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Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

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  • Our burning question today is - "What does it mean to come to the table in an unworthy manner?"

Who's Coming To Dinner?

  • Many churches today make the mistake of dumbing down the significance of the Lord's Supper.
  • This was certainly also the case in Paul's day as the Corinthians had completely warped this special occassion.
  • Paul is addressing believers. Those are who have been invited to the table and it is those who he is concerned have started eating in an unworthy manner.
  • We know that in this entire discussion Paul is giving instructions to the believers.
  • When we think that we have been invited by Christ himself to come to his table we ought to take serious stalk in how we are coming!

How Do We Come In An Unworthy Manner?

  • Well, how did the Corinthians? 1 Cor 11.18-21
    • Segmented (divisions), selfish (goes ahead), and slothful (gets drunk)
  • Let's get a little more insight into what's upsetting Paul
    • The context of the meal is found in Ex 12:24-28
      • Started as the passover meal
      • The only way the Israelites were found "worthy" was because they had blood over their doorposts. This fact caused them to "bow and worship"
      • This was no small observance. It was told to the children, the whole process acted out year after year. The entire focus was on the fact that God had saved them by the blood of the lamb.
      • So when we come together to celebrate the Lord's Supper it should be with the focus that God saved us by the blood of His Lamb - Jesus. Anything else is unworthy, and a mockery, and an insult.
      • Let me ask you this, do your children understand the significance of the Lord's Supper? Moreover, how about the rest of your life? Do they see it devoted to God and know why? Reducing the Lord's Supper to anything less than God's mighty word is unworthy.
  • But some may say, "that's the OT" - okay, fast-forward 1500 years and we find Jesus celebrating the passover with his friends. Mark 14:22-26
  • Jesus declares himself the new blood, the new passover, the price for our sins. Anything less than that is unworthy.

So How Do We Come In A Worthy Manner?

  • There can be no segmentation (This was the primary problem with the Corinthians). There can be no selfishness (The Corinthians second problem).
  • Paul then gives you and I some practical advice when coming to the Lord's Table
      • What is our attitude (28) - Examine yourself. If you had to be sinless to come to the Table then no one could come. But rather, you need to be aware of your sins and willingn to let God work those out of you. Paul does not say "whoever eats or drinks and is unworthy". He says "whoever in an unworthy manner"
      • What do we recognize (29) - "this do in remembrance of me"
      • What is our relationship - You come in a worthy manner if you come focused on Jesus and what he has done for you. You also come in a worthy manner when you are focused on your relationship with each other John 13:4-17 - Jesus washing the disciples feet.
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