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Prosperity - Our Covenant #3

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We're going to pick up we left off last time. In last week's message be dealt with, "Redeemed from the Curse of Poverty." The title of today's message is, "Delivered from the World."

I) Turn with me to Romans 12:1-2a.

A) In sharing this message of prosperity for God's people, I want to make it clear that I am not saying that we are to be prosperous like the world.

1) I have no desire to be like the world.

2) I want to become like that delightsome land spoken of by Malachi in (Malachi 3:12).

(a) He said all the world would look at these people and say: "They are blessed. They have something we don't have. The hand of God must be upon them."

(b) When he says, "Be not conformed to this world;" he's telling us not to be like the people of this world, but even more specific not to think like they think.

B) Romans 12:2a and b.

1) The word "TRANSFORMED" is the Greek word “METAMORPHOO” which we get our word "metamorphosis."

(a) It's like a caterpillar going through the process of metamorphosis to become a butterfly.

2) We are going through this type of metamorphosis, a complete transformation, or process of change.

(a) This process started when we're born again, but we have to move on from that point.

(b) This process affects our soul (or mind, will, and the emotions), but it also includes our body, our finances, our family, our health, our life, and all that were involved in.

3) There is to be a complete transformation of our lives. We cannot stay hooked up to the world system.

(a) It doesn't matter what the price of gasoline may be; we're not tied to that.

(b) It doesn't matter what happens to the stock market or interest rates; we're not tied to that.

(i) We don't belong to that system.

(c) We belong to the kingdom of God.

(d) We are to be transformed from the ways of this world and to be completely revolutionized into the ways of God's kingdom.

C) How is this going to happen?

1) (Romans 12:2) says that it will only come to pass by the renewing of our minds.

(a) Only as our old way of thinking like the world thinks is replaced by the truth of God's Word.

(b) We have to change the way we think and the way we look at things.

2) Once we begin to do that, we're on the road to prosperity.

(a) We change the way we think by starting to think in terms of having a covenant with God.

(b) When you find yourself in the middle of a need remember you're not standing there alone.

(i) Our God is in us and with us just as he was with Moses at the Red Sea.

3) The same God who raised Jesus from the dead is telling us that he is going to meet our needs. But we have to change the way we think. We have to renew our minds. WHY?

4) (Romans 12:2) says, "That he may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."

(a) The word "PROVE" is a little blind to us.

(b) The Strong's concordance says it means, "To recognize as genuine after examination."

(i) In other words, after your mind is renewed to think like God thinks you will be able to recognize that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

D) We can't really begin to know God's will without renewing our mind and changing the way we think.

1) But how do we renew our mind?

2) James makes it pretty clear. James 1:21.

(a) Here we have another biblical phrase, "saving your soul," which is synonymous with renewing the mind.

(b) How do we do that? By receiving with a teachable spirit the Word of God.

II) For us to walk in the covenant of prosperity we have to get it in our heart to such a degree that when a storm arises the 1st thing out of our mouth is that God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

A) It has to be in our heads in our hearts and in our mouths that God will always provide.

B) Even when you're faced with a challenge, now don't anybody get flaky on me and say, "Well I'm not going to pay the minimum payment on my credit card because I believe that it's going to be paid off."

1) If you don't pay at least the minimum payment on your credit card you just violated a contract you have with the lender and God's not going to honor that.

(a) You just keep making the payments and believe God with all your heart that everyone of your needs are met and that everyone your bills are paid and that you have more than enough.

(b) Refuse to doubt.

W. O. L. C. C. Sunday, November 04, 2001. And did on page 36 from the book entitled "Our Covenant of Prosperity" by Marcus Bishop.

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