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I.        EPH 4:11-15

A.  V 12 says that we would grow so we can do the work of the ministry.

B.  V 13 tell us that it is God’s will and plan for us to come in unity of the Faith

C.  V 14 “That we be no more children”

D.  And V 15 he once again says that we may “Grow up.”

II.      God is calling us to grow up and walk in unity so that we may do what He has called us to do.

A.  God has given us a plan for this church, a vision, but it is going to take everyone of us and all those that come in the door to help us fulfill God’s plan for our lives and to fulfill our destiny.

1.   Hab 2:2-4

a)    If the Lord has placed you in this church it is for a reason.

b)    God wants you to hook up with the vision of this church and to run with it. V 2

B.      Look at ISA 35:1-10

1.   God has called this church to do fantastic things for the kingdom & glory of God.

2.   But it is not going to happen without you.

a)    And it won’t happen without you hooking up with the vision.

b)    When I say hooking up, I don’t just mean being in agreement with it, but I mean actively pursuing it and going after it.

(i)    That means time and commitment by you.
(ii) If you have hooked up with this church, this is God’s will for you.
(iii)           This is part of the “will of God for your life.”

C.  This means putting your priorities in order.

1.   God has to be # 1 in your life.

2.   2nd God’s will for your life.

a)    That means you are following the direction of the Lord in your life.

b)    Part of His direction for your life is the church where he has placed you.

3.   # 3 is your family.

a)   It is your responsibility to take care of your immediate family.

4.   # 4 Work

a)    Whatever work you have been given.

5.   After that comes everything else, fun, relaxation, extra meetings, entertainment, and so on.

D.  It is time you start getting our priorities in order and stop being children toss to and fro.

1.   As Paul said, “It’s time to grow up.”

2.   I think most of us are trying to put God 1st, but after that we are getting way out of balance.

3.   We are putting things that are fun, extra meetings, and our own pleasure before fulfilling that will of God.

III.     The only way that we are going to walk in the fullness of God AND the only way that we are going to overcome the enemy in our life is by doing what God has called us to do.

A.  God has called you here to Word of Life (not to be blessed, that won’t come until you start doing the will of God and start putting Word of Life as a priority.)

1.   Why are you here on Sundays?

a)    To be blessed?

b)    Hear the Word?

2.   If your are just here to receive, you’re going to receive very little.

a)    But if you’re here to give of yourself and to minister then you’re going to receive much.

3.   Why do we have services here on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

a)    Because we have nothing better to do???

b)    Rather be a couch potato.

(i)    I know that some of you are not called to be an intercessor, but why aren’t you here on Thursday.
(ii) Especially, if you’re going to other meeting during the week, you need to be here.
(iii)           But many are not and they wonder why don’t I walk in the fullness of God.
(iv)           Because you’re priorities are all out of wack, and you’re out of the will of God.

4.   I’m not saying that you can’t go to other meetings, but if you have the time in your week to run around to other meetings, you need to be here as your 1st priority or you will run the risk or the certainty of falling into one of Satan’s traps, and you’ll be deceived.

a)    Next pride, division, strife, and rebellion will rise up on the inside of you.

b)    I talked to Keith and he is in complete agreement with me.

IV.    That is why I can’t allow people to try to bring people out of Thursdays to Wednesdays. It is a deception of the Devil to get you out of church and out of the will of God. 

A.   To run up to people, especially new people, and try to get them to go someplace else, is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

1.   It’s harming them, not helping them.

a)   God told me to guard and protect the sheep…

b)    If you want to go Wednesdays, at this point really care. I talked to Keith and he’s not going to start a church. As long as he keeps his word, I don’t have a problem with it.

2.   But if going to Wednesday and coming to Thursday is to much for you, then you need to be here Thursday and Keith again was in complete agreement.

B.  We can’t have a church within a church, it’s a freak. We can’t have strife and division within the church. We can’t have whisperings and mockings within the church.

1.   That will stop the move of God and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It will grieve the Holy Spirit.

2.   God has called us here and He has called us to have Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.

3.   This is part of the plan of God. So that we can increase and reach out to more and more in our own community.

4.   This is the plan of God and the will of God concerning you.

a)    It’s time for us to grow up & to stop looking at what I want, what I like, What I need.

b)    You will never find fulfillment in that until you start doing the will of God

c)     Thursday is part of the will of God, it is part of the work of the ministry.

(i)    You need to be involved. Bringing the lost, bringing those that don’t go to church, and it is a time for you to serve, even if it is to reach out to someone in the service.

d)    God has given us Thursdays to build up and to expand, to reach out into the community, to be a lighthouse for His glory. It’s time for us to grow up and get our priorities right.

C.      Look at ISAIAH 54:2-5

V.     Why has the Lord placed this on my heart?

A.  The love of God

B.  My love for you.

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