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In (V 9) Paul said that we are to do t things we have learned, received, heard & seen in those that are living Godly lives & t Peace of God will be w/ you. Believers are to be doing t things different than those of t world.

     I. World Talk

              A. Gloom & Doom Syndrome

              B. Phrases & Cliches that destroy

                        1. I'm scared to death, I'm afraid, I'm dying to get there, I work my finger to t bone, You're going to put me in t grave.

                                  a. PRO 6:2

                                           i. This has to do w/ confession, but if your confession is wrong then you're going to lose your peace.

                                           ii. T negative things that you are speaking out of your mouth is going to bring a snare or trap you (bondage to your life).

                        2. PRO 18:21

                                  a. Again t negative things that you speak can bring death & confusion to your life.

                        3. In that same V he says that "They that love it shall eat t fruit thereof."

                                  a. T word "Love" in that V means literally "love, be loved, lover" but it also means "friend & liked"

                                  b. Don't look at it in so much in a sense of love, but more of that's where there heart is.

                                           i. (LUK 6:45) Says, "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh."

                                           ii. So in (PRO 18:21) He's saying what ever someone speak out of there mouth, if they believe it, they are going to eat t fruit of it.

     II. If you want peace in your life Confess t Word of God.

              A. MAR 11:22-24

                        1. In (V 23) He's saying that "When you speak t word of God, if you believe it in your heart, you will have it."

                                  a. Believing has to come before t receiving.

                                  b. In other words you have to believe it 1st then you'll receive it.

              B. There's many scriptures on peace in t Word.

                        1. (1PET 5:7) Says, "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you."

                                  a. God wants you to have peace.

                        2. Look at ISA 26:3

                                  a. This is a good V to confess. (for peace)

                        3. Go back w/ me to PHIL 4:6-9

                                  a. For us to have t peace of God in our lives, we must be a doer of t Word.

                                  b. 1st of all in (V 6) he says "Be careful for nothing." (Don't worry, cast cares)

                                  c. Then in (V 8) he says to "Think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good report, virtue, & praise."

                                  d. Then in (V 9) he says, "Do t things that you've already learned."

                        4. He's saying be a doer of t Word & confess t word & you'll have God's peace w/ you.

     III. Before we go on any further we need to talk about t 2 different kinds of peace.

              A. World's definition.

                        1. No wars, No fighting, no military action, no violence (home or abroad).

              B. But t Bible's definition is different.

                        1. It's a peace on t inside, an inner peace.

                                  a. JOHN 14:27

                                           i. You could even call this peace that Christians have is an absence of fear & confusion.

                                           ii. Jesus said in (MATT, MARK, & LUKE) that there will be wars but let not your heart be troubled.

                                           iii. In other words don't worry, have peace.

                                  b. JOHN 16:33

                                           i. There's going to be turmoil in t world but we can have a peace on t inside that surpasses all understanding.

     IV. There's many in t O.T. that have had peace in t midst of turmoil. We should learn from there examples.

              A. David had peace even though he went thru many wars.

                        1. Look at PSA 91:7

                                  a. He had peace that no harm was going to come to him.

                        2. We should also be just as sure.

              B. Noah had a lot of persecution when he was trying to build t ark.

                        1. But in (GEN 7:5) It says that ,"Noah did according unto all that the Lord commanded him."

                                  a. He had peace when he followed t Lord.

                                  b. We will too.

              C. Even Daniel must have had peace when he was cast into t lions den.

                        1. In (DAN 6:23) it says t reason why Daniel was not killed by t lions was that he believed & trusted in his God.

              D. T 3 Hebrew men had peace even when t king was going to throw them into t burning fiery furnace.

                        1. In (DAN 3:28) it says that they trusted God.

                        2. They knew that God would deliver them.

     V. As we're confessing t Word of God, Being doers of t Word & trusting in t Lord that he will always make t difference; We will have t peace of God in our lives no matter what is going on around us.

4/3/91 Wed PM TFC & WOLCC 10/20/91 Sun Am

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