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Prosperity of the Lord # 2

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We're going to be continuing our teaching on "THE PROSPERITY OF THE LORD." As we sit under this teaching of prosperity, the Lord will confirm his word with signs following. As you hear the Word, receive it, and are doers of the Word prosperity will begin to manifest in your life.

I) Last week we began with (Proverbs 13:22) which says, "The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just."

A) The wealth of the world has which has been laid up for the just HAS BEEN LAID UP LONG ENOUGH.

1) It's time for that money to begin to move.

a) You don't need to be broken anymore. You don't have to be in lack, or poor, or barely able to get along. God wants you to be prosperous and to be a channel for His finances.

B) Turn with me to Psalms 112:1-3.

1) As we said last time the word "BLESSED" in these Vs has multiple meanings, but one of those meanings is, "EMPOWERED TO PROSPER."

a) You as a child of God have been empowered to prosper, but you have to qualify 1st.

(i) Because if you don't money can actually destroy you.

2) Now turn with me to Deuteronomy 8:18.

a) Notice that he says, "It is He that giveth thee power to get wealth."

b) In this verse God says that he gives you the power to prosper.

c) God gives you the power and supernatural ability to prosper, that power and ability is the anointing to prosper.

(i) God gives you the power and anointing to tap into the blessings of the Lord.

3) In (Ephesians 3:20) it says, "Now unto him that is able to do EXCEEDING ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL THAT WE ASK OR THINK, according to the power that worketh in us."

a) In that verse it says that God will do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.

(i) If we put that together with prosperity, which has been promised by the Lord, we're going to see more than we ever thought possible.

(ii) But he adds a condition to that promise, "According to the power that worketh in us."

b) That "POWER THAT WORKETH IN US," has a lot to do with us. It depends greatly upon our FAITH, CONFESSION and BEING A DOER OF THE WORD.

(i) A doer of the Word in the sense of prosperity would refer to GIVING our TITHES AND OFFERINGS to the Lord.

II) Last time we looked at the prodigal son and his older brother. So if you have your Bibles with you turn with me to Luke 15.

A) If you just want the Father to bless you so that you can leave with it and do everything you want to do, have a good old time, without supporting the kingdom, you have a prodigal son mentality.

1) And if that's your mentality, you're going to leave with it and begin to church hop, without ever submitting to a pastor's authority.

a) You have to pass the test. You have to qualify before you get it.

(i) God has to know you're not a prodigal son.

B) Look at Luke 15:11-12.

1) God can't let money fall to you unless you're ready for it, because money can destroy you and even kill you as it almost did this prodigal son.

2) Luke 15:13.

a) God's not going to make you rich until he knows you won't depart from Him.

(i) He sees your heart. He knows which are going to do when you get.

b) Now many of you are saying to yourself, "I'll never depart I love this church and I love the Lord."

(i) What if you stand up to give a prophecy and I tell you, "That's not from the Lord" or "that's not the right timing just told that."

(ii) Can you receive correction without being offended? Many can't.

c) Well, this gets even more complicated if you have money.

(i) As soon as are asked to sit down or told that they get offended and embarrassed and they say, "Well I have my money, I don't need to listen to that. I'll just take my money someplace else."

(ii) Well there they go, church hopping or not going to church anymore because they have what they need, "THEIR MONEY."

3) God sees the heart and until He knows that you're ready to give your full tithe now off of what you do have, He can't give you more.

C) All right let's look at the older son who really had a peasant mentality.

1) One part of the body of Christ has the prodigal son mentality. And it's a mentality that says, "I want what's mind so I can live my live the way I want to live it."

a) That group of people are never going to receive prosperity from the Lord because when they have it they'll depart from Him.

2) Another part of the body of Christ has a peasant mentality.

a) They think poor, they talk poor.

(i) Those words "I can't afford it" should not be on your lips. What kind of confession is that "I can't afford it?”

(ii) I'm not saying that you should go out and spend, spend, spend, but you need to watch what your saying. Watch your confession.

3) All right let's look at the older son Luke 15:25-27.

a) Many in the body of Christ don't even know that prosperity belongs to them and a vast large majority do not have the revelation that prosperity is there's.

(i) We don't have the revelation that more than enough belongs to us. We don't have the revelation that above and beyond belongs to us. We don't have the revelation that exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think is ours.

(ii) Until you know it and begin to claim it you're not going to have it.

4) Let's go on reading Luke 15:28-30.

a) Notice the son had been with the Father many years.

(i) Many of us to been serving the Lord for many years, but we haven't received the fatted calf. We haven't received God's best.

b) Now I want you to notice something about this boy. He had been with the Father many years. He lived in the Father's house. He experienced the glory and where the glory is there's the gold also.

(i) We've experienced the glory. More and more we are experiencing and seeing the glory of God, but we're not experiencing the gold.

(ii) Maybe it's because we're a little like this older son.

5) Are you ready for this, get ready? Imagine God saying this to you Luke 15:31.

a) Think about it, we're in the body of Christ. We're in the place for prosperity is, just like this elder son.

b) We need to pull off his poverty mentality and know that everything the Father has is rightfully yours and begin to lay claim on it.

(i) Get up in the morning and begin to confess, "I'm prosperous, I'm blessed, everything I put my hands to his blessed, I'm blessed in the city and I'm blessed in the field."

(ii) Keep confessing it and do everything the spirit of God tells you do and I'm telling you, "It must show up at your house."

III) Now some of the teachings you had in the past are keeping you were from being blessed of the Lord, some wrong teachings, religious teachings.

A) We hear the teachings of prosperity and we sit back and say, "Well all that sounds good, but I just don't know."

1) Those preconceived ideas are holding you back. We need to get rid of those thoughts and ideas, and side in with the Word of God.

2) One of those erroneous teachings comes from a misinterpreted, misunderstood scripture.

B) 1st Timothy 6:10.

1) Many have read this verse and taught this verse to mean that if you have a lot of money you don't love God because money is the root all evil.

a) But that's not what it says, it says THE LOVE OF MONEY is the root all evil.

b) Money is not evil but the love of money is the reason why God can't blessed many in the body of Christ.

2) Look at 1st Timothy 6:17a. (High-minded).

a) Before riches can come to you, 1st God needs to see that you're not going to be "HIGH MINDED."

b) Secondly, he needs to know that you will not put your trust in something other than Him that you're not going to trust in uncertain riches.

3) Let's read 1st Timothy 6:17 again.

a) It seems to me that God wants us to enjoy all things in Him.

(i) You can't enjoy it unless you've been blessed with it.

C) A go back and look at 1st Timothy 6:10 again.

1) Notice that he says those that covet money have erred from the faith and have pierced themselves with many sorrows.

a) Those that have put money 1st in their lives and have sought after money are going to be pierced with many sorrows.

(i) Money cannot buy happiness. It cannot keep your children serving the Lord. It cannot save marriages. It cannot buy joy. It cannot buy true love but in the Lord you can have these things.

D) Proverbs 10:22.

1) This word "BLESSING" means "PROSPERITY."

2) Those that have put the Lord 1st in their lives and are seeking after Him are candidates for the prosperity of the Lord, but with the Lord's prosperity there is no sorrow.

IV) Now turn with me to Isaiah 61:6.

A) We could stop right there and have a hallelujah party, but he doesn't stop there.

1) You know God sees your heart, but the world doesn't see your heart.

a) They're going to look at you.

(i) They're not going to come to the Lord by seeing what's in your heart, but they do need to see something.

b) Don't try to hide what the Lord has blessed you with, don't be embarrassed about what you have. It's going to be a tool to bring the lost in.

B) Let's go on reading Isaiah 61:7.

1) Again we could stop right there. The Lord didn't just promise us prosperity and the riches of the Gentiles. He promised us double, prosperity times 2.

2) Isaiah 61:8-9.

a) You are the seed that this verse is talking about.

3) Let me read (verse 9) to you from the Amplified translation. It says, "And their offspring (that's you) shall be known among the nations, and their descendants among the peoples. All who see them (IN THEIR PROSPERITY) will recognize and the knowledge that they are the people whom the Lord has blessed."

a) Don't hide what the Lord has blessed you with.

(i) People will come to you and say, "Where do you work you're just so blessed."

(ii) You can respond, "Well, my dad gave me that."

(iii) Then they'll say, "Well, who is your dad?" And you'll say, "El Shaddai, Jehovahjireh, the Lord God Almighty, my heavenly Father."

b) You see your witnessing to them, letting them know how big you're God is.

C) Well how are you going to get it?

1) 1st you have to start making an adjustment. 1st you have to start giving God 1st place, above your money. You have to start giving God your full tithe.

2) Second you have to start placing a demand on money.

a) Say this after me, "I'll never be broken another day in my life." "Money cometh to me now." "Wealth move now, move in my direction." "Angels go forth and bring in my prosperity now."

b) When you begin to say that you're Angels are taking off empowered by the Word of God to bring in prosperity.

(i) Let's say that again "Money cometh to me now. Angels go forth and bring in the prosperity."

(ii) Many of you your angel just took off to go get those finances. My Angels gone doing the same thing and I can't wait until he gets back.

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