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Spirit Led old # 2

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      We've been talking about t ministry of t H.S. for a # of weeks now. Two weeks ago we started on t subject of "Being led by t spirit." I want to continue on that subject, but we'll probably go on a few side journeys along t way.

      I. Our main text from last time is PRO 20:27 (turn there)

                  A. This V is telling us that God will enlighten us & that he will guide us by our spirits.

                              1. In (ROM 8:16) it says, "The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:"

                              2. T H.S. is going to lead us, but it ever says that he will lead us by our mind & He never says that He will lead us thru our physical senses.

                                          a. This V that I just read to you from (ROM 8:16) says, "T H.S. bears witness w/ our spirit."

                                          b. When t H.S. Speaks, He will speak to our spirit.

                  B. Look at 1THES 5:23

                              1.We looked at this V last time, but it's important, so we need to look at it again.

                                          a. Paul says that we are a 3 part being, spirit, soul (or mind), & body.

                              2. In this V Paul begins w/ t inside, t innermost part of man, his heart or his spirit, & then comes to t outside.

                                          a. But when most people quote this V they say, Body, soul, & spirit.

                                                      i. Why do they put t body 1st?

                                                      ii. Because they are more body conscious than spirit conscious.

                                                      iii. Natural things mean more to them than spiritual things. So they put physical thing 1st.

                                          b. Sometimes we become more mental-conscious because we live in t mental realm.

                              3. But man is a spirit.

                                          a. We need to be spirit conscious.

                                          b. Spiritual things will become more real to us t more spirit conscious we become.

                  C. If we're going to be led by t Spirit of God, then we need to be more spirit conscious or we're going to miss out on what God is doing.

                              1. Begin to put t spirit 1st. Become more conscious of t inner man.

      II. An area where an array of people miss it is in t area of separating between t soul & spirit.

                  A. HEB 4:12

                              1. When I was growing up, I thought that t soul & spirit were t same. But according to this V they are not t same.

                                          a. They can't be t same, Paul said by t spirit of God that they can divided by t Word of God.

                                                      i. If you can divide or separate something it can not be t same thing.

                              2. W/ t physical body you contact t physical realm.

                                          a. W/ your spirit you contact t spiritual realm.

                                          b. That really leaves only 1 area left, t mental realm.

                                                      i. T Bible has a lot to say on t mind or t mental realm.

                                          c. It's w/ your mind or your soul you contact t mental realm or t intellectual realm.

                  B. 1COR 14:14

                              1. This is a scripture that we often use for leading someone to t baptism of t H.S.

                              2. But there is something that I want you to see here & that is that t spirit & t mind are different.

                                          a. He's saying in that V that when you're praying in t spirit your mind does not understand it.

                                                      i.They're 2 separate things.

                                                      ii. One other thing that I wanted you to see in this V is that it doesn't say that t soul was doing t praying, it was his spirit.

                  C. Now look at JOHN 7:37-39

                              1. Notice that he said, "Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. But this spake He of t Spirit."

                                          a. He never mentions anything about t soul just t H.S. & t belly, which is t inner most being, where t your spirit is.

                              2. All t leadings that I have ever had came out of my spirit, & t strongest leading that I've had came when I was either praying in tongues or in worship.

      III. JAMES 1:21

                  A. T spirit of man is t part of man that is born again, which receives eternal life.

                              1. T soul is not t part of t spirit.

                                          a. This V says, "Able to save your soul."

                                                      i. T saving of t soul is a process.

                              2. This book of JAMES was written to Christians.

                                          a. Christians are already saved.

                                          b. They were already born-again, but apparently their souls were not saved yet.

                              3. But in this V he does tell us what is going to save our souls.

                                          a. T Word of God!  

                  B. Look at ROM 12:2

                              1. This V is really telling us t same thing that (JAMES 1:21) is telling us.

                                          a. Your soul or mind is renewed or saved by t Word of God.

                              2. (PSA 23:3) Says, "He restoreth my soul."

                                          a. T word "Restore" means "to Renew."

                                                      i. God doesn't renew or even restore our spirits, He recreates them.

                                          b. (2COR 5:17) Says, "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."

                                                      i. How are we new creatures? How are old things passed away? How are all things become new?

                                                      ii. When you got saved you looked just t same. (Yes it's true that t Lord will change you & clean you up.)

                                                      iii. But I'm talking about at t moment that a person was born-again , made that New Creation, He still looked t same.

                                                                  a. Where is t new creature?

                                                                  b. It's t spirit of man.

                              3. T soul of man or his mind is renewed w/ t Word of God.

                              4. T spirit of man is recreated, brand new, never existed before.

                                          a. & It's t spirit of man that contacts God.

                                          b. We need to be more God conscious, to be more God conscious we need to be more spirit conscious.    

TFC Sun AM 1/20/91& WOLCC SUN AM 10/6/91 & WOLCC Sun AM 2-28-93

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