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   We started last week we started a series on t VISION of t Church, not only should this be a vision for our church, but it also should be a vision for every church. Last week we started on praise & worship. Today I want to look at t subject of PRAYER.  God has called every believer to a life of prayer.   Prayer is communicating & fellowshiping w/ God. Prayer is 2 sided, talking to God & listening to Him.  John Wesley said, "It seems that God can do nothing except someone prays."  God doesn't respond to a need, He responds to people who believe His Word & pray in accordance W/ it.

   I. How often do we need to pray?

       A. People are always looking for t minimum amount to get them by.

            1. Minimum amount of work, minimum amount of church  attendance, minimum amount of time in t Word, Minimum amount of service, & t minimum amount of time in prayer.

                a. Just enough to get them by.

                b. & may times it below t minimum.

            2. Maybe that's why Paul wrote in (1TH 5:17) Pray without  ceasing.

       B. T Bible says in (MAT 6:33) "Seek ye first the kingdom of God,  and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you".

            1. T problem is that we're not seeking 1st t kingdom of God.

                a. Most of t time we're seeking 1st our kingdom.

                b. & that shows to be true, by all t minimums we do for God.

            2. Look at EPH 6:18_

                a. One of t definitions to t phrase "praying always" means "give self wholly to."

                     i. Are we giving ourselves wholly to prayer?

                     ii. I'm not saying that we have to pray 24 hours a day, but we should be doing more than we are on a whole.

                     iii. Sure there some that are praying enough.

                b. 1SA 13:14

                     i. T Lord is looking for people that are after His own heart.

                     ii. What is t heart of t Lord?

                     iii. HEB 7:25

                          a. Intercession is t heart of t Lord.

                          b. When you have a heart of prayer, you have a

heart after God's own heart.

                          c. Back in (EPH 6:18) it says, "Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit."

                     i. We don't have to get stuck on 1 type of prayer.

                     ii. Pray w/ every kind of prayer, w all types of prayer.

                     iii. t word "all" in this V. implies, "all, every,  the whole: ‑all (manner of). (prayer)" 

      C. How often are we to pray & how long?

            1. Larry Lea is t 1 famous for teaching, "Could you not tarry w/ me one hour."

                a. MAR 14:34‑38

                b. T word "Watch" means "stay awake."

            2. Jesus was telling His disciples to stay awake & pray one  hour.

                a. T last 1/2 of that V is so true, "The spirit truly  {is} ready, but the flesh {is} weak."

                     i. T more well known V is (MAT 26:41) "The spirit  indeed {is} willing, but the flesh {is} weak."

                     ii. What did Paul say in (GAL 5:24) about t flesh? "Crucify the flesh."

                          a. Don't let t flesh lead you around, follow after t spirit.

   III. Now I should cover t question, What do we pray for?

       A. There are a number of things, like what Jesus said to pray for in (MAT 6:10), "Pray that Thy kingdom come. & that Thy will be done in  earth, as {it is} in heaven."

            1. That can go a long way.

                a. What is God's will?  That's what our vision is for this church, To see people praying in God's will.

                     i. Praying for t lost. (1TIM 2:3‑4 NIV) Says, "This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth."

                     ii. Pray for revival.

                     iii. Pray for t youth, t children, t 5 fold  ministry, pray for our church, Pray that our church will grow.

                          a. Is God interested in church growth?

                          b. Sure He is.  1st of all once someone gets saved, where does He want them to go? To church.

                          c. I could say this w/ a surety, God wants every person in Ironwood going to a church that teaches & preaches t Word of God.

                          d. Jesus said, "Pray that t will of God is  done on earth."

                          e. Pray that people would see that they need t Word of God in their lives.

                               i. Pray that there eyes would be open. Bind Satan that he would not be able to stop them. Pray that labors would be sent to them.

   IV. Now what is that is need in our lives to get our prayers answered?

       A. 1st it's faith in God's Word.

            1. Look at ROM 4:17‑22

                a. T word "Promise" in (V 20) means specifically, "A  divine assurance of good."

                b. We have that divine assurance of good, it's called t

Word of God.

            2. Now I want you to look closely at V 20_again. (read)

                a. T word "Staggered" means, "to withdraw from, oppose;  hesitate: ‑contend, make (to) differ (‑ence), doubt, stagger, or waver."

                     i. He did not...^ t promises of God.

                b. Then it says in (V 21) that He was "Fully persuaded  that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform."

                     i. That sounds like he wasn't doubting, staggering, or wavering.

       B. There's one other thing that we needed in our prayer life.

            1. Phil 4:6

            2. Paul is saying, "When you pray let it be done w/ thanks" from a thankful heart."

                i. Notice that t thanking came before t receiving.

                ii. Paul made a statement in (ROM 1) in reference to t saints, He said, "First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you  all."

       C. When we become that praying church, we're going to be a powerful church for God's glory.


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