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Understanding the Anointing pt 4

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We’ve been teaching on the “Flowing in the Anointing” for the past few weeks. The title of today’s message is “Power in the Anointing.”

I) In the Message last week we said that we become candidates for the Anointing when we HUMBLE ourselves under the mighty hand of God.

A) (1PET 5:5-6) Says, “Be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble. 6 Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.”

1) To “HUMBLE OURSELVES” means “To set aside your own plans, goals, even desires,” and “Exalt God’s will in your life.”

(a) To humble yourself under the mighty hand of God means that you submit to His will. Our prayer should be, “Father, not my will but your will be done.”

(b) When you humble yourself before God, you open the door to flowing in the anointing of God.

(i) The Bible tells us that Satan was anointed until pride was found in him.

(ii) Pride will destroy the anointing in your life.

(a) The biblical definition of PRIDE is exalting your ways, plan and ideas above God’s ways.

(c) But when you humble yourself before God you open the channel for God’s anointing to flow in your daily lives.

(i) And when you have the anointing in your daily lives, you have victory.

II) I know that there are times when you feel that the situation that you’re going through is overwhelming.

A) You might feel that you don’t have enough money, strength, education or ability to turn the situation around.

1) I’m all for education and I believe that God will prosper you, but you have something on the inside of you that is far greater.

(a) (1 John 4:4) “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” KJV

(b) That’s talking about the HS dwelling on the inside of you. And when He’s dwelling on the inside of you, His anointing is also there.

2) I’m all for education and praise God for prosperity, BUT you have something far greater on the inside of you, and that is the person of the Holy Ghost.

(a) His anointing, the supernatural power to get results, is residing in you NOW.

B) Look at EPH 3:20

1) Many times we ask the Lord to do something in our situation.

(a) And what we want is for God to do something exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.

(b) But how are we going to get it?

(c) The answer is right here in this V, “ACCORDING TO THE POWER THAT WORKETH IN US.”

2) You already have the anointing, the power of God, abiding on the inside of you to bring you through to victory.

C) Look at LUKE 24:49

1) The word “ENDUED” simply means “CLOTHED.”

(a) In other words, the disciples were about to be clothed with the very strength and might of the Holy Ghost.

(i) The Holy Ghost was about to paint them with the anointing.

D) Now what was this anointing for?

1) In this case it was to spread the Gospel to the entire world.

(a) This was an impossible task in the natural.

(b) But when you’re painted with the anointing there is no obstacle that cannot overcome, and no foe that cannot be defeated.

(i) The anointing guarantees victory.

(ii) But without the power of the Holy Ghost in your life, you’ll never see results.

2) So tap into the anointing, not just a little bit, but be filled with the Spirit.

III) EPH 5:18

A) If you want to be filled with, and immersed in the HS AND if your want to be filled to overflowing with His anointing, you have to submit to His will, and get into the presence of God.

1) God wants us to have the anointing in an overflowing portion.

B) Look at PSA 23:5

1) OIL in this V is symbolic of the Anointing of the Holy Ghost.

2) The CUP represents our lives.

(a) He’s saying that God wants our lives overflowing with the anointing.

3) When we lay hands on the sick, the anointing should be spilling out of our cups onto them, bringing healing.

(a) When we go to work, God’s ability should be overflowing onto all that we do and make it outstanding.

C) When I say outstanding I mean it in the strongest sense.

1) We should be outstanding like Elisha was outstanding.

(a) He walked in so much anointing that months after he was dead and buried, they put another dead man in his tomb and when the dead man touched his bones, he revived and stood up on his feet. (2 KINGS 13:21)

(i) That’s what I call running over.

IV) Turn to ACTS 5:15-16

A) Peter would walk down the street and people would get supernatural healed by the power, the anointing, that flowed out of him.

B) Paul was so filled with the anointing that he would place cloth (fabric) on his body and when they were brought to the sick they would be healed.

1) When they were brought to those that had evil spirits, the demon would flee. (ACTS 19:12)

C) Turn to MARK 5:25-30a

1) The word “VIRTUE” here in this V come from the Greek wordDunamis” Which is usually translatedPOWER.” It is the anointing of God.

(a) Go down to V 34 (MK 5:34)

(i) Who’s FAITH? The woman’s, it wasn’t Jesus faith.

(b) Faith puts a pull on the anointing; faith will bring the anointing.

2) But where does this power come from?

(a) ACTS 1:8a

(b) The word “POWER” is that same Greek word “Dunamis.”

(i) But it’s more than just “POWER” it is the POWER OF GOD and the ANOINTING OF THE Holy Ghost.

(ii) You shall receive the POWER of God and the ANOINTING, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.

(c) You are anointed to perform miracles and to do the impossible.

V) I don’t know about you but I want to grow in the anointing.

A) I’m not going to be content until I walk in the mall or down the street and people falling out in the Power of God and getting up Healed.

B) Are you ready to get that power flowing?

1) Well, come back next week and find out how.

WOLCC Sunday 7/13/1997 From Creflo Dollar’s book Understanding God’s purpose for the Anointing. Last ½ of chapter 2

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