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Victory in Battle # 3

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     We’re going to continue on the subject of Victory in Battle. All of us go through battles from time to time, and we’re going to face battles in the future. How we handle those battles will determine the outcome, whether we have victory or defeat.

     I. The battles that we will go through are not natural, physical battles, even though they can manifest in the natural realm. They are spiritual battles.

              A. EPH 6:12

                        1. This V tells us that we do Wrestle or do battle against Spiritual Wickedness.

              B. The OT is filled with many Types and Shadows of things in the NT.

                        1. A Type and a Shadow is usually something seen in the natural which is a copy of the spiritual. (You can see that in HEB 8:5; HEB 10:1 and in COL 2:17)

                        2. ROM 15:4

                                  a. The things that were written in the OT, were written for our learning.

              C. We can see these same Types and Shadows through Joshua’s life, and through the light of the NT we can see how they pertain to us.

     II. When Joshua 1st entered into the Promised Land he faced many battles.

              A. This land was promises to the Israelites by God, but there were still battles before they could receive the promise.

                        1. The same is true with us.

                                  a. We have the promises of God, but there is an enemy out there that does not want us to take the land.

                        2. We have the promise of Prosperity, from the Word of God, but the enemy does not want to give up the land, so there is a battle.

                                  a. What we do in the mist of that battle will determine the outcome.

              A. One of the key ingredients to Joshua’s success was his courage to carry out God’s Word.

                        1. Courage is a part of faith. It’s seeing things through the eyes of God.

                                  a. It takes courage to step out on God’s Word, to act on God’s Word, in the face of conflict.

                                  b. God instructed Joshua to have Courage.

                        2. God told Joshua in (JOSHUA 1:7), “Only be thou strong and very courageous.”

                                  a. To have biblical “courage,” “You have to see things through the eyes of God” (how He sees things) and not through our own senses, to have Biblical Courage you have tobe led by the H.S. and by the Word of God and to carry out those leadings.”

                                  b. It truly takes courage to follow God rather than the path of least resistance.

                                           i. It can mean “making a decision,” or “taking a stand that may be unpopular and may generate criticism.”

                                  c. Years before Joshua became the leader of Israel, both Joshua and Caleb took a very lonely stand when they 1st came from the promise land with a report of victory.

                                           i. The others rejected them, but they stood firm.

                                           ii. As a result of their stand, they were the only 2 of age to enter into the land.

                        3. Years later, it took this same courage to approach Jericho.

                                  a. Joshua had to follow what he had in his heart and not his mind. He had to follow God’s plan and not his own reasonings.

                                           i. His own reasonings would have told him that this city was invincible, if he would listened to those reasonings he would never have gone up against this city.

              B. Someone that has courage can be likened to an unsinkable spirit.”

                        1. No matter what happens in their life, the bumps or the attacks of the enemy, they always come back up.

                        2. Paul was one of these unsinkable people.

                                  a. He faced more bumps and more hardships than almost anyone, but he always rose above them.

                        3. 2COR 4:7-9

                                  a. He had literally overcome every kind of attack by the power of God within him.

                                  b. The Phillips and the William’s translation of (V 9) says, “We may be knocked down but we are never knocked out.”

                                           i. No matter what the attacks of the enemy are, never give up. Keep fighting until you win.

                                           ii. Paul said to Timothy in (1TIM 6:12) “Fight the good fight of faith.”

                                           iii. Later Paul said of Himself in (2TIM 4:7) “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.”

                                  c. Keep on fighting the Good fight of Faith until you win.

                                           i. You’re not going to have victory in battle if you give up in the middle of the battle.

                                                     (a. Cast off the feeling of being forsaken with the Word of God which sayI will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”(HEB. 13:5) )

              C. The Bible says, in (PRO 28:1) “Thy righteous are as bold as a lion.”

                        1. The lion is fearless and violent and will back down to no one.

                                  a. That same fearlessness must be stirred up within you.

                                  b. Jesus said in (MATT 11:12) “The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.”

                                           i. When you’re facing the enemy or difficulties, you need to unleash the forces of God’s awesome power.

                                           ii. Be as bold as a lion with the authority in the name of Jesus, with the Word of God, with intercession, confession and faith.

     III. Turn with me to 1KINGS 18:21-39

              A. It took unshakable courage for Elijah to challenge these false prophets of Baal.

                        1. These false prophets tried to conjure up a response from Baal, but nothing happened.

                                  a. When you trust in the wrong, you’ll find yourself helpless in a time of need.

                                           i. These false prophets trusted in the wrong thing and they found themselves helpless in a time of need.

                                           ii. If we begin to put our trust in the wrong thing (like money) we’ll find ourselves helpless in a time of need.

                        2. Look again at Elijah’s short and powerful prayer in (V 36). He said, “Lord God, let it be known this day that thou art God in Israel.

                                  a. The results were dramatic. There was no question who the true God was.

                                  b. God will honor your courage just as He did Elijah’s

                        3. But notice 1 very important point, Elijah said in (V 36) “I have done all these things at thy word.”

                                  a. Elijah acted on what he had received instructions to do

              B. Joshua learned this the hard way.

                        1. Joshua 7:2-5

                    2. If Joshua would have gone before the Lord before the battle he would have had the direction of the Lord on what to do.

                                  a. That was to get the sin out of the camp 1st.         

                                  b. When they did and Joshua sought the Lord, they had God’s Word that the city was there’s.

                                           i. They had courage in God. And Victory in Battle.

                        3. 2CHRON 20:17

                                  a. Listen to the (RSV of this V, 2 Chronicles 20:17) “You will not need to fight in this battle; take your position, stand still, and see the victory of the Lord on your behalf.”

                                  b. (1 Corinthians 15:57) Says, “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” KJV

     C. We’ll close with PSA 27:11 & 14

WOLCC Sun AM 2/9/92 and Sun AM 6/2/96

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