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     I want to minister today on a subject that I ministered on not to long ago but never really finished, & that is being led by t Spirit of God.

     I. In (1CO 14:10) Says, "There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them {is} without signification."

              A. There are many voices in t world, but t one that I wanted to minister on is t voice of t H.S. & the witness of His Spirit.

                        2. 1st of all we need to know t voice of t H.S.

                                  a. Twice in t book of John we have reference that t sheep hear t voice of t Lord. (John 10:16; John 10:27)

                                  b. (ROM 8:16) Says, "The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God."

                                           i. & we're going to get more into that a little latter.

              B. But right now I want to look at t part that I just mentioned a moment ago,

                        1. "If you don't know what it is that is said or what is t meaning of what was said, it will be strange to you." (foreign)

                        2. W/ all t voices out there it is important to know who it is that's speaking.

                        3. Jesus said in (JOHN 10:5) That we will not follow t voice of a stranger." But there is a prerequisite to that.

                                  a. He's talking to those who follow after him.

                                  b. Part of following after Him is to have our mind renewed to t Word of God.

                                           i. I know I talk a lot about renewing our minds with the Word of God, But I feel for the Person who is born - again & Spirit filled, there are very few things that are more important than getting our minds renewed to God's Word.

                                           ii. PRO 4:20-23

                                                      iii. The NIV say (V 23) "Above all else, guard your heart."

                                                      iv. Why are we to guard our heart?

                                          c. Jesus said in (MATT 12:34) "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." (Whatever you speak & believe, it will come to pass.)


                                                      i. (EZE 3:10) Says, "All my words that I shall speak unto thee receive in thine heart, and hear with thine ears."

                                          d. That's probably t 1st step of "Knowing t voice of t Lord & t voice of t H. S."

                                                      i. T H.S. will never lead you into something that is against t Will of God, & t Word of God is t will of God.

                  C. Look at ROM 12:2

                        1. When you get your mind renewed w/ t Word of God, you will know what God's plan is.

                        2. When t H.S. speaks to you, you will know weather it truly is t H.S. or not, because t H.S. will never violate t Word of God.

     II. But t Word of God alone isn't t answer.

              A. T Word of God w/out t Spirit of God is w/out life, It won't produce anything. It becomes t letter of t law.

                        1. T letter of t law killeth. People try to keep t letter of t law in themselves & they can't, so they feel condemned. (dry up & not produce)

              B. We've got to have t Spirit of God active in our lives or we'll feel dry. (thru prayer & fellowship)

                        1. For us to know that it's t H.S. speaking we need to have consistent fellowship w/ Him.

                                  a. I know Patti's voice, because I fellowship w/ her.

                                  b. T more you fellowship w/ t H.S. t more in tune to His voice you'll be.

                                           i. I'm not saying that it will be a louder voice. Patti doesn't have to yell at me for me to understand what she is saying.

                        2. Sometimes that voice of t Spirit is a still small voice, sometimes it can be more authoritative.

                                  a. Many times in t Word of God it says, T Word of T Lord came unto me saying."

                                  b. That gives us t impression that it was more authoritative.

                                  c. There's times when t Lord will lead people w/ a vision.

                                           i. In (ACTS 10) Peter had a vision of all kinds of beasts, t Lord was showing him that God was no respecter of persons.

                        3.But most of t time t Lord will lead w/ that still small voice.

                                  a. ACTS 8:18-23

                                  b. ACTS 10:34

                                  c. ACTS 17:22

                                  d. ACTS 27:10

                        4. Look w/ me to a reference to that still small voice. 1KI 19:9-14.

                                  a. MY STORY

                                  b. JOHN 16:13

3/3/91 SUN AM TFC & WOFCC 2/2/92 SUN AM & WOLCC Sun AM 2/28/93

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