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The Lord has been dealing with me to minister on the vision of the church. What is God’s plan for this church?

     I. HAB 2:2-4

              A. In (Habakkuk 2:2) It says, “Write the vision, and make [it] plain upon tables.”

                        1. The Lord tells us to write the vision and to make it plain upon tables.

                                  a. The word “PLAIN” means “to make it clear.”

                        2. Why are we to make it clear?

                                  a. So that whoever reads it or hears it may run with it or hook up with it.

                        3. He also says that it will surely come, but at the end of (V 4) He makes the statement, “The just shall live by faith.”

                                  a. Another reason that it needs to be before the people is that we need to stand in faith for it.

                                           i. Many churches and ministers that have received Words from the Lord that will not come to pass.

                                  b. 1 of the main reasons for that is when things start getting rough, when the Devil starts to come against what God is doing, many give up.

                                           i. They start wavering in their faith, doubting God’s promise and lose the vision that was set before them.

              B. We need to hold on to what God has given us and stand in faith for it.

                        1. The Lord will bring it to pass in the appointed time.

                        2. A 3rd reason that the vision needs to be before the people is that much prayer and intercession needs to be offered up to the Lord. (For it to come to pass.)

                                  a. When God begins to do something the Devil will surly begin to attack, trying to stop God’s Work.

                                           i. It’s a spiritual warfare. Thank God for the prayer worriers that this church has.

              C. Look at something that Paul said in GAL 4:19

                        1. Paul prayed and travailed for them to get born again, now he says, “I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.”

                                  a. Many have prayed for this church to be birthed, but it’s not time to stop praying.

                                  b. We need to pray that God’s will in done in this church, that His plan and purpose will be accomplished.

     II. ISA 35:1

              A. A little more than 12 years ago the Lord was dealing with me to come to CA. (Burbank) to start a church. When I finally said OK to the Lord about coming out here, He gave me this V.

                        1. There are so few churches out here that are really preaching the Word.

                                  a. It is a spiritual wilderness. There are so many people out here that do not know the Lord, and there are many that are saved but not being feed.

                                  b. This area will rejoice and blossom as the rose in a spiritually sense because of Word of Life Christian Church.

              B. ISA 35:2

                        1. He says, “It shall blossom abundantly.”

                                          a. For this area to blossom abundantly, many will have to here the True Word of God.

                                                      i. That means that we need to be prepared for church growth. (Vision 300, 500, 1000, 5000)

                              2. In the middle of (V 2) it says, “The glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it.” (Unto the Church.)

                                          a. I spent a lot of time trying to find out what was the glory of Lebanon.

                                                      i. My studies gave me many facts about Lebanon, a lot of natural things. (But I knew that there was more.)

                                          b. I looked up the word “Lebanon” in the Torreys topical Bible and it said that (ISA 35:2) refers to “The glory of the church.” (Getting closer)

                                                      i. But what is the Glory of the church? It would have to be the Lord Jesus Christ.

                                                      ii. That’s when I found it. I looked up the wordLebanon” in the beginning of my Bible, and it that the “Glory of Lebanon” in (ISA 35:2) refers to the Messiah’s glory.

                                                      iii. The word “MessiahmeansAnointed and the Anointed One.”

                                          c. He says in (ISA 35:2) “The glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it.”

                                                      i. The anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ has been given to Word of Life. (If we continue to follow after God and lift up the name of Jesus above every name.)

                              3. He goes on to say the excellency of Carmel and Sharon shall be there.

                                          a. Carmel is referred to asa fruitful field and a Plentiful Field.”

                                                      i. There’s going to be much fruit coming out of Word of Life.

                                          b. He also saysThe excellency of Sharon shall be given to it.”

                                                      i. Jesus is referred to as theRose of Sharon” in (SONGS of SOLOMON).

                                                      ii. And He is the Head of the Church.

                                          c. We shall see the glory of the LORD, and the excellency of our God. (End of V 2)

      III. Now we come to (V 3) ISA 35:3

                  A. 1st He says, “Strengthen ye the weak hands.”

                              1. This is what this church is called to do.

                                          a. Minister to all those that are hurting.

                              2. He says that we are to Strengthen them.

                                          a. We need to Strengthen them, but it will be through our prayers through ministering to them the Word of God and by pointing them to the Lord Jesus Christ.

                  B. He goes on the say, “Confirm the feeble knees.”

                              1. We are to help hold them up by believing God with them and to help them stand on the Word of God.

                              2. V 4 (ISA 35:4)

                                          a. If we remain strong in the Lord and refuse to doubt or fear, but continue in faith, our God will come through with victory.

                  C. After we have done what the Lord has told us to do He goes on with (V 5).

                              1. ISA 35:5-10

                                          a. The last part of (V10) from the NIV says, “Gladness and joy will overtake them.”

      IV. Turn with me to LUKE 4:18. This is also part of the vision of the Church.

                  A. 1st “To preach the gospel to the poor.”

                              1. Poor” means “lacking in anything.” (Spirit, soul, body, and money)

                  B. 2ndHeal the brokenhearted.”

                              1. Heal” means “to make whole.”

                              2. Brokenhearted” can mean several things.

                                          a. It usually refers to the soul or mind, and has to do with thoughts, passions, desires, appetites, affections, purposes, endeavors.

                                          b. Some people are hurting and have even lost their hope.

                                                      i. Keep your place there and turn with me to PSA 13:12 and PSA 12:25

                                                      ii. When someone has lost their hope and they have a heaviness about them, a Good Word will make them glad and restore their hope.

                                                      iii. That good Word is the Word of God spoken in love.

                              3. Back in LUKE 4:18 he says, “To preach deliverance to the captives.”

                                          a. DeliverancemeansRelease from bondage.”

                                                      i. Literally this refers to setting a slave free, but if you read this V altogether, you know that He talking about more than in the natural.

                                          b. Many people are in bondage.

                                                      i. Bondage to different things; Drugs, nicotine, drinking, fear and the list keeps going on.

                                          c. As the Word of God goes forth to those that are in bondage, they will be set free.

                              4. He goes on to say “recovering of sight to the blind.”

                                          a. This is healing the sick, but it can also be the spiritual eyes will be opened.

                                                      i. They will begin to see the Truth of God’s Word.

                              5. The last part of LUKE 4:18 says, “To set at liberty them that are bruised.”

                                          a. The NIV translation says, “To release the oppressed.”

                                          b. Many times we are under attack of the enemy, but the Word of God and what God has called this Church to do will get them set free.

                  C. LUKE 4:19

                              1. The acceptable year of the Lordmeans 2 things.

                                          a. 1st it means salvation. “Now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”

                              2. But this also refers to the year of Jubilee, The year of release.

                                          a. Set free from all debt. And all that was yours is to come back to you.

                                                      i. It’s time for the Devil to give back everything that he stole from you.

                                          b. Not just to give you back what he took from you, but (Proverbs 6:31) Says, “If he (the thief) be found, he shall restore sevenfold.” (KJV)

                  D. Turn with me to ACTS 26:16

                              1. When God gives you a PURPOSE, a plan, or a dream, don’t let go of it hold on to it and know that He will bring it to pass.

WOLCC SUN AM 7/16/95

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