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Prosperity of the Lord # 1

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We’re going to begin this week teaching on “THE PROSPERITY OF THE LORD.” You’re going to see from the Word of God that you have a right as a covenant child of God to prosper. As you listen to the series an anointing to prosper is going to come on you. God confirms his word with signs following. How to see confirm it? With the very thing that you just heard.

I) Proverbs 13:22.

A) The words “LAID UP” have been a problem for the righteous for some time now.

1) The money that the ungodly or the unjust have which has been laid up for the righteous has beenLAID UPlong enough.

a) It’s been stored up long enough, its time for that money to begin to move.

b) It’s been laid up long enough, somebody has to begin to move it, and you move it by your confession.

2) 1st of all you have to get the revelation from this verse that there is some wealth that has been stored up for you, then you have to cooperate by faith with the spirit of God to cause that wealth to come to you.

a) It makes a great deal of difference when you read this verse and CONFESS it like this, “The wealth of the wicked COMETH TO ME NOW, MONEY COME TO ME NOW.”

3) You need to begin to place a demand on money by confessingMONEY COME FORTH.”

a) Money will have to obey you if you use it by faith.

(i) Every believer that uses these words, “money come forth or money cometh,” and uses them properly their finances will change supernaturally.

4) Now in this verse (Proverbs 13:22) it says, “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children.”

a) How much more will a good God leave?

(i) Just say this with me, “I’ll never be broke another day in my life.”

(ii) You don’t need to be broke anymore. God doesn’t want you to be poor or barely able to get along. He wants you prosperous and to be a channel of His finances.

B) Now all of us want to prosper but very few are actually walking in prosperity. We have to learn how to prosper and HOW TO QUALIFY for prosperity.

1) Turn with me to Psalms 112:1. (Stop at the word “Blessed.”)

a) One of the definitions to the Word “BLESSED” means, “TO CAUSE TO PROSPER or POWER TO PROSPER.”

(i) Every child of God is empowered to prosper.

(ii) The only way that you would not be empowered to prosper would be to disconnect yourself from the family of God.

(iii) In the natural when someone dies in the family their earthly wealth is passed down to the other family members.

b) But because you’re in the family of God you have to look at what you’re inheritance is in the body of Christ, what God wants you have.

c) If you’re in the family of God you have a right to tap into the supernatural abundance that the Father has provided for his children for covenant reason.

d) There are two sides to that covenant.

(i) On the one side, God is a good God and He takes care of his own well.

(ii) On the other side, you and I must support the Gospel so that others can come into the family of God.

(iii) There are two sides to that covenant. God is not a man that he should lie, if he said it he’ll make it happen. And he talks about what kind of blessing that we should be walking in.

C) All right let’s go back to Psalms 112:1-3a. (Might, could).

1) All right let’s go back and read that again (Psalms 112:1-3a.) “Praise ye the Lord. Blessed (empowered to prosper) is the man that feareth (reverence and respects) the Lord, that delighteth greatly in his commandments.” (In other words, “Walk in his ways and gives God’s Word 1st place.”)

a) He goes on to say in Psalms 112:2 (read) (SHALL).

b) Let me ask you something, “How many of you would like to be the biggest giver in church and if you had the money you give it?

2) Let me tell you something about money, “You have to QUALIFY to have money, if you don’t MONEY WILL DESTROY YOU.

a) Many in the body Christ are broke or they have lacked because they don’t qualify.

b) There’s people in the body of Christ that are broke that shouldn’t be broke but they don’t passed the test when God gives them the test with the money they have.

c) They hold back when God tells them to turn it loose, they will not release their increase.

(i) In (Psalms 112:3) it says, “Wealth and riches shall be in his house.”

II) Turn with me to Deuteronomy 8:17.

A) Now that needs to be dealt with.

1) If you don’t understand that the finances come from God when God supernaturally starts to bless you and release the finances, and YOU take credit for it that means you want to handle it the way you want to handle it.

a) When the spirit of God wants you to be a channel for him and make deposits where he says to make deposits you’re going to give God A LOT OF STATIC because you don’t realize that you were BLESSED BY GOD TO BE BLESSING.

2) Let’s read Deuteronomy 8:17 again.

3) Really the wealth that you get BY YOUR OWN POWER or by your own might is NOT going to give you the wealth that I’m talking about.

a) 1st of all, it will be MONEY WITHOUT JOY.

b) But the wealth that I’m talking about will be prosperity with plenty of joy.

(i) You’re going to get up in the morning and do little dance, do a little jig saying, “God is so good and his mercy endures forever, oh it’s so good to serve the Lord.”

B) Deuteronomy 8:18.

1) Now remember those Vs. (Proverbs 13:22) “There is laid up wealth for the righteous.” And then in (Psalms 112:3) says, “Wealth and riches shall be in our house.”

2) Notice what it says here in (Deuteronomy 8:18), “But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee the power to get wealth.

a) Can you see in this verse how prosperity comes?

b) God never said that He was going to prosper you.

(i) He said that he was going to give YOU POWER TO GET WEALTH.

(ii) One translation says, “He gives you the ABILITY to produce wealth.”

c) Really that POWER AND ABILITY to get wealth is an ANOINTING TO PROSPER.

(i) He gives us the power and anointing to prosper to tap into the blessings of the Lord.

C) Turn with me to Ephesians 3:20a. (End with “Think”).

1) God is able to do exceeding abundantly above ALL.

a) That pretty much settles it. God is able to do the exceeding abundantly above ALL that we ask or think.

2) Now remember in (Deuteronomy 8:18) he says that he gives usPOWERto get wealth.

a) We also find the wordPOWER” here in Ephesians 3:20. Let’s read it.

b) How is your POWER or ANOINTING TO PROSPER today?

III) The prodigal son and his brother had a peasant mentality.

A) We have to many prodigal sons in the body of Christ with a prodigal son mentality.

1) If you want the Father to bless you so you can leave with it, and have a good old-time and do everything except support the kingdom, you have a prodigal son mentality.

2) If you just want what’s coming to you, the Father already has your number.

a) As soon as you get it you’re going to leave. You’re not going to SUBMIT any more. You have your money so you’re ready to CHURCH HOP now. THAT’S A PRODIGAL.

b) You have to pass the test before you get it.

(i) God has to know that you’re not going to be a prodigal.

(ii) We have to qualify for the blessings of the Lord.

(iii) A lot of us do qualify, but a lot of us are suffering. We love the Lord and we give our tithes week after week, but nothings happening. That should not be and we have to do something about it.

c) You know we’re in the year of Jubilee and in the year of Jubilee the Lord talks about how to get a triple harvest from your seed.

d) I want to see every one of us go from lack to supernatural provision. Well, we have to begin to qualify.

B) Turn with me to Luke 15:11.

1) One was a prodigal son and the other one had a peasant mentality.

a) The prodigal son is like the church member that gets what he wants, that gets his house, his car, and his boat. But on Sunday instead of coming to church were you think he is? On his boat.

b) We have to get rid of the prodigal son mentality and put God 1st no matter what.

2) Let’s go on reading here Luke 15:12.

a) God can’t let money FALL ON YOU unless you’re ready for it because money can kill you, as it almost did to this boy. (The prodigal son).

3) Let’s go on Luke 15:12-13.

a) God’s not going to make you rich until he knows you won’t depart from Him.

(i) God sees your heart, he knows what’s in your heart. And he knows what you’ll do when you get it.

(ii) Until he sees you ready to give your full tithe off what you do have, you’re going to continue to have little.

(iii) God wants you to have plenty of money, but he looks on the heart to see if you’re ready because money can destroy you.

b) Make the adjustment now. Do you give your full tithe? Do you give extra when God tells you to give it? Do you give what he tells you to give or do you hold some to back?

(i) Make the adjustment now.

4) Let’s go on with Luke 15:13-17. You know the rest of story, how he came back to the Father and the Father excepted him.


b) Faithful in giving your tithes to God and faithful in giving more when he says to give.

5) You see God wants you to prosper. Well, there’s 2 things.

a) He wants you to prosper and he needs you to prosper.

(i) He wants you to prosper because he loves you, and he needs you to prosper so that he can keep his covenant with you.

b) Begin to be faithful in what God has given you, and you’ll begin to see God pouring out his blessings upon you.

(i) As you begin to prosper show God that you’re faithful with your tithes and offerings and he’ll continue to bring the increase.

W. O. L. C. C. Sunday, October 18, 1998 from a tape. This is the day that the Lord has made lettuce rejoice and be glad in it testing 12345 this is just a test 12345. This is just a test 12345. It seems to go to little faster especially when I given a verse like John 3:16 very good.

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