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Vision For Victory

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          We’ve been teaching on the subject of “ABSOLUTE VICTORY” for a number of weeks now. The title that I’ve put on this message is called “VISION FOR VICTORY.” In the last few weeks we’ve been looking at Joshua. We said that there are some characteristics that he possessed in his life, which enabled him to be successful, and an overcomer.

I) 1st we saw that he was loyal, stable, and faithful to God. He even went the extra mile for God.

A) 2nd he was sensitive to the things of the spirit, and he had an understanding of spiritual warfare.

1) 3rd Joshua would separate himself to be alone with God.

2) 4th, Joshua had courage to act boldly on the Word of God.

3) No. 5 he knew that DOUBT AND UNBELIEF had no place in the life of a CONQUEROR. He had to see himself through the eyes of God as a CHAMPION, CONQUEROR and VICTORIOUS.

4) And No. 6 Joshua knew the importance of LIVING A HOLY LIFE.

B) There were 3 other principles that Joshua lived by which caused him to walk from one victory to another. These same principles can be keys for your own success.

1) The 1st was a commitment to do all that God has commanded.

2) The 2nd was boldness to occupy new territory.

a) He didn’t become complacent or stagnant, but he was willing to occupy new territory.

b) He went on with God to overcome obstacles he faced for the Glory of God and to accomplish the Will of God.

3) The 3rd principle that Joshua walked in was to have a deep confidence in God’s faithfulness to His promises.

a) In (Joshua 21:45) from the NIV translation it says, “Not one of all the LORD’S good promises to the house of Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.” NIV.

b) He knew that God was faithful. And for you to have victory in your life you have to know that God is faithful to his promises.

II) Through the qualities and principles that Joshua lived by he brought the entire nation of Israel to a place of dedication to God and total victory.

A) This one man brought Israel from oppression and poverty into power and prosperity, from bondage and failure to freedom and victory.

1) If those qualities that Joshua possessed in his life could do that for the nation of Israel just think what it could do for you and your life.

2) Israel was now finally in possession of the land of their dreams.

a) All their lives they heard how Abraham had come into this place of promise through obedience to God.

b) Now they stood, not only in memory of Abraham’s past greatness, but in the reality of God’s greatness.

B) After Joshua led the children Israel into total victory in the promise land it was now time for Joshua to go home to be with the Lord.

1) In Joshua’s farewell speech to the elders of Israel he again pointed them to God.

a) He didn’t take credit for himself or even state his achievements. He urged them to continue in their relationship and loyalty to God.

2) In part of Joshua’s farewell speech he let the people know his unwavering position.

a) JOSHUA 24:15b.

b) These qualities that Joshua portrayed in his life are what gave him such victory.

C) Another quality that Joshua had is that he was a man of VISION. He led Israel into victory and filled them with his vision.

1) He gave them the ability to see beyond what faced them and to become totally aware of the greatness of their God.

2) God trained Joshua to look beyond the immediate.

a) That’s what the word “VISION” means, “To see beyond ordinary sight, to perceive a revelation or glimpse beyond the natural world.”

III) PRO 29 God gave Israel a vision that would transport them out of their immediate situation and into his plan.

A) PRO 29:18.

B) In this scripture, vision takes on 2 vital aspects.

1) 1st, it’s vision of our redemption.

a) Joshua instilled within God’s people the confidence that God would fight for them and deliver them from their enemies.

b) You and I must see the redemption that Jesus bought for us.

(i) He’s made us sons of the living God.

(ii) He’s given us a position with God and dominion over the powers of darkness.

c) You can look beyond the temporal to the eternal.

(i) Beyond your weaknesses to His strength.

(ii) Beyond sickness to His health. Beyond lack and into His abundance.

d) With a vision of Christ’s victory, you take on victory.

(i) (2COR 2:14) says, "Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ.”

(ii) As your vision of redemption increases, so does your victory.

2) The 2nd aspect of a vision, is a vision of direction.

a) Israel wandered aimlessly for 40 years.

(i) They didn’t know what God’s direction was for their lives.

(ii) They had no vision.

b) Without a vision, we too can wander in uncertainty.

(i) A person who doesn’t have a VISION, easily slips into discouragement.

C) In (PRO 29:18) Where it says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish:”

1) The word “PERISH” means, “To loosen, become lawless & undisciplined.”

2) Where there is no vision, dream, or pursuit of God’s plan, people become Loose, Undisciplined, lawless (get into sin) and discouraged.

a) Israel began to see that when they remained close to God and made His plans their vision and goal, things began to come to pass.

b) We all need to have our own vision and goal.

IV) What is the vision for the Church?

A) EPH 4:11-12.

1) For the perfecting of the saints, Mature the Church.

a) The NIV says that the Church may be built up.

B) Mark 16:15.

1) Spread the Word.

a) That would have to include spreading the Word in our city and in the mission field.

b) That’s why we support missionaries.

(i) That’s part of our goal, to see people get Born-again, filled with the Spirit, set free, delivered, healed, and prosper.

2) I think that all Churches should have that as a goal or a vision.

C) But why has God placed this Church here?

1) What is the God given plan for this Church?

a) When something is God’s plan for us that should be our vision.

b) God doesn’t unfold His whole plan to us.

(i) Most of the time we only know a little part of His plan.

(ii) The same is true for a church.

(iii) If we knew His whole plan than we might try to fulfill it by ourselves and in our own timing. When we try to do it in ourselves and leave God out, we messed up the whole thing.

2) What is God’s plan for this Church now?

a) Right now at this stage, God has placed us here to heal the brokenhearted.

3) Turn to LUKE 4:18.

(i) So many people have been hurt or they are still hurting.

b) You may be hurting because of what a loved one has done to you.

c) You might be hurting because of what a brother or sister in the Lord has done to you.

d) You might be hurting because your healing has not manifested yet. You might be hurting in some other area.

(i) The Lord gave me (Ephesians 4:12) from the NIV translation. In other words, "God has placed this church here to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up."

(ii) I’m delighted for God to send me those that are hurting, because the Lord will build them up.

e) But there's more in (LUKE 4) that the Lord gave me for this church and that's found in LUKE 4:19. (The year of Jubilee) (Isaiah 35)

4) Another area that is the plan of God for this Church is church growth.

a) I see this church growing to 300 to 500 people in the near future. And that’s just the beginning.

b) And we're going to have a building.

(i) Sometimes people want a small Church, well let’s get onboard with the Lord. If the Lord wants the Church to be 300, 500 or more let’s put His plans 1st and have vision for it.

V) The vision of the new land that God promised is what kept Joshua alive.

A) He would not rest until he conquered all and dwelt in that land of promise.

1) In the same way God wants His direction in your life. Don't settle for less than God's best.

a) It might be a vision to spend more time in prayer, it might be a vision for your business, your home, your finances, your family, or some other area.

2) JAMES 4:7.

a) Through your submission to God, to His Plan, His direction, to His will, you align yourself with Him.

b) His power becomes alive within you. It happens when you get in agreement with God.

(i) When you resist your enemy, God will stand and fight for you.

c) The Wuest translation puts it this way, “Stand immovable against the onset of the devil and he will flee from you.”

(i) Satan will come to take back any good ground you have gained.

3) Joshua was fully aware that their enemies would try to regain the land.

a) But Joshua imparted into the people the same qualities that made him great with God.

(i) After Joshua’s farewell speech, the PEOPLE declared in (JOSHUA 24:24) “The Lord our God will we serve, & His voice will we obey.”

(ii) Let this be the same desire and decision on the inside of you, and you will have victory in your Canaan land.

(iii) Hook up with the vision that God has given this church, hook up with the vision that God has given you and your family, SEE IT IN YOUR MIND’S EYE AND IT WILL BE.

WOLCC 9/5/93 SUN AM and Sunday May 30, 1998 which I preached after the message called “Continuing In Victory.” This message came from the message called Joshua3. Doc. the message that came after this 1 is called "The Battle in the Soul."

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