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The Blood and the Glory #5

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We're going to continue our teaching on "The Blood in the Glory." The title of this message is called "The Blood Line." Last week we taught on "The Circle of the Blood." God drew a Blood line from Heaven to Earth and back to heaven.

I) But our question is: Can believers draw a Blood line?

A) I told you the story last week of how a minister and his life were conducting meetings in Canada in a large church. They left their children at home in Tennessee with their grandparents.

1) The meetings that the parents were holding in Canada were doing great damage to the kingdom of darkness. Many were receiving Jesus as Lord and savior, and many were being set free.

(a) Because of their phenomenal meetings and the great success the Devil became furious and began to torment the minister with the thought that he was going to kill his children.

(b) Now the minister said, "Devil, you're a liar. You cannot kill my children."

(i) But to this it seemed like the Devil said, "Oh, yes I can, for I have put rabies upon the foxes in the woods that are joining your property."

(ii) Immediately he remembered the reports of friends who had seemed foxes roaming on his land before he left Tennessee.

(c) I'm sure this minister and all of us would have had the natural instinct to run home and protect your loved ones, but that would man to the Devil had won.

2) Instead, he called other believers to gather together with him to agree in prayer.

(a) Through their prayers and by faith they drew a blood line up protection around this minister's property.

3) About a week later he received a letter from his brother back in Tennessee and his brother said when he was walking around the minister's property checking on things, he found lying on the border of his property five dead foxes.

(a) He had them all examined and they were all rabid.

(b) The foxes prompted dead when they tried to cross the blood line.

II) The Blood Line runs like a scarlet thread from Genesis to Revelation Revealing God's Great Plan of Redemption.

A) God chose to Israel nation to bring forth His plan and through this nation, He would bring forth His Word, and eventually, "the body prepared" for the Lamb.

1) At the birth of this nation from a multitude of slaves, God met the children of Israel in Egypt with the Blood Line.

B) After nine terrible plagues, Pharaoh still refused to let God's people go.

1) With the tenth, God would bring His people Israel out of the land of Egypt.

2) Exodus 11:4-5.

(a) Exodus 12:1,3, 5-7, 11-13.

(i) I think it's important to note that this was judgment for sin.

(b) Sin was actually judged when man fell. Man was to judgment. But God in his mercy had held off the fullness of judgment.

3) On this night God would lift His withholding hand and allow the destroyer to execute the sentence of the law of sin and death.

(a) But a dilemma existed. The children of Israel were the sons of Adam just as much as the children of Egypt.

(i) Both were due the stroke of judgment. And Satan knew it.

4) But God had already provided salvation for man, a Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world.

(a) A token a Blood displayed upon their houses would withhold judgment.

(b) Moses instructed the people how to draw a Blood line the destroyer could not cross.

5) Exodus 12:21-23.

(a) Notice verse 23, he calls it THE DESTROYER.

(i) From the New Testament we know what Satan that comes to steal kill and destroy.

(b) The destroyer would rather have killed God's chosen ones. But he could not even kill one of their animals.

(i) There was a line drawn across the thresholds that stopped him.

C) Was there power in that little Lamb's blood that stopped him? No.

1) When the head of the household applied the blood to the doorposts of his home, it represented the power in that Blood of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

2) When God the Judge of all some of the blood applied in faith, He could look at that household has redeemed by the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and judgment could be legally stopped.

III) Now God instructed Israel to keep the Passover a memorial, by an ordinance forever. But why?

A) God doesn't just tell people to do things for no reason all. He wanted them to keep this ordinance forever. There must have been a great importance in this Passover.

B) Turn to Luke 22:15, 19-20.

1) It's very interesting that Jesus chose the Passover meal to teach on communion. But he did it for a very specific an important purpose.

2) Jesus compared his blood to the Passover Lamb.

3) The blood of the Passover Lamb was applied for protection and the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ is applied now for our protection.

C) Believers living under the New Covenant have a right to enter the communion of the blood "which is shed for you" and to draw a blood line that Satan cannot cross.

1) If we don't have that right, we don't have a better covenant.

(a) But (Hebrews 8:6) says that now we have a better covenant, which is been established upon better promises.

2) In Egypt at the first Passover, they applied the blood with a hyssop branch. Now we applied the Blood by Faith.

3) Because we believe in the power of the Blood in our hearts, we apply the Blood with our mouths over the doorposts of our lives.

(a) There must be a personal application of the blood of Christ to stop destruction in the life of a child of God.

(b) Look at Hebrews 11:28.

D) What was it that stopped the destroyer from coming in and bringing destruction?

1) It wasn't just to believe in its power. It wasn't just mere interest in the blood and it wasn't an appreciation of the value of the blood.

2) It was Faith in the applied blood that counted.

3) And it's the same with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(a) It's effective against Satan's attacks when applied by faith.

E) God built a hedge around Job, which limited Satan and he'll do the same today for any child of God who applies the blood of Jesus to any situation.

1) The blood is a hedge that stops the destroyer.

Next week will look at some scripture always on how to apply the blood.

W. O. L. C. C. Sunday November 26, 2000 from the book the blood in the glory page 53 to 60.

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