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Engaging Every Man's Enemy

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The Dream: “Engaging Every Man’s Enemy”

I am in Medieval Times and I am living in a Fortress located on the side of a mountain. This fortress has a long a road that leads all the way up to the gate. Down the road the enemy approaches to attack the fortress and I am struck with urgency to get ready to go out to fight. Already, the army inside the castle has decided to meet the enemy on the road and I am left behind to find my armor. I feel stress because our army is outside and I am left inside to find my armor. I go to closets, attic and then basement and finally I am equipped. (Spiritual Application is that we need to be equipped with the “Whole Armor of God” and we shouldn’t need to go around looking for our armor pieces before the battle because the battle could happen any time.)

Next I go through the court yard and the towns people don’t act concerned. Worse yet, they are unaware that there is even a Battle. I remember thinking why are these people acting like they are. They are oblivious to what is taking place outside the walls. (Spiritual Application taken is that attitude is both the common in church and family).

Next, I go out through the wall with a warrior on my right side. I am on the left, he is on the right. We are both equipped and ready for battle and both are ready to engage the enemy. This fellow warrior makes me have a feeling of safety so I don’t feel alone in the battle. He has my back and I have his. (Spiritual Application: I need an accountability partner and someone to hold me up in prayer as I do him. I have this in Chris M.). He has joined me in the vision and in the battle.

Next, we go down through the battle field, unhindered because everyone is involved in one on one battles. The enemy is engaged in one on one battle which frees us to be of aide to our army as we advance through the carnage. (Spiritual application is that men are all around us going through the battle by themselves-\80 to 90 per cent of men in any given church have a problem with a form of pornography or lust which is giving Satan a foothold in the battle to keep men weak and thus the church weak).

Next, God tells me to strike the enemy in the Achilles tendon and thus you’ll make the enemy ineffective in the battle. (Approaching men with the book, telling them about the groups, meeting them one on one-I am still learning to work this one out.) James 4:7 Resist the Devil and he will flee from you…. This one has spiritual applications that I haven’t worked through entirely yet. It and I am a work in progress.

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