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Understanding the Anointing pt 5

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We’ve been teaching on “Flowing in the Anointing.” For us to be able to flow in the Anointing of God we have to understand how the anointing works and that’s what we been teaching on. You also need to understand that you are anointed.

I) (1 John 2:20) Says, “But ye have an unction from the Holy One.” KJV

A) The Word “UNCTION” is the same Greek work for “ANOINTING.”

1) In other words John is saying that you have an anointing from the Holy One.

2) But that anointing is not some place far off or hard to find.

(a) John goes on the tell us in (1 John 2:27) “But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you.” KJV

(i) That word “ABIDETH” means “REMAINS or DWELLS.”

3) Let’s just take up the word “REMAINS” for a moment.

(a) As long as you’re walking with God and following after Him that anointing REMAINS with you.

(i) Now I’m sure that there are times that you don’t feel very anointed.

(ii) It doesn’t matter what you feel; we don’t walk by feelings.

(b) (2 Corinthians 5:7) Says, “(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)” KJV

(i) Faith is based on the Word of God.

(ii) So what Paul is saying is that we don’t walk or live by what our senses tell us, we walk by faith in God’s Word.

(iii) And the Word of God says that you are anointed.

B) Back in (1 John 2:27) which says, “But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you.” KJV

1) The word “ABIDETH” also, means “DWELLS.”

(a) You have the anointing of God dwelling on the inside of you because the Holy Ghost dwells on the inside of you and you have taken on part of His character, which is the anointing.

II) Now that you understand that the anointing is part of the personality and character of the Holy Ghost, we have to ask ourselves the question; what are some of the traits and facets of the anointing?

A) To see some characteristics of the anointing we have to look at the HS.

1) It’s these characteristics that work together to bring you victory.

B) Turn to ISAIAH 11:1-3

1) In this passage we have 7 spirits that make up the personality of the Holy Ghost.

(a) 1st the spirit of the Lord, 2nd The spirit of Wisdom, 3rd The spirit of Understanding, 4th the spirit of Counsel, 5th The spirit of Might, 6th The spirit of Knowledge, and 7th The spirit of the fear of the Lord.

(i) These are all ingredients of the personality of the HS, and they work together to give you the power to get results, to bring you to victory.

(ii) Of course all 7 here are important.

(b) But I don’t have time to minister on all 7 here, but there are 2 that I think stand out from the rest.

(i) These 2 are seen throughout the Bible giving people victory and bringing about results.

C) And they are the SPIRIT OF WISDOM and THE SPIRIT OF MIGHT. When they work together they cannot be stopped.

1) When Jesus operated in these areas of the anointing, He experienced phenomenal results.

(a) In 1 instance, it kept Him from being thrown off a cliff.

(i) Turn to LUKE 4. The people here were so angry with Him because he just finished preaching a sermon, which declared that He was the Messiah.

2) LUKE 4:28-30

(a) Isn’t that amazing?

(i) If you and I were in that situation, we would probably be screaming, kicking, fighting, and pleading.

(b) But Jesus said nothing. He just simply turned around and walked through the crowd.

(i) Jesus overcame, but HOW?

(ii) By the WISDOM of God.

(c) He didn’t react the way logic would dictate.

(i) He reacted the way the HS instructed Him to react.

(ii) The spirit of WISDOM gave Jesus the ability to win in spite of the apparently overwhelming odds.

D) We can see the spirit of Wisdom at work in Jesus’ life again when the Pharisees brought a woman to Him who had been caught in adultery.

1) Look at JOHN 8:4-6

(a) They knew that Jesus was a compassionate and forgiving man, and that He would not endorse her execution.

(b) The Pharisees were trying to trick Jesus into saying something that was contrary to the Law of Moses.

(i) If he did they could announce to everyone that Jesus was a false teacher.

2) But since Jesus had the spirit of Wisdom upon Him, He could walk in that anointing.

(a) He knew what His enemies were up to and He remained silent, didn’t say a word until He received instruction from the Spirit of God.

(b) You too can walk in that same anointing of wisdom, but all too often when we’re confront with something we automatically start talking and make things worse.

(i) But when you’re walking in that spirit of wisdom you don’t say anything until you hear from heaven.

(ii) That’s what Jesus did and it produced results.

3) Look at JOHN 8:7-9

(a) You and I could never have thought of that in a million years.

4) It doesn’t matter how difficult the situation seems. When you wait to hear from heaven, you will be supernaturally supplied by the spirit of wisdom that resides in the anointing.

III) The other ½ of these 2 powerful forces in your life is the SPIRIT OF MIGHT.

A) Jesus walked in it at all times.

1) Look at MATT 14:1-2

(a) Even Herod knew that Jesus did MIGHTY WORKS.

2) Because of the presence of the anointing in Jesus life, He did MIGHTY WORKS.

(a) The word “MIGHTY” here literally means “To Perform Miracles or to do the Impossible.”

(i) “The Spirit of Might” is God’s ability on you to do what only He can do.

B) Turn with me to 1 CHRON 29:10-12 (notice V 12)

1) Strength and Power are ingredients that are found in the Spirit of MIGHT.

(a) In other word, when the spirit of might comes upon you, many times you will operate in a super natural STRENGTH, or POWER.

2) Now I want to show you that the Spirit of Might comes from the same place where the anointing is.

(a) Notice that in (V 12) that MIGHT is in God’s hand.

(i) Now turn to 1 Peter 5:5-6 “God resisteth the proud (Pride is an anointing destroyer, Satan) and giveth grace (God ability, God’s power, God’s HS, or God’s Anointing) to the humble. 6 Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God (where is the anointing found? Under God’s hand. Where is the Spirit of Might found? Under God’s hand.)” KJV

(b) When you humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, exalting His ways above your ways, His plans above your plans, GOD’S HAND begins to come upon you.

(i) His anointing begins to come upon you.

(ii) And when His anointing is there, there is wisdom, there is might, there is results, there is power, there is breakthrough, and there is victory.

(iii) When you place yourself under the hand of God, you’re going to the find Strength and the Might to accomplish the impossible.

C) Elijah was just a human being like you and I, but when the hand of the Lord was upon Him amazing things happened.

1) On 1 occasion Elijah told King Ahab that the 3½-year drought was about to end. So he told the King to get back in his chariot and hurry back to the city because it was about to rain.

(a) Now the king always had the best and fastest horses, so he took off for the city with great speed.

(b) But in (1KINGS 18:46) it says, “And the hand of the LORD was on Elijah; and he girded up his loins, and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel.” KJV

D) Through the Spirit of Might and through the anointing Elisha accomplished the impossible.

1) You can do the same thing if you tap into the anointing.

(a) At this point in your life, sickness, poverty, depression or marital problems may have a head start on you, but if you will trust in the anointing of God you can catch those negative circumstances and overtake them.

(b) The Spirit of Might will cause you to pass those problems and leave them in the dust.

2) It’s not hard to flow in the anointing. We already mentioned 2 of the most important things that are needed.

(a) 1st Know that you are anointed. Place your faith in that. God said it, so believe it.

(b) 2nd humble your self before God.

3) The anointing of God isn’t free. It’s going to cost you something. It’s going to cost you your independence. It’s going to cost you your Pride.

4) But in return you’ll receive the power to do the impossible.

WOLCC Sunday 7/20/1997 From Creflo Dollar’s book Understanding God’s purpose for the Anointing, chapter 3.

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