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We're going to do a 3 part teaching on t Trinity, God t Father, God t

Son, God t Holy Spirit. One thing that we do have to realize is that they

are God. They operate in total unity, but have different operations.

I. GEN 1:26

       A. T word "God" in t phrase, "And God said" comes from t Hebrew

word "elohiym." Elohiym is t plural of God.

            1. In other words it would read & Gods said.

                a. This of course is God t Father, God t Son, & God t

Holy Spirit.

            2. There's something else that we can get from this

scripture. God said, let us make man in OUR IMAGE.

                a. Does God look like us?

                     i. T answer to that yes & no.

                     ii. Does God have flesh like we do?  No.

                        iii. ROM 7:18     No, God Doesn't have flesh like

us, our flesh has t sin nature in it.

                          a. Our flesh has been condemned to die, unless

t Rapture takes place, & then we'll be changed, our mortal {must} put on


                b. JOH 4:24

                     i. T Bible says that God is a Spirit.

                     ii. Even though He is spoken of as having hands,

arms, hind parts, & a face.

                     ii. He is still a Spirit being, & our spirits are

created in t image of God.

     II. Let's take a look at t Attributes of God.

       A. 1st God is all powerful, or OMNIPOTENT.

            1. ISA 40:25

            2. Now look at MAT. 28:18

                a. I know that we are talking about God t Father, but

just keep in mind that Jesus said that all power in His.

                b. JOHN 5:18

                c. REV 21:22

                     i. T word "Almighty" means "the all‑ruling, i.e.

God (as absolute and universal sovereign) :‑Almighty, Omnipotent."

       B. God is also OMNIPRESENCE, everywhere at t same time.

            1. JER 23:23‑24

            2. Psa 139:7‑12

                a. It's good to know that God is everywhere.

                b. Even if we try to run from God, we can't because He's

right there.

       C. God is also all knowing, OMNISCIENCE

            1. PSA 147:5

            2. MAT 10:20‑30

III. Let's take a look at God's NATURE.

       A. One of t most common things is that He is LOVING.

            1. 1JOHN 4:7‑8, 16

       B. 1PE 1:15‑16

            1. We can see that part of God's nature is Holiness.

       C. JOHN 17:25

            1. Jesus even calls God, "Righteous Father"

            2. (2CO 5:21) For he hath made him {to be} sin for us, who

knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.


                a. Not only is God righteous but He gave us His


                b. We now are t righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

       D. 1CO 1:9

            1. We serve a faithful God.

            2. (HEB 10:23) Let us hold fast the profession of {our} faith

without wavering; (for he {is} faithful that promised;) (KJV)

            3. (ROM 4:21) And being fully persuaded that, what he had

promised, he was able also to perform. (KJV)

       E. Truthful

            1. TIT 1:1‑2

            2. (HEB 6:18) It is impossible for God to lie.

       F. Merciful

            1. EPH. 2:4

                      5:31PM  5/06/1990 SUN PM

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