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     I. Ki 20:1-6

              A. Hezekiah was not living the way that he should have been, but when he repented, turned his face to the wall and prayed God gave him the answer to his prayers.

     II. 2 CH 7:12-16

              A. In this V he makes reference to hearing the prayer offered up in this place. "This place is referring to the temple, but now we are the temple of the HS.

                        1. If we want our prayer answered 1st he says, "If my people, which are called by my name."

                                  a. We have to be his people.

                        2. Then He says, "Humble themselves" If we want our prayers answered, humble yourselves.

                        3. Then he say pray and seek my face.

                        4. And turn from their wicked ways.

     III. 2 Ch 30:27

              A. What I wanted you to see from this V is that our prayers are heard. Don’t ever thing that your praying is doing no good.

                        1. Some have said, "All we can do now is pray."

                                  a. Prayer should have been the 1st thing you do.

              B. He adds in this V that our prayers come up to His Holy Dwelling Place, before the throne of God.

     IV. Pr 15:8

              A. Sometimes we feel that all we are doing is asking the Lord to do certain things for us.

                        1. We sometimes feel that God is getting tried of us always asking for something.

              B. This V says that God delights in our prayers.

                        1. The NIV says, "The prayer of  the upright pleases Him."

     V. DAN 9:3


              A. Sometimes we never know how to seek God for the answers that we need. Here it says "seek God by prayer."

                        1. That isn’t just talking about a few minutes. It’s talking about seeking Him until the answer comes.

     VI. DAN 9:21-23

              A. Through this time of Daniel’s prayer, the supernatural began to happen.

                        1. 1st he had a vision of the angel Gabriel.

                        2. Next he was given Skill and understanding. (The NIV says, "Insight and understanding.")

     VII. Dan 10:10-14a

              A. This is talking about an angel that was sent to Daniel, but the answer was held up.

                        1. Another powerful evil spirit, probably a fallen angel, stooped the answer from coming.

                                  a. Another angel, Michael, had to come and help.

                                  b. If you go back to (V 2) you’ll see that Daniel was praying for 3 weeks.

              B. I feel so strongly that if Daniel would have stopped praying He would have received the answer.

              C. That’s why we don’t just pray for something and then quit.

                        1. There are times that intercession has to be done.

                                  a. You might pray for weeks on some thing on others things, especially when the will of others is involved, you might be praying for years.

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