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     As we have said and found out from the different translations that there are different kinds of prayer. We need to use the type of prayer that is going to get results for whatever situation we're in. Today we're going to be looking at the prayer of PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT. I'm not going to teach on how to be filled with the H.S. and I'm not going to really deal with the subject of scriptural evidence that tongues is for today (which it is), and I'm not going to deal with the subject of the baptism of the H.S. being a different experience from the New Birth (which it is, but it can happen at the same time or at a totally different time.

     The area that I am going to cover today is why we, as born-again, spirit-filled Christians should and need to pray (speak) in other tongues.

     I. Turn with me to MARK 16:17

              A. Paul had a lot to say on the subject of speaking (or praying) in other tongues.

                        1. Apparently he also practiced what he preached.

                                  a. In (1COR 14:18) he said, “I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all.”

                        2. Looking again at (MARK 16:17) there are some interesting things mentioned here.

                                  a. 1st It says, “they shall speak” that can be taken 2 ways.

                                           i. It could mean, Because they are believing they are speaking.

                                                     a. In other words, those who are in faith for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit will receive the gift of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

                                                     b. And that is very true, you need to be in faith in order to receive.

                                           ii. Or we could also look at it this way, that God is telling us to speak in other tongues. Not asking us but saying you shall speak in other tongues.

                                  b. The 2nd thing that I wanted you to see has to do with basically the same phraseshall speak.”

                                           i. According to Spiros Zod-hi-a-tes, who's one of the greatest Greek scholars alive today said, said that the wordSpeak” here is emphasizing the fact of speech verses speechlessness. It also emphasizes not the content of the speech, but merely that they uttered sounds as far as the hearers were concerned.

                                           ii. That sounds a lot like (1COR 14) which says that when we pray in the spirit we're speaking to God and not unto men and that our understanding is unfruitful. (No understanding)

     II. All right, why do we pray in tongues?

              A. I guess the 1st reason is that it is the Initial Sign that Someone is Filled.

                        1. Look at ACTS 2:4

                                  a. Notice that as they were filled they began to speak.

              B. We have a very similar experience in (ACTS 10).

                        1. Peter came to Cornelius's house and was sharing the gospel with them, but before he could finish the H.S. fell on them.

                                  a. The Bible says that the Jews were astonished that they received the gift of the H.S.

                                  b. How did the Jews know that they received the H.S.?

                                           i. (V 46) says, “For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God.”

     III. The 2nd reason why we pray in tongues (or pray in the Spirit) is that it gives us Spiritual Edification.

              A. 1COR 14:4

                        1. The word “Edifieth” here meansto build up, to charge.”

              B. Go down to V 14

                        1. Notice that when you're praying in tongues it's your spirit that's doing the praying. And when you're praying in the Spirit you're building yourself up.

                                  a. When you're praying in the spirit your building yourself in spiritually.

                                  b. It's just like exercising physically, your physical body will get stronger.

                                           i. When you're praying in the spirit you're built up spiritually.

              C. JUDE 20

     IV. Reason # 3 goes hand and hand with reason # 2 (building yourself up). By you praying in tongues it will Stimulate Your Faith.

              A. Listen to JUDE 20 again.

                        1. How are you going to build yourself on your most holy faith?

                        2. Praying in other tongues.

                                  a. It even takes faith to pray in tongues.

     V. Reason #4Tongues Reminds us of the H.S. Indwelling Presence.

              A. We read in (1COR 14:14) “For if I pray in an {unknown} tongue, my spirit prayeth.”

                        1. The AMP translation says, “My spirit, by the H.S. within me, prays.”

              B. Look at JOHN 14:16-17

     VI. # 5 Praying in Tongues is Praying in Line With the Perfect of the Father.

              A. (1COR 14:2) Says that when we are praying in tongues we are not speaking unto men but unto God.

              B. Look at ROM 8:26-27

                        1. When you pray in tongues, it's your spirit praying, by the H.S. within you.

                        2. The H.S. within you gives you the utterance and you speak it out of your spirit.

                                  a. The utterance that the H.S. gives you is always in line with the perfect will of the Father.

              C. We can even pray in tongues while were on the job, standing in line at the Grocery store, driving in the car, or where ever you are.

                        1. (1COR 14:27-28) tells us that we can pray in tongues keeping it to ourselves and to God, where no one can here us.

     VII. # 6 According to these same Vs in (ROM), Praying in tongues Enables us to Pray for the unknown.

              A. (read) ROM 8:26-27


VIII. Reason # 7 Praying in tongues gives Spiritual Rest and Refreshing.

              A. ISA 28:11-12

                        1. What does this verse say that will give us rest and refreshing?

                                  a. It's referring to stammering lips and another tongues, or praying in the spirit.

                        2. We need this type of refreshing with all the problems that are taking place today. (All the turmoil, pressures, and anxieties.)

     IX. # 8 tongues is also for Giving Thanks.

              A. Go back to 1COR 14:15-17.

                        1. Paul is saying that when we pray in tongues no one will be able to understand it unless someone interprets it.

                        2. But the main point that he is trying to get across is that praying in tongues provides the most perfect way to pray and give thanks.

              B. These are just some of the reasons why it's important to pray in the spirit.

     X. 1st we said that it is the Initial Sign that Someone is Filled, 2nd it gives us Spiritual Edification, 3rd it will Stimulate Your Faith, 4th it Reminds us of the H.S. Indwelling Presence, 5th we're Praying in Line With the Perfect of the Father, 6th it Enables us to Pray for the unknown, 7th it gives Spiritual Rest and Refreshing, and 8th it's for Giving Thanks.

Next week we'll continue from here.

TFC and WOLCC Sun AM 6/21/92 From Kenneth E. Hagin's mini book “Why Tongues” Chapter 2 pages 11-30. This same material is also found in one of Kenneth Hagin's Bible study books.

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