace who broke the game from the Dada Lord Jesus by great Shepherd of the sheep through the blood of the Eternal covenants make you perfect in every good work to do his well, we're can give you that which is well pleasing in his sight and the blessing of God Almighty the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit being on you and remain with you always vomit.

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