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   T H.S. is a person, in this V we see Jesus call him "He". He has feelings, (touched) He can be grieved, He has His own character & he can  be quenched.

   I. That word "quenched" is interesting.

       A. I remember Kenneth Hagin saying that when something happens in a service that t H.S. did not inspire, weather it something completely wrong or even if it's a scripture being read or a prophesy spoken at t wrong time, T H.S. will be quenched.

            1. I've seen that happen here & just about every church I've been in.

                a. There are times that we might be truly worshiping t  Lord, w/ our focus & our attention on Him.  Then someone speaks up w/ a PROPHESY, which is not for t whole body but for you personally.

                b. Kenneth Hagin says it's like throwing a bucket of  cold water on t service.

                     i. One of t definitions of t word "Quenched" is "to cool suddenly by plunging into water"

                     ii. When we're truly in worship & someone speaks  out of turn, it feels like someone just through a bucket of water on you.

            2. When we get into t Lord's presents, t Lord is speaking to us where we can hear Him much clearer.

                a. That's why we get so many prophesies during worship or a time where we are just quite before t Lord.

                b. You're hearing what t Lord has for you.

                     i. I must say this that during a time of truly  worshiping t Lord most prophesies that have been given was not something  that should have been given out at that time.

                     ii. EXAMPLE: If I was up here preaching t Word that

t H.S. gave me & anointed by t H.S., if someone stood up & started  giving a prophesy, would that be t right timing?   NO!_

                     iii. WHY?    1CO 14:33       T H.S. is not confused nor is He t author of confusion.   If t H.S. anointed me to preach then He  wouldn't

interrupt Himself.

                c. T same thing is true if t H.S. leads us into worship,

He's not normally going to interrupt what He's doing w/ a prophesy.

                     i. He usually will have a prophesy come forth  during t praise, before or after t worship, or before or after t Word going forth.   1CO 14:27

                     ii. T H.S. is very much a gentlemen.

       B. T H.S. can also be resisted & He can comfort.

            1. T desire of t H.S. is to be dwelling in every believer as comforter, counselor, advocate, intercessor, strengthener, helper, & standby.

            2. T H.S. will not speak of Himself, but only what He hears, & He will show t believer things to come & will glorify t name of Jesus.

   II. Let's look at some of His characteristics.

       A. 1COR 2:10‑11

            1. In this V we see that t H.S. has intelligences because He knows t things of God.

                a. To know t things of God also means that He has  revelation knowledge.

            2. But in this V we also see t importance of t H.S. in our  lives.

            a. It says in (V 11), "The things of God knoweth no man".

            b. T natural man cannot understand t things of God.

            c. T only one that can understand t things of God is t Spirit of God.

                i. Thank God that we have t Spirit of God in us.

                ii. Now God hath revealed {them} unto us by his Spirit.

       B. Eph 4:30

            1. This V says that t H.S. can be grieved.

                a. T word "grieved" means "to distress; to be sad: ‑  cause grief, grieve, be in heaviness, (be) sorrow (‑ful), be (make)  sorry."

            2. This is telling us that t H.S. has feelings, & it's possible for us to grieve Him.

       C. 1COR 12:11

            1. In this V it shows us a few things, 1st it's talking about t Gifts of t Spirit.

                a. T H.S. is t one who preforms t Gifts.

                b. I think we all want to see more of t gifts of t  Spirit. But for us to see more gifts then we have to see t H.S. begin to

move in a greater way.

                     i. That takes prayer & holiness of t believers.

            2. Another interesting point that this V brings out is that t

H.S. has a will.

                a. Again (1CO 12:11) says that t H.S. divides t gifts as

He wills.

                b. Showing that His will is involved.      III. MAR 12:36

       A. Jesus is speaking here of t Christ & what David said about Him.

            1. But t thing that I wanted you to see is that T H.S. gave  David t words to speak.

            2. MAR 13:11

                a. When in need or when your witnessing to someone t HS  will give you t words to speak.

                b. But that doesn't mean that we don't need to study t Word.

                     i. (2TI 2:15) Says, "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (KJV)

                     ii. JOH 14:26

                     iii. For t H.S. to bring something back to your remembrance, you 1st have to put it in.

                     WE'RE GOING TO STOP HERE.

                          7/22/90  SUN PM

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