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Things are Subject to Change

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Today I want to start a new series; at least I think that it’s going to be a new series. I guess that if I had to put a title on this series I would call it “Turning Your Situation Around.” Many times in life we face different ADVERSITIES, but through God we can turn those situations around. What the Devil meant for bad, God will turn those things around for His Glory. DEFEAT will be turned around to VICTORY, if WE’LL KEEP OUR EYES ON JESUS.

I) Turn with me to PRO 13:12

A) Then in (Proverbs 12:25) it says, “Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop…” KJV

1) Notice that in these passages the Lord reveals to us 2 things that have an effect on the Heart.

(a) When the bible speaks of the HEART of a person, it’s not usually referring to the physical organ that pumps blood, but generally it refers to the SPIRIT OF A PERSON.

2) So when it says that hope deferred makes the heart sick, it is saying that hope deferred makes the spirit man sick.

(a) Meaning that the spirit is not operating properly, something is wrong. When Hope has been deferred it weakens the human spirit.

B) Our spirit is like a creative computer. It will produce whatever we program into it.

1) If we continually program into our spirit negative things, evil things, bad things, undesirable things, then that is exactly what our spirit will produce.

(a) This is a spiritual law. But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s look at the Word of God to see if it’s true or not. (Our spirit is like a creative computer.)

2) Turn to MATT 12:34

(a) That means that whatever we put into our heart, into our spirit, will eventually come forth out of our mouths.

3) Now look at MARK 11:23

(a) Let me ask you this, where is it that you do your believing?

(i) Jesus said, “Shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe.”

(ii) If doubt takes place in your heart or in your spirit, where does faith or believing take place?

(b) Look at ACTS 8:35-37

(i) Notice that he said in (V 37), “If thou believest with all thine heart or spirit.”

(c) Paul said in (Romans 10:9) “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” KJV

(i) Notice again that believing or faith takes place in the heart or spirit, not in your head.

4) I like how the DARBY Translation words (Mark 11:23). Listen to it. “Verily I say to you, that whosoever shall say to this mountain, Be thou taken away and cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but believe that what he says takes place, whatever he shall say shall come to pass for him.” DARBY

(i) Do you believe that what you say takes place?

(ii) If you do, it will come to pass.

(b) You have to believe in your heart, in your spirit that whatever you say will happen.

C) Now how are you going to get to the place that you believe in your heart, in your spirit?

1) (Romans 10:17) Says, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” KJV

(a) The more you hear it, the more it’s going to go down into your spirit, and once it’s down in your spirit 2 things are going to happen.

(i) 1st you’re going to believe it. And 2nd it’s going to come out of your mouth.

(ii) When those 2 elements are there, (you believe it in your heart and you speak it out of your mouth) it’s going to come to pass.

II) The Word of God says that Hope Deferred makes the heart sick, or you could say that a sense of HOPELESSNESS causes the spirit of man to function in a way other than what God intended.

A) When our hope has been lost not only is our spirit made sick, but our outlook is affected; our future looks dismal.

1) As a result of that we become depressed, disheartened, and discouraged.

2) When we lose hope we lose the Power to Create the positive things that we want to see come to pass in our lives.

B) Many people in our society today are hopeless because of what they have heard or have been told.

1) The media gives us daily reports on how bad things are. Just about everything that the news tells us is bad news.

(a) It might be negative reports about the economy, the political system, crime, terrorism, morality, or things on the international scene.

(b) If we take on a steady diet of that it’s going to cause heaviness in the heart. We’ll begin to lose hope and our spirit will become sick or function in a negative way.

2) But thank God that the news media is not the FINAL WORD.

III) The Christian, true believers should be very positive people. WHY?

A) Because we have the WORD OF GOD and the PROMISES of God.

1) (2 Peter 1:4) Says, “Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises.”

2) Look at 2COR 1:20

(a) YEA” and “AMENmeansAFFIRMATIVE” and “SO BE IT.” You can’t get any more positive than that.

(b) I’m not talking aboutPositive Thinking.” I’m talking about the POWER of the LIVING WORD OF GOD dwelling in our hearts.

(i) God’s Word will cause us to be hope-filled, positive, creative, people-which the children of God are supposed to be.

3) A Christian is not hopeless. On the contrary, a true believer is filled with hope.

(a) When we take on that hopelessness, we cannot be creative, we cannot be productive, we cannot reach the goals, fulfill the purpose, and carry out the plans God’s called us to as His ambassadors.

(i) We can’t fulfill God’s plan if we’ve lost our hope and feel defeated.

(ii) Part of His plan for us is to receive His promises.

(b) God has a plan for our lives. He has a purpose for us. He has victories for us to achieve.

(i) God is not the author of failure or defeat, but of victory and triumph.

(ii) But in order to reach those goals, we must have great and positive expectations.

(iii) Look at JAMES 1:17

(c) Expect that something good is going to happen to you.

4) My hope, my faith, and my expectations are based on the Living Word of God.

(a) In (JOHN 17:17) Jesus said in reference to the father, “Thy Word is Truth.”

(i) 1 dictionary defines the word “TRUTHasThe highest form of reality that exists.”

(b) What the doctors says, what your banker may say, what the news media may say is not necessarily untrue.

(i) When the news media says that the stock market is down 60 points, that’s not untrue.

(ii) But we have a Higher form of reality and that is the Word of God.

B) Turn with me to 2COR 4:18

1) The things that you see around you, the situation that you’re in is subject to change.

(a) But Pastor, you don’t know my situation.

(i) The doctor says that it’s hopeless, my banker says that it is impossible to come out of this.

(b) With God all things are possible.

(i) In (Luke 18:27) Jesus said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” KJV

(ii) Jesus said in (Mark 9:23) “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” KJV

2) Don’t go around thinking that something bad is going to happen to you.

3) Believe that something good is going to happen to you. Believe what the Word of God says about you. Believe that God is going to bring His promises to pass in your life.

WOLCC Sun AM 3/23/97

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