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     We've been looking at the life of Joshua for these past few weeks & we're going to continue for 1 or 2 more weeks. There's so much in the book of JOSHUA that we could even go on to it for several more weeks.

     I. At this time in Joshua's life, he came to a place where he understood God in a way that produced total confidence.

              A. He discovered that God's resources were available to him. He was convinced that God was dependable and faithful.

                        1. After Joshua & the children of Israel had the victory over the city Ai they were drawn into battle against the alliance of the 5 mountain kings.

                                  a. They reasoned that their only hope to defeat Israel was to join their forces together.

                                           i. Everything that they did was powerless against Israel.

                                  b. Joshua did not hesitate in the face of his greatest challenge.

                                           i. He went in the assurance of God's Word.

                                           ii. JOSH 10:6-8

                                           iii. Those that challenged Israel suffered a great defeat, many were killed, the ones that did live, turned and began to flee.

                                           iv. But God's Word declared total victory for Israel. In (JOSH 10:8) the Lord said, “There shall not a man of them stand before thee.” So God rose up to fight for them.

                                           v. He sent a hail storm with hailstones to destroy the rest of the enemy. There were more killed by God and by the Hailstones, then were killed with the sword.

                                  c. This shows us 2 important aspects that we need to see about God.


              B. This divine intervention of God brought Joshua into a new realm of faith in God.

                        1. Just after this Joshua had the faith to speak to the sun & the moon to stand still.

                                  a. This additional daylight gave Israel the time needed to defeat their enemy.

                                  b. Notice that God responded to the word of a man.

                        2. The 5 kings fled to a cave to hide themselves, but Joshua ordered it sealed w/ huge stones.

                                  a. Once the cities they just conquered were secured, Joshua returned to the cave.

                                           i. He had the 5 kings brought before the commanders of the Israel army, who put their feet on the necks of the kings.

                                           ii. This symbolized Israel's total victory.

                                           iii. (Also brought clear focus God's covenant, {that they would possess every place their feet would tread upon.})

              C. With this great victory behind them they could have fallen into contentment.

                        1. But Joshua kept them out of that by continuing to press on from victory upon victory.

                                  a. City after city, kingdom after kingdom would fall.

                                  b. 31 kingdoms would fall before Joshua would rest.

                                           i. Israel had a faith in God that could not be quenched.

                        2. Once you begin to realize that you have this same power of God dwelling on the inside of you, you're going to do exploits for God

                                  a. (DAN 11:32) Says, "The people that do know their God (The ones that know that their God is willing, is able, & will do those things that He's promises) will be strong, and do {exploits}."

                                  b. Look at PSA 18:39-40

                                           i. He wants to put your foot on your enemy's neck.

                                           ii. Of course, our enemy is not people but the principalities & power, against spiritual wickedness.

                        3. Look at PHIL 1:28

                                  a. That might be a little blind to us.

                                  b. Listen to how the AMP translation puts it, "And do not [for a moment] be frightened or intimidated in anything by your opponents and adversaries, for such [constancy and fearlessness] will be a clear sign (proof and seal) to them of [their impeding] destruction; but [a sure token and evidence] of your deliverance and salvation, and that from God."

                                           i. 1 of our enemy's most devastating tactics is fear and intimidation.

                                           ii. If he can get us into his arena, he will begin to control us with confusion and uncertainty.

                                           iii. But when the reality of Jesus' victory comes alive on the inside of you, then you can have the victory in any struggle or battle.

              D. Joshua's victory went far beyond his own ability. He became thoroughly convinced that he was not limited to his own strength; instead he had access to God's limitless power.

     II. There are 3 things that brought Joshua from 1 victory to another.

              A. These 3 things (principles) are going to help any Christian go from victory to victory.

                        1. The 1st was a heart committed diligently to do all that God had commanded.

                                  a. Look at JOSHUA 11:15-16, 23a.

                                  b. It's vitally important that we do not become slack in our pursuit of God's direction for our lives.

                                           i. If we serve God & follow His Word & His direction with the same commitment Joshua displayed, we can be led into the promises that He has set before us.

                                           ii. Don't be slack, be determine to fulfill all that God has spoken.

                                           iii. Determine to live committed without compromise.

                                  c. Joshua learned to move into battle under the direct leadership of the H. S.

                                           i. His plans were not his own, they came through communion w/ God.

                                           ii. Your diligence to let God direct your paths will be an important key to obtaining what seemed to be unobtainable.

                        2. The 2nd principle Joshua revealed was boldness to occupy new territory.

                                  a. We can't allow our past successes to delude us into thinking that we have come far enough.

                                           i. We must not yield to spiritual stagnation.

                                           ii. Stagnant water may look peaceful, but there's no life in it, except disease, germs, and parasites it becomes a breeding ground for everything we don't want.

                                  b. The question that Joshua asked still rings out today.

                                           i. Look at JOSHUA 18:3

                                           ii. We must set aside stagnation & reach out to obtain fresh water & new territory.

                        3. The 3rd principle for pursuing victory upon victory is a deep confidence in God's faithfulness to His promise

                                  a. JOSHUA 21:45

                                  b. (2COR 1:20) Says, "For all the promises of God in him {are} yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us."

                                           i. When God gives a promise He also gives the power to cause it to come to pass.

                                           ii. When we simply add our agreement w/ it, we obtain the power of God for the promise.

                                  c. God remained faithful to Israel even in their time of rebelling & there time of wandering in the wilderness, but when they stepped into a steady walk of loyalty to God, they activated the power within the promise.

                                           i. They were living in the land of their dreams. All their enemies were conquered, & they were living in peace.

                                           ii. JOSHUA 21:43-44

     III. As we remain diligent & committed to God & His Word, following His leadings, Holding on to that boldness to take new territory for the glory of God, (not allowing ourselves to get stagnant) & placing our total trust & faith in His, knowing that He is faithful that promised, we will have victory upon victory

WOLCC Sun AM 2/16/92 Also called Victory in Battle # 4 on 6/9/96

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